Status Of My Ninja Game And Gaming Development

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Sahara stage before:

Sahara stage after:

Rocky Stage before:

Rocky Stage after:

I utilized the sahara method and BAM!, greatness has been born again :P. I actually gave the sahara stage a much deserved enhancement and it no longer has the predominantly “dark brown” look — it has more of a lite sandy cream look and has a much better looking road that complements the stage lol. And the other stage is the “rocky stage” which also received a makeover using the sahara method. Both stages have received modifications to their original tilesets that are now specifically organized to accentuate each specific stage’s looks and interactive merits. The only thing that’s left is to put in more detail, to make the stages look more “decorated” and to also place other key things on the map that would be critical to the gameplaying aspects of my game. The before and after examples are more so about preference than  it is about if i feel one style was better than the other lol.


Ok so, more fun updates :D. While developing I still wanted to find a resolution for a parameter that I still kind of wanted in my games to archive a certain look and depth since the dynamic grids I had already constructed didn’t quite hit all the right notes for certain visions, I mean after all nothing is perfect! :D. So I started to reflect on a previous stage that I hadn’t finished yet and thought about what I should do since I had originally pushed it aside and thought I would “remake” it with the new dynamic grid templates but upon closer inspection I decided to actually leave the map intact because I actually saw some major potential in it that actually could solve and satisfy the issue I was having — little did I know when I was first working on the map, that I was actually onto something xD. That’s the kind of brilliance i’m talking about :D. Now what that map represents is actually the Sahara stage, so I decided to improvise the “Sahara method” which is also named that way since it is akin to finding water in the sand :P. See it seemed iffy at first but i’m not in this for 15 minutes of fame so as soon as I saw the vision, it became a masterpiece with-in seconds :D.

Also a bit of more good news is that there has been some claims of low frame rates with large maps but I tested atleast the fist and second region and experienced no lags, stutters or screen-taring and i’m playing on a computer that doesn’t have high performance specs, as a matter of fact, it’s not even a gaming computer and what’s more is that i’m not even running the program on a standard harddrive, i’m actually operating(resourcefully :P) form a flashdrive, so, so far that’s a very good sign.

As a matter of fact, let me be profoundly clearer here, peek the specs and get the proper per-spec-tive :D.

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

System Manufacturer: Sony Corporation

System Model: VPCEH2AFX

BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 03.60.51R0200Z9

CUP: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

Available OS Memory: 4044MB RAM

But then again, this is a BEAST that plays games like super street fighter 4 with some “extreme” settings, the devil may cry and many others so do we really expect an “RPG Maker” program to even begin to work this epic beast of a basic lap top?, ha! :D  


EXHIBIT A: Forest [Constructed by Dynamic Grid Design]

EXHIBIT B: Swamp [Constructed by Dynamic Grid Design]

I present to you exhibit A and exhibit B. This is exactly how the gird technique is supposed to be used in creative combination with RPG Maker’s tile assets and tile mapping/placement features as you can see in the two photos above which are representations of two out of 3 ideally built stages I have done so far. They (the grids, remember I have two version which are the wide and intricate forms) are basically templates of patterns you can utilize as stylized platforms to arrange and construct a series of structures that would uniformly transform an entire landscape/landmass into an interactive place of exploratory and adventurous beauty.

The grid formula is exceptional to have because you can use them in their standard layout configuration, or you can go more advanced and actually combine and link the stylized placeholders together to form even more elaborate or detailed implementations, thus the word “dynamic” in the name lol. You could free-hand every inch but I guarantee you that if dealing with the amount of maps i’m going to be making, and maps of the size i’m dealing with and in the style I need them to be, it will take you forever :D. Especially when you’re going to have to keep zooming in and out to make sure your constructions aren’t “off-course” :D. So the GRIDS were a brand idea especially in my case as i’m not very experiences in the area of developing stages for games and that kind of things and have little to no background in artistry neither can I draw anything beyond the level of stickmen xD.

look at the two great pictures I have up(which are showing stages in them that aren’t 100% finished as you can especially tell by the forest stage where some areas are still brown xD), and I bet I know what you’re asking now; “what?, killa on the verge of actually creating large scale realm in the capacity of a masterful landscaper?. Could this really be that he’s really taking on the enormous task of building an exciting and fulfilling game world?” and ofcourse, my answer to that is an obvious; YES! :D, and that’s not just boast or brag because you can see in the pictures that it’s actually happening!.

