Forgotten FACTS About “Hell”.

I think alot of people have some kind of misconception of what “hell” really was and is. See, when you look at certain forms of media and fiction, they often depict “hell” as usually a place where the devil has his dirty pants decorated with lies that’s on fire next to his snotty towel of mess hung-up, with his fork of all things despicable, up somebody’s behind being “tortured” or “demoralizingly” sodomized for being frigging clowns, but the truth is, “hell” was a place that, if i didn’t know any better, I would go as far as to say that satan damn near landed “face first” into, sent there by the almighty after being cast out of a powerful and really sovereign place(heaven, or the heavens). “Hell” is not a place where the devil created and cherishes as is so often depicted or that he necessarily likes. He has the “INFLUENCE” but he doesn’t actually “rule” or “lead” over anything god-made — “misguiding” is his true specialty.

“Hell” is basically his very existence being sent to a “corner” like what the pre-school teachers do at times to restless kids(in very very basic terms, although in reality it is much much more serious than that). So if there are “corners of the earth”, well, one of them is being “occupied” by the devil at the very least xD. Other wise at the very best, he’s causing “destruction”. But the bottom-line is, and i’m saying this in general (all of you who are the devil’s bottom feeders should especially take notes), he had no hand in creating that place(hell), he was sent there or sentenced to there rather, so in other words, he has no real control over it anymore than his “followers” have any real control over anything, much less themselves….

You might find obsessed devil butt sucking individuals trying to depict it to represent something catastrophically marvelous and something that they are or would like to be pro-actively apart of(yeah, I agree it’s the perfect place for very stupid clown individuals), but lets just say I blame movies and things like that for their mythical misconceptions in that regard :D.

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