Torchlight 2 – Mod And Data Minipulation [UPDATE 3]


UPDATE [17/MARCH/1015]:

Just a slight update to include this presentation. hahaa gaming development never felt better :P. I present too you, the preview of my upcoming film; “Serious Ninja [Debut] – God Of No Redemption”, which is a fun project I started to show-off and debut my newly created ninja and ninja class i’m experimenting with in torchlight 2. An exemplary result of an “experiment gone right” hahahaa :D. Heck at this rate, I might actually modify the entire torchlight 2 game, but that’s the thing with killa — you never know. killa KILLS your expectations xD.


Just letting the messes know that progress is being made and to also issue a peek at at some electronic selfies :D

TechSelfie 1

This is the technological behemoth of the studio you’ve heard so much about :D

TechSelfie 2

This was the great Harddrive that was giving problems. In the photo it’s in a special anti-moisture plastic wrap that the new harddrive came with.

TechSelfie 3

 Here is a video that was made possible by the same device that made all of these other selfies possible. What you’re looking at is the great and tempting potential to actually start recording videos “off-screen” but right now there are still a lot of outside and direct factors that hinder any yields generated form this method of video capturing. For instance the words being displayed on a separate screen while being recorded from a separate off-screen camera tend to be blurry

TechSelfie 4

This is the box of the device used to take the insightful exhibits lol

TechSelfie 5

And of course we have here the actual photo taking device; a Samsung galaxy tab 4 tablet with a pretty innovative camera :P

The news of the progress is that i’ve pin-pointed a couple of things that were the cause of some changes seemingly not taking effect even though I knew that they are possible and should have been taking effect initially, and now i’m able to carry on with the completions of the current character that i’m working on which is fantastic lol. I’ll have a detailed presentation about the matter later after I’ve finally concluded the aforementioned objectives, which would be shortly :D.


UPDATE [01/FEB/1015]:

So this is an updated version of the ninja model I showed yesterday displaying a change in attire attributes, aswell as a change in rank/class and description. Before, he was “killer ninja” but after looking over the ranks and thinking a about it, “killer ninja” is a pretty extreme and highly over the top rank and I don’t think i’d be making anything even close to that caliber of grandeur as yet. I’m not really finished with that rank list and there are a lot of other things not fully thought through as yet lol. I was thinking maybe the RPG ninja rank/legacy would be more appropriate here, though RPG Ninja is still a pretty high level, but I plan to make another ninja class, so that might be it :D.

Also I wanted to add some more elements to differentiate it from the rest of the classes to make things a bit more interesting so after finding out how to change different aspects of the character mesh, I decided to make a change to his “boots” and his martial arts GI, which was previously caqui and brown in appearance, but now it’s blue with some white definition. I also wanted to add a shoulder piece and some gloves but this mesh doesn’t appear to be configured to automatically have that feature enabled so i’ll have to find a way to get one on him. I have a couple of ideas that I could use to achieve this and there are as follows.

Option 1: try to pin-point the exact code of instructions for this feature specifically that’s configured in other characters, and place a version of said instructions somewhere in the character data belonging to the character I made.

Option 2: Experiment with a character model who already have the gloves and shoulder features on them by default, by cloning them and editing their properties so as to make them resemble this character build (the one in the photos of this blog) aswell as have the gloves and the shoulder features.

Option 3: make a copy of the data file of the models that have the desired attributes, install it into the data directory of my recently made ninja character and reverse construct/reverse engineer the file, changing everything else to suit except for the key lines of code responsible for the sought after features, so that the file becomes compatible with my character and with the desired effects.

Three very good ideas that I intend  to try before I move on to other areas of interest. I’m actually using a Warrior Monk base model for this ninja character build but there are lots of other options on the table and maybe i’ll also discover more things as i progress through this experiment.

This character build already has exciting skills and abilities implemented that i selected especially for it, that I am very pleased about so there is actually alot more to the presentation than you might think, but i’m focusing on the appearance of the character because that’s what i am currently back to focus on at the moment but my serious ninja kicks some serious butt!. I’ll get into covering that side of things more very soon so look out! :D.


O.K folks welcome to another blog of ind bases on gaming and based on, of course my need to always be expressively creative :D. I’m currently playing torchlight 2 after a very long time just having this game here laying around. I always intended to get back to it because the first time I played the game, I knew it was a very good game and I had even recommended it to a friend that actually manged to play far more of it than me at the time that I had just gotten it and had just played a small portion or it. It was always a game that I wanted to take some time to playthrough because I  have good taste and I know a fantastic game when I see one and at that time, from just a small sample I had experienced, it never took too much for me to see that the game is a great game. So now, here I am a couple of years later back into the game, and with my interest in gaming growing and reaching far beyond what I typically did in gaming around the time I first got the game, which is, basically just playing them, I have decided to create a practice mini game creating round, because as you know I’m actually also experimenting with developing an original ninja game with the help of the RPG Maker Ace VX game development program (which you can find out more about in this blog:…), and have decided; “hey why not try to create a ninja character MOD for this great game while i’m at it”, and ofcourse after I did some research and some studying of the game and what are the possibilities in this area, I absolutely did :D. Interestingly enough i ended up creating a MOD composed of original material from another MOD which is know as the “Far East Expansion” for torchlight 2.

Now I present to you, my charecter by unofficial name; ORION HURRAH!

As you can see in the picture, what’s interesting is that I decided to dub him a “killer ninja” and also gave him a description where the first sentence actually sums up his form and everything else after that unofficially describes his motives and origins, and some of you may recall that in my experimental ninja project, I actually made a list of 30 ranks and one of them was “killer ninja “and now you’re seeing this ninja being referred to as that — it’s because apart from an advancement in skill and increased power, the ranks are also representing his traits to some degree. Each rank is actually indicative of his personality, which is partly why they are named the why I named them, so in a more advanced game of my franchise or if I were to make an anime after it, you’d see that every time he achieves a rank, it reflects a change in his characteristics as far as attitude, approach to combat, how he views things, his wielding of power etc etc goes. So this test killer ninja I have made as a torchlight 2 MOD, is basically like what him in his killer ninja timeline/era would be like. It’s not exact because remember i’m making him in torchlight two. Think of this as making a version of a character from another franchise in a game that you’re playing because the game has customization features and said character is not actually available in there originally. It a common gaming practice so I think you get the idea. This is obviously on the same kind of level i.e it’s not actually the official original ideal character that would be in my original ninja game, it’s just the concept.

So with that being covered, I guess you all can sense that i’ve pretty much been successful with those experiments, which is correct :D. In fact look out  for more update on this kickass coming your way soon. I still have alot of minor tweaking I want to do as i’m really looking to experiment more with the GUTS editor and also some features on both the character and the game’s aspects in general, so look out! for more goodies and details.

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