Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.5)

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In the last update I touched on making skills for the game and that’s where i’m currently at, I decided to start making skills of the different enemy ninjas and the different enemy types since it is substantial work and a great responsibility because you’re not going to be fully able to enjoy the game with out very fun and epic competitive encounters and combat since this game is designed around being an action game and an adventure game at the same time. so the idea is I make the 280+ awesome sills, get that out of the way from early, and then focus on the interface appeals and feedback features such as command gauges, command prompts, how much points you have, not to mention quests etc etc. The biggest thing right now is developing the individual unique charterers that are going to make up the game such as; the rivals, bosses, monsters and NPCs, and I am well on my way to concluding this area which I am very happy about because the core of this game is going to be it’s gameplay and so alot of work and attention to details has to be done with the skills and abilities and the feel of the encounters and stuff like that because I don’t want this game to feel like it was just something made with RPG maker.
I want it to feel like a real exciting experience, like exactly a game that i would love to play, that’s why it’s important that I pay attention to detail because every aspect is going to add-up and count in making the game result in how it feels to play. So I’m going to be paying extra close attention to how fluid things function because I don’t want alot of strange and awkward pauses, delays bugs and glitches, plaguing the game and i’m going to be paying attention to hit detection and the way icons are displayed, the kinds of sound effects, how battles take place, how quests are done, how elements within the game behave — there are going to be mini-maps, a world map, you know, alot of fine tuned aspects of the game that would shape it up to be exceptional, so i’m really going to be working on this game to make it something very awesome!. 
As I mentioned, the game is going to have alot of depth and that’s because of all of the aspects that are going to be in the game including just what you can do in the combat system alone — the combat is going to be dynamic which would see many of the characters having their own unique approach to battles. I won’t get into specifics yet since things are now coming together but essentially there will be different types of characters, there will be those who are faster, those who specialize is boosting stats, those who specialize in combining techniques, those who morph etc, and that’s just a tiny explanation of what to expect in terms of battles, then there is also the area of various weapons and equipment having the ability to bring various statistical changing elements into the fray, aswell as powerful skills that introduce special dynamics when used, and ofcourse i’ll get more into that later as well as go deeper into many of the other things I mentioned. There is going to be different types of charterers aswell, there is going to be the 200 fighters I mentioned, then there are the 30 legends that I have told you about when I was creating the ranking system, who are going to be another type of GODs who are the ones you’ll be competing with for the various Ranks, abilities and so on that can be attained by defeating them. They are the main elements of the game that will advance the game over all, where as the 200 ninja gods are essentially going to be just fun rivals that then became playable allies, and also for good reason, who will each have their own signature skills as well as regular skills. They are 200 of them and some of them will require you to unlock them via fulfilling certain conditions, so the more of them you defeat, is the closer you move up to ones that are only going to show up if you ace certain achievements, and speaking of achievements, there will be an “achievements feature”, which will serve as a very interesting roster of objectives and also double as a indirect guide or clue-giver as to certain things you do also resulting in other certain things, so for example; there might be a particular monster in the game that actually helps advance and improve your situation in the game if you defeat it a number of times, but the thing is, you won’t know that until you kills the monster the specified number of times since there is no mention of that any where in the game, and to you, it’s just another achievement that just presents another interesting objective, when all along some of these actual achievements can actually also help you to gain incredible opportunities so the achievements aren’t all going to be just limited to completing a challenge.
Another thing too is that the game won’t just have awesome features battle-wise, but is also going to have tons of secrets, relating to treasure and unlockables, other kinds of quests, and also the stages themselves would have pretty cool adverse features where some stages contain their own unique threats/challenges and advantages and disadvantages like I have actually hinted at in past updates. Also there will be day and night cycles and that also will present interesting occurrences because for example, lets say; in the night time certain monsters will only show up, and night time will also increase the abilities of some foes aswell, and likewise you will also only be able to encounter certain monsters or opponents in the day time, and that time of the day also works to their advantage. The weather will also be key in whether or not some situations are pleasant or unpleasant. So you can see that the entire experience is more than just the combat itself, though this game is primarily an action game and as a result there will be lots of action in that regard as well as the battles and the game generally having an “arcade feel” to them because that is something I am envisioning as part of the core of this franchise, no matter the format it comes in i.e; Side-Scroller, 3D, Hack & Slash, Beat Em’ Up (this franchise is primarily a Beat Em’ Up).
You will also be able to lean skills from enemies and in addition to the enemies that can become allies that I mentioned, there will also be enemies that you can learn skills from but they remain rivals, and not just any rivals but rivals that are very similar to the main character to shake things up a bit, and the reason why they will be very similar to the main character is because of the fact that they both share the same innate abilities and present styles of battle that are in their own league, so essentially there will be different types of foes, who can be totally different, especially in the case of the 30 Legendary GODs, or there are very similar but yet distinctly different in terms of the 200 ninja GODs and the small group of rivals who won’t be playable and you can only learn skills from but who are just like the main character. So as you can see, the situation here is very dynamic and I believe I could really make this game as I envision and i’m infact starting to feel and reap the fruits of the labor because from since that last update, I have actually completed 60 of the 80+ addition skills that I said I had to create along with the initial 200 — i’m very pleased and I will release the names of the skills and maybe demonstrations of them aswell when all of the skills are completed :D.
It’s a project that does have some complicated aspects but it is a project that i am also excited about and it’s coming along splendidly. I said it before and it’s that you don’t just get a good game, you have to put in the effort and I said that because I knew for my game to be the way I wanted it to be, I had to put in the work to make it that way, so if I had to make 200+ abilities and weapons and stuff, then that is exactly what I was prepared to do in order for the game to reach anywhere near it’s potential as being an awesome and unique experience. So if you have a vision, it’s essentially up to you to bring that vision to life. So I hope you were able to get more insight into my ninja game with this update and there is more on the way in due time.

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