Experimenting With The Development Of My Ninja Game

Notice(s) [April/06/2014]: As you know I mentioned previously that I was using a sprite from a sheet of animations related to a character by the name of “Frio” who’s from the game “Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon”, I have posted a picture of him in his “idle” state as it appears in my experimental game and it can be found under the “Game Animations” Heading, along with his “run” (or dash) animation GIFs. You’ll also see in his idol image that I have modified the sprite to indicate that he uses katanas! and they would be related to some of his skills and abilities(remember i’m using sprites of other games as temporary place-holders for the character models and animations as I don’t have my own yet, it basically just so i can commence with developing my ninja character and establish the fundamentals of the game. I have also pin-pointed some of the causes of some issues i’m having with the controls, though I have yet to fully grasp why certain factors were problematic but i’m sure after playing around with the engine and getting to know it better i’ll derive better understanding!. As you may notice the “graphics” are almost non-existent but that’s for practical matters related to developing the character and his skills, so basically what you’re seeing is just one huge and long “platform” so that I can test out and balance his speed as well as experiment with how his animations perform, look, time etc. Things such as special effects, better character models/illustrations/representations, enemy A.I and the real graphical content for the game will all be added at a much later stage in development though I have to keep in mind that the engine i’m using might not have the necessary tools for me to create certain content that could be generally classified as advanced or too sophisticated. I’ll classify some of these aspects as complicated but very understandable and can be learned and resolved using the right approach and/or assets, you know, something qualified as opposed to quantified and has substance that you have to master and unravel it’s intricate barrier to unleash excellent reward inside :D. 

Ok before I say anything you can check out my Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (How It’s Awesome) + My Gameplay Footage  Blog over here (www.capcom-unity.com/aktion/blog/2014/03…) , since I think it’s an exciting game and that’s the blog I have dedicated to highlighting its positives. I really said a lot of great insightful things about it and I probably don’t need to continue it but I still feel I could share more, but I’m not in a hurry too so you could say that it’s in an “open” status right now.

Yeah so, now to what this blog is really about. See i’ve been as of late, trying to develop 2D version of my ninja I.P. This Game in particular is actually a new “variation” or “version” of my Ninja’s universe, as his presence is being applied to a world that is unique to the game’s engine limited capabilities that the game’s universe is being experimentally developed on lol.

Now I had always had a 2D version of a ninja game being made after my main Ninja I.P , in my desires for a while(an I.P which is ideally going to have games made after it in various kinds of genres), but this one is yet another spin off  idea that I’m currently experimenting with that’s a different kind of platformer combination, It’s an; “Action”, “Speed” , “Platformer” game.

It’s a ninja game as I mentioned but apparently it just so happens that when you mix the element of speed in there with the 2D element, you end-up with a ninja that plays like a “Sonic” ninja xD. I didn’t intend for that dynamic to occur but as I was experimenting with the combination of these elements that’s just how things turned out naturally so essentially I have ended-up making a sonic-like ninja game lol. #BrilliantByAccident :D

I’m certainly not a professional by any means and the presentation of the game isn’t what I would call outstanding at all as it looks really really plain and messy at the moment as I’m just having fun experimenting with the engine and placements of interactive elements etc with the main focus being to develop my ninja character close to ideal standards, so I doubt anybody would be blown away by what I’ve done so far lol. It’s going to be a very very slow development as well and it’s probably going get worse  if I discover a different gaming engine that I think is better and abruptly stopped using the one I’ve started using and instead shifted and started using the new one that I think is going to help me reach more accurately towards my goals lol.

Also I’d like to note that those 2 dynamics of my game (Action, Speed) are both mandatory elements of my ninja character. In short he’s obviously a ninja and ninjas are action figures, but in short; he’s a God-Like ninja :D.  

I wanted to do more than just talk about good ninja and characters and stuff like that in games and decided to follow what I always say which is, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself and decided that I’d experiment with actually trying to moderately make a version  of my ninja come to life in a game that is developed after my Ninja I.P lol.

So that being said I’ll leave you with the skill list of my ninja:

Cataclysmic Seismic;

Cataclysmic Rumble;


Shuriken Saw;


Epic God’s Slash;

Chip Damage;

Bane Shredder;

Passive Ability:  Obliteration Sensation(This is an ability that ‘triggers’ automatically);

I’ll put in their descriptions and details one by one every time I finish successfully implement one, plus I’ll share some screenshots(Including GIF’s etc) here and there also. I even plan to add a combo system etc so things should get interesting if all manages to get implemented. Hopefully the gaming engine is dynamic enough to handle my creativity xD.

Ofcourse the moves sound great on paper and look really mind blowing in my imagination, even from a 2D game perspective but ofcourse to get them manifested into an actual game using a gaming engine is a huge pain and that’s currently what I’m managing in this game’s development, not to say that I’m not having fun because I am, the point is that it’s not that easy even with the “streamlined” beginner tools that I’m using lol.

Working with sprites, now at first I wasn’t too educated on sprites and stuff and use to think that making a 3D game was probably the hardest of the two but after working with sprites for my game, I can say things can get highly technical there too xD. Also i’m not a drawer and can’t actually draw my own sprites so currently i’m using Frio’s ninja sprite(he’s a character from a video game franchise titled: Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon), as a “character design place-holder” indefinitely and because of this I also have to find myself reusing some of the same sprites from the same temporary character sprite sheet that i’m currently using for some of his different skills aswell lol.  but to me that’s just a small alternative to pa for the sake of a much bigger overall experience which is what i’m working towards!.

I’d like to release some images but right now but for now i’m having some technical issues with some of the controls and animations, but as you know part of development if resolving issues as well so that’s what i’m going to work to do and them hopefully i’d release some GIF footage of some animations, check under the dedicated Game Animations section below to observe in game animations and screen shots. it would be updated form time to time just like the skill list(the skill list would probably receive 2 – 3 more additional skills). As a matter of fact, i’ll fill-in the description of the corresponding skill on the skill list at the same time I release an animation of said skill aswell so be sure to check both whenever that even occurs.

Game Animations:

Ninja (In Idle State)

Ninja (In Run/Dash State)

P.S: I’ll update this blog from time to time with more details, notes, observations corrections etc so keep checking back periodically.

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