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  • Reality Seeker

    As a person who believes in GOD, I have confidence in guidance. I believe in a “guiding influence” so I’m not “spiritual” because, first of all, I am not a “spirit” and the only spirit I know is GOD not persons, and secondly, I have a “soul” a.k.a conscience, so I am more soulful and conscientious than I am “spiritual”, because for me, its about guidance, it’s not just about some abstract concept or anything like that.

    I not only “know of” or “know about” GOD, I also fully “believe in” something that has a conscience, that does what it only does, and knows what it only knows and loves how it only loves and is what it only is.

    Foolishness just “clouds” people’s judgment with a haze of hogwash and leaves them vulnerable to “shocks” and tased senselessness; it does not “ignite” their senses with healthy enthusiasm and the sensation to seek what’s soulfully sharpening and consciously supplementing. I have faith in a guiding presence not the “spirits” of spiraling “idolization”. Some people don’t believe in a GOD but they have time “spirituality” and “spirit” stuff — where the fuck is these “spirits” coming from!; not thanks — GUIDANCE from a true conscientious exitance is what I seek and understand.

  • Fools Are Not “Fooling” Everyone

    We have to be very mindful about so-called “white lies” — a lie is a lie. If some people can lie about the small things, they sure as fuck will lie about the big things and it’s not so much how “little” the lie is as much as it is about the fact that they are “emboldened” to “habitually” lie in the first place as if it’s nothing.

    Fools like to use the “small” lies just to see how far they can push it, and this is how frauds and cons slip through the cracks — with their lies and fabrications and whatnot. So with me, there is no “big lie” or “small lie” because a little bit sprinkled here and a little sprinkled there can make a huge difference since, in many areas, alot of valuable substance becomes lost when things get corrupted with these kinds of practices. Plus, what is “small” to one person might not be so small to somebody else depending on what the matter is.

    Some shitheads and their fucked up minds have a hard time seeing things in their “purity” and not resisting the urge to “include” their bullshit — pollute and contaminate and compromise. When it comes to facts, every fucking “little” detail counts, so it is best for it not to be dumbed down by fragile pricks who need an alternative reality compatible with their twisted, psychotic, and conniving mindsets. Wolfs in sheep clothing love to infiltrate and “convert” things into their carcinogenic folly and shock retardant garbage — thank GOD they not fooling everyone.

  • Over And Over: The Cycle

    Evolution is a false-start in the reality of life, and a myth because the fact of the matter is, life is a “cycle”.

    In life, what goes “around” comes “around”; even the fucking planets go “around” in an “orbit” for millions and billions of fucking years. LIFE has always been a “cycle” and that’s what we are actually seeing today in our current lives, we even have “seasons” for crying out loud, so real life is not “evolutionary” on an intrinsic level — life OBVIOUSLY doesn’t work like that, conventional perception of “evolution” is just frivolous fiction and in realistic terms, life is actually “cyclical”.

    When it comes time for “evolution” to actually kick-in, we don’t see it, what we actually see is more “extinction” and things becoming more “endangered”; then you get the fucked up excuse that it’s not “billions” of years for “evolution” to occur. No generation of animal kinds and species live for “billions of years” — 99% of them die within a short period of time due to natural causes and even shorter due to unnatural causes, and then their lineage is what lives on in fresh new offspring, for a short period of time, in which the same consistent cycle continues, which is why all of these different kinds of life-forms still exist to be “discovered” by us.

  • Imcompetence Is Not An Option

    Defending doesn’t just mean being there it means “defending” it, so again concerning the situation going on in Ukraine and across europe, it’s about saving lives or defending life. There is no true point just being some place just to be some place because of some bullshit that you have been brain-washed with about how you “belong” to a politicized plot of land. Its not about land or location it’s about your family, your kids, your wife, you husband, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors and your future etc. It is pointless to be in a warzone and you are unable to “help” or “contribute” — I mean if someone insists that it is where they are and there are not going anywhere, that is “gorgeous”; I think when they blow up, get put in some mass grave or a hole in the ground and life goes on, hopefully, they will be remembered for their “patriotism” even though they did not actually lift a finger to “defend” and just got caught up in “emotions”. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud true bravery especially when it’s on behalf of others, but “pride”, not bravery, getting in the way of reality is what I can’t, as a responsible person, turn a blind eye to.

