Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.1)

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Check Over Here for the original Blog which this is based on:… There was an issue with that blog, it’s unclear what happen and i’m currently getting the issue rectified but I decided to create this new edition of that blog just in case! :D. But apart from the blog issues here on capcom unity. The original and actual project on my end is completely¬†unaffected¬†by anything.


Today i’m going to talk about the concept of no weapon being useless in this game. Allow me to take that first, very smart and revolutionary step lol. So we all know that when you’re playing games, after a while there are certain things that become very very obsolete — the very handy weapon that you used through your very rookie stages coming up through the ranks, finally ware and become dull and eventually forgotten about and then, in some cases, become very annoying when you’re looking for the higher level and useful stuff but instead all you keep finding are those obsolete items lol. Well in my game, I decided to put a feature into effect where any weapon you have is actually valuable.

I have been thinking about it because it is one of those mechanisms that is very tricky, but I was determined from since the start, to actually make a system where all of the weapons can be used effectively in demanding situations. So I set about thinking about it and I think I have the right approach that actually makes that very exciting opportunity useful on a practical level because everyone would want to know what’s the point of wanting to use the weak equipment, when you can use the powerful ones as you progress, which is true but in this game, we’re dealing with an RPG and the very fun areas of “character building” and that is essentially what the purpose of this feature is designed to bring. You’re not going to be force-feed a linear course of improving and stat building in Roughest Of The Roads.

So what the idea was that I was actually thinking of, was essentially a way of offering as much “customization” in the game that would allow you to pursue things in a manner that you feel like working with. so with a great deal of effort, there is a way you can actually make any weapon or equipment in the game effective in any situation that requires one, and of course you can still opt to get the original high powered equips through the standard means of progression that will be also provided in that game, where some; you have to craft, some will drop from monsters, some you would be able to find, and, some of the high-powered weapons can be purchased and even traded lol. As I just hinted, there will also be a “trading function” in the game.

That’s the great update I wanted to share about another great feature the game is going to have and as soon as I have worked out the formula, then I would share more details on it because the feature is going to require extensive balancing!. So yeah, with this project, don’t¬† think oddities or of wishy-washy, think “evens”, and “balance” — I want this game to be remembered from 8-seconds upto decades after the first moment you started to play hehehe :D.


Roughest Of The Roads Test

This is an update to showcase some in-game testing. In it, you see me manage to create my first very very basic in-game enemy, who actually turned out better than I thought for just a basic enemy because he managed to pummel me a couple of times and is actually quite competent xD. and as you can see, just as a homage to gaming, I named it a “Shinobi Troll”, because that’s the thing about being able to create your own games, you don’t have to take it that seriously — have fun! lol.

You can also see a special effect of trails or “after images”, when the character dashes compliments of a very awesome script I got from a website I think was named “RPG Maker Source”. I would very much like turn that dash with the special effect, into being an actual special ability that you actually can learn, but we’ll see how that goes as that is probably some pretty advanced stuff lol.

Also, ohh you have to love those classic retro megaman soundtracks! — makes me feel like playing those games again :D. I’m actually using a new action battle system which i’ll get into and get more in-depth on in a later update!, so look out for it.


Yes my wonderful gaming folks, i’m back with another great update. On this occasion, i’m raising some short pointers on the very fun program i’m using to develop my experimental ninja game which is the very popular RPG Maker (VX Ace is the latest version).

I often talk about how great the program is, and it is generally flawless. so hoping that the program keeps growing and doing as well as it is, I just figured i’d share some key issues that would perhaps improve it in the future, and one of the areas of focus is the limits!, especially the tile limits. The issue with that is that you only have 5 slots to group a set of selected tiles and tilesets in, and within those groups, sometimes the program only sees a limited range of tiles no matter what. So no matter how much material you have on any given tile-sheet, you are essentially restricted to a certain amount that the program will read or actually see, which is good for small maps, but when you are trying to develop something elaborate and intricate, this actually becomes a hindrance.

I think that it would be awesome if the program could facilitate any size tileset and that you can make virtually unlimited groups of tile selections where you can go far beyond group E, because with the current system, you can only add a new tile set by replacing one that you’re already using, which is counter productive. Also stat limits aswell is something that creates issues depending on how you would like certain skills or equations to operate or be applied, but apart from those stifling issues, i’m having fun with the program and the foundation and fundamentals of the project are starting to take shape. Infact, there are so many things I have discovered now that has me constantly developing ideas and rethinking methods, so it is a very fantastic endeavor and you can expect more updates soon :D.


