Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.7)

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This video is being used from my other blog(which you can reach to from the link provided above), here as an exhibit and source of reference to some of the things talked about in today’s topic below.

In this update i’ll expand on the previous details shed on the last update aswell as a host of other things needed to be addressed. See in the last update, I talked about the 200 ninjas and that you’ll be able to form a team with them. It’s up to you ultimately how you play the game and control the team you build overall, since, I haven’t made it a requirement to have a particular character on the team or even a team at all. In one of the earliest updates I made i mentioned how there would be no party system and how that would be left out in favor of more frequent encounters with varied and challenging NPCs and plot twists etc etc. In this case, that is still actually true, now in addition, there can in fact be the recruitment of allies and companions to help battle certain bosses and enemies if so chosen. It is not something necessary and doesn’t have to happen, if I or anyone doesn’t want to, but it’s very much still a fun little feature I added-in as another exciting dynamic.

There are 200+ skills and for most of the playable allies, they are only going to have one special skill each, which would be their signature skills and 1 or more regular skills thy can just use to strike, but their one special skill would actually be very effective especially as they get stronger and have the ability to cast very hindering consequences in battle, not to mention aswell that you have 200 of these guys to choose from, so when you put that into perspective, especially considering that the main character is going to also have his own skills too and get very powerful, then you know that in the way the game is designed, you’re going to have a blast :D. That’s not even all because you have the other groups of characters aswell such as the Top 8 ninjas(they are referred to as the top 8 since they are actually 8 of them and I haven’t actually given them any specific names yet lol), and also the Onyx, Atomic, Astro etc etc ninjas, who will all have their own skills and actually more than one skill at that, plus the main character will also be able to learn atleast one skill from them, as well as learn skills from the 30 legends and I still have alot more skills I want to make for the game, but just haven’t yet because they require ALOT of frames and visual effect positioning/arranging, which takes alot of time lol, so I will just make them one-by-one, hear-and-there, whenever I got the time too, but i’ve already made alot of skills already to get most of the initial ideas in terms of game play and so on, off the ground and off to a pretty exciting start so i don’t need to make any more skills for the game, though the skills make the game really fun because skills for a game like this plus the way I see it, are more than just another skill, because another skill for a game like this, actually opens up more possibilities to happen, i.e more ninjas, more quests, more mechanics etc etc, so every time I introduce a skill into this game, it’s a pretty big deal because of the way the game is designed and more importantly because of the creative concepts I develop based around the skills/action, you name it. One skill being implemented into this game is like a planted seed that grows and branches off into other great things.