    But logic 101 dictates that if I want to be in a place, I would like for the place to still actually be there, and if a war is going on and everything is blown to dust, all the houses, schools etc are no longer around, what the fuck is the point?, where does this get anyone or leave anyone?.

    And this is the thing, alot of people who are no-fucking-where in any of these areas, are talking about “patriotism” and all that, but what actually happens when these people stay around in these areas like sitting ducks?, let me spell it out for the stupid fucking bitches that think it’s a game; these guys become perfect targets for fucking “genocide”, not to mention women being raped and killed and things of that nature — “Patriotism” gone fucking wrong.

    So when we have these voices of sin, traveling through the minds of shit-heads, who are too excited about cock sucking bullshit, running their mouth talking about “patriotism”, the actual reality on the other hand is that we see entire cities and generations of cultures and ethnic groups and nations wiped clean out. How the fuck is your “home” going to be a “home” and is going to be the same and feel the same with no culture left, no family left, all the kids dead — not one fuck left?. Let some of the jackass incompetent fucks explain this to these people they encourage to go and get a front-row-seat to genocidal and homicidal mania.

    The same shitheads bitching about “heroes” and such are not going to be around to help these people do shit; they just like the thought of what the fuck they are saying, without realizing what the fuck they are saying.

  • Optimal Deconstruction

    If I don’t get fat from “sugar” but someone else does but someone else doesn’t and someone else does, even though the sugar itself remains the same thing that has not changed from one person to the next, this essentially is a significant sign that shows that it is how a person’s body reacts to the sugar that is making the difference. But if you listen to these clueless sources who are said to be “experts”, they want you to believe that “sugar” and “processed foods” are “inherently” bad; but these things are not inherently bad, and in fact the only thing that’s actually “inherited” in this situation is the fucking “genes” and “genetics” of a person, not the intrinsics of “nature”, but don’t tell that to these stupid fucks, even though over the years “studies” have not been able to get the story straight on this subject — one moment it “carbohydrates”, the next it’s “sugar” and next it’s “sweetened drinks”. Like I said before, this issue for me is not about what I eat or my favorite food or anything like that, it’s about exposing stupidity, providing context and reality. I don give a fuck if it’s economics, I don’t give a fuck if it’s video games, I don’t give fuck if it’s religion, I don’t; give fuck if it’s in science and I don’t give a fuck if it’s about health. Fact is, the utter incompetence on this issue is what’s really unhealthy.

    Then we have this claim “it’s refined sugar”; “refined” sugar my fucking shxx. There is no “huge” difference between the “refined sugar” and the “sugar” in natural crops. Some sources might say there is, but not according to how the body reacts to the “sugar” in both in the same exact way in diabetics. I don’t just utter “common sense” and catchphrases to get my point across, I use competence and real substantive substantiations to disprove the gimmicks of incompetence.

  • To My Surprise

    To my surprise, it’s 2022 and these sources who are held up as experts and whatnot in articles and so-on who push the “sugar = obesity” narrative, still have not been able to show actual results that prove that “Sugar” is associated with weight gain in reality. Ofcourse in their fictitious makeshift universes and in the garbage that the twits in Media and certain commercial circles regurgitate, both televised and online, it is “true” AND “works”, but in real life, it’s nothing but a foolish misleading “placebo”.

    Another thing that is critical that I would like to share about weight gain, is the fact that if someone, or yourself, is deprived of food, “sugar” or not; they will “starve”, and if they starve long enough, they would shrivel like a raisin. On the other hand, when they start to get “food” and they are fed, they will eventually start to rapidly gain weight, and this is what is responsible for the “weight gain” that we observe in most, if not all people (all people “gain weight” in terms of “growth and development”, BUT we also have the issue of people becoming “overweight” and “obese) — “food” is the true “influence” of weight gain; it has absolutely nothing to do with sugar.