Just to give some more details, partly relating to what was shared recently, As you know I developed the idea of placing cracks on the surface of stages where treasure may be held, part of that was to prevent the treasure and loot from being too obvious to the player while at the same time not making it very difficult to find them once you start looking around the stages very vigilantly.

I didn’t want to use a chest icon for someone to go into a stage and go “oh look there is a very obvious chest, let me make my way to it and open up something that’s going to be obviously great!” xD. So I decided that instead of using a very noticeable treasure chest icon, I would instead replace it with an image of an obscured crack on the ground. So the idea is pretty much a balanced measure designed to encourage the effort of “vigilance” which is very much part of the original concept all along. However, there will be actual chests you would encounter throughout the game at certain intervals — it’s just that a majority of the time, you’d have to call upon your vigilance and actual good vision, to really spot the cracks in the surfaces. So it’s a very brilliant and smart way of configuring the game’s treasure and loot system.

Something else I would also share is that this game would have hidden elements that would also play into the idea that this game would be “metroidvania” and “megamanish” in nature aswell in regards to being able to obtain power-ups in unlikely areas of the game that are hidden just like the regular treasure where discovering a crack might actually uncover a “tunnel” that leads to all kinds of new adventures and elements that would contribute to character building! so even if you finish the game, there is always a high chance that there are still more things to do since you probably haven’t uncovered even half of the hidden secrets that the game has!. Another thing this game is going to have are clans!, and tribes to present a challenge to you at given opportunities

Now let me iterate, the treasure hunting, even though that’s not what the main story of the I.P is about, is going to be very much part of the game’s adventurous nature, so it’s very much going to be in a manner that makes you want to actually be in the game uncovering and seeking out unprecedented materials of various kinds and to craft your way into God-like status by creating unspeakably profound equipment and accessories, from priceless findings of legendary proportions at every opportunity. So what that equates to, is that 99% – 100% percent of the time that you play this game, nothing but pure awesome awaits :D. I am delivering 10-fold with this project, and that’s me that’s saying/doing this, so that’s the final word for this update lol.


Something I can’t emphasize enough is how this game is going to feature alot of awesome features that actually add fun substance to an RPG game. It’s not going to be just about, pretty graphics. Corny dwelling over making stuff look real/grown up, redundant always on, online, or “connected” gimmicks, or who can finish the game first or within a week dogma, as those things offer no real long-term memorable value.

No!, it’s going to actually have fun and exciting depth to make it a true RPG. Keep that in mind because this is an experimental RPG. Living up to that standard it’s going to have every thing from; adventurous quests, sick memorable combat, and ofcourse treasure hunting and crafting. Now the crafting system in this game isn’t going to be convoluted, because I have seen some crafting systems in some games that are pretty convoluted and confusing, but the crafting system in my game is going to be pretty straight forward. All you have to do is find the proper components required to make an item, or multiple materials that can make multiple items, and carry it, or them, to an artisan and he’ll be able to make the corresponding items. Then while you’re searching for loot and treasure, there will be some artifacts found that come in the form of “crafting lists”, that would give you possible combinations of materials you need in order to make a particular item, which you can store in your inventory, so you can look at later whenever you want to make something, and then you might have to pay depending on how valuable the item is, which can become pretty pricey especially when you get to higher level Talismans and stat boosting objects, before whatever items is crafted.

The crafting will be optional but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be so much fun that you’d want to take up most of your time actually doing it more than anything else because unlike other games which have very awkward crafting systems, the crafting system along with the treasure hunting in this game, will be so exciting and compelling that it’s something you’d want to do because it actually is and flows as part of the “adventurous” nature of the game and actually complements the RPG standard. So lots of games now are reduced to essentially a mediocre game with just realistic graphics, generic first person shooting, shallow online gimmickry and quick run throughs, but sorry, this is certainly not that kind of game. The kind of game this is, is essentially a hack and slash, beat em up, arcade, action adventure RPG. I mean it is so rich in quality and character that it probably needs it’s own RPG category :D.

I will also add that, the crafting itself would be straight forward but there would be alot of exciting challenge in actually obtaining the materials while you’re adventuring because, as I mentioned, in previous updates, some areas with the treasure would either be booby trapped, or you’ll have to keep up with a certain input command in order break powerful seals that are holding them, PLUS as if that wasn’t enough, some items(and remember ‘items’ can be in the form of anything i.e weapons or actual rare crafting components themselves) are actually only dropped by monsters, boss NPC’s and guardians that you’ll have to battle and conquer in order for them to show up!. So as you can see there is still alot more behind actually getting the treasure and the loot in this game where, on one hand, the crafting system is pretty straight forward and easy to use but on the other hand, getting the actually materials can bring you to some very fun and interesting encounters. There also would be special skill books(as part of the wide array of treasure you can find) that you can learn special techniques from when you find them and all of that fun stuff.

