Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.2)

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Today i’m going to give you some fun facts about the game’s economy in this update. In the game, your initial finance will essential be “0” at first, because unlike other typical expectations of games that have currency systems, this approach I have taken in this game is going to be somewhat unique because there are virtually 0 money drops from monsters or otherwise lol.

You can’t get money or currency by searching through common objects or compartments in the game. The concept I developed around gaining money in this game, is to find treasure!, so the only main possible way to earn money in this game to buy items, apart from actually selling your inventory items at a shop, is to seek out areas where there may be “gold” buried, and then after you find the gold, then you’d be able to obtain “purchasable items” by spending the gold that you have found on said items, if you have enough, because the items in the game will gradually get expensive and the idea is that the kind  of cash that is required for such things isn’t obtainable by conventional avenues such as; monster drops since I thought that the concept revolving around the game’s economy would be much more fun and suitable if you infact had to find such “finance” through treasure hunting, just like you find various other items of value in the game.

So basically alot of the weaponry and equipment etc etc, are actually “crafted” by finding the right components in order to get the item made by a skilled artisan,
so there isn’t really a heavy reliance on purchasing things in this game as with other common monetary themes in games, since alot of the great things are actually earned through searching and finding stuff scattered throughout the game that you can craft with, money only plays a small part in the game compared to the main way of obtaining things which is to essentially “find” things.

Although money related things only make up a small percentage of the game, it’s going to be used for pretty significant things that are still a big deal, because we aren’t talking scanty cents or pennies, there are going to be very powerful equipment, items and accessories in the game that cost millions+ in gold, and it will be up to you to find enough gold that sums up to the amount needed for whatever it is you’re trying to get, but there is a slight thing to be mindful of where gold treasure you can find, is actually finite and limited, so this will mean that the player has to be careful of how the money is spent because you can run out of enough money to actually purchase or invest into things that require a ton of money xD. But as fun of a guy I am, things wouldn’t have to stop there, because in terms of finding treasures of gold coins and bars, in this game there will be one very special legendary gold coins treasure hidden somewhere in one of the stages, that once found, will see you earn so much cash that you wouldn’t have to ever worry about runny out of any money since it would workout to just enough to get and do everything in the game that requires gold, it’ll be equivalent to entering a cheat that gives you 999,999,999, credits or something like that — Gamer style!! xD. But obviously it would not be easy to find — it would be fun to look for, but very illusive :D.

So in order to gain money in this game, it’s all about treasure hunting since earning money in it, isn’t like how you commonly would gain money through typical means in games, and it’s going to be in limited quantities which means you have to be mindful of how you spend and purchase, but if you run out of money and almost all of the money treasures are used up at some point, no fear!, there is still hope as there is a very colossal jackpot buried deep some where in the game waiting to be found which is obviously a challenge in of itself but one that pays off to epic proportions. Another thing, I must also mention, is that most of the core game doesn’t revolve around money, so you having no money at all, will not affect any progression in the game and is not a stifling factor at all, it’s just that if you want to experience all of the fun there is in the game, and get really powerful etc etc, then you can earn some gold to help with that, when dealing with obtainable things that fall into the purchase category. And this basically sums up how this game’s economy is going to be.


In today’s update, I present to you, the super-duper, awesome- possum chain command system that I spake about in past updates. The idea was that when it comes to certain treasures or valuable things that you discover, sometimes before you can claim them, you will have to break a “seal” by completing command prompts, commonly known as “QTEs” before you can open up the chests, crates and so on, and , apparently great minds do think alike because I was actually able to find a script for exactly this purpose and now I have implemented it and i’m currently testing it out with the intent of implementing it into the official project!.

What you can see in the image is an example, of a custom key sequence, that I actually added to the script, which shows that; yes!, indeed that I not only have it, but it is actually being utilized and successfully so, so far. What happens in regards to this is pretty basic, where sometimes you may go to open a perculiar chest, or access an area or pick something up, and then you’re prompted to complete and key [button] sequence in order to unlock or access a chest etc. If you look closely at the image too, you’ll see that what’s in the photo, is actually happening on the same map I used to test out the “enemy” battle I made a video of recently, and which would be used to test mostly all other future elements!. So that’s it for now and things are indeed on track to be eccentrically optimal! :D


