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-Radical Exclusives-

[15th – JAN – 2021]

Lets not be fooled, this Coronavirus isn’t magically evolving or anything like that; the virus isn’t stupid or smart — the virus is the virus. What’s actually happening in real-life, is that we have some people utilizing preventative measures and following the protocols, and we have those who aren’t, then we have conflicting information, so evolutionists will say it’s “evolving”, where as, realistic fellows know that that this situation is just a fucking “mess”, it’s not an “evolution” it’s just a “messy” situation, which it has been from the start; nothing changed.So the overnight evolutionists will say that it is “evolving” and come up with some far-off hypothesis but the virus is the virus, and the situation is just an incompetent mess further worsened by even more incompetent people doing even more incompetent things. Clowns would like to feel that they are dealing with an “evolution” because they would like to feel as if they are more professional, but just like all things that have evolution attached, it’s mainly just a misrepresentation or false perception. In reality, it’s just problematic foolishness primarily on the part of people who are mostly perpetrating alot of these worsening, messy, conditions.

When it comes to the protocols it may take some getting use too at first from some people, but start small; see if you can be consistently-preventative for 3 hours, then consistently-preventative for 8-hours, then you may be able to be incrementally consistently-preventative for up to 21-hours; next thing you know it becomes custom, then super second-nature and super-easy :D. Idea is start small now — perform big later.

I am a facts enthusiast, I am not here to play a role or be a showman or to put words in GOD’s mouth, or to pretend to be a saint — I am 100% about the full perspective :D.

Dem cyaa buss facts like WarStar, I am pro, they are cons.

*had some technical problems with posting not too long ago; I am not really sure what’s going on with the site today but alot of stuff wasn’t working in their usual manner today, including the “blocks” (possibly the result of a recent update that I was previously unaware of); so I had to take some time to rectify the issues or atleast find temporary solutions, but today’s “pandemic commentary ” for the 15th of JANUARY 2021 is back up now :D

If you haven’t checked the new and improved Comments [RAW Edition] page, I WELCOME you too. No Conspiracy Theories 🚫❌, no “Evolution” 🚫❌, no false prophesies 🚫❌, nil bullshit 🚫❌; just facts 🔥, just creativity 🎈🎉 , just reality 💯 and even some fun asf surprises 🤘😂 — head on over there as soon as possible 👍 :D


Cryptic messagin’ included (related to the new “museum photo) — nothing don’t waste, nothing not thrown away — NOOOO WAAAAASSSSSSSTTTINGG :D. If you want to be soulfully-rich, then what I have cooking up is going to be a treasure-trove of classic wisdom and priceless information, brought back from the legendary depths lmao :D

Hahaha YEEEEEESSSS, the era of incredible schoolin’ is upon us. I can’t wait for you guys to see what I have in store reguarding this powerful Museum series and some other very recent kreative klassic ideas related to it. It’s going to be “history” in the making — we are going to be looking at some very very interesting stuff hahaha :D

[8th – JAN – 2021]

2020, a shitty year in history to remember all the things not to do; some may say there was “good” in 2020, but it was mostly a whole lot of prideful show-off, you know the “this is our way”; “this is the nationality way”their whole thing is to appear as if they just came up with these values and “ways”; this is pure shit-stain syndrome at play, they steal ideas and even corrupt ideas and pretend as if they came up with the idea. Ways of virtue and respectability are GOD’s ways, these are “GODLY” ways, these ways don’t belong to no individual nation or group, GOD raised man but yet still, shit-stain syndrome wants and lives to give their “con” perceptions; “oh this is our way”; “this is our nations’ way” etc etc. Shit-stain syndrome don’t come up with good ideas, they have bad ideas — they steal the good ideas or twist the ideas, corrupt things and make their own depraved versions, but they don’t make good ideas. They have a habit of stealing things, then try to “shock” you with stuff. They play the “shock” thing; it’s the same thing with the Media, it’s not new stuff they often sensationalize, and it’s often not their stuff, they just regurgitate. But their main thing is to try to present a “shock”.

Gossip fucks, meddlesome degenerates and parasites like to pull shock stunts, so this is merely what’s going on in this pandemic when it comes to what appears to be whatever little bit of “goodness” there was; its’ all reactionary pseudo fuckry with “con claiming”, and the stealing and exploitation of GOD’s ways. When birdbrain shady fucks can’t naturally and authentically “convince” they try to “con”.

WarStar set-off 2021-facts inna dem brain like fireworks. I don’t consider “common” sense, but I am a craftsman of original competence thanks to the wonders of true brain activity :D.

I have updated the Ratings chart to indicate that the Sermon Series and the Kataclysm series are no longer under consideration but are now officially approved and will be made available in the future after series of criteria have been met. The criteria is related to obligations pertaining to the Comments RAW Edition series.

The Ratings Chart can be fount here


Now i’m present on about 3 sites at the moment:


Is my main site with the most active projects it’s mainly were I express my views on multiple things


This site here is some i’m experimenting with since it allows for more creativity which will be very beneficial to certain specific i’m planning to create. Ultimately i’m going to make it an extension of https://aktionkilla.wordpress.com/ which is why I gave it the name the “Extender-X”.

Initially I was considering making it my main blog site but plans changed and it will now be a creative extension of https://aktionkilla.wordpress.com/. I will set it up more and add stuff to it as things develop relative to aspects of other projects it will feature, that’s aren’t available yet.


Site is more like a chill-spot to have interactive discussion on various things but mainly Video Games, Television, Anime etc, and is not based on project material :D. I actually created it after the shutting down of the Capcom Unity Forum where I was a member of, which was at this location: https://www.capcom-unity.com/

————– when honesty is triggered, reality gets surprisingly spelled out in bullet-holes — tons of ammunition, no questions asked but everything is “riddled” :D ————–

hahaaaa I have a TON of ideas, but organization is key :D

The two Raw Edition Sections, gives you the “scoop” on many issues with “flava” :D

I can only describe it as explicit, RAW Fxxking content :D. FUN but cutthroat az fxxk 👍💣😂

Unlike the rest of the site, this area will have a slightly entertaining atmosphere to it lol

SURPRISE!!, i’m also a motherfucking marksman ‼, shooting down lies and disposing of putrid garbage 💯👍. It comes natural to me. Head shots no compromise 💥 🔫 :D
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