Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z: Awesome but a Lackluster First Attempt! (content was not substantial)

Alright I know many of you [general public] may have seen some of the videos and stuff of the game recently and maybe even some of the reviews. Now starting with the reviewers, some are saying the same things as one another as if they all where expecting the same kind of stereotypical stuff and basically didn’t really know the point of the game because maybe they discovered it recently(compared to this game’s 2 years+ existence and developmental phase) by reading other blogs about it and so on. Mind you,  some of these reviewers do have a point, I mean I do agree that that there were some things that the developers clearly knew of that they could have and probably should have worked on dialogue and humor wise a little more before the game’s release some people may have thought some of the dialogue was “mean”, “offensive”, “corny”, “crude” and maybe even “unoriginal”.

I would like to think that in some areas, that didn’t happen because they were focused on critical things such as the gameplay etc. So here is where I break-away form the topic of what everyone else is saying and inject some real reality into this cross-examination of the game, the people behind it and it’s circumstances. To me what is in this game already is great, but it could have been better, it’s has alot of it’s own unique merits and style that does give it a very awesome theme and concept, which actually gets realized in context as you watch how things unfold throughout the game sequentially. If you’re just looking at random scenes (like trailers) and stuff then most of the things that happen (dialogue-wise) would come off as odd to alot of people but from what I have seen, his attitude when all the circumstantial elements are involved, fit extremely well with the game’s narrative and that’s how I honestly feel about it — if it was garbage, I would say that it’s garbage, because that’s the kind of god I am, it should come as a ”:O” to anybody lol.

But I’m saying what I’m saying here to be more than a reviewer or a critic, I’m saying what I’m saying here in hopes that the developers would wake up and realize that the game could have offered so much more. The jokes and the dialogue and that kind of stuff can always be worked on at a later time through the course of the i.ps development, but when you go to release a game for the first time you need to put your all into it. I don’t give a carp about the pricing of the game, I’m concerned about the game’s SOUL, since I’m a huge fan of this franchise, I honestly don’t  think that this game’s soul had enough time to develop and grow through out the game, in the current state that the game is in now.  There aren’t plenty of actual bosses that really placed much emphasis on yaiba’s journey which to me is one of the biggest problems of this game since it’s a dynamic that would have greatly impacted on the game’s “gameplay” in the context of its “adventure” aspect since I believe It’s a franchise that’s so much more than a game that’s about zombies.

This game had left an impression since the very first trailer that seemed to have been overlooked. It was full of a vibe that suggested that yaiba would make for one fantastic ass kicker doing some of the most memorable wtf things ever seen in an action video game yet. But strangely enough, that kind of surreal never actually got a chance to fully develop and most of that intriguing fundamental  awesome gameplay that commended people’s attention the first  time this game was revealed did not get a chance to develop because someone thought it was a good idea to take away that stuff out of the game. One thing you don’t do , is mess up the gameplay of a game or more specifically, take away from the “action” of an action game — I know what yaiba was capable of as I had seen plenty of scenes of him in action, and it is a load of repugnant bull that none of those interesting scenarios or epic action-packed ninja excellence of “extreme”, made an appearance into the game. There is alot of exceptional action in the trailer spanning from the first one to later ones that just were not delivered for some reason and that’s not a good thing because this game could have used all those sequences and still could have benefited from more in addition to those, since the final version of the game lacked substantial substance. There is no way I can see people buying Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z at $60, it’s just not extensively eventful and indepth enough.

It doesn’t feel like very much of an adventure. I mean, this is the first game of the I.p in what could potentially be a franchise(I hope), you the developers should be going crazy on this and putting every single effort you have towards this game, but that’s not really the vibe I get — the game feels super lackluster with only seven stages and no really challenging foes that really put yaiba to the test. I saw the battle with ruy and it was very fun and awesome, but you only got to fight him once — that’s how short the game was, so much so that he didn’t even have a chance to prove how much a force to recon with he was in the Ninja Gaiden Z universe properly. I know it’s a game about zombies but not all the bosses have to be zombie based, there could have been more bosses just like ryu through the game. Surely the developers behind the game should know that the “mature” audience they are catering to are competent enough to understand that. It’s not a secret that too much of anything isn’t good. I didn’t think that this game would be just about zombies, it doesn’t have to be and what they could have done was to make more awesome stages and missions and spread them out amongst other challenging foes under other varying circumstances to make the encounters with some of the zombies more special and  to also make the game more varied in that aspect of it’s adventure and combat. There are so many kinds of enemies and unique stages with endearing and fun traversal  instances that could have been done, why even stop at ryu hayabusa?, this game has the potential to be the masterpiece of the gaming universe with even “guest appearances” from other adversaries or allies from other gaming franchises, you know ambitious thoughts like that, but It’s like the developers wasted time plus took out a whole lot of substance that they advertised for their own game that didn’t appear in the actual finalized version of the game and I think it has alot to do with a lack of leadership.

