My Belief in GOD: There Exist (Third Time.. GOD’s Undeniable Charm)

I sometimes can see where people are coming from, but people who believe in GOD such as myself have faith for very important reasons most of which we strongly believe are the reasons why we don’t see a physical presence of him therefore why we don’t believe that just because we can’t see him, it means that he doesn’t exist.

I aswell as many people have come to learn over the years that just because you can’t see something it doesn’t mean that things we are unaware of may not indeed exist else where(speaking in general terms). Now science would classify a notion like that as a “theory” because to them nothing has been proven, but  on the other hand I personally don’t see my belief as a “theory”, though I see where some people who absolutely have to have proof that something is there physically in realtime, would exactly view things in that scope, and in their case I think it could very well be a good thing that they have some level of “curiosity” and “question”, as it’s keeping them looking for answers just as my beliefe in god and as a human being keeps me wanting to learn more about him, life and also reality, which keep me seeking the truth as I don’t ever believe that I have all the answers or that anyone does.

Now for most people who believe in GOD, “theory” is a circumstance that’s “unproven” and/or “inconclusive” but most people who believe in GOD, such as myself, believe that the godly scriptures are real historical documentations of the past of us human beings who share this earth with other forms of life and therefore believing that the scriptures are a historical record as well as a book of insight into a better tomorrow. We don’t see those scriptures as fairy tales or something devised to brainwash, or something that’s unproven or inconclusive as in something to be necessarily skeptical of.

There are many things that science can explain and account for, many of which most people knew existed to some degree where it’s just a matter of science figuring-out how they function and what makes them up etc etc in greater detail of information and insight, and there are lots of things about life that science can’t even begin to explain or theorize and with-in that zone of ignorance, most of them admit that we only know a very small percentage about life in general and that there are plenty of things that from a human perspective are very unexplainable or mysterious, atleast from scientific means…

So keeping those points in mind, I can’t say that there isn’t a GOD because I personally find it hard to not see that there is one and believe that it would have been almost impossible for a man and a women to just be created “accidentally” by random atmospheric or elemental circumstance, and somehow we “coincidentally” formed having all the right physical and natural features to survive on a random plant with “ironically” the best conditions out there, in addition to all-of-a-sudden having just the right knowledge to expand on this earth in a wilderness from atleast one man and one woman to now an earth that’s filled with billions of people on it. I believe that there is evidence that the earliest humans had some level of guidance form a very intelligent and very capable source, who most likely understood us, had alot of knowledge about us and knew our needs and helped us along a path of order and constructive development especially when you look at the fact that people don’t born knowing right and wrong automatically. See an ignorant man, is just as destructive as an ignorant child and we all know what happens if you just leave a child alone with no discipline or guidance.

In the end no matter how you look at it, knowing how humans are, there would have had to be some kind of intelligent presence around the first humans to ever walk the earth to ensure their very primitive, ignorant, and inexperienced survivability because we know for a fact that human beings just don’t born or just form already grown knowing anything about life. Even something as basic as speech has to be learned — there is no way a man and a women would just be accidentally created out of nowhere just knowing how to speak. We know that’s not how we work…

Everything in life “develops” in some way or another. I think it’s pretty strange that even if we formed accidentally, that a ton of other things that we also ironically need and depend on, were formed “accidentally” out of one big bang or catastrophic planetary collision or meteor impact aswell — it’s just not believable that these things all occurred by pure accident or circumstances. Mistakes often lead to more mistakes “more” often than not and the odds are just too “positively” in our favor for the bad to be the result of so much good <— yeah you get the idea xD.

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