Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (How It’s Awesome) + My Gameplay Footage

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Just another short gameplay video I did in one of the stages that just before the final boss of the game and as you can see it was an utmost exhilarating thrill unleashing a ripple of BBB, a.k.a Bombastic Bludgeoning Bombardment :D. I should also tell you all that from since I started playing, I had started the game in the hard difficulty, so all of my in game footage is me playing the gameplay on “Hard” difficulty lol. The video above this text shows me playing though a “phase” of the final stage of the game known as “Tropical Rumble”. The real spectacle here is that i’m playing using pure skill becasue usually to make the battle easier you’d use a zombie weapon(that places at the entrance of the arena) or look to fill-up his Bloodlust meter so that you can use that ability(I think his earlier E3 Version of bloodlust was the best because it was more than just “power”) because it’s so many of them that the event could be come very overwhelming(especially since they have a stronger state that triggers when they have low health, but, in the video(until the very end) I used noting but special techniques with basic agility, reflexes and great timely execution to eradicate all of the first wave of enemies. I couldn’t record the rest because of the low frame-rates that started to occur while recording xD. 

In yaiba’s case “Holy” heck is what happens with “Nun” Chuckles when the fat lady cannot sing because she has been turned into a zombie xD. Alright so, I did my impressions on the game’s circumstances(in an earlier blog) and I made it clear that I believe that they can do better and that expectations were too high for what was delivered to have been highly favorably acclaimed. I still believe that the game came-out lackluster while everything else came out great.

No game is without flaws and Yaiba Ninja gaiden Z’s flaws is that it came out lackluster and the price that had been asked for it, is just too high for a game that’s shockingly shorter than it should have been, but I’m a guy that likes to look on the positive side and it’s below me to just be a critic and not give credit where it’s due, so after getting the game for myself, I was able to process it and set-up the game manually and stuff so that I could actually see just how good the game actually was with whatever standard portion of content that had been commercially provided, and I was surprised at how exceptional this game works on my PC, it is almost unbelievable how fantastic this game works considering that you’d been fooled by how superior the graphics and the action looks, into thinking that you need extremely high system specs to run this game, but I’m telling you people this is perhaps the best PC action game I’ve played, both action wise and performance wise in regards to how good it is as a PC game.

This game plays really really smooth and you would think that yaiba handles like a tank with that big clunk of metal his has for a cyber-arm but the dev team manages to do the unthinkable where yaiba actually handles like a feather xD. While in control of yaiba, it was very satisfying(unbelievably so) to see how awesomely “light” yaiba feels and how you still impressively feel the impact whenever one of his cyber arm punches or mega combos and skills would devastatingly connect with an enemy or structure.

It may not have “rhythm” like the main ninja gaiden games but it makes up for that by being a rudimentary counter-part of method and crafty remedy with teh splendid touch a radical MC(Master Of Craziness) that says this is a game of creativity because that ‘s the kind of ninja yaiba is, he’s killer sharp and dangerously resourceful and makes it all look fun and exciting. So I absolutely love the game, it’s still pretty lackluster, so hopefully the developers work on that because you don’t want your new I.P to be taken as a joke mainly because of the price-to-content ratio but atleast the game is a very fun and an exciting game with lots of room for improvement as opposed to being a dead-end failure.

It’s also very good to have oe of tecmo’s ninja gaiden related games on PC because I know how great ninja gaiden feels since I had a taste of one of the newer ninja gaiden reboots already and it was an unforgettable opportunity and yaiba’s mechanical mastery is very much like those games, that’s not saying that this game is a ninja gaiden although it IS related to the ninja gaiden “universe”, i’m saying that the way the action is executed is very much of that caliber of responsive style and chaining combo action the the series is known for  and overall I think that using the unreal engine was the right choice and I also think that the people behind the development definitely knew how to use that engine without a doubt.

Now this game has the best cell-shaded hand-drawn art style ever and it’s absolute inexcusable and pathetic foolishness how I can play this game with ease on a laptop and yet a very old game like Spiderman Shattered Dimensions doesn’t work. Stuff like that is the kind of stuff that makes developers look very stupid at times — it doesn’t make any sense because it’s not sensible. Yaiba’s visual quality is extremely high and yet still it’s on my computer running smooth as butter most of the time and yet very old games(and some very new ones aswell) that aren’t even close to it’s visual depth, fail to run properly because the developer are probably forcing the game to be exclusively ran by certain technologies that they are probably trying to promote that are extremely unnecessary. I can practically play this yaiba game on mid settings with great frame-rates on a 1080p resolution with no major problem but some games that aren’t even as impressive graphically and art wise, won’t even start at all because of the absence of some irrelevant technology that’s unnecessary and that even if you don’t have, you can tell by just how the game looks and plays, that you can run it perfectly fine if the developers didn’t make retarded decisions.

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