Nobody seemed to have kept the team up and focused, it seemed to be just the developers focusing only on the small picture and not the bigger picture. Someone should have been there to keep things into perspective. I don’t even know why inafune had to even get a western developer to develop a game about zombies since he already has a game that he made named “dead rising” that is themed with zombies and the funny thing is, even he knows that the key to making a zombie game that’s truly interesting is in fact the inclusion of different kinds of zombies and not the same old usual thing. He said that the folks he was working with were willing to learn but I’m sure the japanese are willing to learn as well,  and ofcourse inafune is in more than an great position to teach the Japanese about this stuff. I don’t believe for one second that as smart as the Japanese are, and as creative as they are, that they can’t grasp the concept of zombies, there isn’t even much to zombies and resident evil, probably one of the oldest franchises around that features zombies, was actually made by a Japanese team of developers. I am a “western” fella and I grasp the concept of ninjas, samurai and monks just fine, so I think the people in japan can grasp the concept of zombies aswell,if they where exposed enough. There is a difference between ignorance and the genuine incapacity to learn.

This is not about spark unlimited, I believe they did a good job like I believe every one involve did a really good job aswell. I’m just saying that this whole east vs west developer thing is hogwash since for me the bottom-line is, if you make a great game people will love it no matter where it was made. Now going back to the developers behind Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, I believe there needed to be some kind of leadership, and if you find that someone isn’t being a good leader then talk some so sense into them, it doesn’t matter who they are, you’re making this game for the people, and the goal should be to make a game as close to the standards of the genre it’s supposed to be, as possible. I expected more adventure and alot of the things I saw in the gameplay that was featured in trailers related to this game, but for some reason, they did not make it and the game doesn’t feel like much of an adventure.

It’s beyond my reasonable logic, how something like that was allowed to happen. In this day an age, you cannot make an action and adventure game only have 7 short stages xD . it is inconceivable — there is no way a game like this is going to sell well at $60and if it does(hopefully) then you are lucky. That is not substantial enough and that is the recipe for what you call “lackluster”. Someone should have reminded the crew that that they are there to work — aim to make 50 stages, 400 bosses and hundreds of skill-sets, “collectables” through the roof, lost of challenges, you name it,  but there should have set monumental standards for themselves even though they may not have accomplished all, as yaiba is a game that has the potential.

The experience for me(from waht I saw through videos on youtube since I haven’t actually played the game on PC yet) I’d say while it was good while it lasted, was rather short-lived and felt lacking overall in my opinion. The game is certainly not a masterpiece and for it to become that way, it would require lots of work and this just doesn’t feel like there was alot of work put into the game as the game is just too darn short with many of the key in-game fundamentals and features and iconic sequences and even some of the in-game “areas” shown in multiple trailers before the game’s release, not appearing in the final version of the game. Ninja Gaiden Z “mode” would have been an excellent deal to top off this tremendous game at the end of a really memorable and classic journey, but I fail to even consider that as part of the overall core of the game since stuff like that is really just extra and  the mode is actually just a watered down version of the main campaign made to commemorate the old retro style and feel of arcade games of past video games in history, which was a great idea but the main meat of the game should have been given lots more attention because this should have been something that people would have been playing for YEARS as it would have had tremendous replay value and plenty of things in game, both story-wise and mechanically, for people to discover and master. But as the game stands it seems like alot of people aren’t going  to be as excited to play Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z after a week or two.

