Gaming Conference Part 2: Crazy and Fantastic Prospects

Now for the other factors of the build. Truth is, i’m seeing some pretty awesome stuff from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA in the GPU and CPU areas as well as things like Solid State Drives and HardDrives, sounds cards, you name it. I can tell you right now that my next PC creation is going to have properties from each of the above manufacturers mentioned, so it’s going to be pretty outstanding. As I said i’m not going to get too much into specifics because i’m not ready to get anything yet, and most likely if I were to pick certain things now, obviously by the time i’m ready, so many things may have changed by then that certain elements/aspects of my plans probably would be updated.

What I will say is DirectX 12 seems to be a pretty phenomenal technology that I’m absolutely going to be taking advantage of. I’m also not going to be using anything lower than 6 cores as far as the CPU is concerned because I have learned enough and have done enough research to know that it would make more sense to have something more powerful, because like I said, it’s not going to be just a gaming system or about max frame performance in games at 4K resolution. Right now the system i’m using has an Intel Pentium B950 and it is working as good as new, from since the time I started using it, and has not had any of the malfunctioning issues that some of the previous computers i’ve used encountered, and I am absolutely impressed at that, because if you recall, I had mentioned that in the past some of the laptops I had, went haywire for some reason or the other and none of that was due to any fault of my own — those were mainly faulty hardware elements that caused said issues. But, I have had this current laptop doing all Kinds of intense tasks, including multitasking, some video editing and gaming, and it just performs really well — mind you i’m doing all of that with a Pentium B950 dual core Sony Vaio laptop, for about what?, like 5 years! :D(the laptop I think came out around 2011, so i’m not just throwing numbers out there). So tips?, why?, from who?, nobody can tell me **** xD. I’m an intelligent mother**** :D, I make even krazy kool — some got the edge, some don’t.

So I could only imagine how an i5 or i7 works (not that these are necessarily what i’ll be getting but that is just to make a general example, referencing things that people are already familiar with), the only thing with those is that intel chips tend to be very high priced and i’m not really going for anything lower than 6 cores (i’ll share more on this at a later time), so you can understand how tricky this would be on the price end for me. If only the prices would come down a wee bit to match AMD’s fantastic prices. Now, I have to keep it accurate like I have been doing and tell you that AMD has unbeatable prices, if it where not for the fact that i’m really after the overall production yields, multitasking etc aspects of computing, I would go with AMD because with AMD you could build a game killer that can handle any game just fine. Where you run into issue is if you compare AMD’s material to others possibly, but what’s the real point of doing that when you can already do all that you need to do on the AMD system, plus you get to keep tons more money in your pocket to go towards meaningful stuff?, exactly — my advice; just try not to get too nerdy and you’ll be fine.

But my system is not just going to just be about simple stuff, so it will incorporate technologies from all of the manufactures I mentioned since after analysis, that’s the only how what i’m cooking up is actually going to work because of the architecture [by going that route] and the fact that i’m after very specific things. For research and development however, and also to provide helpful information, I will list full system specs and details after my computer is finally put together, along with videos showing how it’s working, and my “benchmarks” aren’t going to be ****ing “charts” xD. Nope!, you’re going to be seeing realtime demonstrations so you can get the best idea of how stuff is actually working per-situation, workload etc. But yeah, going Back to the earlier point about affordability, if only the prices of some of intel’s consumer grade top chips and cores would come down a bit, that would be fantastic. I also have to mention however that AMD has big plans for their technology lines (CPUs, GPUs etc) come 2016 and beyond and are set to come back with a big bang, so it will be very interesting to see what happens next year and beyond as the current FX series becomes predecessor and no longer the main flagship successors. But remember, i’m not going with one manufacturer for my next custom computer, what i just said is just a little “side note” I added while speaking on issues of affordability relating to certain areas of interest.

So with this crazy build being so crazy that it will work, (because i’m crazy and will be doing stuff that is reflective of the same awe-inspiring caliber in case you missed the memo and i’ll keep repeating myself so you don’t miss it and mistake me for someone else, so if you’re looking for normal and the norm, and you’re here, instead you’re going to find me because i’m so crazy i’m unavoidable and you can’t miss me, i’m well aware i’m a sight for sore eyes), and obviously since this isn’t going to be a typical machine and is going to facilitate absolutely crazy formulations (it’s going to be a very high tech unit), I expect that my content delivery will increase drastically by 8 fold, and the quality of the content to increase by 10 fold rather than the previous one video here, one video there trend. With the build of my next system, I wouldn’t be facing the said limits that I currently face which prevent me from being able to essentially produce many of the kinds of content as I would like (not to mention the incompatibility I run into with some software and applications, even the inability to run some games), and therefore I would be able to proceed and deliver content to the desired extent, especially in cases where I am restricted to only playing part of a small stage in a game at any given time previously while recording. That was one of the major issues before, where, most of my game playing videos weren’t “full length” and were mostly short, where only a small section or portion of a stage, or two+, would be recorded.

Obviously that’s not what I preferred, it’s just that I was working within technical limits at the time. So my next machine will definitely eliminate that issue, so expect 8 times the amount of content a week, or even in a day, aswell as 10 times the “quality” which will be a substantial increase over what I have been doing in the past. Plus I also have desires to revisit almost all of the games I already made short videos of, like the; Agarest, Capcom’s Devil May Cry(and many more), Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z games, and even ones that I have hinted at in the past such as Naruto, not to mention the fact that I also have TONS of other titles that I have yet to play, some pre-2015 while others are what’s currently all the fuss in 2015. So there will be back-to-back releases of both older titles and newer titles, and trust me, I know games, so expect not just what’s popular, but also some that you’ve probably never heard of. To me a good game is a good game, i don’t gave a **** if it’s an AAA title or an indie game or weather the graphics is 8-bit or HD. Great things come in all different shapes and sizes so-on-and-so-forth. So when it comes to me, understand that i’ll probably be doing things different than the norm or what you expect unless you’re anticipating something I revealed already.   

On some rather significant news, I am also very pleased to see that NIS is also welcoming their Disgaea series to the PC platform for the very first time. That is absolutely incredible, and games like these will be getting special attention from me and in my creative productions, because I truly am a huge fan of games like disgaea and games alike that are of that genre, so you can say i’m super excited over this development and will present to you things you’ll find a little different for a change. For one, you will not see me trying to over hype and oversell call of duty and many of the other big titles, I will instead introduce everybody to the titles that I think are colossal hits to me lol. I’m not saying you shouldn’t expect some of the games you know, i’m saying the issue is, you should expect alot of the games you might not know and also creative productions which incorporate games like I have been doing already, but to a much higher quality and more frequent degree. So you’ll get the crazy and fun gameplay videos and you’ll see at times some even crazier content involving games. So don’t mind my current apparent hiatus on the gaming and video front, I definitely have some great exciting, crazy and fantastic things in the works and i’m just getting started. Expect some more critically aggressive and creative masterpieces coming your way late 2016 to perhaps the latter half of 2017. Obviously things could change and workout alot sooner but that’s currently the time frame i’m looking at.

You can check out Part 1 here:…

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