Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.10)

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Ok today the topic will be on a long awaited subject; Skills. Skills skills skills — what would be a game like this without the skills?, my answer to that?; it won’t be a game :D. But this game is truly an action game to the core because of the very fun skills that will be assigned to various characters, who I have atleast [code-named] in a previous blog which also named the skills themselves and also corresponded to a video I did that demonstrated the skills animations by none other than; Animation Ninja :D. I had wanted to do a video next that shows the skills actually being executed via more fun sequences but I will opt to do that when I have a machine that I can put together a much better presentation with, because some of the skills actually have alot of frames that get pretty intricate, not to mention aswell that some of the graphics that are used to make up the animations sometimes tend to actually form really high quality imagery, so typically what would happen is that, the first set would move along at a smooth pace, but then as more skills keep playing one-after-the-next, and because I have different applications running in the background aswell, that would make things go really slow over a period of time and that consumes alot more time than necessary, so for now, I will just share with you details on the specific skills, skills types and categories that I have made for the game so far ,and what you can expect from them during battles that will be taking place throughout the entire game, wielded by alot of formidable adversaries who will be trying to put a devastating end to your every move, that is until you learn to master the Arts! :D.

First up, there are three main categories of skills that make up this very wonderful and action packed game and they all will have their unique properties, and I have 8 groups of skills in total ranging from Fire which is part of the main elemental groups, all the way up to Sacred Arts. You know me, I wanted to go big and make it hit home and out of the park, so I went ahead and developed alot of skills for alot of characters which would make a rocking experience. The original 5 Arts include; Fire, Wind, Ice, Electricity and Dark since I thought it would be very terrific to have those kinds of “elemental” categories with-in the game so as to inflict various elemental effects on targets. That is the main essence of this game, where it’s not just about high damage/high attack but also having fun with the elements that can also devastatingly incapacitate targets on the battle field. That is what is at the core of the sheer amount of fun these games (especially tactical RPGs) provide, and I wanted to capture that with the skills of this game thus having these original elemental categories that then have spin-offs which will be the other two categories I will talk about next but these first categories are skills that do “decent” damage as well as having a very reliable status infliction ratio which is why from the time you even encounter the first of the 200 ninja’s, you’re going to have a challenge on your hands :D. At first you will be coming across so many powerful forces with these skill types that when you’ve reached to a certain number you might think; “that’s it, finally i am most powerful”, but truth be told, that was only the warm up xD. There is plenty more where those came from, so keep reading.

Now, we get into the second category of skills which are the Etreme skills (or “Extreme” skills). The whole concept of these skills is that they are extreme versions of the original elemental groups that will be extremely deadlier since they “do extreme damage to targets plus have status-infliction”. They essentially hit multiple times and deal severe damage while at-the-same-time can cause random incapacitation but the ratios in which they do so is at a much lower rate than that of the skills within the first original “Elemental Groups”. So from the time you encounter a ninja with one of these Xtreme Arts, prepare to be using tons of potions and just clinging to survival, unless you have managed to get your hands on some really powerful equipment or a Seal Talisman or a crew of formidable ninja teammates, as well as have your character’s stats REALLY HIGH xD. Or else, you should just be prepared to get K.O’d almost instantly until you are strong enough lol. They are quite alot of these guys just like there are plenty of the original Elemental Arts Ninjas, but with the right approach, especially if you maximize on your options of taking advantage of the feature in the game that lets you assemble a team of playable ninjas, you will progress more smoothly. That is why throughout the game there will be loads of feedback to inform of how progress is going, reminders of various stat boosting aspects and team building aspects galore because on this adventure, you are far from powerless :D. But the Xtreme Skills have the highest damage dealing rate/range in the game by far though that stuff wasn’t enough to make them the most powerful skills in this very unique game and i’ll get to why that is next :D.

