Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.11-‘new’)

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I’ll be going over some things in this update about certain aspects of the game, some I have touched on already and some being new developments. Now, I have been using RPG maker now for a while and it has been wonderful. I started with RPG Maker VX Ace and now I’m using RPG Maker MV, which has been just as fantastic and even more advance, which made it a relatively smooth transition form Ace over to MV since they are very much alike and I would even say MV actually builds on the advances of the VX Ace platform and continues its progression of the product, which is very pleasing to see, so-much-so that I don’t think I’d be shifting to another platform anytime soon with this project since it’s mainly a little experimental exercise that doesn’t need anything too serious, and I have been getting through pretty well with its assets and tools.
There are lots of other great programs out there, some of which I have tried, like Construct 2, Unity and Game Maker for instance which I would recommend, and ofcourse there is the unreal engine 4 which is epic and is super popular as a result, which real professionals use, but, I’m not ready to do anything with engines such as that yet since my current hardware isn’t up-to-standard and I wouldn’t even know where to start with a program as grand as the unreal engine 4 since I haven’t really looked into much of it’s benefits as yet, but they are all out there and are some of the best around that you can use for game developing. Right now, I’m using RPG Maker and from since using it for the first time a while ago, I have just stuck with it because it is just incredible and I’ve been doing a ton of things with it, so there just hasn’t been any rush or urgency for me to move to anything else, plus the idea of being able to create a unique Action RPG in a Retro style, is just too much fun to not take advantage of for me. So that’s exactly one of the things i’m doing with RPG Maker — making an awesome Ninja game that feels like a retro homage or throwback, and it’s coming alone just fine. Basically i’m just taking things one step at a time.
My time with the program has been wonderful, it’s just a lot of fun to use and thanks to it’s intuitive design and my personal passion to bring something creative to the table, it has placed me in a position with the ability to create wholesome projects, because as some of us might understand, having the tools is one thing but being able to orchestrate something meaningful out of them is a different situation, so that brings me to another subject of interest in the area of development that I want to cover which is my ability to configure and direct elements that make up the project into wholesome results both conceptually and practically. I’ve been constantly developing and coming up with exciting new ideas for the project and often I’m able to make them work and become complementary which is why I have been ale to do so much with RPG Maker. I have “Vision and Direction” and that’s what makes this so exciting for me and why I have reached where I have reached thus far, and why I want to place emphasis on alot of different dynamics being involved with the developmental process, because, having a holistic view on what I want to archive, I know that everything I place into the project counts in shaping the experience I want to deliver, so all of the things that I have shown you so far, are very much the base, or foundations of concepts that will be weaved together and glossed/sheen even further, gradually.
There are alot of fun things that I showed in the previous videos related to this ninja project that were mainly place-holders, like the icons and even the damage dealt or not dealt etc. All of these were just basically placeholders to be finally determined at a later time. Even with the skills and their animations, there are alot of other things that will go along with them that would make them execute and happen more impactful and prestigious in battle, or whenever they are used. Even the little basic “attack” sequence you saw after the deflect skill was used on the computer opponent during the video demonstration, all of that still has yet to be suitably configured, it’s basically just there because it shows that I have the framework/foundation in place to actually make those things work when the time is right, because remember when I showed the ninja deflect video, after initiating the Ninja Deflect ability, there was a moment when the character went forward and then performed a strike and then the NPC did the something back — those acts of striking were both “sequences” and those sequences were possible because of a custom “script”, and they were the default motions of that script. That is the same script that I actually took and made my own custom action sequences for the 200+ animations that I had made, that I wanted to make another video about, a plan which is now delayed until I get a better computer like I mentioned in my previous update but is still none the less something I would be using to create visually appealing stylistic elements and sequences, when I so choose.
Some of the skills don’t even have sound effects yet xD, so that is just a reminder that many of what you have seen so far, are mainly just either placeholders or experimental works in progress that still have yet to be fully developed into things more finalized and entertaining, and talking about entertaining, I have mentioned before that the game will have an arcade feel and so on, but I thought it would also be interesting to give it an anime touch as well and make the game feel like it’s inspired by feudal Japanese classics and folklore, moment after moment, where you will feel the intensity of the encounters and every move you make has a much deeper plot that thickens, or motive that’s uncovered, and situations that gets your adrenaline going and the scenes, sights and sounds are a sight and a legacy to behold in a very unique and lite-hearted way. You travel far and wide searching for treasures of untold value and history, but also come across cunning foes and clans, each with a different role and significance, all in an experience that just gets crazier and crazier, with plot twists and mind blowing findings, not to mention that legendary and super fun GOD status that was your fate from since day one — that very awesome day where you had no clue what you were getting into but didn’t care because it was fun ontop of fun, ontop of fun :D. Yes!, all of that is what I am working on with this fantastic game. I’m going to work on that kind of atmosphere and tone for this experience, so now you have a little idea of what to expect, it’s going to have a Semi-Feudal japan feel, it’s going to have kind of an arcade approach to sequences, it’s also going to have an anime style of illustration, plus it’s going to have a retro appeal with a very modern, sophisticated action system at the core. You’ve already seen my ideas on how the stages should look, and what I’m going to do is actually add another layer over them stylistically, which would apply incredible lighting and shadow effects in key areas, to create rich and remarkable environments as well, and that will be all part of the stylistic and “polishing” processes that will occur later when i’m fixing up the skills and the sequences and dealing with “aesthetics” of the game.
