Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2


[quote]Bull’s eye! lol
Not bad partner. Is this the same Oil City mission? That one was the hardest for me, you have tons of bandits on your tail, a timer before your fleet gets destroyed. & it’s almost UNO impossible to finish it on hard difficulty but hey we’re aces right hahahahaha

P.S. I’m playing this btw ;)…
Ace Combat 3 Japanese version.[/quote]


Hahaha right we’re aces!, we always prevail and thanks!. Recently I have been playing m,ore controller oriented games but ofcourse I had to go back to master my mouse and keyboard just for these games in particular! Lol. that jet you see in the video is really awesome, at first I didn’t know what it was but afterwards I found out that it the: FA-18E SuperHornet:

 photo HAWX2-FA-18ESuperHornet_zps8e93025e.png…

it had really good; speed, handling and some pretty excellent firepower. I had actually mistook it at first for the Mig-25 FoxBat:

 photo HAWX2-Mig-25FoxBat_zps2ad4718a.png…

I couldn’t have been more further from the truth xD.

When I realized that and got just a little understanding iof the mission — I reigned UNO Mayhem! xD. But you’re right that stage was pretty overwhelming, it’s exactly the kind of stage you should practice in to develop your ace pilot skills! Lol.

I think that sate is the stage you’re referring too, it’s known as the “Oil City”

 photo HAWX2-OilCity_zpsc837f627.png…

The game does have the SU-47 but I haven’t gotten yet. It took me a while to realize that I actually had to purchase the jets in the “Pilot Records” option as opposed to them showing up in the hanger after you unlocked them like it was in the first H.AW.X lol.

After finding that out I got my self some cool jets like the ones below including many others:

 photo HAWX2-Mig29FulCrum_zps59524207.png…

 photo HAWX2-EF111A-Raven_zpsea70d3b1.png…

There are about 30+ jets in the game so I have lots more to get still lol. I also unlocked “Arcade Mode” — that’s really cool! partner :D.

 photo HAWX2-ArcadeMode_zps7d5460a1.png…

Kudos to you playing Ace Combat 3. That looks awesome man, it look like just the kind of retro game to give any ace combat fan nostalgia! — you went back to the UNO roots and you’re playing the japanese version too — you’re definitely flying first-class buddy :D. I should learn more languages so i could do the same thing — I guess i’m well on my way since atleast I know”UNO” already so I just have to finish lean the rest of my spanish so I could move on to japanese! hahaa xD.


A-10A Thunderbolt II

 photo HAWX2-A-10AThunderboltII_zpsdb9a441a.png

 photo HAWX2-A-10AThunderboltII-InFlight_zps2d1221f8.png

It has awesome “night vision” :D

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