Take a good look at the pictured creations folks!. What you’re looking at are maps of some of the first set of regions of the game coming to life :D. There are going to be a series of 10 huge stages which would be:

1   – Scythe Land(official name of the first region)

2   – Sahara Land(Official name of the second region)

3   – *Rocky Edge

4   – *Swamp Stage

5   – *Forest Stage

6   – *Cave Stage

7   – *Mountainous Stage

8   – *Big City Stage

9   – Abandoned Land(Official name of the 9th region)

10Bridge State(Official name of the 10th Region)

They are mostly not officially named except for the first, second, ninth and tenth regions/stages which all have official names. But as you can see, all the rest are pretty much described! atleast in name.

Now most of the stages to follow would be as big as those in the two pictures and they will be enormous like that because one of the original ideas I had is that there would be lots of fun stuff to discover in the game’s fictional world and making the maps extensive like that is one important step to archiving this vision

Now let me just say that for those who think building game stages is easy!, well I can tell you that first hand it’s really not that easy, or atleast not if your planning to build something elaborate xD. But I have came up with an interesting architectural formula and technique,which is the grid, that would actually help me complete the rest of the stages in pretty timely fashion so probably some time late next week you’d be seeing all of the stages!.

I must say as a side note that RPG Maker is a very incredible program to use as well. I’ve sampled a number of consumer level gaming engines and this program is actually really great and it’s pretty capable — it has alot of capable features and i’d hands down recommend it to any one looking to experiment with this kind of stuff! :D.


Wide Frame:

Intracate Frame:

Yeah so ofcourse i’m not wasting anytime I knew what an enormous task I would have ahead of me and so I started making the game about a day or so ago, but the stages are so massive I knew that there had got to be a better way of being more organized and actually making the stages come to life so I thought about it and today I decided to come up with a “dynamic grid” — a grid which can be used to create virtually any kind of stage you can think of which is I exactly what I need. So the plan does indeed fit well especially with the standards and vision I have specifically for my stages.

I’ll get into the specifics of the stages later but this grid actually allows me to do in a very substantially short space of time in terms of developing the stages, what it took me almost 1 hour or more to do :D. So upon putting my “logic” which was mainly just an idea at first, into practice, it actually worked like a charm — I was actually able to manipulate the grid to construct multiple highly detailed and organized stages in a very short period of time, so now that I have set the foundation for those, I can actually use this to my advantage to re-do and reconstruct previous stages I had done before all initially done using the older method which took way longer and doesn’t nearly look as advanced.

I have created two versions of the dynamic grid; an intricate version which would allow for the placement of intricate interactions to create very specific conditions, and the “wide frame” version which is going to be used for stages that generally don’t require as much detail. I would need both versions because they were especially made for the kind of game I’m making which is going to feature some very massive stages so this was a way developed to construct those stages in the most elaborate and detailed but yet time efficient way you can possibly think of lol.  

when i’m finished these stages(though i’m not going to technically “finish” such large and intricate stages anytime now if I was to go beyond the basics and really develop them to the full extent of my vision) then i’ll get to the really fun stuff such as the gameplay features and mechanics! after introducing you all first to the main character :D. but for now i’m focused on the stages!.

P.S: You use this GRID formula in creative conjunction with RPG Maker’s “Flood Fill” and “Click Hold And Drag tile” Mapping systems to help create massive large-scale maps. Those features + the GRID system = In-game creation GOLD!!! :D.

I’m developing the game from the perspective of practicality not just from a graphical artistic perspective since the game is going to feature tons of things to do and the game’s world need to be built around that concept which is exactly the goal i’m aiming to accomplish with my stages aswell as still having them appealing to the eye and senses!.



Just updating you all on the experimental name i’ve decided to pick for my experimental game, and he name is: Roughest Of The Roads: Story Of A Ninja. I decided to pick that name for now because for one like I have indicated in previous disclosure, the game would have multiple paths that aren’t going to be that obvious to the player at first, so the “roads” part is figurative in the sense that it’s referencing different paths you’d come across, and it’s also literal in the seen that it’s going to be a pretty sizable game, stage wise and ofcourse it’s going to have plenty of hard battles and challenges, hence where the word “roughest” comes in lol. And as you probably can tell the; “Story Of A Ninja” subtitle is pretty self explanatory!. So I hope that this other attribute to the game makes it more interesting to you and ofcourse look out for more goodies in the coming days as I have actually started the game’s development! — yes! folks, I have received RPG Maker(version VX Ace to be exact) and it is terrific :D