    When people eat, the amount of actual “food” that they consume, is what helps the body to gain enough “substance” (in opposite contrast to the commonly viewed “empty calories” of “sugar”) to build bones, tissue, muscles etc. It’s impossible for someone to use “drinks” when they are starving and on the brink of dying, to make them “healthy” and “able-bodied” again; the “sugar” will do absolutely nothing aside from making them “thirsty” and eventually “dehydrated”. So this is another example of how “sugar” is not possibly the substance that’s making people fat and overweight.

    Another example that reinforces what I am pointing out, is that if grown people do not feed themselves properly, they will get “lethargic”, become very sickly, and can even die of starvation in a similar inverse way as someone can die from being too overweight which are both issues all strongly related to food. This is demonstrated by alot of the people who go on special/restrictive diets to remove “meats” and various types of food groups, to be “vegan” or vegetarian. If, or when, these people do not eat *properly, they start to become very weak and have muscle loss eventually looking as if they are, or are [becoming] anorexic. There is no possible way that you can give these people just sugar (mindful of the fact that they are [barely] eating vegetables that are [actually] more “nutritious” than sugar, and despite that, they still become unwell due to improper eating) and expect them to grow in size, even to subsequently become “fat” and “obese” when sugar doesn’t even contain the absolute “minimum” of “calories” that some of these “grains” and such that these people who become weak and suffer muscle loss as a result of, are *poorly incorporating into their diets. This is not how it works.

  • The Surprise Reality Of “Junk Information” About “Junkfood”

    Something always has to b the scapegoat in health so then you get, lets “tax” sugar and how “ahh, look at Mexico!; it worked”. It “worked” based on “statistics” and “gimmicks”, but it did not work [beneficially] in real life to actually bring the obesity rate down. It “worked” like some of these people’s brains — it’s merely a measly intermittent “shock” mechanism; it does not “work well”, and is void of any persistent cognitive connectivity — in practical terms: “junk”.

    Folks, in the field of health, there are those who believe the “evidence” and who always believe the “evidence”, and then there is a huge difference between “evidence” that is merely stated on paper, and reality which disproves retardation. So people have the prioritize whether they believe in questionable “evidance”, or whether they prefer consistent reailty, since as many should be aware, there is still and has not been any actual proof that there is a direct correlation between sugar and weight-gain, and if there is no actual “proof” of this, then all of the information being disguised as “evidance”, have to be taken with a huge grain of salt (not sugar) since that would put it under the category of misleading; to frame “inconclusive evidence” as “facts” is doing exactly that, and you know, fools love to minipulate statistics and statistics-based-evidence — design and devise gimmicks based on these things, especially when they realize that they are getting exposed for stupidity, which many of them do realize, which is why they now claim that the sugar is responsible for “insulin resistance”, which causes weight-gain somehow, but as far as I know, people with “insulin” issues experience “diabetes” and diabetes and weight-gain are two different things because of the fact that many people can have diabetes without being terribly “overweight”. So “insulin resistance” has nothing to do with weight gain, it is a “diabetes” issue.

    Also, this sugar myth is debunked by the fact that there have been people without access to stores and modern snacks and candies over many centuries, who have actually gained weight, and ironically they did not have access to “sugar” but they all had access to “food”. So if they were gaining weight all the way back then, without access to “sugar” but had clear and obvious access to “food”, then it’s no wonder that there is no proof of any direct link to sugar and weight gain while there IS a TON of clear association between high food consumption and people gaining alot of weight. Again this is *consistent reality, not flimsy manipulated evidence and statistics. There were people way in the past gaining weight without access to sugar, who had access to food, it’s the same thing with many people who live in modern times, in areas and with-in “primitive” circumstances where they have no access to sugar or sugar-sweetened drinks but actually have access to “food” and show clear signs of weight gain although the cases within these populations of weight-gain are noticeably lower compared to the populous in modern urban and metropolitan societies.