That my friends is how you actually set up to make a fun and solid RPG because alot of pesuado video games now just have stuff tack-on just to profit form a wider market and they just go with the business rush, where as I don’t have to worry about that stuff so that kinds of thing is completely irrelevant to me and to this project. Aside form that, look out for more great updates, about how the treasure concept came about and what the “economy” in this game is like, because I mean, have you ever heard of a DemiGod Ninja, hunting for valuable and powerful “treasure”?, I mean who comes up with this stuff? :D.


 photo Ninja Sprite Sample_zpsflhzzeuo.png
This is a little look at a sprite I modified to place a sword on it to make things look more ninja like and ready for battle haha. The actual figure with the dark clothing is not my work. It’s the work of someone else — essentially a sprite sheet I found online, and modified, in that, i took an image of a sword which was also modified for an image I found online, and styled it on said sprite sheet of the character you see in it to make him look like a combatant with a sword/weapon.

 photo IconSet_zpsshr1kro1.png

Wow look at those! :D, that is the icon-sheet and as you can see it has an immense number of icons that i’d be using for; equipment, quest items and to a lesser degree, quest interface elements. So you know I wasn’t playing around when I said I planned to do alot with this game lol. I’d be using alot of what you see here to place in the actual stages as items that you can find and collect which would all be very useful and relevant to the game’s RPG standard, quests, missions and so on. So all 10 stages will essentially have 10 times the items per-capita than your average game! hehehe :D. See, most games only last a measly 7 days, but I want this game to be fun and be sensationally crazy! for decades :O

 photo Crack sample_zpsk1xbsqdv.png
what you’re seeing here is a look at an “icon” that I created to use instead of a chest icon to represent an area where treasure can be found. See the game as I mentioned in earlier updates, is going to have a substantial amount of treasure and loot scattered all over the different regions and at any point there is a chance you can find something, but while I would be comfortable with this as the creator and developer since I know how the game works, it could be quite an issue for the player as you would have to essentially be checking every part of the stages just so you can make sure that you haven’t left out anything and with the way these stages are designed and their sizable nature, you would have to have a memory out of this world to be able to narrow down your searching, tile-by-tile of these stages, to possible areas that may contain items that you haven’t searched already, That’s where the peculiar “crack” on the surface of the stage, shown in the image, comes in handy, since I figured it would be a good idea to mark the places where there would be potential treasure hidden, with cracks on the surface, so that you wouldn’t have to¬† go through the trouble of totally blindly searching everywhere and every single spot of the map, knowing to yourself that in this game, the treasure can be literally anywhere on the map, right under your nose. So now, anytime you enter a stage, the idea is that you can save alot of time by just searching for the cracks in the surface of stages that may have treasure under them, instead of being faced with the tedious ordeal of having to search every single spot on the map without any coordinated frame of reference to help ease the overwhelming task of treasure hunting for items that could be anywhere is a pretty sizable stage. Ofcourse I could have used more obvious indicators but I didn’t want to make things too obvious as that would make things too easy and would take away from some of the excitement, challenge and the lure in searching and seeking out hidden epic possibilities. ¬†¬†


 photo big city stage_zpssnmpqoux.png

Finally here is a look at what the BigCity stage looks like. It definitely not finished it and it just a general overview of what it’s infrastructure and lure would entail!


I want to touch on the stages and detail to you the relevance of their hugeness and size. I’m absolutely excited at the prospects of the missions I have in store for this game and the achievements and medals and unlockables etc, that I have in mind for this grand experience of, not just any game, but a very exciting ninja game. Ofcourse I also want this game to have an authentic ninja feel to it aswell, so yet another idea i’m looking to incorporate are some elements that you’d find in some traditional ninja media such as; games, movies, manga’s and the like. So there will be the appropriate ninja voicing and portrayals in the appropriate areas of the game where such elements would be priceless tributes and also honorable of ninja culture and respective of feudal japan and also representative of attributes of this game being a ninja game, and alot of that would be embedded into the missions of the game which would all play out in the distinctive stages of this ninja series.

