Gaming Conference Part 1: Crazy and Fantastic Prospects


For a while I was not really uploading lots of videos of game plays and stuff that I would like to do production wise, see i’m a huge fan of exciting stuff so I guess you could say that it is no surprise then that i’m also a gamer because I believe that’s a pretty exciting and captivating area of activity and along with all of those fantastic aspects, you will also find a massive amount of creativity — I am a very creative person and I tend to get super crafty to the point where I earned the nickname “inventor” at one point because the creative juices where that sensational lol. I’m not speaking for everyone but obviously i’m speaking for myself weather it’s seen as crazy or not as you know i’m a very opinionated and vocal individual as you will understand and not someones pet or in someones else’s image, i’m very crazy individual and if these are things you’re not expecting to hear, hopefully there’s solution for your heartburn. But i’m going to look at blazing of a different kind since along with the creativity comes a competitive streak as awell, and I can express that in many ways, you won’t just catch me in one thing that’s exactly what I meant when I said I was crazy I think i pretty much leap past normal expectations and normal profiling, I love the fact that I’m a very well rounded individual, I can adapt and i’m very competent in many situations, i’m not really just a “gamer” but obviously depending on the context, I can be identified accurately as a gamer, but i’m not just a gamer, in fact i’m a crazy modern marvel if I do say so myself :D.

So you see I’m pretty confidant and happy with-in my self and walking with-in my own shoes. Without going to much into other areas, another thing i’m very confident about is my creative prospects looking ahead from perhaps the end of 2016 and beyond when I should be back into the momentum of things where I plan to start making more fun and exciting creative videos and producing more content as well as also the resuming of current paused projects, some of which you are already aware of, because I do love playing games but i also love to make videos and so naturally, not normally, it was only a matter of time before these two really awesome areas are mixed complements of the over-arching passions of creativity lol, it’s a great way to produce entertainment, present info, provide feedback, helpful guides and at times even promote social interaction all while doing things that you really appreciate which are gaming and being crafty. Some people may get intimidated by all of the stuff that actually goes into production but not me, I like all kinds of things including technology, i’m not afraid to try something for the first time and see if I can get it working and how they work and things like that, i’m pretty competent and that goes also with electronics, and if I started out not knowing, i’m one who will find a way to find out xD.


When trying to create projects and things of that nature, sometimes it goes relatively smooth, sometimes it gets a little tricky and sometimes, the worse of all, things get almost impossible, and if you have an ever growing imagination like mine, ohh boy! this becomes more and more an issue with experience when you stop using the “beginners stuff” and your creative needs create such a huge demand that you’re literally outdoing your practical self actually meaning that you don’t have the practical requirements to materially advance a concept, and one that’s rather sophisticated at that. So after running into many of these situations I then decided that well it’s time to take a creative pause and do some shopping, a creative pause of course on the stuff that I had been working on and can’t really advance, it’s not that I stopped coming up with “concepts”, see as along as I live my brain keeps working making it almost impossible for that to stop happening xD, but in terms of the development processes that have to go into alot of the latest projects that I had started, there definitely has to be a temporary break because there is no way I can continue without the right tools and in my case the right tools or the right tool, is definitely a much better computer than the one i’m currently using, so this blog is essentially an update on developments on that end, and obviously I wouldn’t even bother with this if it’s not something that’s going to happen, that’s so not my style folks lol.

I had always gamed on consoles in the past and they where a blast especially with family and friends and whats not :D. I still have my nintendo 64, still have my super nintendo and so on — but then [to make a long story short] as it got closer to a more modern era, factors to do with other matters outside of gaming actually influenced the first computer into our home and I also did things on that for a good while until I naturally became also interested about gaming on that aswell xD. And since then, I never went back lol. I was gaming on computer from way back in the day — I certainly didn’t start gaming on PC from 2011, i’m talking about from pre-
2001 — say to say I didn’t go back to the same computer either because that went dead hahaa, it had a couple of heart attacks and then finally gave out lol. So low and behold every since then, a laptop came my way and i’d just game on those, now mind you, these laptops aren’t technically mine because I know the question may come to mind; “well, how comes you just didn’t get a computer that was good enough?”, good question and it’s basically because they weren’t really mine lol, if there where mine i would have definitely gotten something more appropriate in the fist place, but this underlines the fact that I have been using laptops for a while because I just got to use them and for a while they were ok, especially as they where considerably better than the very old first and only desktop computer we had, which I mentioned was what I had pre-2001, so for me, from that perspective which was the point i really wanted to make, these laptops where the shizz for a awhile because they were way better than that old computer by miles lol. So over the years I had used a couple of laptop and some things went wrong with some of them eventually for one reason or the other, which ultimately then lead finally to the one i’m using now which is a beast, like me :D, and the one I had been using ever since, but it’s only a beast to a point now and it is clear that I cannot continue to use it for advanced technical criteria, so i will need to shift to something to keep up with demands as well as keep up with me hehehe.

