My Belief in GOD: There Exist (Second Session)

These expressions are reiterated in this blog episode taken from a conversation I had on the forum and the entire context remain “as is”.

Original posting here:…

I brought up a very interesting point in my first post that I think a lot of  “non-believers” would have a very hard time “explaining away”, which is; how can anyone believe that it’s just a “coincidence” that a man and a woman or men and women, just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and had what it takes to know how to properly fend for themselves in a way that would benefit them in a wilderness as humans and further more have exactly what’s needed on themselves naturally(ears, the capability of speech, vision etc), to survive on a planet?. It just doesn’t add up.

The human brain “needs” to learn and it would have been extreme peril to put a group of very primitive humans(who aren’t animals) in a wilderness with no knowledge, and expect that they would expand from just a small group of people(or just a man and a woman like I believe it actually was originally) to a planet populated with billions just easy without any major problems. Those earliest circumstances would have been akin to extinction overnight for us, not to mention aswell that there are hurricane seasons and we would have been prone to sicknesses — you name it.

Also they would first have to reproduce and it takes alot to raise a child even in these times where most people like to think that we as humans are so “advanced” and much better off than in the past, and they(kids) grow very slow. They(the first group of people to ever walk the earth) would have had to be guided by someone or something that knows better, and who knows how life works, because that’s how things are done even till this today.

So I believe that there was and still is, a GOD in the earliest stages of creation that helped sow the seed and watched over all living things for a while/period of time.

I can’t speak to someone else’s experiences or claims but what I will tell you is this; We may not be able show you the real GOD in a physical sense, GOD is a powerful being and “seeing” him would be like trying to look directly into 10+ suns or being way too close to one [if he were to reveal himself] to put it mildly. But there is a reason why he calls himself a “ghost” i.e you might not even notice when he does things or when he’s actually there. He would have to manifest himself in a way in which us humans can see him, or he could just “communicate” to us. But that’s another topic for another day.

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