In said stages of the game which i’m focusing on at the current stage of the project, there will be lots and lots of things to do as the game will be action-packed as I have stated in previous updates and since the game will be action packed, I absolutely need and want the stages to be massive as the ideas I also have for the game are also massive thus the need for a suitable foundation to host such ever growing in-game ideas on, which is exactly why I am making the stages huge as they are, since, there will be tons of things in this game to keep the fun nature of it going, and in other instances, with the stages being huge, it will also mean that you have to be vigilant and explore to discover areas and things that may conceal or have incredible elements that you never expected or had any idea were there because the stages are so huge and have so much going on in them that not everything they have in store would be obvious to you once you start to get immerse and especially consumed by distractions.

You’ll be battling bosses, helping out NPC’s, finding treasures that would be scattered all over the in game universe, crafting, leveling up, and trying to uncover hidden realms, passages, assets, story snippets and things of that nature, and that’s the kind of game-playing elements I want over every inch and foot/feet of this game.

So it’s not going to be a game that you’d finish in minutes despite how it looks compared to the aesthetics of most modern games. I want this game to have depth, and as someone who has the ideas and some necessary assets at my disposal, that’s definitely what I intend to create this game with, i.e lots of compelling and very fun and interesting depth that would be sustained from the time you start to the time you managed to complete the game (somehow :P) and i say “somehow” as it’s going to become increasingly challenging(aswell as ‘addicting’) the more powerful you get as with most action and arcade games :D.

I plan to make distributable environments too where according to a certain power you obtain, you can actually bore and tunnel your way through certain structures in a wario-like manner to traverse through stages more conveniently, or certain destructible environmental powers would be tailored more toward reeking mayhem and doom on foes. Ofcourse, there would be other special treats in store that i’ll leave you to delightfully uncover through playing the game, both story wise and interactive wise, so i’ll try not to “spoil” alot of stuff for you upfront lol.

The game as you know would have 10 huge stages and each of these 10 stages would all have multiple indigenous regions and certain avenues, districts etc contained with in them, which would present both advantageous and inconveniencing situations which would would be factors that adds to the lure, excitement and intrigue of the overall experience so there would be regions that hold certain enemies, tribes,clans monsters, and there will also be situations when some areas would only be accessible under certain conditions be it only at a certain time period/season or via special permissions, when you’re strong enough or perhaps they would be affected by dynamic factor pertaining to missions and certain hidden relevant aspects.

So yes folks, I don’t know about other games but with this game the stages need to be massive in order to properly deliver to you the magnitude of experience I would like anyone who plays the game to have.


Just giving an updated look at the cave stage

New Remade Version:

 photo Cave Stage Remake_zpsus8l7dem.png

Old Version:

 photo CaveStage_zps9ebc1dff.jpg

Originally the cave stage was going to have a overlapping cavern-esque design with rope bridges that served as passages and which also linked zones of the caves together and tropical scenery, so the base of the cave stage had always incorporated aspects of that concept with the reef/coastal elements and complementary visual factors. In this case, I just decided to change the “textures” in certain areas and add new elements to stylize the kind of tropical, reef-like coastal environment and atmosphere in a zone full of natural caves that i’m designing. The only thing that’s not quite there is the “overlapping” aspect but you can clearly get a sense of the “abundance” of caves in the stage which works works well.


I’m currently reworking the stages, which became an issue after I enhanced the patterning of one of the grids then realized that it would be better to design and detail maps on the grid in an inverted manner which would “swap” the way things were originally, rather than leave things how I initially had them. So the grid formula is still great, it’s just that the designing aspect is better when switching and trading places with layers on the current configuration. I had intended to do stage transitioning, menu and interface modifications etc but since I discovered this issue, those aspects are now set aside until I get the stages sorted out since the stages are massive and demand lots of work to properly modify due to the definition-placement-features of the gird structures, which actually require tedious manual editing.

Right now there is only one stage I have left to reconstruct and rearrange, and then I have to go over all 10 very huge stages and clean-up blemishes, and completely distorted and unfinished patterns/details, which would take a couple more days. The stages are now exactly 500×500 in size, and in RPG maker that is a very vast area mass to cover yet alone having to do it for 10 stages that size, but, I can actually manage that due to the custom formula i’m using to get these stages constructed lol. As soon as I have finished getting these stages up to a particular standard, then I can officially move on to other dynamics of the game, first starting with the custom Menus, custom intro, custom interface(s), then into camera movement, game event creations, switches, scripts and most areas to do with developing the game mechanically and technically because then that is where I get into the actual game playing features and game play¬† style of the project! :D.


