Windows 8: Excellent (My impressions of it)

Haha windows 8(8.1 to be exact), an operating system so good that I had to make a blog about it xD. My personal experience with this windows 8 O.S has been excellent — there are some standard windows things that are included in the windows 8.1 O.S that aren’t going to be obvious to you at first compared to older versions of window that had the same standard features, but they are indeed very much still there but you just have search for them first before they can become available to you in a manner that you’d like, but I equate that more to a “setting up and customizing windows to your personal liking” process just like most other windows products, except in windows 8.1, you actually have the ability to take more control in an extensive manner over setting up an customizing the O.S in way that where very non-existent in prior windows operating systems. I totally dig all of the feature i’m seeing so far and it has a ton of stuff that all other previous versions of windows don’t have, that makes it actually more interesting.

I like mostly everything about it and I hope that this style of windows comes back in future windows releases because it is far more advanced than anything i’ve seen in-terms of any existing windows products to date or even perhaps other O.S systems i general. For a multi-tasker such as myself, windows 8.1 has alot of features that makes operating on the system far more efficient especially with the customizable options that helps you set-up apps and access them far faster, and to me the search feature on this system is incredibly fast, responsive, intuitive, and very accurate and far better than anything i’ve ever seen in past and prior windows versions. A couple of things that really sticks out is how super fast it seems to have contributed to the performance of my computer, how swiftly excellent it boots up and how incredibly powerful it’s accessibility, functionality, utility, networking and apps options are, it’s also extremely stable(…; if you visit and read the blog in that link I provided, you’ll see why) so overall it really leaves me no sensible reasons to revert back to windows 7 or even recommend any other of the previous versions of windows over windows 8 to anyone. Hopefully windows 10 is perhaps just like windows 8 or takes everything about windows 8 to an even better level! :D

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