Closer Look (These Suspicious Spiritual Ones Oddly Lack Soul)

This is about education and empowering and uplifting, this isn’t gossip, alot of the anti-religious freaks seem to often believe in the spirituality of “gossip”, that’s all their rubbish a.k.a code name “spirituality” amounts too, nothing but gossip or spreading bacterial propaganda. You have to wonder what these clowns are trying to archive with their subversive mismatch of shoddy spiritual banter, when it’s clear they do not even truly believe what they are saying, almost as if there is an underline motive, as if they are putting just enough familiar ingredients into the mix of actual poison… 

This is not some trivial argument with some boneheaded snake. This level of wisdom that I believe in, is information passed down through centuries, that contains really critical and vital insight about our past and future that people should really pay attention too. It’s already established that there are those who would repeat that you’re believing on something you can’t see and that they don’t understand that, but obviously, they are not going to understand that since it’s not in them to reason with things in that capacity. They don’t know what the heck they are talking about and that’s why they remain that way, because they 1): fail to listen, and 2): insist that it is just not “normal”. They fail to realize that it’s a whole body of work that you have to take in and study and dig deep into, to really understand the significant messages and lessons that are being thought, to see that there is alot of truth to what’s being said, that you can see in some cases, feel in others, and in others, relate directly to — then by way of experience overtime, you connect the dots (it’s not something that’s actually forced on you by any measure), and then, it occurs to you that the mare nonsense notion that we are here by chance or by random occurrences, is just total and utter folly. Stuff like life etc, just doesn’t happen out of nowhere and for no reason. Forget/skip aliens — throughout history it has been long communicated to us that there is a whole lot to this picture of life, that we are missing and I think it is WISE to look further into the issue and uncover more into this astounding possibility, infact, I would say actual reality.

With a bird, there is a nest, with a human, there is a home, and in life there is a habitat — all created by life and for life, so, no!, we didn’t just drop out of the sky and left to die. I’m telling you; life was raised with love, and GOD is love.

Back on the subject of fake spirituality. What do they pray to?, what do they give thanks to on a daily basis other than their almighty dollar, what do they really believe in other than their poorly attempted propaganda?. What do they really believe gave them their incredible gift of life?. Are they really just there being “spiritual?” — I have a direction and I give thanks to that destination and foundation of a better future for all, that has been paved. I have a grip and a grasp on life, but these “spiritual” people are making themselves look like “strays”, all over the place with just straight mess, in other words, do not play and waste time with these spiritual-hecklers, alot of them are just some freaking idiots, masquerading as “spiritual” practitioners actually using anti-religious and anti-christ propaganda filth. Dismiss their rubbish because they bring absolutely nothing to the table and are picking and choosing at best, with thoughtless compulsion, what fits their toxic-spiritual bill of artificial, fake anti-religious, and anti-christ rotten goods, to poison your judgment.

Don’t be fooled and don’t loose focus, don’t loose faith, don’t loose what matters. It’s not about what some clown thinks within his small head. Your religious faith, comprises of many different inspiring principles that have been slowly put together, and is growing, whereas these distractions, only have one boneheaded frivolous mission and it is to dwell in some Anti-religious pig-****. How is that useful in any soulful capacity?, that’s right, it isn’t! — nothing new, nothing constructive, nothing enlightening, nothing truly useful, and they are obviously just spewing a bunch of opinionated resent, because like I said in the other topic, alot of these people are never and were never really what they are trying to portray, they never had any vested interest in what’s good for the soul, earth’s history, where we really came from etc. Their true “spiritual” human side of them, is empty asf — no fruition/dead!. It is clear they haven’t done anything there. They are just trying to re-brand their anti-religious sentiments as something else, that’s all they are trying to do, but they have another religious thing coming, if they think people have the time to waste with anti-religious stinge.   

They just bring half-arsed spotty anti-religious rebuttal, and that’s what they feel is somehow supposed to make your faith, based off of powerful substance you relate to, just not mean anything anymore because they think their anti-religious “spirituality” kinda of disposable foliage, they cooked-up, will form over-night puppetry, which shows how much they really know — their genuine spiritual inside is actually extremely hollow, their mentality is not that of builders, their passion for disorder breeds cancerous cells that should be cleansed from the bloodline of humanity by way of the holy influence. So the bottom-line still remains, as it has always existed for everyone, the same; they.. need… GOD.

Let the frauds keep “rushing” to hilarious conclusions, and rushing to just material facts, because I’m not in any religious hurry, thy will arrive so i’ll rather virtuously wait and see, and observe because what is to be, will be. That’s the thing, people aren’t looking enough. Search and you shall find, look around and stop looking too much at the wrong stuff. Look at the stars, look at the earth, look at the foundation, look into the earth, look at the word, the teachings and the blessings — act like you actually want to find something, fill yourself up with the passion and look around. The holy ghost is there, people just need to open their eyes — the signs are there, stop being fooled by T.V and aliens, and understand that all life, once it’s living, came from the same source. The message is all around us. The holy ghost works, even if it’s in mysterious ways, it works, GOD even said it, and he said you can even know his existence through his works. So if you look into the right things, and seek, you will and have to find the truth. GOD does not lie. I don’t “need” anything from none of the propaganda these “spiritual” ones are pushing, I do what I want. Free-will is what i’m into.

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