My Belief in GOD: There Exist

There has to be a GOD. You don’t just put a baby on the planet and it just grows up fine and dandy on it’s own with no guidance or anything. If then instead you want to believe that well they were not first upon this earth as babies, but as infact fully grown man and women, then that’s kind of a speculation that would be very bizarre still as even if they are man and woman in the beginning and started out that way, there is no way, they would just know how to survive in everyday life just like that without any guidance, skills, tools all while being “naked” with no clothes etc and with so many things going on around them that they haven’t even had time to learn since they were just “created” randomly as a fully grown man and a fully grown woman — looking at real-time examples that exist today, we should all know that that’s certainly not how life works. Something, or being clearly guided and instructed the first man and the first woman, or taught them somehow.

And the notion that both were somehow “coincidentally” created by “accident” at the same time and with the right things all necessary to function properly as human beings on a planet that is also functioning in a way that’s incredibly ideal to sustain life, is just ridiculous. This earth is clearly purposeful….

People might take life forgranted but if you think about it, life is such a complex thing to have, so-much-so that for most of the literal life here on earth to just be an accident but yet still consistently grow, expand and inhabit this earth is just too much of a complicated, precise and very condition-dependent phenomenon, for me to buy the logic that it’s all for nothing and that we are all just here by some mistake.

Also it’s not just humans, we even know of and see different life forms on this planet to the point where I believe that there is just something really special about earth that it can be this rich with life of various kinds, unlike most other plants we know of, and there is a loooooong history of life on earth — we have evidence of past era’s of life-forms that no longer exist in our time and then depending on what you believe, there is recoded evidence that the earth itself also developed to the environment we know it as in our time today, which also seems to corroborate a theory I have where certain things may have been possible in much earlier times compared to what can happen now because of how earth’s conditions, *circumstances and environment in different periods of its existence were. We can even tell that some of the lands and islands were actually joined together at some point in history, where as, some lands have became completely submerged under water which in much earlier times appeared to have been once above sea level.

There are also scientist who seem to agree that the earth’s conditions are always changing weather-wise but on the other hand they also, through research and studies, have concluded that the earth also went through a history of different permanent and overall “developmental” changes, despite the fact that some just keep saying that the key to life is just water and plants xD.

If you also look at the kind of vegetation that exist, some of them are literally too complicated for animals to handle and yet we are the ones that know somehow, that they should be “cooked”, and these things have been happening way before technology — where did we get this knowledge form in the fist place?. Also one can argue that oxygen is more important than water since we need to breathe ALL the time — it is clear that the key to life is not bread(water) alone.

Just based off of these mare realities alone, I can believe that there is a GOD, but of course my belief, RELIGION  and reasons for belief, runs much deeper and beyond those stated realities. In life something almost always comes “before” and, as a result something usually happens after, we can see that with the way intelligence(meaning intelligent life-forms) is raised and developed here on earth and we also know that there are different levels of intelligence, there is; bacteria and organisms and animals, and there is people and so I don’t find it impossible that there can very well be a higher intelligence than you and I.

It just doesn’t make sense that intelligence is just solely limited to us given the amount of similarities, consistencies and strange things that exist and that go on outside of our universe that all clearly happen for a reason and mostly have a purpose. But of course I believe that there are more reasons why there is a GOD regardless of if people believe there are “aliens” aswell or not.  Also I believe that life is life, and that if our “kind” of life can’t even make it to the moon without life-sustaining essentials from earth, then what ever other kind of life it is out there, they(or it) is certainly not like ours….

That being said, I’m not anti-science in the least, I very much respect what they do to a very high degree.

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