Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.3)

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Some critical points here I want to make, some are clarifications and some are new revelations — I wanted to mention that there will also be “contractual affairs” in the game where you can agree to work with an organization(or they will want to hire you according to your “rep”) to carry out certain missions that can also earn you money. As you know(if you read previous updates), you won’t be able to gain money by common loot-drops or monster drops, you’ll have to either sell an item or accessory, or find hidden money treasure which is actually the main source of monetary gains in the game since this game is not really centered around a typical currency set-up.

So, in addition to all of those options(being able to sell assets and find cash through treasure hunting), you’ll also be able to take part in contractual activities by doing certain high risk stints that will also help you to earn money if completed successfully. There is alot more to this contractual system that I haven’t gone into great detail on, but overall I think it’s a very cool and exciting concept to introduce into the experience. Another thing is that the items you’ll be buying that cost money will cost a ton of money, that’s what’s interesting, you wouldn’t be spending a couple cents or pennies on minor items, you’ll actually be buying very jaw-dropping phenomenal things of very extreme value that would help you progress better in the game due to the fact that alot of the enemies and bosses will become very challenging as you progress, so the prices will be ranging from; 10mil, 30mill, 50mill, to hundreds of millions of gold, to invest in your progression against pretty powerful foes :D. So you might want to grab a couple of these very strong assets while you’re at it, which will come at a cost that the item holders, shop keepers and vendors determine lol. But that being said, there will always be items you can only gain through crafting(crafting is the main way of gaining valuable equipment in the game), or weapons dropped from conquering bosses, that can be even more stronger or valuable — essentially any avenue you choose will have it’s abundance of very useful items, so you’ll be happy and excited with which ever side you choose to pursue.

Now, lets look at the 1000 bosses that I mentioned. I really want to start actually making skill-sets for them but the issues is, most of them will have unique skill-sets which would require actual demonstrations or animations for future reference for when I would like to actually start using them, because to only have worded descriptions of the hundreds of animations and skills, can become very confusing and it’s highly likely that with dealing with so much characters and so many skills, you can actually forget a couple of key details. So out of the 1000 characters, I would like to have about 200 of them appear in this game and in future games related to this franchise and the remainder of the bosses not used, will always have a chance to appear and feature in the games related to this franchise at any given time in future titles and they would be otherwise mentioned and talked about alot in the game’s stories.

Also I know I mentioned that the game isn’t going to have a party system, which is true because the franchise (just to give a very small story nugget here) is about a god-like ninja and suppressing nefarious forces, but upon playing games, sometimes you can’t help but think that it would be super awesome if you could actually play as a character that was once a boss or foe, or do co-op missions with them — that idea had always been apart of my future plans for more spin-offs related to the franchise where I would have a game that would be a tactical-RPG very much like Final Fantasy Tactics, Agarest and disgaea , where it actually lets you team up with or play as some of the characters that make up the 1000 bosses after you recruited them via either unlocking them or defeating them, but I was thinking that it would be also good if I played around with that concept in this title as well, where, once you defeat the bosses in roughest of the roads, some of them can actually become playable similar to how it’s done in games like; dynasty warriors, one piece, naruto, j-stars victory vs, etc — I think that would be very exciting and awesome. In another spin-off series of the franchise after they join you as allies, you’d be able to enter various team modes  during battle and execute special attacks and stuff, but I think i’ll just keep it basic for now in this current experimental project, where you can actually play with some of the enemies after you have defeated them and they then become playable.

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