The most powerful skills in the game are the Sacred Arts/Sacred Skills since they are absolutely devastating and these are the skills that will be wielded by the most powerful enemies in the game which are the 30 legendary Gods, alot of whom aren’t necessarily ninjas but come in the form of all kinds of things like dragons, possessed items and other kinds of creatures :D. They will be the ones with the Sacred Arts which are powerful skills in more ways than one because while they don’t have as high as an attack strength since their attack strength is somewhere between the original Elemental Arts and the Xtreme Arts, they still have a relatively mid-range attack strength and these skills can also cause the creation of very frustrating detrimental battle conditions, and also have the highest success-rate of character status infliction. So they have a mighty attack rating, and they can make multiple units on a team extremely weak, plus they can also create persistent conditions during battle which can force you to endure almost hopeless and helpless turmoil, and there are 30 powerful GODs individually commanding 30 of these sacred skills each, to make for a very interesting time indeed. But you shall have hope that one time, one day, in one instance you will master all of your abilities and you will rise above these tricky, challenging and difficult predicaments, because despite all of these fun, exciting and incredible odds, the ninja you control is actually thee most fun and thee most powerful combatant in this entire fray of crazy action packed goodness, but in order to reach there i.e the highest ninja rank in the game that I mentioned numerous times in other blogs, you have to work for it which wouldn’t be a problem at all because the game is FUN and fun enough to keep you very embroiled and infatuated with the experience the game provides :D.

With all that being said, you can have a look at the listed categories and the skills that fall under them, in the listings below and you can also take a look at said skills (which are still a work in progress) in action in the featured video above and until the next update, game on :D.

List of Skills for reference:
Fire Arts:
Flash Flame, Flash Flame 2, Flash Blink, Flame Flood, Flash Fire, Flash Blink 2, Flame Ball, Collision Blast, Collision Blast 2, Harsh Flame, Radiation Blast, Radiation Blast 2, Scorch Mist, Scorch Mist 2, Scorch Rash, Scorch Rash 2, Scorch Rash 3, Spot Flame, Spot Flame 2, Swift Burn, Super Blaze, Spectra Flame, Fire Fade, Rival Fire, Grave Sputter.

Wind Arts:
Fading Winds, Fading Winds 2, Raging Winds, Cool Fury, Hurricane Surge, Tornado Rush, Gust Wrenching, Mind Blower, Breeze Rattler, Calm Flow, Solstice Stream, Wind Ripper, Air Perplex, Constrained Force, Wind Surge, Cutting Rift 1, Cutting Rift 2, Cutting Rift 3, Vortex Shroud, Rapid Solstice, Morbid Wind, Morbid Wind 2, Morbid Wind 3, Kill Winds, Chilled Winds.

Ice Arts:
North Digit 1, North Digit 2, Hail Resonance, Hail Storm, Blizzard Starter, Optical Ice, Cold Blocks, Frigid Depth, Frigid Depth 2, Freezing Depth, Freezing Calamity, Freezing Calamity 2, Freezing Calamity 3, Rollin’ Frost, Rollin’ Frost 2, Rollin’ Shatter, Rolling Scream, Arctic Graze, Arctic Fade, Frost Star, Frost Scatter, Deep Frost Scatter, Frostbite, Ice Blast, 0-Degrees.

Electric Arts:
Electric Rim, Electric Brim, Brutal Zaps, Lightning Surge, Bolt Of Doom, Shock Zone, Static Thunder, Lightning Fury, Loose Ends, Loose Ends 2, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Bolt 2, Jolted Aggression, Jolted Aggression 2, Power Jolt, Super Thunder, Super Thunder 2, Electric Assault, Electric Assault 2, Electric Assault 3, Spark Mirror, Spark Mirror 2, Voltage Strike, Giga Mesh, Dust Grinder.

Dark Arts:
Swift Ire, Burial Degree, Cracked Cranium, Cracked Cranium 2, Dark Crude, Dark Haunt, Sporadic Terror, Faint Nightmare, Planet Dusk, Planet Dusk 2, Planet Dusk 3, Planet Dusk 4, DoubleCross, Double Threat, Threat X, Shadow Menace, Shadow Menace 2, Eye Of Darkness, Cross Shade, Cross Off, Cross Skull, Cross Cutter, Cross Cleaver, Cursed Slash, Cursed Slash 2

Xtreme Arts 1:
Flash Flame X, Flash Flame 2 X, Flame Blink X, Flame Flood X, Flash Fire X, Flame Blink 2 X, Flame Ball X, Collision Blast X, Collision Blast 2 X, Harsh Flame X, Fading Winds X, Fading Winds 2 X, Raging Winds X, Cool Fury X, Hurricane Surge X, Tornado Rush X, Gust Wrenching X, Mind Blower X, Breeze Rattler X, Calm Flow X, North Digit 1 X, North Digit 2 X, Hail Resonance X, Hail Storm X, Blizzard Starter X.