So you’re going to have the 200+ ninjas, who will each come with one very effective unique skill of their own, that will all have various properties that you can use to your advantage against other opponents, and while they do have skills, they don’t need specifics weapons, so you can actually give them equipment to make them even more formidable in combat as you so choose. Most of the actually specific weapons required for certain things and talismans and things like that are really for the main character of the game, he will be the main guy that you really equip with various things either earned or found around the game’s world where he would gain his special powers from. The ninjas you can have playable, they don’t gain any special abilities in the game because they are there to add the fun extra element of cooperative game play and to offer another fun way you can battle opponents, with the help of their own moves, that are very effective as is already, but you can still give them various armors from your inventory and weapons that add to their defense, attack etc and there will also be equipment and accessories that grant various buffs and debuff abilities/skills to the unit wearing them, so in that regard, they will also be able to inherit other kinds of advantages but in terms of skills specifically for them, they only have one original skill in this game but the main character will be your sole responsibility to control and develop over the course of you playing the game with him and he will be the only one you’ll be playing as outside of battle. You can manage your entire party outside of battle too but where the difference is, is that you will only be able to control or play the additional allies and companions, in a battle. Outside of battle, you revert back to only playing as the main ninja/main character and continuing your adventures with him. Also most of the skills he get are conditional dependent, where as a few others are more innate and not dependent on accessorizing. So throughout his adventure, it’s going to be up to me to find and locate treasures, that can be used as crafting components in order to help make certain weapons that you only gain through crafting via first finding the appropriate components, tradeable and mission tradeable items (mission tradeable items are items that can be handed over to NPCs in the course of certain missions, in exchange for essential goods that you will need, and that will be pretty valuable), just finding buried powerful equipment, buying powerful utilities or when you come across interesting situations and guardians while treasure hunting. So there is actual treasure that will initiate battles with guardians, who when defeated, will actually drop rare items or you will learn an ability from them, or they will drop various goodies that will be beneficial to you in some aforementioned form or fashion, which could include even tons of “gold” being dropped which you can use for purchases, which brings me back to a point I made about buying powerful stuff because in the game finding treasure is paramount since you start off with nothing to buy stuff with, the stuff that you can buy are pretty pricey except for some of potions and stuff (but they still cost money) though in this game you can find, the regular monster and villains don’t drop coins and there is probably only one or two monsters that do and they only are available later in the game and are very hard to defeat. So the only common way to consistently earn any kind of currency, is by finding gold in treasure troves or selling certain things that can be sold, at a pud or similar places. Selling stuff at the pud won’t get you much unless it is something that is extremely valuable and it would most likely mean it’s something that you might need and it would be up to you to decide weather to sell it or not in the event that you might think you can do without it, because remember, the game is also designed where you can play it how you want, so selling items that can be sold won’t actually prevent you from progressing in that game. Depending, it might make it alot harder, but still doable. The items that you absolutely do need cannot be sold or atleast not under the appropriate and game-required circumstances :D. All in all, I must make it clear that this game isn’t not based on a money/gold system, you can progress in the game without spending any gold, both opens have their challenges but essential the game is mainly about finding hidden treasure and secrets and completing various requirements to “unlock” stuff. Β 

What’s done now, isn’t the final cast of characters or implementations of content, it’s just the foundation, though a relatively deep one. Like I mentioned before I still have a pretty sizable list of skills that I can make in the future and one skill in a game like this actually opens up a whole lot more dynamics, but one other interesting thing about it is that I can actually make different versions of this game if I wanted too as well, similar to how there is pokemon gold and silver, there is actual frame work in this franchise to be actually that broad and versatile aswell, but that’s just a little example to show you how much fun I can actually have with the franchise as a whole, so that’s the kind of level of thinking that’s going on here not weather or not my game could look “real” or R-Rated. So there are tons of things I could do but obviously for me personally I wouldn’t be making different versions of the game, i’m just doing a little fun experiment here and and whenever something comes to mind and I feel like putting it in, i’ll just put it in, because this is pretty much an open project not designed for the purpose of necessarily completing something by a dead line, but for me to express my creative compulsions by constructing concepts that I envision and would like to be apart of an ideal game.

So you have those options and then the area of actually making the 200+ characters in the game who the 200 skills are made for :D. It’s definitely something that is a must to do and something i’ll be taking my time with. There will be the Ninjas and then there will be other kinds of characters and as a matter of fact, when i mentioned “monsters” I don’t just mean monstrous beings, opponents can come in the form or of other kinds of things too, like a possessed item; giant swords, books, even entire buildings can be foes, so lets just say, it’s good sometimes to add unexpected twists :D. So I have great ideas in store for that area and it’s not too far up the list of priorities because make no mistakes about it, i want this to be a game where the opponents are just as interesting as the playable characters because this game is a game i’m envisioning having replay value, which means “balancing”, a highly underrated measure, but it is something you need to get right or else depending on the kind of game it is, you’re just not going to get the feel you’re looking for and certain things just won’t fall into place like they should, so I’m going to be trying my best to strike the notes just right to create the kind of experience up-to the standards I want for this game, and also standards I would like for other games too, but I can only work on my game, and like the saying goes; if you want something done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself…