As part of that initiative the new system is going to be a crazy enough machine to go right along with my crazy as-is brilliance haha!. So right off the bat, I don’t see 4k as anything necessary although it would be able to push that, but I do not have that as a priority, I don’t — critics!, I sound crazy?, good!, it means i’m out of your mind, it’s probably retarded like spending 4G going to 4K. My whole plan is to make something so crazy, you’ll forget about 4K and just remember to come back and see more fun videos, which after all that has been said, would mean that i’m going to be making a computer that’ll be more then just about getting 60 FPS in a game, see I have a kind of interesting setup going as well, kind of like a studio/arcade arrangement going on, so my next build will definitely be made to actually complement that personal custom utilization and all essential modulations that helps killa do his thing :D.


You all will definitely get a know at the specifics that will be going into my build when that time comes months to a year from now but i’m just giving an overview right now  and making it clear that all plans to actually resume are actually imminent, i’m just getting stuff sorted out and then when what is to be done is done, content will start to drop again because I just don’t think at this point it makes sense to keep using what i’m currently using when there are so many hindering factors, in a sense, i’ve had enough “practice” with this but it’s time to move on. I know exactly what I need and want for my future operations so I don’t need any tips or advice or rookie guide or anything like that, and in fact, what I plan to do with a blog like this and others is to actually show you some things to help you out alot more, and break some of the normal and common misconceptions of exactly what you may need, to have an effective system. Some people believe it’s just about having the latest tech but often times it’s the “architecture” of the system and how you build it, that truly makes it proficient. If you listen to some people you would think you need high-end, high-end, high-end, which is just a bunch of horse manure. They have absolutely no clue what they are talking about — it’s like they buy a $50 card and CPU and get “disappointed” at the performance because they don’t get to run Crysis 3 on “max settings” wtf? xD. That is completely missing the point of why low-end technology and components exist. So don’t bust your pockets listing to a ****ing clown. They probably get tons of sponsored stuff and never actually had to work with a limited budget, and even so, it’s not just about the budget, it’s what you’re looking to get out of the experience individually, maybe it’s not even as important for you to run something on max settings.


With that previously being said, perhaps with my configuration you’ll observe and understand a couple of things that you can use and apply to your configurations, so i’m going to do things the way i want to do things and go crazy and fun with this build. For starters it’s going to have windows 10 because as you know, I recently had to do some handy work with the current laptop i’m using since it’s HardDrive went busted and I decided to go straight to windows 8 and upgrade from windows 7 and that was indeed a wise choice and I also mentioned I can’t find anything that would reasonably recommend going back to windows 7 or previous windows versions over upgrading to 8. 8 is actually superior in every aspect and at the time I said that it is perhaps one of Microsoft’s best OSes in history, because it is that good, in terms of feed back, operating, stability and reliability, customization and tons of other really new and advanced features it has and not to mention that it has all of what you had in previous versions of windows except they are much more improved, plus the system having much more apart from that to offer. In my opinion if your going back to windows 7 or vista or x.p you are mentally challenged — taking into account what i just said, that’s just 8, i’m sure 10 is superior. So yes it’s going to have Windows 10 and do yourself a BIG favor and get windows 8(especially the pro version) or 10 since everything before these, are a substantial crash land backwards. So basically those that are not completely brain dead, are definitely using windows 8 or 10 by now and I have absolutely no idea when anyone would go back or even purposely stay on older versions, i just cannot find any logical or reasonable reason why if you have the option not to.

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