Currently the next step i’m developing is the looping and transitioning from one stage to the next!. I currently have 10 huge stages (that I showed off in previous updates) that i’m looking to link together so i’ll update you on that as progress is made. Also I have overhauled the original project I was making to actually allocate assets onto the platform that originally hosts the premiere sophisticated battle system that i’ll be officially using, and after a little trial and error, i’ve successfully completed that step. So now it would be onto stage-connecting where you can walk from one region to another sort of like what zelda has rather than the fade out and fade in transition. That would instead come in handy for special situations but basically when entering into a new zone, stage or level, I would like for that to occur as a seamless “scroll” with very little “delay” in-between entrances. The game as I had mentioned is fast-paced primarily but will also feature turn-based/tactical battles as well very much like the old final fantasy games. essentially what that means is, sometimes there will be certain monsters on the map that when you reach close to them or when they reach with-in a certain distance to you, it will initiate a turn-based battle sequence, or there would be certain places where you go that random encounters will happen very much like how pokemon is. So all of these elements would be the fun challenge i’ll have to make work as part of this game where action sequences can be played out very dynamically.

I want to also invoke some of the feel and intrigue that you use to get with certain games of a certain caliber, like in the past such as; megaman, super mario and lots of other retro titles of the good old days, so as a big push of capturing such nostalgia and really good feel of interactive atmosphere, i’ll be using classic soundtracks from some of those very iconic franchises as a throw-back to those beloved series and also as part of a reminder of how awesome games can still be without the need for MSAAAx1billion, and screen resolution ultra 6000000000×100 :D. That’s yet again another element I have to make work along with many other dynamics lol, and it’ll be a pleasure to :D

This game is going to be akin to a cultivate version of destructible environments where instead of just destroying every piece of the environment(which is super fun xD), you’re unearthing every part of the environment to build up a bigger picture which is also going to be very fun, because that’s the great thing about this game, everything looks seamless, until you dig deeper :D. You never know what you’re going to find, unless you get a clue or you’re the developer :D…¬† ..or except to say that everything you find just builds up the excitement even more! lol.

i’ll talk more about the weapons and equipment, and why there is such a strong emphasis on “bosses” and not just regular enemies in a later update.


Ok just some background here, now, this game is basically experimental but it’s a project that i’ll be trying my best with, even though it’s experimental. It’s largely and loosely based on the main I.P which originally is supposed to be a high-quality and high-action ninja beat-em up which essentially means that this is an experimental sub-series of the main conceptual flag-ship I.P, which I can tell you, would probably not see the light of day anytime soon as it is so grandiose and well advanced beyond my current primitive developmental skills, and in this very special I.P we have extremely marvelous and powerful bosses, and that is what I would like to share right now in this update. The mythology of this game is designed based on the original mythology and story of the original I.P which in of itself is incredibly created from a large body of material of something else that isn’t a game that I also created lol, and I think you would be mind-boggled to find out that the story of the franchise actually features a ton of bosses, infact what you would learn here is that the I.P this game revolves around, is to have in excess of 1000 bosses, not one or two or three or 4, but 1000 bosses. So you can understand that with a colossal list of bosses like this, you essentially eliminate the need to emphasize “regular enemies” as there are so many bosses that you can literally make every single enemy in the game a compelling boss, and since you’re going to be battling practically bosses alot like this, what that should mean to you is that the combat would be of the utmost highest of standards, because remember, you’d not just be encountering “regular enemies”, you’ll be fighting against prominent, significant powerful BOSSES of the main I.P lol.

Your experience is going to be epic, not just by words but because of the ambitious fact that you’ll be literally hitting the ground running and having grand battles with extreme forces from start to finish. So among other interesting aspects, given what i just told you, the experience would be very arcade in nature aswell which would add to the richness of other ideas and features i’m looking to blend into this very fun title. So yeah folks, Roughest Of The Roads doesn’t deal with “regular enemies” hahahahaha *Friendly potshots at the gaming industry* :D. No dull A.I, this is going to feature very holistic and competently challenging rivals, but just for the fun of it, there will be regular enemies ASWELL to complement other finer aspects of the experience.

Just want to touch on the areas concerning weapons and equipment. Now one very very critical thing is the fact that I want to make the game in a way that all weapons would be valuable in high level situations, and so i’m currently looking in to an idea that I have that should allow for all of the weapons to be used for future high level battles far into the game where no weapon is actually obsolete and I think that I have a great idea that would make that desire a reality, so i’m looking forward to eventually doing that. The thing is, this will all be optional features of the game where you can opt to instead just deal with the standard high level weapons and equips if you want or you can sort out those old rusty weapons to were they can be used effectively for competitive situations. But that’s just a thought, i haven’t really even gotten to this area yet and haven’t really thought out the mechanism I would like to use to make these benefits possible.¬† I also have ideas for blood effects for every time you execute kills etc, but rpg maker wasn’t really designed with that kind of graphic intensity in mind, so alot of the resources for that are almost non-existent. But I have came up with a crazy and killer way to create and give the “illusion” of blood effects in the game which would be a work-around for the lack of know-how and appropriate source materials, for incorporating actual real-time blood splatter and gush.

