I don’t get caught up in the criticism. That stuff burns completely up as it gets close to my Aura. I religious follow GOD and that’s how the frig it’s staying. I’m going to get swindled by some overnight pretender talking about they’re “spiritual” because everything else caused “differences”. That’s a stupid bogus illogical excuse, they will always be differences, so pretending to be a weekend “spiritual successor” to “religion” isn’t going to do any good and it’s certainly not going to fool anyone. What you really are is a pretentious phony.

Also most dummies refer to “religion” as it just an established and “distinguished congregation” or “denomination”, sure there are established denominations and congregations “practicing” different faiths and there is nothing wrong with that at all, but that’s not what “religion” means so before phonies speak on stuff that they are just following over nigh like it’s a twitter page, I advise people to take dictionary up and look at the meaning of things instead of making yourself look ignorant, and that’s how the frig it’s staying.

Also the lowest form of ignorance is to suggest that there is a difference between religion and being spiritual when most persons who are religious are spiritual for obvious reasons — obvious reasons!, and have been like that for decades and even centuries before you were born and decided to be “spiritual” over night just to be that way, and thinking there is a “difference” because of ignorance and the fact that you’re a phoney wannabe further “contributing” to the same spectrum of “differences” you claim to be so against, which proves, if that’s just your motive, you’re silly. There will always be differences and best believe, I want to make a difference and that’s how the frig it’s staying….

The bottomline is nobody knows this better than god and I’m “religious” and you’re opinion on it is 100% irrelevant and that’s how the fig it’s staying. I don’t care what you’re saying because my logic is better than your logic and that’s how the fig it’s staying.

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