Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.6-SIX)

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Today I have released a new video showing a short glimpse at the catalog of skills I have been working on over the past couple of days. I had recently made it clear that I was willing to upload a showcase of the skills in action in a high quality video and so on, but after some testing I did, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get as much detail in the videos as I would like since my current computer, as aswell as certain third party application factors, are causing severe lag and latency issues while recording. I can play the game just fine at virtually most common rates of quality and what not but when it comes to recording, the performance is deplorable. So I have plenty of ideas and opportunities to either get around this issue or get something better all together, that will come later but for now, the method i’m using would be to record the games and demonstrations of RPG Maker MV at the standard resolutions, for performance sake, and then upscale the content appropriately for clarity sake, which is exactly what i did firstly with the new content shown in this video which i hope you take a look at to get a better understanding of how things are shaping up at this time.

This is just a look at the skills list of 280+ skills in total, in slowed-down fashion, and given to none other than Animation Ninja :D. That ninja/NPC is very much a work in progress and will also be featuring in my follow up video that would actually be showing ALL of the current added skills in action. So Until then, enjoy!.

Ok so in this next critical update, I could tell you about how this game is really about the story and how my favorite story can be completed in 4 hours and I got the idea from another a long time ago, but nahhh! :D, that would be very boring, it would be like math, video game development isn’t bout math, if all you have is math then expect for your game to be “subtracted” because you’ll make alot of people very bored with that generic stuff. This is more something i have figured to a science, you experiment alot, you develop methods, you try with various dynamics and dimensions, so you’re more a specialist, it’s the kind of stuff you don’t take too seriously, there has to be a very critical balance between, humor and excitement and wonder etc because if you take it too seriously and you don’t really have balance where it should be and you and the game become a serious JOKE.

But you know that’s some stupid stuff, the math etc etc, it’s just a silly topic, so it is time to elevate the conversation to a much higher level and talk about creativity, that’s what these critical updates are really for, so if you want to develop a master piece and great experiences to make people have fun and be happy, you’re certifiably in the correct place, if you what to dwell on “math” issues and other generic parameters, enroll in collage xD.

Last time I released that last update I was getting into the area of skills and skill creation, now I want to really get more detailed about what skills mean to this game and how exactly stuff is going to work and why it’s very critical and rudimentary that there will be skills for this game, because we all know “part” of the reason why and it’s because you don’t want the game boring. The next one is that you don’t want things to get too repetitive, and then there is another factor at play which is; tactics, that is what is going to set this game apart from just being a turn based experience, and of course, since there is a colossal-ton of skills, there is definitely going to be a superior abundance of tactics in this game for exactly the kinds of reasons that I want to go in depth on which I will eventually at a later time, but atleast you know what to expect.

It is important that I emphasis in this update how key it is to focus on the final and smaller elements of gameplay, everything from the game’s fonts, the way messages appear and go away, how battles initiate, how the NPCs, The beasts/guardians, the opponents and rivals behave, the kind of visual contrast the game has  in terms of appeal, the sound effects, the game’s music and all of that, plus more, actually has to be payed attention to in order to really set the tone and atmosphere and uniqueness for your game. So just based on those things, you can tell by now that I really have a huge interest and passion for the game’s development and games in general because no one is going to be into such things at that kind of level and don’t really have any desire too be, so when I tell you i’m very excited and enthusiastic about this project, you know that that’s truly the case.

What we have here in this blog is just a brief update, or briefing and follow up to recent disclosures  of progress and to keep some focus on where i’m going with things as they stand and to present an overall outlook at the prospects and agenda — this isn’t a company strategy or model, it is a formula and template that i’m crafting. I’ll be spending time on all of the extra details that I have outlined because it would serve as a solid platform on which to build up on in the future because all that i am doing now is not the end all and be all, it’s actually a foundation that i’m setting and standardizing — so all of the skills currently in the works are not all that’s going to be featured, they are just the starting point where in the future, as more ideas come to mind, they will just be added to what’s there already, weather it will be a release of new characters, more skills, more missions, whatever the case is, what’s happening now is actually paving the way for what’s going to come later, so even after the main aspects of the game are secured and installed, there will undoubtedly be lots more to come if I so choose.

Things looks very good and I did some play-testing last night and I was really curious as to how thing would play out because these are custom skills so I need the feedback on how they actually perform in a real battle in the game, and the results were actually even better than I was expecting, so I am extremely pleased with the results and I intend to keep it up. I haven’t really seriously tested anything because i’m still very much paying alot of attention to actually developing actual skills at the moment but the little experiment I did last night, was excellent and I honestly cannot wait to finish the skills already planned so I can move to the next phase of play-testing them and assigning them to their respective “personalities” of characters if you will haha, of the game.

I discovered more exciting things while I was at it pertaining to character animations and stuff aswell because whenever you go to cast a spell or do moves, there are often animations that the characters do upon executions of various actions, so you can actually program how you would like certain skills to be acted out by the characters in the game, which is really cool because in the previous RPG Maker programs, there was nothing of the sort by default because battles where designed in a manner like the old pokemon games where the characters were hidden and you only saw the opponent on screen and would have had to use a while bunch of third party scripts to arrange the kind of battles that where animated, but due to the side-view battle option, you actually get to see the characters in action and animated, which is a much more compelling and entertaining style of gameplay, so I definitely would be taking full advantage of those tools and features, but when the time is right. So I really need to finish up the skill making so I can move on to other areas because I have been at this phase for a while but i’m getting there. It’s not surprising, I mean, i’m making close to 300 skills, that does actually take time and considering where i’m at, i’m actually moving along rapidly :D.

I’ll be finishing the skills very very soon and will be able to share more about them including the names of the skills, what they look like — essentially what I have done, like I had also promised from my last update, so basically, the next update after this one will be where we take a look at all of those interesting things. I look forward to that and hopefully you are too so keep and eye out. 

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