Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.8)

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Happy to share with you a short notice, that there is a new development that has arise while I was working on the skills and their different aspects, and I decided to go about working on it’s facilitation since it was a feature of course too good to have on the “back-log” especially since I have reached to the stage of building the core essentials of what gives the game depth, style and uniqueness and especially since the new development is a cool concept that works excellently with the kind of game “Roughest Of The Roads” is.
It is a feature that I am having exceeding interest in and that I have been toying around with and experimenting with for about two days or so now and it is actually a function that has opened up tons of other possibilities that are mostly varied concepts of this one very remarkable idea :D. I will be releasing another update soon that goes into further details revolving around this new feature as well as give a demonstration video so you can see what i’m actually working with in this case. It is such a cool and fun useful feature that I wanted to do much more with it than just have it as an offensive or defensive skill, and it would be really awesome to actually make it into a stand-alone systemic style of utilization that would make it a complementary and prominent “mechanic” that can be used alongside the other superior specialties that will also make up the game, and make the experience even more holistic, which is something i’m really working towards with this game aswell.
I want the game to feel satisfactory overall and something that doesn’t fall into the category of a gimmick because that’s not what killa does :D. I’m a person, who like most, is sincere, authentic and genuine to the bone, and what I deliver matches that caliber of esteem. So i’m having alot of fun coming up with new stuff for the game and the latest idea, is no different and it also suites my whole vision for the nature of the game where it will have and be all about a retro appeal but yet still have alot of modern, robust and dynamic fundamentals under the surface that makes it a total blast to get lost in.
So I have that in the works and I will be sharing more about the new mechanic in the next update and then after that, I’m going to talk about what I said I was going to talk about in my previous update prior to this one, which would be more on that skills, types of skills and the different categories of skills. so look out for more craziness heading your way at the speed of “Update 40” :D.

List of Skills for reference:

Fire Arts:
Flash Flame, Flash Flame 2, Flash Blink, Flame Flood, Flash Fire, Flash Blink 2, Flame Ball, Collision Blast, Collision Blast 2, Harsh Flame, Radiation Blast, Radiation Blast 2, Scorch Mist, Scorch Mist 2, Scorch Rash, Scorch Rash 2, Scorch Rash 3, Spot Flame, Spot Flame 2, Swift Burn, Super Blaze, Spectra Flame, Fire Fade, Rival Fire, Grave Sputter.
Wind Arts:
Fading Winds, Fading Winds 2, Raging Winds, Cool Fury, Hurricane Surge, Tornado Rush, Gust Wrenching, Mind Blower, Breeze Rattler, Calm Flow, Solstice Stream, Wind Ripper, Air Perplex, Constrained Force, Wind Surge, Cutting Rift 1, Cutting Rift 2, Cutting Rift 3, Vortex Shroud, Rapid Solstice, Morbid Wind, Morbid Wind 2, Morbid Wind 3, Kill Winds, Chilled Winds.
Ice Arts:
North Digit 1, North Digit 2, Hail Resonance, Hail Storm, Blizzard Starter, Optical Ice, Cold Blocks, Frigid Depth, Frigid Depth 2, Freezing Depth, Freezing Calamity, Freezing Calamity 2, Freezing Calamity 3, Rollin’ Frost, Rollin’ Frost 2, Rollin’ Shatter, Rolling Scream, Arctic Graze, Arctic Fade, Frost Star, Frost Scatter, Deep Frost Scatter, Frostbite, Ice Blast, 0-Degrees.
Electric Arts:
Electric Rim, Electric Brim, Brutal Zaps, Lightning Surge, Bolt Of Doom, Shock Zone, Static Thunder, Lightning Fury, Loose Ends, Loose Ends 2, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Bolt 2, Jolted Aggression, Jolted Aggression 2, Power Jolt, Super Thunder, Super Thunder 2, Electric Assault, Electric Assault 2, Electric Assault 3, Spark Mirror, Spark Mirror 2, Voltage Strike, Giga Mesh, Dust Grinder.