    In the scope of reality, I never choose the side of stupidity, I have no time or INTEREST for shithead games and gimmicks and “siding”. Truthfully, there is only one “side” that matters and it is the side of GOD, where truth and facts are valued.

  • The Travesty Of Hysteria

    Let me myth-bust this hysteria “framed” as manmade “climate change”; there is this tendency that the Earth has where its “climate” is constantly “shifting”. We know that there were many moments in the past where large areas of land had been populated with trees and grass and vegetation and then, over time, these same areas turn into deserts or dry arid lands. That’s one issue, the other issue is that alot of these so called “wildfires” which are usually held up as strong signs of “climate change” (along with hurricane activity), do not necessarily prove that there is “climate change” because of the fact that fire by its very nature, does not take a long time to get “out of control” and when there are situations where people are failing to properly maintain or out “campfires”, and there are cigarettes being disposed of that were not properly distinguished, and instances of people starting fires as a way to “clear” land, and electrical networks and wires overheating, malfunctioning or producing “sparks” and then these sparks lead to fires etc, then there will be situations of devastating fires happening alot. So to attribute all of these fires to “climate change” without taking many of these likely and possible causes into account especially since they have been happing repeatedly way before this bizarre tale of “climate change” was conceived, is foolish.

    Also, many of you need to be aware of a serious and strange phenomenon that happened in the year 535 AD and lasted for a YEAR (Lasted from around 535 AD to about 536 AD — possibly a little longer), where it was discovered (historically speaking), and also experienced by many who lived at the time, that the Sun seemed as if it was vanishing or going away — there were bizarre periods of hazy and cloudy conditions that produced alot of dust downpour, plus whenever the rain would fall it would be very discolored, and all of this was eventually followed by extremely cold and winter-like conditions lasting for a long period of about two years, on a GLOBAL scale; there was also an unusual weather-related event in the yearย 1816 known asย The Year Without a Summer, which all show that there can be (and clearly has been) clear environmental factors that have the ability to affect the earth’s climate for long periods of time that are not necessarily as a direct result of human activity. This is the true reality of the kind of climate that the Earth has.

    Climate Change is a bit strange of a term to use as well because the Earth’s actual climate has not actually “changed”, the Earth’s climate causes alot of dynamic and diverse conditions upon Earth and this still continues to be the case, so I fail to see there being any actual change in the Earth’s “climate”, So the only issues I can find that makes it look as if the Earth’s climate is changing, is the issue of more and more humans being affected by circumstantial factors because of moving into areas that were previously not as inhabited and then issues starting to show up in the form of “inconvenience” to humans more-so than a true matter of “climate change”. Alot of these instances are circumstances where the “so called” climate has changed but it is really not the earth’s true climate, “climate” here means “conditions” in the context of circumstances that people establish themselves and build around creating a “societal environment” of “customs” and “norms” that can be disrupted in some instances attributed to the fact that many of these areas were and are [still] prone to issues in the first place with or without human activity but that’s not to say that the severity of “societal disruptions” compliments of the unpredictability of nature and the harshness of some areas compared to other areas, is an indication of human activity actually affecting the Earth’s overall real “climate” because we are feeling the consequences of our own actions.

  • For SURE!

    Proverbs 27:12: “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.โ€

    This basically sums up the boneheaded circus bullshit some fools are creating for themselves in Ukraine and similar circumstances, just for self-serving fame and attention. I could not have said this better. Some people just want to fill the void in their brains with stunts, shocks, and gimmicks when they force themselves into wars and crises using “job”, “media” or “journalist” as an excuse.

    Nonsensical half-wits utter “it’s to know what’s going on”; YES!!! someone needs to know about the same bullshit a trillion-billion times — makes perfect sense. That is not necessary at the expense of brain-cell depletion. There comes a point when “showing” just becomes fxxking “meddling”.