This game would be rapidly progressive, in which you have to call upon your technique and skill to gain you a tactical advantage as you would have to be able to think fast and be on your toes given the dynamic encounters you’ll be faced with through out the game, so you wouldn’t have a long time to draw up a huge drawn-out strategy or plan, given the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the game. Instead, as a true ninja, you can train to sharpen your “technique” and “skills” so that you would be “prepared” for anything! :D. More updates will come but for now that’s what i have to say about what bosses means for this game and the concept about the usefulness of weapons in this game etc etc. Right now the objectives at the forefront are; Connecting and linking those very incomplete but awesome 10 stages, I also have to work on the interface and stylize the menus, text etc and also I have a really awesome weather mechanic that should gave this game really rich and interesting weather effects! and i will share more on these finer details in due time!.


yes, so, the project is essentially very much still as it were when I last was working on it. So it’s still in it’s extremely early stages of development with just the stages being developed and items etc being assorted and so on. Now the reason why I haven’t been doing much with it, is because among alot of other reasons, one was I was contemplating the implementation of a very epic “Action Battle System” into the game that allows the chaining of combos and attacks, also allows specials, charge attacks, blocking etc and has all of the key features of a very dynamically action-packed battle system that would be absolutely perfect for the kind of vision and concept I have for this fast-paced ninja game i’m creating. So that’s the very exciting thing I had to think about before I ultimately fully develop the game since the action in the game is going to be at the heart of the game.
In addition to a very sophisticated action system, you’ll be all over the place searching for ancient treasures, having to escape from traps and monsters and be skilled enough to combine various skills to break vaults/seals to open and reveal secrets inside that could include; hints, awesome weapons, gear, special tools, special skills, quantities of sunken or buried gold/cash etc, or there could be traps instead to throw you off the trail and that kind of thing. You’ll go to war with notorious clans, fight powerful bosses and wield awesome ninja powers and become one of the best and most legendary ninjas around lol.

So don’t let the old school looks fool you, it has a very retro game look and atmosphere which is exactly what i want and is a flawless complement to the game, more specifically this game, but the game would be also play pretty modern and sophisticated filled to the brim with content and activities. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, is when you realize that there is a lot to the game that you still have yet to explore, unlock and discover and that’s going to be something special that’s going to be in this game’s soul and core specifically. It’s going to feature a great soundtrack, weather conditions, day and night cycle etc. There is also alot of really valuable guides and demos i’ve found pertaining to game switches, events, variables and so on, that will really make this game come together that i’m excited about eventually incorporating.

Also i’m really aiming for the game to be actually a timeless masterpiece, in the sense that it itself is like a treasure and becomes one, where, overtime it’s actually appreciated more and more and never actually loses the excite, lure and thrill you get whenever you go the play it. That’s exactly one of my objectives with this title/franchise


Yup so it’s very official now, my creative set-up and studio is back in operation and now the project has resumed. Lets face it, you can’t have this level of brash excellence “vacationing” for too long because it would be an absolutely terrifying and teeerrible blow to the “once in a lifetime” league of creative arts and artisans :D.

So with super emphatic assertion to the point of almost mind-blowing arrogance(lol), I relay to the masses that I have a pretty “beefed-up” system now, with my computer now being upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8(or Windows 8.1 Pro to be exact) which proved to be very significant because basically the performance of windows 8 has been phenomenal compared to how it worked on windows 7 which was sluggish in comparison, so it doesn’t really get any better than this unless you’re talking about windows 10, which I will get in the future along with an 8-core based PC/gaming PC which i’m still going to get soon, so my future set-up would be an 8-core(or equivalent) pc with windows 10 on it — mean what more can I possibly want to do this kind of stuff with after that? :D. That’s a winning combination just like my extreme sonic ninja combining one of his powerful “treasured” assets with the doomed existence of a pitiful “challenger” :P.

So a proper O.S is definitely on my top 10 list of computer related must haves!. Killa is complicated and a very very “technical” person but you can’t “program” this :P.


