I’m Very Realistic (Lets Face The Facts)

I’m not just “claiming” to believe in a higher being just to be spiteful however there are some notions that were created to be counter-antagonizing to pro-religious views, seemingly such as this dumb alien dogma, that’s usually circulated by those who consider themselves geniuses. Let me make it clear that I like to keep things as realistic as possible, i’m not a gullible person, so realistically speaking, I don’t really believe in hogwash like “aliens” and little green men. I believe what that trend really was, was originally an attempt at deflecting religious notions, that says no there is no life else where.

I believe that when it comes to the basic principles and origins of life, I believe that the wisdom in the teachings from the lord and that are inspired by him out of the best interest of the people, are by far waaaaay ahead of any technological and systemic hypotheses seeking to analyze “life”, that are a result of it.

Regardless of what you want to believe about little green things dubbed as “aliens,” realistically I conclude that life is just not formed out of thin-air or by a series of inferior materials just colliding into each other. That is completely a false assertion when you actually use some sense and look at the way life on earth, as it has been doing CONSISTENTLY for many decades, centuries and years, actually comes into existence.

life is usually created, not by random collisions of random materials nor neither by evolving elements. It is clear that 100 percent of the time, when a new being comes alive, it was directly as a result of being birthed from other life forms that had life, not by molecules, not by elements mixing, or by turbulent collisions or materials, which leads me to conclude that irrespective of whatever material circumstantial phenomenons that may be present or active through the beginnings of the universe and from then on, life as we know it, more likely than anything else, must have continued to come from something that was, and perhaps still is, living, which actually had life in order to pass-on that trait.

It makes the most sense since till this very day, that is the only way life continues to come into existence. How the *** can some random lifeless materials, that have no life, just form something as complicated and truly as special as life?. Human-beings are more than just physical materials, we have awareness — we are actually alive and materials are not, and no matter what happens circumstantially, materials stay as dust. Awareness, consciousness etc is another common thing in all life-forms that does not exist in any form of material(s). So how do some geniuses, figure that a random pile of lifeless debris, swashing around to no avail can just produce things that are actually alive when such things had no form or trait of life whatsoever in the first place?. I guess in some ironic way, they(those who believe that clashing materials may be the origins of life) are going off of what was said relating to people being formed from dust in scriptures, BUT that’s not all there was too it, see, what else was specified was that a life form was actually the final cause and reason of human beings actually not just coming to formation but ultimately coming to life or coming alive….

So just “randomly turbulent impacts of lifeless materials smashing into each other and then BOOM!!! that’s how life started”, is a heap of ****ry. Follow me carefully, i’m not talking about “ohhh look at how BIG the universe is, and because it is big, there has to be life else where” junk, I mean, why does there have to be life else where just because you think there should be, just because of the size of the universe?. Why would the universe revolve around your way of thinking?. But no, i’m certainly not coming from that angle — i’m just taking some time to place authentic common sense into the mix — real “common sense”, not the one that’s just passed from mouth to mouth because people think it just makes them more credible if they throw that term around — no!, i’m talking about true common sense from a realistic point based on common principles and observations.

What i’m actually saying about how life is formed and then subsequently passed on, is a proven fact, and this is something you also realize when you study the word of the lord, which states that from since the begging of man’s time, it is told and described that life was created by life itself, not by the mare happenings of material and cosmic disasters…..

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