  • Tainted Confines

    Some elements in society function like 2 percent actual intelligence and the rest is some soulless incompetent, maniacal iteration of inconceivable waste-product; some kind of unconscious creature marked by greed, marked by sadistic zeal, and marked by derision. In many ways, that is what this kind rat race system comes down to and belongs too. Democracy is a developmental progression away from these systems of governance and the freaks that have a penchant for shit-drip principles, but what is really needed is a change back to GOD; I don’t really care too much about the superficial, sentimental excuses since these are just perceptions, it’s not wisdom. The top priority is life, not vanity. I’m all about integrity not “country” or “locale” or any of these manmade distractions.

    In life, I consider 3 things: (1) the beginning, (2) the middle and (3) the end — this is called a holistic approach, it’s fucking “priorities”; I’m not just some stupid jackass with some crappy “narrative”.

  • Not Good Enough

    Often, there is participation in alot things for trivial reasons and are perceived to have fundamental meaning but in reality don’t really have that much value outside of the purpose that these schemes are meant to cater to, when you examine many of these practices they are, essentially, a way to get people involved in certain things that are basically frivolous customs at the core because the very core itself is devised or inspired by stupidity; often manipulative, exploitative, and packaged as something to be “proud” of even though it’s basically predetermined generic bullshit mainly driven by colonial politicized rat-race dispositions, covered with things such as “country”, “nation” etc. Anyone can be born into some place somebody decides to call a “country” minutes ago; there is nothing “special” about this bullshit objectification. If you pay attention to all of these foolish wars over “territory” and so on, they have been mostly examples of the retarded shit just explained.

    It’s like when the serpent (using biblical terms) tries to frame something that’s not actually wise and make it look good as a temptation but the reality of it is actually backward, stifling and more consequential than realized at first. Now if people don’t take some of these things seriously beyond the scope of what little [logistically] or [organizational] relevance/purpose these things serve, it wouldn’t be an issue, but this is not the case.

    We might hear things about “patriotic” and being diplomatic and things of that nature but there is no need for anyone to be these things if values and morales are actually based on “common decency”; this way of life doesn’t give a flying fuck about signs and borders or about conditions of creed and location since these things are manmade fuckry. You won’t catch me placing alot of value in mundane rubbish solely because it’s the way things have been happening; this I not how I think being guided by a fucking conscience that is awakened not “shocked”, or in other terms: enlightened. Maybe that was the case when I was a kid and didn’t know any better and my brain wasn’t fully developed, but I am guided by the almighty, REAL WISDOM, not manmade GARBAGE that’s clearly and obviously compromised and corrupted and contributes to a brain disease of shrinkage and small mindlessness.

  • At Least Live

    How I look at the situation concerning the conditions of this Ukraine/Russia ordeal, both circumstantially and from a humanitarian standpoint, is basically like this: the preservation of life is far more important than anything else. If we are looking at this from the perspective of preserving life and minimizing deaths, casualties, and whatnot, then you will probably act operate suitably — I would add even responsibly.

    I definitely would not advise anyone to place themselves in a situation where they are just mainly on the verge of being a statistic. If you are not actively batteling/defending, rescuing, providing aid or assistance etc, then I see no point in being in a situation where you are pretty much a target. There is no possible way to do anything much in an environment where things are being blown to dust all around; people are being killed, electricity, water, you name it, have all but ceased to exist and you are not able do anything but accumulate “shrapnel”, or death.

    I don’t think it’s healthy or beneficial to anyone to just be in these environments just for the sake of sentimental feelings when, in reality, they are actually in a dire inevitability.

  • Hopeless Case Of Stupidity

    The reality is, what’s happening in Ukraine and surrounding territories, is not a movie or a film, it is an extremely dreadful situation. Retarded fucks don’t seem to get the momo, until something bad happens…..

    You don’t gain any points being involved in situations like these just to horse-around.

    The media and the people who make a living from shock-value and gimmick nonsense tend to get too excited over these kinds of situations for the wrong silly reasons. If you are not doing anything meaningful, leave it the fuck alone because most likely you’re just being a shithead “distraction” and most definitely just putting more strain on time and resources that could have gone towards situations that really needed it by being a wreckless stupid fuck.

