Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.6: A)

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Ok it’s time for me to really breakdown what are shown in the video above is relevant too. There are a grand total 280+ skills and these skills are going to be assigned to unique characters of the game that I will be making over the course of my time using this program, 200 of which are going to be special ninjas who you will actually face as foes at first but then they will become playable companions and allies. Now originally these said 200 skills just about summed up the action, since the rest of the skills belong to sinister elements that i hadn’t yet thought of at the time, as you know the game is filled with lots of features and depth so there is a lot to process and my imagination doesn’t ever really stop, so as time went on I began to add to the formula and ended up creating other special groups of awesome ninjas that you can also interact with in the game, who would pose epic challenges but are strictly foes who you could possibly learn a skill from, then, I decided to also make unique skills for the 30 legendary bosses of this game who are ultimately the key figures of the game that progress and advance the game over all and who you get the ranks from, starting at the lowest rank and going all the way up to the DemiGod rank, who would be seriously challenging but not challenging to the point where it gets old fast and it’s not a fun challenge because that’s just not my style or taste lol. Get that from somewhere else but it’s certainly not happen with this game because I don’t just like a challenge, I love a “fun” challenge, if it’s not, then it’s not worth my time and I don’t think other people welcome the idea of a useless challenge that isn’t fun in a fun game. So they will pose as exciting challenges, challenging to where they get aggravating but not challenging to where they don’t feel like a good challenge or that i’m just throwing stuff in there to make the game forcibly hard.

Now this is where the presence of the 200 playable ninjas come in, since they will be key, helping you to overcome these distinct 30 nefarious powerful odds, who are found, and even appear, throughout the landscape and scope of the game. You can look at it as me saying that these 30 legends are going to be so mighty that you’d want to harness the powers of the 200 ninjas, who will have a wide range of skill-types and skill sets and it would be up to you to put together your own team as you see fit since the game will not be forcing you to have a specific member on your team or anything like that. See originally the game was not going to have any team or party system at all, so the game pretty much still operates like that on aย  core level except I have added an extra layer of fun just by making the 200 ninja’s become playable charterers — they were always going to be in the game just not at first, but now they are playable.

The main character himself is also going to have his own skills (which you would see some at the bottom of this blog where I posted the names of the skills) which are part if the 80+ extra skills that I made, so the 30 and 30 sum of skills that I mentioned in one of the previous updates, are specifically tied to that benefit, to make a long story short, you actually get 30 unique skills, which are all part of the skills demo that I released. From each of those 30 legendary bosses, you will alsoย  get a chance to learn some skills from special characters and he also has other skills he gets. Such variety will also give the game customization aspects which doesn’t stop with the main character but also extends to the allied characters that are the party members, since it would be completely up to you(you in general terms) to equip the characters as you see fit to make them even stronger companions in battles, but none of them actually require any weapon or equipment to do their own specific special abilities and skills because even though they don’t seem as strong as the legends, their character specific abilities are actually “mastered” so they can be used by these skilled god-ninjas regardless :D

So now would be the appropriate time to talk about other aspect for the skills being shown in the video. There are actually going to be 3 class of skills that make up the skills sets of the ninjas and enemies, they are going to be the awesome Arts ninjutsu that are within 5 original areas of elemental properties such as; Fire, Wind, Ice, Electricity and Dark, and then as you go up even further you’re going to reach the ninjas that have Extreme special arts that are in 3 categories, some of which are Extreme versions of the first few skills within the original 5 categories of elemental skills, and then the 3rd level of Extreme Arts are completely created from scratch. The reason why I did it that way was to save time, so I did infact save alot of time by making Extreme level 1 and 2 skills, extreme versions of the prior skills due to some timely modifications, and these are the groups of skills that you are seeing in the video with the letter “X” at the end of their names and the 25 skills just below them are also extreme skills but they are the set of extreme skills that I mentioned were made from scratch that don’t have the X at the end of their names because (1) they aren’t based on prior skills, and (2) they have their own names and so I don’t need the X to prevent confusion which was the original reason for the X being put at the end of their names, rather than giving them entirely new names which also saved time xD.

