Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – Focus

Ok most gamers need to do a bit of a cross-examination sometimes to keep developers in check, especially after all the hype and lip-service and fan service xD.

[warning raw/hash truthful verbiage ahead in the first couple of paragraphs]

Call it a “tough-love” moment in light of the industry conspiracies :D. Get to see if the star of the game can even kick ass, or it’s just a bunch of overrated promotion, because, obviously the protagonist would have gotten ninja kicked off his pedestal along with the developers for ****ing the game up, because ninja fans are “combative” :D. So in terms of the ninja gaiden z game that I really like, it would deserve to be that way if yaiba didn’t kick off impressively to leave his foot-print in gaming ninja history, because of not coming out of the blue with a powerful and compelling enough “blue print”, but instead, having “forged” colorful language with sub-par dialogue and what’s not xD. Truth be told, people just in games, people want a core experience, since in on teh subject, in yaiba’s case that would mean a fun ninja game with an awesome ninja where you cut stupid zombies into fine piece of carved decaying fecal matter. Developers should keep it essential and stay true to the series and what kind of game it’s really supposed to be, Nobody cares about all this other stuff that could taint the waters, well atleast not with fans like me, since we are waaaay too smart and know how the industry works, so there is no ****ing with us. “I” <—– am on a different level — yaiba has one eye but killa would killer smack the fock outta your mouth not even having to use a broken sword, soooo hard, your face, life and career ,and heart, will break :D. #legend

Pure natural devastation, that cuts deeper than a weapon.

This is a general caution to the industry, you could profess to be be the devil himself you’re gonna get sent back to hell ****ing up — keep the playing around in the games xD.  This is on behalf of the people and gamers because of the ****ry in the industry.

[All Clear of “dramatically powerful” zone]

With that being said, getting more to substance and the real point of this blog, to developers in general, I’d say take note that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, so you don’t disappoint the fans. Now specifically in yaiba’s case, I believe there is way too much feedback that exist to be getting stuff messed-up anyways, plus it’s a very talented and highly skilled team working on it so obviously the expectations and demands should be high to keep them motivated and to also show that there is support out there because as fans you should also communicate with the developers and the industry as well and provide input that would better the industry overall aswell as better the games, and from what I’ve seen, many fans would really really enjoy this game. Nothing in regards to my interest in this has changed at all, it’s actually one of the very few games out there that actually makes me wish I was apart of actively making the game and contributing to it — I liked yaiba before the controversy and after the controversy and to me, there was just something about the game that was just unprecedented and just had a fun nature about it. The presentation of the game is absolutely on-point and every time I see the game, it just keeps looking better and better thanks to the hardwork and dedication of comcept, spark unlimited and team ninja. there is so much to cover that I encourage anyone who reads this blog to check the trailers and info available around the web (especially on the official Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z website) about this game since I wouldn’t be able to cover it all.

Video Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecU7eO0Pmpw

Out of all the videos i’ve seen so far, this one seems to be the most revealing in terms of the games’ mechanics, and how I measured that was by the fact that I’ve seen alot of elements in this video in other videos that have surfaced about the game, in addition to alot of things seen exclusively only in this video so far that I haven’t seen in all the rest. I’m sure that what they are saying is interesting too but I can’t understand any of it because I don’t speak Japanese but it’s a good thing that “action” speaks louder than words :D.

I’ve seen what looks to be an upgrade menu, and some very awesome combos that had unleashed via his mechanical-arm that I did not really see in other videos, plus it apparently showed at one point how he first either acknowledged or initiated his “Bloodlust” ability which is sort of like an adrenaline rush of a super massive obliteration enthralled phenomena that makes him move very fast and enhances his reflexes, attack, agility etc. The video also demonstrates sort of an extensive look at some of the stages previewed in other videos and screen shots.

I think of all the things I’ve seen recently about the games’ latest developments, that the game looks increasingly incredible the more I see of it. There is also a “costume” trailer as well that can be seen in the available video below:


My first favorite is the camouflage costume, which sort of edged out the mighty number 9 costume for the top spot xD. But I can definitely see myself having fun playing in the might number nine costume and even more so in the camouflage one. Now the kabuki costume has a great “theme” design but I’m not so much of a fan of how it makes you look as though you’re playing with a different character who seems like and imposter xD. I can accept atleast one costume being like that such as the mighty number 9 one since inafune had been looking to make mighty number 9 have a presence in the game from early that’s how he ended-up in there eventually though I was expecting his role in the game to be slightly different than just being a costume, but more costumes like that was just too much for me — I don’t even know who kabuki is — I probably would have rather for him to appear in the actual game as an ally or nemesis if anything.

I would have rather yaiba to keep his original look with just his attire being modified and stylized. For example, if it was up to me, for the kabuki costume I probably would have just kept the color theme and illustrations and placed kabuki’s face on the back of yaiba’s suit in some form or patterned fashion since usually while moving around and stuff the camera is usually behind yaiba and that’s the perspective you usually see his original costume and him through/from, plus I heard the camera is “fixed” so it would definitely be behind yaiba for the most part although I would definitely rather a dynamic camera so you can view all that epic scenery and beautiful hand-drawn artistry at intervals, and take a couple of awesome screen shots from time to time and share them, as well as just being able to adjust the camera at times where it might be a little problematic to see what’s going on.

Customization wise, and since I am on the subject of costumes, since the devs really want an over-the-top feel for the game in that area, since they made a school girl costume, Nuigulumar costume and so on, then I think this game would benefit from a customization system such as the one found in the Ninja Blade game(I can’t believe I didn’t mention that game sooner xD. That game is another epic ninja game), and also the customization-system featured in games like borderlands and also the customization feature found in the new [codename] Strider HD/2014 game! — I think an option like that would make this game really fun in that aspect aswell and make it very much unlike the main ninja gainden games. It’s just an idea lol. 

I have also seen the screen shot of the Yaiba and Ryu encounter(as a matter of fact i posted some of those screen-shots the other day) in the game, and they rocked! — it made me extremely excited, I thought that was awesome even though i’m still kind of curious as to how exactly ryu holds-up in this game “performance” wise since you can’t really tell that from stills. Ideally i’m thinking that he should be exactly as he is in the main ninja gaiden games but obviously with some twists here and there to add something more interesting to the theme of this game specifically, but all-in-all to me the game is looking even more incredible and very exciting the more I see about it and I can’t wait to see more and can’t wait until it’s released. I just hope the devs keep up the phenomenal work and that they keep focus and that the fans keep showing support.

P.S: Blog edited to add “tags”.

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