Dark Arts:
Swift Ire, Burial Degree, Cracked Cranium, Cracked Cranium 2, Dark Crude, Dark Haunt, Sporadic Terror, Faint Nightmare, Planet Dusk, Planet Dusk 2, Planet Dusk 3, Planet Dusk 4, DoubleCross, Double Threat, Threat X, Shadow Menace, Shadow Menace 2, Eye Of Darkness, Cross Shade, Cross Off, Cross Skull, Cross Cutter, Cross Cleaver, Cursed Slash, Cursed Slash 2
Xtreme Arts 1:
Flash Flame X, Flash Flame 2 X, Flame Blink X, Flame Flood X, Flash Fire X, Flame Blink 2 X, Flame Ball X, Collision Blast X, Collision Blast 2 X, Harsh Flame X, Fading Winds X, Fading Winds 2 X, Raging Winds X, Cool Fury X, Hurricane Surge X, Tornado Rush X, Gust Wrenching X, Mind Blower X, Breeze Rattler X, Calm Flow X, North Digit 1 X, North Digit 2 X, Hail Resonance X, Hail Storm X, Blizzard Starter X.
Xtreme Arts 2:
Optical Ice X, Cold Blocks X, Frigid Depth X, Frigid Depth 2 X, Freezing Depth X, Electric Rim X, Lightning Brim X, Brutal Zaps X, Lightning Surge X, Bolt Of Doom X, Shock Zone X, Static Thunder X, Lightning Fury X, Loose Ends X, Loose Ends 2 X, Swift Ire X, Burial Degree X, Cracked Cranium X, Cranium 2 X, Dark Crude X, Dark Haunt X, Sporadic Terror X, Faint Nightmare X, Planet Dusk X, Planet Dusk 2 X.
Xtreme Arts 3:
Towering Extinction, Tower Of Darkness, Tower Of Light, Tower Of Might, Tower Of Mayhem, Star Of Doom, Star Of Doom 2, Star Of Doom 3, Mysterious Nova, Super Nova, Shooting Nova, Sacred Star, Blazing Horizon, Blazing Horizon 2, Blazing Horizon 3, Fatal Axis, Fatal Axis 2, Deadly Vault, Open Sesame, Fire Ball, Fire Smack, Fire Tail, Torched, Fire Smack’d, Fire Graze.
Sacred Arts:
Wave Frame, Wave Frame 2, Black Hole, Estranged Circle, Estranged Circle 2, Lunar Cycle, Lunar Solstice, Twin Solstice, Rift Solstice, Dying Moon, Dying Moon 2, Orbit Collapse, Orbiting Blitz, Orbiting Blitz 2, Orbiting Blitz 3, Dark Spots, Mammoth Might, Mammoth Might 2, Mammoth Blister, Mammoth Ripper, Ripper, Ripper 2, Wave Ripper, Wave Ripper 2, Fatal Sear, Sear Storm, Sear Ball, Blast Ball, Blast Ball Ultima, Blast Ball Ultima 2.
Sacred Arts [L]:
X-Slash Electric, X-Slash Fire, X-Slash Water, X-Slash Wind, X-Slash Dark, Vicious Fire Punches, Vicious Frost Punches, Vicious Electric Punches, Vicious Dark Punches, JawBreaker, Knockout, Tasmanian Berserker, Jaw Dropper, Brawler, Rapid Punch, God Tremor, God Tremor 2, Double Decker’, Colossal Discs, Colossal Discs 2, Colossal Discs 3, Boomerang Disc, Discs Smash, Flying Saucer, Realm Breaker, Realm Breaker 2, Realm Shift, Killer Blade, Mighty Blade, Crossover.
[Onyx Ninja Skills]:
Onyx Reign, Crystal Shimmer, Crystallized, Crystal Beam
[Tyrant Ninja Skills]:
Rock Pile, Rock Rubble, Rock Rubble 2, Boulder Barrage
[Shadow Ninja Skills]:
Sky Blade, Sky Blade 2, Hopeless Blade, Surprise Blade
[Astro Ninja Skills]:
Meteor Ash, Asteroid Shockwave, Meteor Shower, Comet Plunge
[Vulcan Ninja Skills]:
Volcano Burst, Volcanic Eruption, Vulcan Rupture, Vulcan Canyon
[Atomic Ninja Skills]:
Atom Ignite, Atom Explode, Atomic Blasts, Atomic Wipeout
[Top 8 Ninja Skills]:
Icy Dilemma, Funnel Tunnel, Siamese Fire, 10000 Volts, Shadow Runner, Endless Void, Endless Void 2, Game Over, Blade Cutters, Blade Cutters 2, Blade Cutters 3, Double Blow, Blinding Swift, Fast Cuts, Omni Cutter, Omni Saw.