First impressions do count and it seemed like alot of “lite” and “moderate” material  was passed because of the sake that there was a collaboration with a western studio, that is bogus and it’s really not a great mind set to have. These guys should know that is you want something done right you have to be involved, nobody can feel what you feel  or envision what you envision because not everybody has your talent, you can only do so much from afar and I think that reality actually showed in the really shot and limited way that this game came out. I mean only 7 stages that are no more in length than past ninja gainden games and many other action games that have been made to date?, but yet still having a $60 price tag? — that is almost unbelievable. What developer in these modern times think that it was a good idea to make a game so lackluster??, that is not what you call effort , plus it was made on an engine that the developers claimed that they knew so I pretty much doubt that it was a matter of technical issues — but this whole thing is just strange and to have your first  I.P leaving that much to be desired isn’t ever a good thing especially when it comes to a franchise as awesome as yaiba, because you want people to support it and I don’t see alot of people willing to fork over $60 for such a game that’s so short on content and not as rich as they expected it to extend.

The game is not a well known I.p, you know the competition out there, but beyond that you know how exciting the yaiba universe is and that alone should have been a compelling enough factor to make the entire development team put everything into this game because you want to blow people away, you don’t just want a game that’s limited to how high somebody’s trophy count is, you want people to be talking about how kickass yaiba is and some of the most unexpected and incredible things he was able to do, or some of the most fun and epic boss battles from the story  you were able to actually face and dual with-in legendary battles that actually played out in the game aswell as discovering in-game secrets via exploration and solving puzzles and you want yaiba to be very note worthy when it comes to traversal unlike other games, so that In yaiba ninja gaiden z, fans would love and enjoy those elements — there is so much that could have been done but ultimately what was delivered fell really short of some really high expectations and even trailer demonstrated possibilities.

I wouldn’t have had a problem with the price if this game was q “masterpiece” status.  I wouldn’t have cared less about the price as I know I would have been spending on a game that was very solid and perhaps phenomenal.  It would have had tons of replay value,  to add with its unique story and super awesome art style plus a combat system where there was lots of exciting skills and techniques to master, along with this games level-up “perk” tree, and all the other things it currently has that are great. If this game was that level of quality, I would have gladly supported it at the for $60 bucks or less, without question. 

But even though this game is still pretty good, my impression of it is that it’s “lackluster”(I think that’s the best way to describe this game accurately). I honestly wished the price was the only issue I had with it to be honest. But I can’t help but look beyond that since I really did expect more out of the actual experience, and hope that if they get an opportunity to make a sequel next time that it would not be wasted like it has been this time around. As a matter of fact, they should take as much time as necessary in the future to make sure they deliver 100%, this presentation feels like 7.5%, not even 50% xD. All hands should be fully on deck next time and if “outsourcing” doesn’t work(I guess that’s where things kind of went a little off on this one), then forget about it and do what works “best” despite how challenging it might be….

I mean, I am having fun with the game to some degree but I’m placing this here to remind you all that lets not forget, that, this game got kind of messed-up because there was alot of stuff that didn’t make it to this game that looked really cool that deserved to be there. There was noting that didn’t make it to the final version of the game that was any different than what they left in to be honest. It could have been a brilliant case where he had two “stances” instead of one, so in one stance you had access to a block, and different basic attacks and sets-ups etc, and in the other stance he had a different version of his fighting style where you could have used  “evades” for a change along with different variations basic attacks and special moves and combos, you know, creative thinking like that.  

It would have been really awesome, but the game just feels like it’s missing alot that could have made it in — it just makes you wonder who messed it up. Even with the bloodlust, to me the E3 version was better than the one in the final version of the game.  To me, it could have all worked out, it’s just a matter of being creative, so I would have found a way to fuse and blend both concepts together, where I’d use the faster more dynamic version of Bloodlust that was in the E3 footage as a boost “bonus” property, for when you “over fill” the bloodlust meter as the game allows after you get that special perk.

It’s like how the frig didn’t anyone think of this kind of stuff?, am I that brilliant? or do some dev teams get that ultra silly,  you cannot tell me with how short this game really is that nobody had the time because that is just B.S — the game is really lackluster, so much more could have been done  and there was alot of high expectations. The game was in development for about 2 years(I think it was actually more than that in reality), so maybe I’m assuming then that it should have gone for a 3 or 4 year development to really get the chance to work some really good stuff into it. But how do you foul your game up by literately taking out the cool, if not the coolest stuff ever seen in a game like it and have your game feeling unfinished? — surely the developers behind this game cannot honestly believe that the final version was the best they can do — are you motherfilpping kidding a ninja fan???, for a game that has so much potential, and is a new i.p and that all previous ideas worked well in to begin with, it just defies logic. It could have been a masterpiece.

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