Xtreme Arts 2:
Optical Ice X, Cold Blocks X, Frigid Depth X, Frigid Depth 2 X, Freezing Depth X, Electric Rim X, Lightning Brim X, Brutal Zaps X, Lightning Surge X, Bolt Of Doom X, Shock Zone X, Static Thunder X, Lightning Fury X, Loose Ends X, Loose Ends 2 X, Swift Ire X, Burial Degree X, Cracked Cranium X, Cranium 2 X, Dark Crude X, Dark Haunt X, Sporadic Terror X, Faint Nightmare X, Planet Dusk X, Planet Dusk 2 X.

Xtreme Arts 3:
Towering Extinction, Tower Of Darkness, Tower Of Light, Tower Of Might, Tower Of Mayhem, Star Of Doom, Star Of Doom 2, Star Of Doom 3, Mysterious Nova, Super Nova, Shooting Nova, Sacred Star, Blazing Horizon, Blazing Horizon 2, Blazing Horizon 3, Fatal Axis, Fatal Axis 2, Deadly Vault, Open Sesame, Fire Ball, Fire Smack, Fire Tail, Torched, Fire Smack’d, Fire Graze.

Sacred Arts:
Wave Frame, Wave Frame 2, Black Hole, Estranged Circle, Estranged Circle 2, Lunar Cycle, Lunar Solstice, Twin Solstice, Rift Solstice, Dying Moon, Dying Moon 2, Orbit Collapse, Orbiting Blitz, Orbiting Blitz 2, Orbiting Blitz 3, Dark Spots, Mammoth Might, Mammoth Might 2, Mammoth Blister, Mammoth Ripper, Ripper, Ripper 2, Wave Ripper, Wave Ripper 2, Fatal Sear, Sear Storm, Sear Ball, Blast Ball, Blast Ball Ultima, Blast Ball Ultima 2.

Sacred Arts [L]:
X-Slash Electric, X-Slash Fire, X-Slash Water, X-Slash Wind, X-Slash Dark, Vicious Fire Punches, Vicious Frost Punches, Vicious Electric Punches, Vicious Dark Punches, JawBreaker, Knockout, Tasmanian Berserker, Jaw Dropper, Brawler, Rapid Punch, God Tremor, God Tremor 2, Double Decker’, Colossal Discs, Colossal Discs 2, Colossal Discs 3, Boomerang Disc, Discs Smash, Flying Saucer, Realm Breaker, Realm Breaker 2, Realm Shift, Killer Blade, Mighty Blade, Crossover.

[Onyx Ninja Skills]:
Onyx Reign, Crystal Shimmer, Crystallized, Crystal Beam
[Tyrant Ninja Skills]:
Rock Pile, Rock Rubble, Rock Rubble 2, Boulder Barrage
[Shadow Ninja Skills]:
Sky Blade, Sky Blade 2, Hopeless Blade, Surprise Blade
[Astro Ninja Skills]:
Meteor Ash, Asteroid Shockwave, Meteor Shower, Comet Plunge
[Vulcan Ninja Skills]:
Volcano Burst, Volcanic Eruption, Vulcan Rupture, Vulcan Canyon
[Atomic Ninja Skills]:
Atom Ignite, Atom Explode, Atomic Blasts, Atomic Wipeout
[Top 8 Ninja Skills]:
Icy Dilemma, Funnel Tunnel, Siamese Fire, 10000 Volts, Shadow Runner, Endless Void, Endless Void 2, Game Over, Blade Cutters, Blade Cutters 2, Blade Cutters 3, Double Blow, Blinding Swift, Fast Cuts, Omni Cutter, Omni Saw.

[Main Ninja Skills]:
Speed Slash, Speed Slash 2, Helm Shatterer, Thunder Punch, Voltage Claw, Thunder Clash, Vicious Jolt, Lethal Shock, Thunder Shocker, Super Shocker


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