[Main Ninja Skills]:
Speed Slash, Speed Slash 2, Helm Shatterer, Thunder Punch, Voltage Claw, Thunder Clash, Vicious Jolt, Lethal Shock, Thunder Shocker, Super Shocker
ok!, just thought I would give a Round Up all in one blog, on the status of my affairs relating to this project and give a succinct heads-up on what to expect next. For one, recently i’ve reached to the point of making animations for a verity of skills that amount to 280+. That is critical to a game like this that is action-heavy, and so all of the activities going on i n the game are going to reflect that plus I want to keep things interesting as the game progresses, so essentially “action from start to finish”, is the motto i’m dealing with hear for this game and I have the vision to make that happen.
I want as you progress that you actually feel that you’re getting stronger as your character develops, I don’t want the experience to be that you see the character gaining stuff but you can’t actually see/feel them being beneficial to you in interesting and compelling ways. I want you to work on the feel of skills getting you more empowered and also make the skills and abilities standout in individual ways as well, so in other wards, I want this to be a very exceptional game in all aspects respectively.
I also mentioned that the game is also going to have other great things to do in the area of adventure and how the treasure finding actually goes hand in hand with the adventurous nature of the game and how there is going to be crafting and the idea of always having a good time playing the game since when you come back to it, there is always going to be something great and fun to do and you won’t be so much worrying about finishing that game as much as you would actually be taking delight in just having fun during the times you are actually playing, and that you can stop when you want and resume when you want without feeling any hassle or whatever else.
The game is also going to have a lite-hearted feel, and is going to be “engaging” and impactful since I want it to be very captivating, and it’s also not really going to be the kind of game using graphics as a gimmick/scheme, so whoever wants to come for a game like this, it’s given that you’re really looking for a fun and exciting experience xD
I also talked about it’s ranking system and the idea of there being an era system, reputation system, possible points system etc. Alot of this stuff is on the technical side but there are still very much visions of concepts I have and truly want for this game. I also showed off some images of a button command system for opening
some treasure chests and talked about  even a possible password system implementation. I talked about using a vague “cracks” or “breaks” solution in surfaces to indicate where treasure maybe hidden to make a much easier and reasonable “narrow down” method to help with the tracking or elimination process of possible treasure locations.
I also mentioned how putting emphasis on the finer aspects of a game actually makes it standout even more and that their should be effort made in that area. I also want to make the game have a semi-feudal japan feel aswell as making the game’s atmosphere feel mysterious, compelling and ninja in nature.
Stages themselves will also have their fair share of unique hazards and challenges and even benefits. there will be hidden areas, the opportunities to unlock characters, finding crafting components, a crafting system, skills upgrades, a trading system, you’ll also be able to equip various weapons and armors and accessories, you name it!, since it is very much an RPG too. There will be a difficulty factor that makes the game get progressively challenging as you move up the ranks and I also made a link between that aspect and the ability to recruit a team of up to 200 Ninjas :D. The team of 200 ninjas would be controlled in battle but not outside of battle, and you would get a few consecutively by default, but then have to do a series of special objectives to encounter the rest. I mentioned aswell that I want the game to have fun challenges and not just having stuff in there for the sake of saying it has challenges.
I also talked about the area of “balancing” in games and how I would have alot of that to do with this game to ensure that the experience I want the game to give actually gets delivered.  There will be 200+ skills divided into 3 categories. Most of the skills of the enemies will be very effective and the skills for the different categories would behave different which I will get into with my next update. The main character will have his own skills too that he gains through various means and he will also gain skills by learning them from some of the foes and rivals, some that are going to be very similar to him but are non-playable, which I also will go more detailed into in a future update. I also released a full list of the 280+ skills that are going to be part of the foundation of the game aswell as how that is all only a base and how I can keep adding and building up on this foundation/base as more stuff comes to mind.
I talked about the critical aspect of how the creation of a new skill isn’t just another skill but how the creation of a skill for this game in particular combined with the concepts and visions I have for it, is akin to planting a seed that grows into other more branching fun and exciting opportunities and developments that I outlined. I also have plans for action sequences which I will also disclose in the next update as-well-as plans to add more skills into the game that I currently have as theoretical awesome concepts. Also touched on the idea of how the 30 main bosses in this game are the ones that drive the overall in-game progress and are essentially also the same ones you get the ranks from.
These are some of the things I have covered over the span of 30+ updates so far and plenty more, so make sure you read the blogs starting from the first to the present, which i provided links to at the bottom, because I also commended the different RPG Maker versions and how much of an improvement they are and the ease of use and also mentioned why I picked the RPG Maker Program, and also talked about other things aside from this. Currently i’m playing around with action sequences and also creating the special properties for the many skills I showed recently in the Tome Of Ninjutsu video which can be found at the top of this blog topic
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