Unoptamized Games

The post ended up being “sizable” with super critical insight, so I figured; “heck!, why not make it a blog!” lol. It’s just too much goodness for it to be made into a sub-comment :P.

Ok so I played some of the “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst” game and it’s up to the same if not better standards presentation-wise as when I first saw it back in the day when it was only on consoles. Now as good as that may be, unfortunately the game is poorly optimized for computers — as a matter of fact, it isn’t optimized xD. So essentially it’s another “port” that’s placed on PC that’s not optimized for the platform, therefore requiring you to spend almost triple the bucks to build a PC that costs way more than the consoles the game was originally made for, just so that you’ll have a system that’s able to “muscle” through(or emulate) the processing of the game’s console-coding just to play the same game at a steady frame/performance rate, except at a steeper expense, which is silly.

I don’t care if it was designed prior to work at such and such frames and all this weak stuff — anyone with half a brain would prefer for it to be optimized properly in the first place, or better yet, have an actual original PC build of the game to minimize or completely eliminate the inconvenience of such technical rubbish, period!.  It’s about setting the right standards, and to have measly last minute “ports”, rushed out to either test or exploit the multiplayer and online fanatics of the PC community, since that’s what most of these PC ports actually are for and attempt to do, is bogus putridity.

It’s much easier to develop for computers anyway, so there is really no good excuse, unless you try to justify it by screaming money, but again, if you don’t have enough money just don’t do it. You’re not going to get far in the PC arena by making unoptimized, problematic mangle.

Take the street fighter 4 series for perfect example, the first street fighter 4 game.ran rancid when it first came out on PC, but when Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition came out on PC, since it was an original PC build and not a port like the first one was, it ran exceptionally well, to the point where if you compared it to the older street fight 4 port, you could see there was a clear difference between a PC port and an actual PC build of a game on a performance level, where the PC “port” ran so retardedly, that it could have been seen as a detestably compromised rip-off compared to the actual PC build.

So yeah, I have Naruto on the side for now since my time is actually being taken up by games that actually run better(which is the sensible thing to do anyways),  until it’s fixed-up better or something (IF that ever happens), but it’s exceptional that the Naruto team and the publishers are showing interest in the platform and I hope future PC releases are built to a more efficient and hassle-free and non-lousy degree and I think alot of developers looking at the platform can use these wise words aswell. Just because I’m a gamer it doesn’t mean we don’t know anything xD. Brilliant minds will not settle for less.

6 thoughts on “Unoptamized Games

  1. hahaha yup 👍 🔟/🔟. Just like in the same way you have to optimize priorities, goals etc, and decide which “system” you want to be apart of, or do like killa and just go Indie and do your own thing 💯 😂

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  2. lmao, your blog post reminds me of how I’ve been trying to ‘optimize’ my body like a videogame:

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  3. I’ve not played any of the Street Fighter IV games on PC but your article made me learn new things on such a topic.

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    1. lol I am so glad to be of help. It was a Naruto game that made me really “go off” in this area. There is nothing like wanting to play a game really bad, the to find out, it’s “unplayable” because it suffers from programming issues :D.

      Now-a-days PC games, are alot more up-to-par as far as ports are concerned compared to when high quality commercial games first started arriving on the platform, but there is still alot of work to be done because PC “ports” still are quite there yet.

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      1. Accounting how I’ve for years, predominantly played Fighting-games outside of PC, it’s good to know I’ve been playing it safe (pun intended). I’ve only played a few Fighting-games on PC.

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        1. hahaha yeah in this sense, that is true. But if you come into P.C gaming prepared, which in this means that from the get go you had already gotten a proper P.C to game on etc, that would have been more than enough to get you off to a good start, especially when it comes to the fighting games on P.C which, compared to other much bigger titles, tend to be the least problematic.

          I’m personally looking forward to playing the Naruto games in the future on my brand new beast of a computer when it’s finished, since they are really exciting to me lol

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