The protagonist would be really awesome but I would have to implement some strange measures to make sure that he doesn’t become overpowered to the point where it doesn’t make the game as fun as it should be, so basically my idea is to offer and extensive customization feature into the game but make certain content and assets more “ideal” for him than others and put some features in the game that would make it so that well; “he can use this but he wouldn’t be able to use it as effectively as his “ideal” class of weaponry or equipment sets, so for instance if he ends up wearing a certain type of equipment it may cause you to lose control of him randomly in battles, or make him damage himself, make him paralyzed, or make his moves miss alot etc so i’m looking to implement that kind of balancing mechanic. So anther thing would be like he’s a unique ninja, so because Of all the other benefits he can gain and because of the sole fact that he’s a ninja he’ll have “0 luck” in his “Luck Parameter/attribute” — he wouldn’t have any luck what-so-ever unlike other characters in other character classes lol. The equipment in the game are going to be made so you can upgrade them to extreme levels but as I have to take balancing into account, just to clarify and reiterate; there will be no such thing as junk armor/equipment or useless armor or useless weapons since all weapons and equipment will be valuable, it’s just that certain pieces of equipment, due to balancing issue, wouldn’t be as “ideal” and effective for him or other characters to use as much as his “recommended weapons and equipment would be. So that’s where the custom property stats of the equipment comes, into play because some would feature skills, abilities, buffs and debuffs that wouldn’t be obtained via any other piece of equipment and vice versa.

Quick Notes:

(A)I updated the ranking list slightly by Putting “DemiGod” under the “God Raking” category because he’s not a “pure god”, he has a “father” so to speak, that is the true god and more on that relationship would be revealed with-in the games story itself. So I changed the ranking name so that it would fit the narrative.

(B)Apart from that, I checked-out the RPG Maker program and i’m liking what i’m seeing alright in-terms of the basics, I just need to research more of how the game handles event triggers — there is actually alot of things I need to implement into this game to make everything work in unison and I haven’t even started yet so basically i’ve just revealed pieces of details that’s part of a big picture.

What’s even more exciting is that I should be able to get my hands on this program very soon in fact so i’m definitely going to be using it because it seems like a very fun and capable program as a matter of fact, so look out for some more updates on the project next week and in the days ahead!


Ofcoure, i’m going to be aiming to deliver the kind of excellent presentation that you couldn’t get enough of which would be not one of stereotypical-cliche but instead what you should expect from me which is more in the league of original brilliance, because I have a very indepth game on my hands and it’s going to be my pleasure and responsibility to get all of these wonderful elements working together in and as one cohesive masterpiece!. So take a look at some of the ideas I am looking to archive :D.


Obliteration Hall Of Mame: This would be a place in the game that has a monument with names of infamous and powerful lords of monstrous or human kinds, inscribed on them and each legend you defeat earns you either a; special powerful item, powerful skills, a higher rank which earns you reputation points so that you can climb higher up the ranks to face more higher level foes depicted in the tales of the monument. This is going to be a significant part of the main landscape where the protagonist originated but it’s just one interesting thing in the game there would be other interesting elements throughout the game’s universe.

All of the legends of the monument will be extremely powerful and all deal extreme damage and have huge amounts of health points with each type of stat ranging in the low to very high millions and above(critical hit anyone? :D).

The game will feature a rank system which would be essentially a Ninja Class system. There will be a number of ranks and the higher you go would be the cooler title you earn and more powerful and reputably renowned you get which is the whole point of this system. Now this syste is by no means “finished” because I keep getting idea after idea after idea and I keep adding things to felicitate more purposes and significant attributes to the system itself but for now this is where i’m at. Oh yeah and you can tell just from this system alone that this game is definitely going to be about a ninja’s story xD.

Ranking system:

Starter Ranks

1 – Weakass ninja

2 – Novice Ninja

3 – Rookie Ninja

4 – Practice Ninja

Noble Ranks:

5 – O.k Ninja

6 – Swift Ninja 

7 – Crazy ninja

 8 – Pro Ninja

 9 – Awesome Ninja

10 – Serious Ninja

Mastery Ranks:

11 – RGP Ninja

12 – Danger Ninja

13 – Brutal ninja

14 – Skilled Ninja

15 – Powerful Ninja

16 – Vicious Ninja

17 – Master Ninja

18 – Dragon Ninja

19 – Super Ninja

20 – Deadly Ninja

21 – Dark Ninja

22 – Killer Ninja

23 – Doom Ninja

Legend Ranks:

24 – Legend Ninja

25 – Assassin Ninja

26 – Terror Ninja

27 – Colossal Ninja

28 – Overlord Ninja

Ultimate Rank:

29 – Kickass Ninja

God Rank:

30 – DemiGod Ninja


In this game here will be no party system since that would be scrapped in favor of an extremely lively, adventurous, active and interactive game world which would be vast, have loads of things to do and almost every A.I you encounter would either be interesting NPCs that have assets or a task or something of value for you or would be a future combatant or boss in an epic plot twist etc etc.

There will be “special condition” requirements in the game that would either grant you access to a particular area in the game’s world or trigger an event that either challenges you, reward you or makes you explore some more. while some areas in the world would be accessible by other specific means!.