One other thing that will tie into all of that, especially the anime objective, and on the other hand the ranking system in particular, is the “Timeline” aspect. I plan to make the ranks that you go through in the game be sophisticated to where it actually connects with the character’s development and the overall events that happen within the game’s universe and so on. So whenever it comes to a certain rank in the game, the rank would be more than just a status, it would actually be like a new series of events unfolding while also being reflective of the characters persona and state of mine, so the way he views things and does things and approaches things and even his appearance, somewhat would be distinguishable and vary from one rank to another. I thought that would have been a very cool feature to include because now it has grown from just being about his stats and getting more powerful with each rank gained, to now a wonderful set of experiences unfolding at the same time directly linked to his pursuit to move up the ranks.
On another subject, which is specifically about a game-playing feature that I will be adding to the game to make it even more fun along with everything else I made clear so far; I mentioned the role of special “stones” in the game and how they can be used to severely weaken very mighty opponents in the game, mainly the 200 ninja GODs, by temporarily disabling their super powerful special arts. I want you to note that the stones do not weaken the ninjas entirely, they just drastically affect their ability to use their mighty unique arts but at the same time they will still be able to use other types of skills or moves including just their “normal attack” aswell as any counters they might be able to do, or abilities granted from accessories etc, which are factors that will also pack a pretty heavy punch as these foes will be that strong. Lets face it, they aren’t “gods” for nothing — they are very challenging and although they do belong to a group of 200, which is a legacy that links back to the original I.P that has actually 1000 gods/bosses, they will individually carry their own motives that you will learn about through story bits and when you encounter them and interaction with them takes place.
I’ll also be using a series of custom scripts to help with the development of the project, and right now, I currently have some yanfly scripts in full effect. The yanfly scripts were actually scripts I discovered long ago when I first started using RPG Maker VX Ace. Back then, I was actually going to do some presentations through videos, like I have been doing lately, and introduce you to the main character and give you his name etc, and also give you a little taste of what to expect in battle as well, but I was pretty much taking my time and never actually got around to doing it then, especially as I became more and more aware of other things. But I knew about the Yanfly engine from since a while back. I actually needed it back then in order to do battles in side view mode because in VX Ace, there was no option for that actually built-in to the program, you had to use scripts and Yanfly was one of the earlier scripts I found that enable that. But for RPG Maker MV, I’m currently using Yanfly scripts for the action sequences, and I have utilized it to some extent already to make custom sequences for the executions of the 200+ skills I have demonstrated already because the skills that I already created, are unique and I developed them with specific concepts in mind, so I couldn’t just peer them with the flashy action sequences that are trending out there with the yanfly engine, I have specific purposes for those said flashy sequences which I will work on at a later time, and if you see the kind of action sequences that can be made with the yanfly scrips, they are pretty impressive, but alot of those styles wouldn’t suit or be compatible with the skills I have already made, so using the power of the yanfly engine, or more accurately called “plug-ins” in the case of RPG Maker MV, I had to make some heavy modifications to some action codes I found and make my own (which I also will share and have intended to share with the pending release of the action sequence demonstration video) so that the sequences will match the concepts of the skills I made and that’s all being done via the yanfly engine plugin.
After discovering the yanfly engine a while back, I also discovered great work by a person known as Moghunter and he had created an action battle system which I had then shifted too (which I earlier referred to as said developments, when I was explaining why I didn’t get around to making the introduction videos of the main character etc) which is where the QTE sequences for the treasures and seal beakers, plus battles actually taking place in real time on the map came in because a battle system he created at the time known as the XAS Action Battle system, was designed for real time battles and interactive events on the map and so on, which was also something I had a passion for. So the situation was, I was using the XAS system for that side of things, and was using the yanfly engine for the side-view mode side of things, and then I also shifted over to using a system by the name of “falcao pearl abs liquid v3” as the main base of my project, in short because of its very flexible and heavy RPG-esque customization aspects, but after the RPG Maker MV release, I’m now back using the Yanfly engine, but I’m sure I’ll be back using stuff from moghunter aswell when those situations arise again, and also I’m sure there are a ton of other talented script creators out there, that I’ll probably discover over the course of developing this game.
Now to something else I want to share, and I think I’m going to conclude this topic with this piece of revelation, and it is that I know it has been stated that this game just gets crazier and crazier, and it just did again lol, because right now I am currently working on a down right brilliant (if I do say so myself) system in the game that I have dubbed the Virtual Skeleton :D. With the creation of this Virtual Skeleton, it allows me to go alot deeper with the skills and the weapons and the characters and do alot more with those elements, and get alot more creative and give them alot more significant relevance to the gameplay.

See while dealing with the skills and thinking about the weapons aspects etc, I realized that for the ideas that I had in mind, I had to find a way to make them actually practical so that I can create an apparatus that would facilitate much more profound affects and outcomes relating to said ideas, and extend the meaningful purpose of the skills and weapons and status altering factors, even further and by doing that, I can finally put into action all of the ideas and elements I have that would diversify the gameplay since I had way too many ideas that were unique to all be satisfied by just the default tools and customs that were per-existing, and the RPG Maker program allows for me to do just that. So this Virtual Skeleton concept will now provide a custom measure to handle and deal with alot of the creative aspects that would have otherwise had to remain impractical due to the default limitations of the program. Now with the Virtual Skeleton concept, there are no more limitations in that area and I can now do alot more with the skills, equipment, and the characters and that’s essentially the purpose of creating the the Virtual Skeleton. It is to provide a much more meaningful connection with the characters, skills and equipment, and tie them all together intrinsically and more in depth. So i’m really excited about that and will share more details when it’s appropriate since I haven’t really done anything yet — the Virtual Skeleton is pretty much still on paper xD.

That’s it for this update. There will be more coming your way at a later time, but until then, have a Fun Friday and a fantastic weekend :D

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