    This goes for anybody in general who might be contemplating bullshit, not just the usual and obvious clowns. The nutjobs that encourage these kinds of fruitless rubbish are some sons of bitches as well — just as complicit, contributory, and RESPONSIBLE! for the “mess”; you are probably creating more risk to anyone else than anything else.

    I am not interested in anyone’s shock circus or corny sham or whatever nonsense they are up to, in reality, pests like these are just fucking stupid, they’re not fooling anyone; they are more of a “liability”.

  • Know Your “Place”

    Let me remind people about what really matters since there is alot of trivial notions going around and masquerading as “important” when they are actually “redundant”.

    When we look around, we see “wars“, and these “wars” are usually about “your country” and “my country” but at the end of the day, a “country” is just a false sense of pride; it is a system and faux sense of “identify”. What we really need to do is understand that the Earth belongs to all, and we must seek to live as if we are all a part of the same home which is: Earth. A “country” is a small insignificant political box; we need to mature outside of this silly political box and truly see the earth for what it is actually worth, and understand that none of these pseudo colonization schemes are as important as knowing the value of life. and how to live and these kinds fo things.

    The true love of life and has no “borders” or fences etc. A country is little more than about “pride” and a bullshit political box. I am “proud” to be alive not because of some stupid plot of land that has changed “hands” and “owners” for many years. Things like “country” and nation and so-on are political schemes, non-intrinsic to reality. There is only 1 earth fucked up and devived by alot of foolish agendas.

    I am not saying people shouldn’t defend their country and honor their country and things like that, since this is the environment we live in and over thousands of years, society has sunken to construct alot of day-to-day things around this kind of practice. This is just about knowing and understanding what these “systems” and “schemes” really are, how they came about, and why.

    I just wanted to enlighten people about this subject; now i’m going back into Comic mode ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜. You can check the Comic out over here: KATAKLYZM [COMIC SERIES] ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Ukraine & Russia: Conflict

    My thoughts on this Russia and Ukraine conflict is this:

    There is alot of political games being played. In any situation, there are always individuals trying to come up with some bullshit, this is not the time for political games, Russia clearly isn’t playing games and Ukraine clearly does not have this luxury.

    There is a humanitarian urgency, so welcome your Ukrainian brethren (or anyone who is directly and seriously affected by this situation for that matter) without prejudice. Let our conscience and GOD be our guide in this situation just like he should be every day, not money or economics. We also must not forget the elderly, the young children and the sick, and those who were unable to leave, that are still in these dreadful zones, and those who remain or those who are going into these regions, both of whom are putting their lives on the line to save and defend their people and others; whether they are civilians, public representatives or soldiers; they are all in this for the same reasons.

    Now when it comes to the refugee situation, there is always a huge “security” risk here with this kind of issue and the potential for terror people and just prick people, in general, to try to infiltrate under pretense ulterior motives, but obviously, there are real people suffering.

    There is also no one size fits all in this dilemma, there is definitely a critical unified approach being sought but “countries” and independent nations could also contribute or help in their own ways aswell without, again, stupid politics creating needless fuck-up. This is a very severe and significant issue, this is not the time for political and half-measured, half-hearted garbage. If you are going to help people, you put your all into it, if you give people your word, you stick by your fucking word, don’t parade trickles and snippets of “solidarity” and “allegiance” just to gain points, and then play politics the rest of the time.

    It’s not up to me to try to tell anyone how to run their “country” or “nation” or anything of that nature but as far as I am concerned, life is top-of-the-line priority, not playing some kind of political game or experiments. In these moments, you push aside petty incompetence, especially shithead media people and their stupid antics, and instead, act wisely. The greatest challenge is not any man, machine or country, it is with evil, soullessness, and the devil.

    I am not blindly taking sides on these perilous issues; my heart is with the people, fullstop. I do not give a fuck about shitty politics, I am not a political person — I will say that any person, individual, country, or thing has a right to “defend” themselves against a senseless “attack”; this is absolutely how it works. But ways to find peace, solutions, and resolve are unmatched in the greater scheme of things.

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