Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.4)

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Welcome folks to my first and official update to this series for the year 2016 :D. From since the last notification that I dropped in the comments of that last part of the blog, I have made a series of progressive initiatives to take the project forward since I have finally decided on the option to advance the project into the era of RPG Maker MV, the latest version of RPG Maker that is much more sophisticated than I initially realized and I must commend the team again for doing exceptional work on the latest release, it is truly a wonderful program and I hope others appreciate it just as much as I do because this is really good stuff. Some people prefer to smoke, drink or gossip often, as for me that is not my stuff, stuff like this is just one of the things I like to do and what I would like people to know in this update is that, basically there has been no major issues in transitioning to the new RPG Maker MV platform so far. There is one area that haven’t been implemented yet such as a real time action battle system, which means that for now, only the portion of battles done in Turn-Based format have been retained but that’s ok because when I first started making the game with RPG maker the entire game was mostly going to be Turn Based, it’s only later in that i decided to make it both real time and trun based as I started to also discover Action battle Systems, but as it stands everything concept wise is still pretty much intact — the fundamentals of the game are such that they can be applied to any platform and work out splendidly because of the universal nature of the ideas that make up the I.P.
So as I have mentioned and hinted in past updates, I intend to make the game so that you get to do something cool and awesome like actually have the opportunity to unlock some of the unique rivals, or boss personalities, that you are going to encounter in the game as opposed to them just being opponents because my game is inspired by Anime, that’s what got me creating this I.P in the fist place as a series of written concepts and ideas, and one of the things I always liked about anime games alike that are inspired by anime, is that the figures that make up the game aren’t only restricted in some cases to being opponents or characters only seen in cut-scenes of the story, if you look at games like Naruto, Bleach, DragonBalls Z and Ones Piece etc, just to name a few, you see that the characters usually behind those Iconic moments of the franchise, are in fact usually playable, as the vast majority of them are even perhaps someone’s favorite character. Not in every case of a game such an opportunity would be necessary or even relevant, but in some games it’s usually a really cool thing to do and I thought that in my game, having something like that would be an incredible addition to a series of other awesome mechanics and features that I have in store.
That being stated, I mentioned that the game would have 200 out of 1000 bosses originally from my ninja I.P and now I have recently came up with creative ways in which they would play roles within the game’s universe and that has brought me down a road where I have now stared to develop a series of 200+ skills/skillsets for the individual characters in the game. At fist I wasn’t really sure how to properly work the animation system in the RPG Maker program to create custom skills because in the past, I use to actually make the skills manually, with photoshop as still images etc, then import them into the program, I rarely actually used the built-in skills animator/generator, but this time around I decided to look up a series of tutorials and read some guides and manuals etc, as intelligent and wise people do, to know and learn and educate myself, more about how the system really works and gave it try, especially after now knowing how to layer and overlap imagery to create certain looks and what-not, and it didn’t take long for me to start producing stacks and stacks of tons and tons of skills already xD. So i’ll update you in the future and let you know where things stand with that and what’s next. I can tell you right now that this game is going to be filled with depth, so-much-so that even I am becoming overwhelmed, so that’s saying alot, and that’s exactly how I like it hahaha. the creativity is just flowing. I also like that they made the engine so that it can scale up to higher resolutions now like 1080p and up, that allows crisper and much more detailed visuals — that is excellent. You can see things much better and convey accurately the concepts you’re trying to illustrate. Noticed I said higher resolution and not necessarily higher definition because those are two different things. Some people confuse higher resolutions thinking it means higher “definition”).
See I’m not one of those people who when they are not working, they are reading, i’m a crafty and creative individual so I must do something exciting, so for me, say what you want about reading, but for someone like me reading is not enough. I need something challenging or something that makes my brain actually work, so I prefer to be doing many things including but obviously not limited too, stuff like this :D. I never said I don’t read, because some people are stupid, they think just because you don’t like to read it means that you don’t read which is two completely different things, it’s the same thing when self-centered germs, don’t understand the concept of liking others more then yourself, you never said you don’t like your self, you said you like something “more” than yourself, again it’s two different things, so be very careful of getting yourself dumb from really stupid things that i tend to identify when i’m telling you about life-lessons — especially the remember the “love [your family] more than yourself” stuff especially on this valentines day :D. Now you know me, I’m a very RELIGIOUS person, the R word, not the fake “Spiritual” phony stuff pricks are out there with, those people are more like distractions disguising their anti-christian and anti-religious nervousness as “spirituality”, when it’s just feeble poison. The only spiritual I know is the religious and “righteous” one.
But that’s a entirely other topic for another time and these previous sentiments where referencing of an insightful exercise you can find here:…
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