I still have some work to do with the skills, which is to add finishing touches, in fact, some of the skills in the video aren’t quite finished yet, like the skill; Shadow Runner, where as, some might actually be redone for the ground, like I have actually done with the skills; “Dark Haunt” and “Dark Crude” just to name a few, which is why when you get to those skills in the video, you see the frame “nudges”, and that was caused by a mismatch of the frames of the skills I replaced when they are alongside a frame of the skills that remained. The skills that were replaced were recorded at a slightly different aspect ratio that I could correct but since it’s a minor issue, I just decided to leave the issue as is. ย 

Although some of the special custom visual skill effects in the video are finished, I still have to however add “Character Motions” to go along with those skills to give unique character motions to the characters to fully create ways of how certain skills are executed by the characters they are assigned, and for that, after I have finished that objective, I will release another follow up video in the near future that demonstrates Character Motions used in the execution of various skills. For now, the video above will show you what the visual effects of the skills look like, since you already have seen a tease of their names in the previous video but just in case you couldn’t see the video yesterday (hopefully you can see the one in this blog today), the name f the skills are as follow and in order

Fire Arts:
Flash Flame, Flash Flame 2, Flash Blink, Flame Flood, Flash Fire, Flash Blink 2, Flame Ball, Collision Blast, Collision Blast 2, Harsh Flame, Radiation Blast, Radiation Blast 2, Scorch Mist, Scorch Mist 2, Scorch Rash, Scorch Rash 2, Scorch Rash 3, Spot Flame, Spot Flame 2, Swift Burn, Super Blaze, Spectra Flame, Fire Fade, Rival Fire, Grave Sputter.

Wind Arts:
Fading Winds, Fading Winds 2, Raging Winds, Cool Fury, Hurricane Surge, Tornado Rush, Gust Wrenching, Mind Blower, Breeze Rattler, Calm Flow, Solstice Stream, Wind Ripper, Air Perplex, Constrained Force, Wind Surge, Cutting Rift 1, Cutting Rift 2, Cutting Rift 3, Vortex Shroud, Rapid Solstice, Morbid Wind, Morbid Wind 2, Morbid Wind 3, Kill Winds, Chilled Winds.

Ice Arts:
North Digit 1, North Digit 2, Hail Resonance, Hail Storm, Blizzard Starter, Optical Ice, Cold Blocks, Frigid Depth, Frigid Depth 2, Freezing Depth, Freezing Calamity, Freezing Calamity 2, Freezing Calamity 3, Rollin’ Frost, Rollin’ Frost 2, Rollin’ Shatter, Rolling Scream, Arctic Graze, Arctic Fade, Frost Star, Frost Scatter, Deep Frost Scatter, Frostbite, Ice Blast, 0-Degrees.

Electric Arts:
Electric Rim, Electric Brim, Brutal Zaps, Lightning Surge, Bolt Of Doom, Shock Zone, Static Thunder, Lightning Fury, Loose Ends, Loose Ends 2, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Bolt 2, Jolted Aggression, Jolted Aggression 2, Power Jolt, Super Thunder, Super Thunder 2, Electric Assault, Electric Assault 2, Electric Assault 3, Spark Mirror, Spark Mirror 2, Voltage Strike, Giga Mesh, Dust Grinder.

Dark Arts:
Swift Ire, Burial Degree, Cracked Cranium, Cracked Cranium 2, Dark Crude, Dark Haunt, Sporadic Terror, Faint Nightmare, Planet Dusk, Planet Dusk 2, Planet Dusk 3, Planet Dusk 4, DoubleCross, Double Threat, Threat X, Shadow Menace, Shadow Menace 2, Eye Of Darkness, Cross Shade, Cross Off, Cross Skull, Cross Cutter, Cross Cleaver, Cursed Slash, Cursed Slash 2

Xtreme Arts 1:
Flash Flame X, Flash Flame 2 X, Flame Blink X, Flame Flood X, Flash Fire X, Flame Blink 2 X, Flame Ball X, Collision Blast X, Collision Blast 2 X, Harsh Flame X, Fading Winds X, Fading Winds 2 X, Raging Winds X, Cool Fury X, Hurricane Surge X, Tornado Rush X, Gust Wrenching X, Mind Blower X, Breeze Rattler X, Calm Flow X, North Digit 1 X, North Digit 2 X, Hail Resonance X, Hail Storm X, Blizzard Starter X.

Xtreme Arts 2:
Optical Ice X, Cold Blocks X, Frigid Depth X, Frigid Depth 2 X, Freezing Depth X, Electric Rim X, Lightning Brim X, Brutal Zaps X, Lightning Surge X, Bolt Of Doom X, Shock Zone X, Static Thunder X, Lightning Fury X, Loose Ends X, Loose Ends 2 X, Swift Ire X, Burial Degree X, Cracked Cranium X, Cranium 2 X, Dark Crude X, Dark Haunt X, Sporadic Terror X, Faint Nightmare X, Planet Dusk X, Planet Dusk 2 X.

