I Enjoy This Religion (Stanch Challenger To All The Forces At Work)

It feels good to be religious because you realize that it just doesn’t stop at being “labeled” as something religious. What some forces at work fail to realize is that “religion” is often used as a classification to identify a particular practice that often relates to a belief in an uplifting area. So that’s why I laugh when some odd forces come with this flimsy nonsensical garbage and labeling it as “spirituality”, since i have to wonder if they are suffering form some sort of mental condition, because all they do is talk about some insipid useless crap “labeled” as spirituality that serves as nothing but a raisin-brained comparison to “religion”. It is funny because I don’t know why anyone would find joy in a practice that is about nothing!, but that’s just it, these people, or influential forces at work, seem more “paranoid” in what they are spreading, than confident.

It’s easy to see why because looking into some of the misguided nations about some crap these forces are calling spirituality, you often fail to see what else is there behind this obsession other than it being used as some other foolish alternative to what these forced rogues see as “bad religion”, it seems more and more to be a degenerative divisive propaganda of silly forces at work, who have no real sense of direction or purpose other than to claim that they are non-religious or anti-religious.

Ironically words of the father actually warns of these exact kind of deluded forces, course there are forces who are going to try and modify and manipulate “the word” to their liking. Of curse there are people who are going to try to shake you away from your faith and make you believe that it’s not “right”. “Anti-religious” nuts have been around for centuries, so obvious some of the foolish forces came out from under a rock. Obviously the pathetic doo-doo isn’t going to work because history proves that. Timeless reality proves that your null flat “philosophy”, rots. Feel free to repeat history, and you’ll just be nothing more than a washed away stain, because the force offers no real solutions to anything, and these joker/jokes, are literally are just to be seen as insignificant bumps on the “religious road”.  

So if you have all of this times to keep comparing your utter garbage disguised as “spirituality” to the practices seen as “religion”, obviously your stupid “spirituality” is not a glimmer of anything truly meaningful in reality. These forces are conniving, pretentious frauds, who is trying to be nothing more than a distraction, comparing useless folly to something that actually has meaningful significance, significance built on a solid foundation of rock that will roll over and crush as soon as you think you’re stopping it’s momentum, that you obviously are not into and is above your very low-life class or force, because you obviously have more interest in being stupid.

So religion(even though that’s just a title/reference) is supposed to be seen as “not good”, but your dumbed-down excuse of superficial pseudo-spirituality that’s nothing more than a rats-scrap feed of anti-religious PROPAGANDA, is supposed to be something to give a foot about?. Give me a break, you are a set moved by pretentious forces, with way too much time on your hands and alot of empty space in your brain. The devil finds work for idol hands, and if the best your crappy excuse of “spirituality” amounts too, is to take your dirty finger and point at “religion”(which is basically just a general reference to a kind of activity) like a childish force, then you’re better off taking your finger and putting back into the devil’s rare…. because it’s retarded, stupid and extremely misguided and misinformed and so are the individuals entertaining your unsound, pretentious comical idiocy. What I believe in, is something eternal, what you revel in, is flippantly maternal.

I don’t need some ignorant excuse this force calls “spirituality”. I’m a “soul” man, my soul religion has soulful power. It doesn’t get better than that. Underneath the cosmetic drivel, the freaky force doesn’t know or have anything, that’s why I can afford to religiously look at the bigger picture because it’s about enlightenment and upliftment, not your small-minded dumb lifelessness disguised as “spirituality”. Nobody needs your crappy “opinions”, or needs to play around with what you feel
something should be — if that’s all your focusing on, you’re in this for the wrong forceful reasons.   

Folks, I see it more as “forces” at work rather than just individuals or just people in general. I can’t blame these people for falling victims to this stupidity which is this force at work that I see also as an “influence”. It’s certainly no a force for good. When I make reference to “people” in this lesson, I mean the force they are overcome by. They are being forced, not genuinely driven.

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