Ok so after replacing the harddrive since it was clearly problematic and it makes no sense trying to get it “fixed” only to have it break down again, then fixed, then it breaks down again, then needs to be “fixed” again xD. Since i’m not looking to waste time and money, I realized that there is no point in doing the same thing, or in this case “using” the same thing, and then expecting different results, after all just because you attempt to fix something doesn’t mean it can actually be fixed — trust me i’m a self proclaimed over-confidant “taskmaster” I “know” this, “experienced” this and “resolved” this :D. I barely had the proper tools to even be doing stuff like that in the first place and the next best thing was to actually carry it to get sorted out else where but I realized that would have been a very costly option from the start because basically they would have wanted money upfront just to “check” to see what the problem was first then they would have wanted additional money to actually “fix” the system and I figured that would have been a waste of money for me especially if I could get the job done myself, so ultimately the issue is revolved now because the computer is what’s finally working again now thanks to yours truly :P.

So after replacing the harddrive to something more suitable for the things i’m doing, where now the harddrive not only works like if it was fixed but it’s perhaps more “suitable” therefore resolving the “main” issue regardless, since now things are better because my ideas were appropriately better in this case than alternative recommendations :P, so i’m now able to get back on track with my ninja project, which means more over-the-top ninja goodness coming your way soon! :D.


Don’t worry folks, i’m not a TWO FACE shady individual, my updates are on-point so when I say I have windows 8, that’s exactly what it is, when I say I have windows 10 that’s exactly what I have, when I say I made 10 stages that’s exactly what I did, so i’m not gonna tell you one thing knowing that it’s the next — i’m not gonna tell you it’s 5 or 6 or 7, when it’s factually one, 3 or two. Some people may have a hard time keeping things straight and become “two faced” but i’m “faceless”, my actions are what you shall identify most :P.

So said weirdo and cornball “twofaced” antics aside, things are looking promising for the project, i’m have more updates soon so stick around like a ninja scaling a wall xD.


Rocky Stage a.k.a ruin stage (Zoomed-In)

 photo RockyStageZoomed-In_zps0efc0e15.png

Ruin Stage (Zoomed Out)

 photo RuinStageZoomedOut_zps2580a793.png

Mountainous Stage (Zoomed-In)

 photo MountainousStageZoomedIn_zpsfa14885a.png

Mountainous Stage (Zoomed-Out)

 photo MountainousStageZoomedOut_zps7ab1e56d.png

Ok so I have a couple of goodies to share in yet another blog update which has brought my total of updates to a whopping 10 updates so far with this latest one revealing some significant milestones! . Now I have up two pictures, and they are showing a re-purposed stage and the last stage that I had yet to actually start on, but as you can see I eventually started making its unique foundation that would set the tone, just like the others, in the future for how these stages feel and make them distinctively differ form one another and more importantly, how they will be ale to facilitate most or all of my wonderful game playing dynamics and elements that are supposed to make this game very fun and perhaps even “addicting” :D.

If you all look back at some of my previous updates you’ll see that I had shown some screenshots before and among those, there was a specific photo shown of what was previously a “rocky stage”, which has now been included into this update, has now been re-purposed and is being used officially as a “ruin” stage :D. After thinking about what other use I could attribute it(the former “rocky stage”) too, I realized that maybe making it a “ruin” stage is the best choice!, so now there is a ruin-themed stage in the game :D. That stage actually fills in for the “bridge sate” stage and takes up one of the previously remaining 2 spots, so that ofcousre left only one spot and that spot which would be the tenth, is now filled by the “mountainous” stage!, which is the highlight of this update and hadn’t been seen until now. It’s created by heavily modifying part of a “sample map” because I am¬†atrocious¬†at making mountains in this program — I can’t make a mountain to save my¬†protagonist’s¬†life xD. So what I did was eventually get the idea to sampled¬†a mountain stage form one of the sample maps and heavily modified it to implement key structural placements and then that has now become the final stage of and that makes up the original 10 distinct stages that I think would be ideal for this game!.

Now the foundation of the stages have been completed as I just announced, but that doesn’t mean that the work is done, as a matter of fact, with ambition such as the one I have, there is always going to be something interesting to experiment with lol — I still now have to go back through all of these stages and detail them and add plenty of stuff you can interact with and ultimately develop a¬†heightened¬†and more¬†noticeably¬†profound¬†presence¬†of each stage’s lure! :D. But that’s¬†something i’ll¬†take my time with as it’s not nearly as critical as actually first creating the unique¬†foundations¬†of these epic lands since the accomplishments of that allows you to be able to develop other areas as you now have the ideal foundations to lol. Also you can definitely tell by the previous images of the “abandoned” stage, which you can see images overlapping and miss-matching in some areas etc, that there is still work and alot of polishing to be done in those stages lol.

