The Unrelenting Faceless: Fools Don’t Deter Me

Hello people. The ninja game project is still a work in progress but share details on that at a later time. Right now, It’s time for the utmost powerful word of the day:  Be a boss and if that’s not enough, then be a master like me. Don’t believe the “hype”, this is the TRUTH,  there are many goofy things goofy people pay attention to but one of the most important things for a warrior is to have heart — very little can compare to that, as a matter of fact, I don’t give a hoot about a  lame’s dung-face — I deal with “cut throat” and that’s to the very extreme if straight GARBAGE tries to get in the way.

Faceless is KILLER!, faceless don’t give a crap, faceless is warlord status but more like a God :D.  Move as a super POWERFULLY awe inspiring legend. Don’t watch face, watch your steps, be smart, don’t watch a fake dicc-face with a fake smile — watch your back, be wise be KILLER appealing, don’t give two shizz, and don’t be like a dummy watching other people, that’s for the lesser inclined and basically useless degenerates.

Don’t believe the hype. I’m on a different level, sure you have to be able to look someone is the eyes, but I actually see with my wise eye. They’re spies who see too much and watch you like a watchman, but I’m on a different level, I care that you know me most for the CRITICAL mark I leave, and it’s more than the material things, see for me, it’s about the lives I’ve touched, so as a god and master of life I operate on a different level altogether and I have no regrets — critics can be or turn red in face like a pissy pig but that’s YOUR problem that’s “nothing” to me/ to a God.

So people the bottomline is, know who you are rather than worry about other people. Call me the faceless monster, naaaaahhhhh!!, call me the faceless diety <– that’s definitely it :D. It deosn’t mean that because I’m god status that I’m better than anybody, what it does mean(in a sense) is that I’m a “fighter” and I’m not intimidated by the odds one bit — big or small, man or woman, devil or demon. I can only tell you so much, but the nature is real i.e where these values stem from. Now the almighty GOD made people, and they are capable of overcoming incredible odds.

 #Faceless #TruthTeller #DealWidIt

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