This will be a ninja game that features an; equipment leveling system similar the disgae series, with an item abilities system similar to the final fantasy tactics advance series that features a cool concept of weapons and armor having special attributes in them that grant you awesome status effects and/or techniques in battle!. You’d even be able to level up your stats to make them comparable or even match that of some of the strongest enemies in the game, which would in turn encourage you to train and battle and level up as much as you want in over-the-top fashion.

There will be a ninja master or ninja maters you can train with throughout the game to get stronger and learn new moves, by either paying him or doing certain quests, or retrieving certain items. You can’t earn ranks form them but they’ll be able to measure your “courage” and reveal the level of it so that you could ultimately gain those ranks — It’s a mechanic that would be one factor among others that would qualify you to earn ranks which in this game are like barriers to growth and progress and some indication of mastery.

There will also be different grades of equipment in this game as well as weapon and skill mastery.

The game will feature:

.A currency system.

.A day and night cycle system

.A clock and an “era” system that would all play heavily into the adventurous and fast paced richness of the game

The game’s universe would feature: towns, dungeons, caves, islands, deserts, forests, etc etc

The game will have a very extensive and captivating tale to tell and would be told in a style that doesn’t make it often feel like you have to endure too much endless dialogue or lectures, i’ll try to make it in a style where you’d always look forward to hearing more of what the game’s world wants to reveal to you.

The universe will be very dynamic and interconnected with alot of stuff to be discovered so apart from the main story, the true idea here would be that i’m focusing a ton on replay value and making this game really feel like an RPG where you actually build your character and solidify his overall role in the game, so all of those games that have more than one ending and new game+ and very addictive battles etc etc is where some elements of this game takes inspiration from.

There would be more interesting dynamics added to the list of features of the game over time, or should I say constantly because even as I typed this up here, ideas are flowing like crazy so there will be more interesting elements added to the game or atleast in theory because I still don’t know how flexible the RPG Maker VX Ace program is.



Ok so as you know I actually experimented with making my own video game project made after a ninja I.P I created. To be clear, the ninja I.P is not really a “franchise” as yet, it’s just the very soul and conceptual/intellectual core that’s used to create such things that can be materialized or interpreted into many forms, versions, and variations.

Now for those who didn’t read my older blog yet, I first started to use a couple of engines, found one to actually stat experimenting with and have managed to discover and implement some interesting things in the process although to a very limited degree in comparison to what I ultimately wanted to deliver. Now while I managed to experiment with; speed, physics and platforming elements and even work with “sprites”, the problem is that my ideas tend to become very very elaborate, ambitious, extreme and downright sophisticated really fast so it was only a matter of time before I found myself in a position where I couldn’t quite progress as rapidly as I wanted to because it would have required advance knowledge and much more sophisticated equipment than I started out with, so I had to place the project on an indefinite pause as I had many things to consider because there are so may other avenues and opportunities that I had to take into account all while being a practical novice in this area.

I had to find a balance between creating a fun game but but nor really starting anything or using some highly technical program that would require me to almost dedicate the better part of my life just even learning the basics or something like that. That’s not really a degree of dedication i’m looking for at this stage, so I had to find some means that would allow for just the kind of balance I was looking for and I did discover plenty of game engines and most of them where awesome but the majority didn’t really strike the balance on the conceptual end that I first started out with, so as dynamic as my mind is, recently I just thought about other concepts I had in mind and how far I can get with those, given all that I know about some interesting tools and assets that I knew of, and, I decided to pause the “speed, platformer, ninja project”, and instead explore the “RPG” and tactical version I had for my ninja I.P and after just looking into it slightly, I have decided to develop on that concept using a gaming engine that would allow me to greatly expand and develop on that idea and one of the main tools i’ll be using would be of a program called: RPG Maker VX Ace

I decided to “try” this program because it appears to feature some pretty excellent fundamental areas that i’m seeing so far that I have ideal for an RPG version of my I.P that I would like to incorporate if i so should make and RPG with an engine like this that features a “Side View, Turn Based Battle System”.

It didn’t take long for my creativity to just explode in my mind and become extremely elaborate in no time at all xD, so right now i’m just hoping
that this development asset can handle alot of what I have envisions because I don’t really like to start something unless I know I can get far and whatever i’m using can handle whatever I have to throw at it aswell, but so far, it looks like it can withstand some key aspects of my creative bombardment lol

I’ll share more specific details soon on what I plan to introduce into my game that hopefully I can use the “RPG Maker VX Ace” engine to achieve. As you know my harddrive is still busted so I wouldn’t be developing anything as yet but in the mean time i’ll be keeping an eye on that product and doing more research to learn more about it so when I do go to use it, i’ll already have a fair amount of knowledge about it than I already know and have seen thus far.

Also here’s a link to my older blog relevant to this matter:…

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