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Lets be clear, these contents i’m presenting in here are video games, so please critics don’t get it twisted, all that other violence and other lame stuff you see around the places of earth, you will acknowledge and admit that they are not video games at all and that video games aren’t the cause. Those are the most worthless and mindless forms of human nature that are causing those things.

This stuff that I bring on the other hand, nobody was harmed at all in the making of these classic epicness, this is not some one going around creating disgust under clown political orders or any kind of brain dead command creating degenerate idiocy over circus retardation by severely impaired rot of the earth. Do not confuse my masterful works with such war, violence and stupidity, there is absolutely no reason to be blaming that dummy stuff on video games it’s the year 2014 so video game blaming critics, get a clue. I’m killa with the fantastic killer edge, so get that straight.

Video games do not cause violence, most of the “violence” you see being committed in real-life are by real incompetent and simple-minded individuals, not video games, so when you see that kind of stuff remember it’s not a game/video game, it’s by real abominations, not a game.



Now with that being said, hey folks this would be a blog i’ll be posting video of gameplay too so enjoy. It will be updated from time to time — the “Debut” video is where i’ll post a featured video and below that would be most others videos I would like you to watch at your own pleasure!. Also i’m working on a new project so look out for that :P. It’s about 98% complete :P


Videos Last Updated on 9/3/2014

Debut Video:

haha yaiba really needs to stop using his “cyborg arm” to make things “technical” for his brain needing adversaries xD. But why would he?, it helps him literally rocket his way to success in a matter of 0 – 226 seconds in tens upon thousands of sliced up zombies :D. Check the video out for a fresh and radical slice ninja action!


More Krazy Video Productions:

Allow me to introduce an ass-kicking of killer proportions with the mastery of the ninja’s deadly way — others against these odds commit suicide and shoot themselves in the head, or the foot, where as, true ninja masters cut off heads and roundhouse kick pathetic zombies in the guts plus yaiba’s cyber arm delivers fully automatic obliteration! — no hesitation :D


7/30/2014 – Just a reminder to the terrible liars and critics; please be mindful of that disclaimer at the top of this blog. I don’t care if you’re an “internet” or media parrot/celebrity/whatever, or real life “prodigy” of piss. When I speak I speak as a leader, it doesn’t matter what you heard from where ever, this represents what I think is final. I’m not responsible for not damn “violence” but i’m responsible for brilliance :D



7/30/2014 – Ok that out of the way(green text statement), above, what you’re looking at is a picture of one of the elements of a project i’m working on. It’s a picture of a font(the actual font i.e the style of text in the image) — if you want to fully express yorself there is nothing like a kickass font. That’s part of creativity essentials 101 lol. I have a massive collection of fonts and rarely used any of them but this time I wanted a font that I thought would complement the theme of the upcoming project and I came across this one that was there and I really liked how it looked so of course it didn’t take long before it became part of creative greatness :D.

Photos last Updated on: 7/30/2014

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