Just a brief addition to what I have already said just to put things into perspective. The QTE system is actually supposed to be part of an even bigger command scheme where the original idea was and still is to initiate an instance or instances that require you to do certain specific combat-skills to break-through a restrictive threshold that would then sequentially lead into a QTE which would be the final phase of unleashing the locked valuables inside of sealed storages and containments. So you would adventure around the game’s world, get powerful and learn special skills that would later have to be used in certain real time combos that would cause a QTE sequence to then be activated if your combos were executed in the required order. Also there is going to be a password system introduced which would be another locking-mechanism applied to certain chests aswell. If you look back through my earlier updates, you’d see that I had mentioned these ideas in the past, so these details re just to sdd context


In this update, i’m speaking about the audio. It’s just going to be a small update and ofcourse at a later date, I going to speak on other aspects of the game such as; how the treasure concept came to be, the new battle system i’m using and why i’m using it over the previous one i really wanted to use aswell — more details on the “no junk items” concept and another interesting way that also plays into stat building etc etc

The audio of the game is going to feature mario, megaman  and other various tracks and sound effects to enrich the lore of the game and give it a very classic and marvelous feel that would perhaps be reminiscent of the old retro iconic games of the 90’s and so on, and as I play around with these ideas and study them on an analytic and conceptual level, it is looking more and more like a very wonderful idea and so far I see no reason to change anything, but really-and-truly as determined and competitive as I am, I would have tried to still find a way to make it all work, because my mind never really stops working :D.

The title screen I showed off in the previous update I a thing I think you’ll find a bit interesting because it’s unlike what I had mentioned was going to be apart of the audio of the game, but that’s the title screen/into that I put in there just for fun and because it especially brings to mind a taunt or a beckon that what you’re in-store for is a grand time and that you should be ready to be apart the exciting adventure beyond that point of introduction, and just like the title screen, the end “outro” soundtrack is also going to be of a similar nature, where it’s about the experience and isn’t actually going to be a caliber style of music that would be apart of the actual in-game music, but the ingame audio is very much still going to be about featuring sounds and songs from iconic retro gaming titles, so that is still indeed very much unchanged — you will indeed be in the game hearing awesome retro sound effects and songs/music throughout your memorable adventure through epic ninja land! :D. Expect retro audio excellence to capture; surprise, retro audio excellence to capture intrigue, retro audio excellence to capture excitement, retro audio excellence to capture awesome encounters and expect retro audio excellence to capture and enhance the lite-hearted nature of the game and a super grand time!. So that means, as with all great minds, expect a full retro unparalleled 10/10 :D


[URL=]View My Video[/URL]

I’m currently testing out a title-screen for the game which you can see in the video. I don’t think you all realize the full extent of the immense and exciting craziness you’ll be getting into once you start playing this game, so it’s theme song, which fits flawlessly, should serve as a reminder hahaha :D. That track is also in a game named Asphalt 8 — i’m not aware of any other games you can find it but If you haven’t played ashphalt 8, trust me, you have to play asphalt 8 a very good alternative to some of the bigger names that you cold play frok time to time to get a racing fix when you need one haha. I’ll probably upload some gameplay of that game later down the road.

Ok, back to talking about my game. The title-sceen is just one graphical touch, out of a series of graphical elements that would be added to the game in due time. One other thing i should mention is that I changed the subtitle of the game from “Story Of A Ninja” to instead “A Ninja’s Treasure” just for the fun of it lol. See in the game itself, whatever story it has, wouldn’t really actually go into anything about the main character but rather there would be more like brief notes and advice,tips etc of the land being told in relation to some of the treasure and the origins of missions and stuff like that. It not going to really feature a deep story about the character/ninja. In this game, being and experimental affair, it’s just going to be about adventure and exploration and playing around with the RPG aspects and having a fun time.

Now if you notice, you’d also see that the background-image(s) is pretty decent and that’s because I wanted the theme to depict how the game is actually going to be experience wise, in the sense that this game is going to have a lite-hearted atmosphere for the most part. It’s not going to be about very brutal and vicious gameplay or things alike. This is a spin off of the main IP which is very much about all of those aspects since it is a beat-em up, but in the case of this experimental spin-off, it’s instead going to have a lite-hearted nature which is what I wanted to capture with-in the title screen’s imagery. So the ninja himself is definitely cable of beyond kicking ass and for reference on that you can chackout that old experiment i did revolving around the same IP expect it was going to be a 2D-platformer game on that occasion, and take a look at his list of skills lol, but otherwise, the experience is going to be one of lite-hearted humor as I do plan to also add humorous elements into and throughout the game.

The quality of the video is kind of poor due to the encoding that happens online sometime when you’re uploading to sites that aren’t dealing with highly advanced tech but the video is just to give you some examples of experimental ideas I have for the game.

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