This Is What It Is

HAHAHAHA i’m proud to be terrifyingly religious :D. My religious “principles” shall explode I your f’ing conscience, acknowledgement and awareness — blasting away your “hopeless” garbage  — no remorse, blasphemous resource, recourse or regret. I’d rather be a religious buff rather than being a soulless dead-brained maggot who just “believes” in plaguing society by being a pissy meddlesome critics of other peoples lives and religiousness. You’re useless to a god religiously on a spiritual mighty mission with true powerful needs and being powerful need. Faithful WARRIORS don’t answer to pest or hypocritical people/sinners. Fools don’t try to possess me, get you’re own f’ing purpose :D.

There are leaders like me, and there are bad weeds that just get stepped on, and the “fires of B.S trolling hell” that gets extinguished by nothing more or less, than the mighty “spit” of all GOD send missionaries, because feeble hell is for the serpent, the snakes and the cowards alike, that prey on the weak — waaaahahahahahaaaa :P. Religious GOD is the best, the rest are entirely, completely, absolutely, utterly, conclusively, undeniably irrelevant. I’m not psychotic, or narcissistic — i’m mighty emphatic, suuupperperper fantastic and realistic.


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