In due time it would be appropriate to shift attention to the game’s “cast” of characters,Β  and that’s going to be ALOT in this game. I actually have a couple of cool concepts for some planned characters that would make the game even cooler and lively. Originally there was the 30 ninja ranks, each with their own names, such as O.K Ninja and Killer Ninja, but then recently I found myself actually naming the group of rival ninjas very similarly and I thought to myself that i’m on to something here and I just went along with that theme out of fun. Now those monikers, if you will, are going to be for mostly the non-playable ninjas that you encounter, where as, the special group of playable ninjas are going to be named by type and level since they are so much and since because of the nature of the game, you don;t have to give all of them personalized names. So to actually give feed back as to your progression when hunting down these pretty illusive combatants, i’m going to embed a measure of categorical identification into their names so that it would be possible for you to better tell just where you stand in “collecting” these priceless but very dangerous allies into your clan, so for instance if you look into your party list and you see F.Ninja 42(the “F” stands for “Flame” or “Fire” basically indicating that it’s a fire type ninja and it is the forty-second ninja out of 200 ninjas overall), then it would be clear that Ninja 43 etc etc, is next since from the start, it was made clear that there are 200 playable/collectible ninjas in the game that I can recruit and if I have up to 42, then I know there are a tons more out there to find.

So the 280+ skills even though they are all on the animation ninja currently, they are just on him now for testing purposes, but are actually to be assigned accordingly to other characters since they are all specifically made for individual characters that will make up the game, and speaking of which, you know every game just has to have that one character that is over-powered, and I can tell that atomic man is going to be in that realm, I just know it xD. But it’s all in good fun, i’m going to be looking into the areas of excellent A.I and moves “connecting” properly and feeling fluid and that type of thing too, so i’ll be putting all of these objectives into full effect.

I also will start to work on the area of how the rest of the allies are going to be unlocked because the first set are going to be encountered pretty consecutively, and then, there comes the point where a series of conditions have to be fulfilled before the rest show up and all of these steps you have to complete in order to be able to challenge the rest of the characters, which are all going to be conditions that are going to be slightly different for each character. So that’s another fundamental measure I have to tackle which is probably going to be implemented later on in development since i haven’t even made 200+ characters yet, currently the only character that I have made is “Animation Ninja” and that’s only for testing purposed, then i’ll be making another ninja. a.k.a the “Destroyer Ninja” for the release of my next skills video, to actually show off character motions of how the characters are going to be performing certain moves. I say certain moves because most of the attacks are AOE attacks, i.e full screen attacks, so the idea I have in mind for those kinds of skills, would be just a casting animation where he is using just his basic hand motions or he completely disappears out of view for the duration of the attack and then there are other moves (a small select few compared to the amount that are whole screen moves that is), that are going to have more stylish executions and performances. All of this is going to require scripting and messing around with code so it would take a while especially since I have to apply them to 280+ skills and also because I need to atleast get the hang of an area that’s relatively new to me in this area, but currently i’m actually working on that area right now, so it is very much a work in progress and I am having some success with recent testing, soΒ  I expect that it won’t be too long before the demonstrations of these ideas are revealed.Β 

Another thing on the agenda is making the game feel more ninja like, so I have the skills and stuff that i’m working on but then sometime later-on, the focus will be on making the game feel like you are playing in a setting of ninja goodness. There has to be a foundation at the core of this game, that holds everything together and make you know that it isn’t just any game and that it is indeed a ninja game. So I have to work on details and the accentuation of certain ninja customs and ways and the atmosphere, but that is stuff that will come after i’ve fixed up the area of skills, which as I mentioned, is a pretty wide area I have to work on first, before I move to other things since it’s a hefty part that makes up the core of the game aswell, and perhaps more important than anything else because no matter what the game is supposed to be, if it’s not fun, it is essentially pointless lol. I still have to work on aspects that make it feel retro-arcade like, and all that kind of stuff so i’ll be on this project for a while — practically indefinitely since this is my own personal experiment/project xD. I’m pretty much talking about it incase it is helpful to people who are into doing the something and in my next update, we will be talking more about other aspects of the skills seen in the video, and the different categories of skills and what they actually represent etc.

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    1. Awww, what do I even say to this my friend; I am very happy that you took the time to read and like my posts Zadi hahaa

      It is always very much greatly cherished and appreciated πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ™Œ.

      I have to seriously go back through these old posts and work on their formatting since I had transferred many of them from a different site, and that caused irregularities in the formatting but I hope that they are not too distorted to follow along with lol

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      1. I try my best to follow along dear.

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