What i’ll also do is work on the names of the stages because right now they are just like “reference¬†titles” that I gave them as a guide to what kind of stages there should be, but I think now that that phase is over, I¬†should go back and name them as I originally stared doing with the scythe stage for example, which is, name them after some awesome weapons and stuff alike, particularly especially of those you could find in the game :D.

Also some more good news, is that I have managed to set-up the “sideview” old school final fantasy-style battle presentation of battles. See in RPG maker there only appears to be one kind of battle style by default which would be how the old school pokemon battles use to show up back in the day, so to have certain kinds of battle perspectives such as the one I wanted for this game in particular, you have to do a bit of “scripting” and add scrips to the database that would allow for certain dynamics and attributes and features you’d like in your game, but the problem is that scripting can be more pain than ebola xD. But after thoroughly doing some research and investigating, I have managed to find a formula that helped with the configuration of the features of gameplay I wanted for battles inside of my game, and so far, so good — it actually worked out and I will certainly give you all updates on that aspect of my game aswell soon, but I¬†definitely¬†would not be using too many third party¬†formulas, i’d much rather use coding that’s specifically in the original language of the RPG Maker Engine or a native pre-set or something like that since having too many formulas outside of those standards, can really mess your game up especially a script that requires you to edit the default system files and shift them around and all that stuff. The formula I have does not require you to do any of that so basically everything within the internal engine remains as is, so I can delete the scripts at anytime and still have the program functioning¬†stably¬†without any problems. So look out for more updates on my¬†characters, battle, missions, NPCs, intros, events and all of that exciting stuff soon! :D.


Abandoned Stage (Zoomed-In at 1080p)

 photo AbandonedStageTesting1080pdesplay_zps7f9be4a3.png

Abandoned Stage (Zoomed-Out at 1080p)

 photo AbandonedStageTesting1080pdesplayZoomed_zpsa55f7082.png

Cave Stage (Zoomed-In at 1080p)

 photo CaveStage_zps9ebc1dff.jpg

What you’re looking at is the re-purposed previously known “scythe land” which is now going to be the all-new “abandoned land” as well as a look at the “cave stage”. Speaking more on the “abandoned stage”, see every since I came up with the grids I had basically started to use those to make other stages and just had this one laying around, just like what happened to the desert stage, but now this same very map that was created way before many of the maps I showed, is now going to be used instead for the abandoned stage! :D. While testing I realized that there was an issue where the character was “stuck” and couldn’t move, so I had taken a series of steps to rectify that issue and now everything is working fine!.

I just have have to sort of work on the map to give it a terrifying and eerie feel to match the kind of stage it’s supposed to be, in fact the idea is not really to make you feel scared out of your mind or terrified as the only thing that’ll be terrifying is a super sonic ninja wielding a scythe with the power force like 1 millions gods, such as the one you’ll be playing as, if you ofcourse get through the rough ranks and get strong enough haha :P — the main goal is to make it really look deserted and make you wonder why and then it obviously greatly compels a very brave and courageous ninja to go through the level more and find out :D.

So yeah man, no stage will go to waste, most of the ones i’ve made already will be put to good use at some point but for now, i’m focusing on those core 10 of which, as of now, only 3 remain to be started so i’m almost done the I can move on to other stages of development fro the game!.


Ok so they’ll be many elements to the game, some I have and will disclose and some i haven’t yet shared or fully thoughtout. This game would be like a top-down beat’em up, turn-based, RPG and Adventure game with elements of crafting, and treasure hunting all mixed into one fun experience. One other element I wanted to introduce aswell would be combo and QTE segments all relating to gameplay aswell as being usable and unnecessary to unlock special discoveries that can help your progress further in the game and aswell help you gain valuables that are going to be scattered around this game of various kinds such as hidden abilities that can help you become more powerful for instance, or highly specialized gear, cards — you name it. Also the combo system would be similar to what you see in Agarest: Generations Of war where certain combinations of techniques would serve as a kind of “password” that would then lead into a QTE which you have to keep up with in order destroy the force that’s keeping a valuable piece from being unleashed!.

Also the era system comes into play where it’s going to severe as a measure for just how long you’d have available to take advantage of opportunities in certain paths that have to be uncovered, the longer you take would be the more days, week, months, years and ultimately era’s that pass by which creates a circumstance where certain secrets, or events of the world would become “expired” and you’d have missed out on them.

So yeah, I have alot of great ideas for this game and this info just adds to the long and growing list of things i’d be looking to experiment with! :D.

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