Xtreme Arts 3:
Towering Extinction, Tower Of Darkness, Tower Of Light, Tower Of Might, Tower Of Mayhem, Star Of Doom, Star Of Doom 2, Star Of Doom 3, Mysterious Nova, Super Nova, Shooting Nova, Sacred Star, Blazing Horizon, Blazing Horizon 2, Blazing Horizon 3, Fatal Axis, Fatal Axis 2, Deadly Vault, Open Sesame, Fire Ball, Fire Smack, Fire Tail, Torched, Fire Smack’d, Fire Graze.

Sacred Arts:
Wave Frame, Wave Frame 2, Black Hole, Estranged Circle, Estranged Circle 2, Lunar Cycle, Lunar Solstice, Twin Solstice, Rift Solstice, Dying Moon, Dying Moon 2, Orbit Collapse, Orbiting Blitz, Orbiting Blitz 2, Orbiting Blitz 3, Dark Spots, Mammoth Might, Mammoth Might 2, Mammoth Blister, Mammoth Ripper, Ripper, Ripper 2, Wave Ripper, Wave Ripper 2, Fatal Sear, Sear Storm, Sear Ball, Blast Ball, Blast Ball Ultima, Blast Ball Ultima 2.

Sacred Arts [L]:
X-Slash Electric, X-Slash Fire, X-Slash Water, X-Slash Wind, X-Slash Dark, Vicious Fire Punches, Vicious Frost Punches, Vicious Electric Punches, Vicious Dark Punches, JawBreaker, Knockout, Tasmanian Berserker, Jaw Dropper, Brawler, Rapid Punch, God Tremor, God Tremor 2, Double Decker’, Colossal Discs, Colossal Discs 2, Colossal Discs 3, Boomerang Disc, Discs Smash, Flying Saucer, Realm Breaker, Realm Breaker 2, Realm Shift, Killer Blade, Mighty Blade, Crossover.

[Onyx Ninja Skills]:
Onyx Reign, Crystal Shimmer, Crystallized, Crystal Beam
[Tyrant Ninja Skills]:
Rock Pile, Rock Rubble, Rock Rubble 2, Boulder Barrage
[Shadow Ninja Skills]:
Sky Blade, Sky Blade 2, Hopeless Blade, Surprise Blade
[Astro Ninja Skills]:
Meteor Ash, Asteroid Shockwave, Meteor Shower, Comet Plunge
[Vulcan Ninja Skills]:
Volcano Burst, Volcanic Eruption, Vulcan Rupture, Vulcan Canyon
[Atomic Ninja Skills]:
Atom Ignite, Atom Explode, Atomic Blasts, Atomic Wipeout
[Top 8 Ninja Skills]:
Icy Dilemma, Funnel Tunnel, Siamese Fire, 10000 Volts, Shadow Runner, Endless Void, Endless Void 2, Game Over, Blade Cutters, Blade Cutters 2, Blade Cutters 3, Double Blow, Blinding Swift, Fast Cuts, Omni Cutter, Omni Saw.

[Main Ninja Skills]:
Speed Slash, Speed Slash 2, Helm Shatterer, Thunder Punch, Voltage Claw, Thunder Clash, Vicious Jolt, Lethal Shock, Thunder Shocker, Super Shocker ย 

And with that set of promised successfully delivered goodies, I leave you now, only to appear again with another fantastic update wich would focus more on otehr aspects of the skills and factors that really connect both skills and chacracters :D.

4 thoughts on “Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.6: A)

  1. Dropping some likes to your awesome content. You are so talented. I hope that your game is doing great!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, it’s always great seeing you over here Zadi ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿคฉ.

      Thank you; for appreciating and embracing my creative talent haha. The game project has been going well and the fundamental ideas I had in mind for the franchise has been constructed and even well exceeded the initial concepts, so I am very happy about that ๐Ÿ˜‚.

      I have being doing the brunt of the work behind the scenes, and right now, I am looking to get new computer equipment so that I can take the project to the next level since that’s the only area, apart from some levels of coding and programing, that I have not been able act on to the level I wold like as yet.

      But I am extremely pleased with how things have progressed and I am beyond thankful that you have taken note of my work, and like my creativity hahaha

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      1. Very nice. I am glad that everything is going well. I wish you the best of luck, dear; you truly deserve it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow, thank you for your encouragement and invaluable support my wonderful friend ๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’ซ; it’s incredible and dear to me โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜„

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