Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.12)

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I mentioned crafting through out my blog updates before slightly, but this topic is going to cover it more in depth. Crafting will be prominent throughout the game and It’s nothing too fancy but at the same time it will be a feature in the game that would be both compelling, and enticing, because it’s not going to be convoluted and it’s going to be in fact what I would call very catchy :D. I want to make this a staple of the series just as much as other features I have in place to shape the game up to be a wonderful and exciting atmosphere.
There are many elements and concepts being adapted to the franchise right now, all of which will flow and fit naturally within the game’s universe, and this one in particular has been conceptualized from since the beginning, so you know that I’m massively eager to put this feature into full operation. It’s not too far from being constructed, and in fact, all I have to do when the time is right, would be to get my hands on an excellent sheet of goods and we’re off!.
I wanted to really make this a feature of the game that’s addicting — it will be super reliable, since you will always find use for it without feeling that it’s a waste of time, since it will always deliver, and it will be a system full of surprises and something that gets increasingly engaging, so the more you do it, is the more exciting it gets because along with giving you great things, it will also bring you more into the game’s lure and culture and develop something bigger in terms of immersion and a much greater impression as you play and naturally look for more things to do, more places to see and other challenges to undertake — as a gamer I know at some point in time, those desires are going to pop up, so alot of stuff in this game is going to be designed to satisfy those interests and beyond, because another great thing about games that gamers like, is when they are also unexpectedly intrigued :D.
The  sheet of goodies in this case is basically an “iconset” lol. It will be Similar to the same iconset-sheet that I had shown off in one of my older blogs where I talked about meaning business when it came to the game having ample content. It really and truly starts with “variety”, and that is the foundation that the iconset will help with because essentially there will be nothing grand to look forward too if you fall short of essentials, and I know how NOT to fall short of essentials for a game like this, which is why I prefer to use the icon sheets that are much larger and that host a pretty substantially varied listing of icons, that can be used for various in-game factors, one of which will be for matters tailored to crafting and when I say crafting, I mean very heavy crafting.
There are going to be tons of things to craft in terms of weapons and various kinds of helpful equipment that will be very awesome, and they will all range respectively when it comes to quality, because in this game, there will also be different “grades” of items. There will be “rare” grades, “antique” grades, “common” grades etc etc not necessarily under those same exact titles, because I haven’t really worked on this area yet, but, it is going to be a system that will show up in the game when it’s in the latter stages of development and there will be alot of individual items that will fall under these grades that will provide loads of possibilities in many different aspects of the game, so it is safe to say that this game will keep a player well occupied for all the fun reasons :D.
The idea I have in mind, is that the more “lite” the requirements for crafting are, will translate into a much smoother and fluid process than if things were too technical. I don’t want things to get too technical, so that’s why I am going to make the system be one that you can pick up and go! without having to do too many mundane things that can affect the momentum or even your interest in the entire thing quite frankly. 
With the crafting system, you will only be required to obtain certain items and then head over to an NPC, who will essentially be an artisan, and he will, once you have the required items, gladly use those things to help create something ever special and valuable for you. In some cases, all you need are the items, but in some situations you would also need to pay maybe some gold/silvers aswell in addition to also having the required items, and basically that’s as “technical” as that process might get through out the entire games, if you can call it that :D.
I personally don’t see all that appeal in making the crafting system too convoluted, requiring different gems enchanted in other grades of weaponry at different phases or quantification just to break it all down into “material” that gives a set of equipment pieces a mare percentage increase, requiring you to do this process again and again and again to attain a successful craft. Nah!, not on my watch :D. In the game, what will happen is that each equipment has a set of components required to get it crafted, which can all individually be found while treasure hunting and one of the benefits of actually using a large Icon set, is that no two components found will be the same even if they can be seen as a matter of just different colors and names, but still with the same identical design. So this process will be interesting in that regard as well.
Some crafting items can also be obtained through the multitude of battle encounters that you would be coming across, and others will be discovered and uncovered through good old fashion treasure hunting which is a prominent feature to this series (which I did mention earlier), that also makes the crafting system very fun and captivating. The crafting system is one element that is part of a system of in-game standards that all related to each other coherently and cohesively, to make up the awesome experience that is Roughest Of The Roads: A Ninja’s Treasure. So everything in this game is going to play a holistic role no matter what it is you are doing at any given time, especially when looking to craft some kickass assets.
Adding to that, you will have to be a little vigilant or even very skilled in the case of bringing down your foes, who will be very powerful and who may also drop rare pieces, to make sure that you can maximize on this very wonderful feature, which will in-turn help you to get alot out of your experience and invested time, playing this very cool NINJA game :D. So, you wouldn’t want to leave any stone un-turned, or any corner unexplored, or any surface un-dugged because, essentially, due to the unique nature of this game, there can be literally something under your nose/feet at any moment — from the very time you start as well, and the best thing about all of this is that you can still play the game at your own pace, so there will be no pressure to have much of anything done as far as adventuring goes and stuff. Ofcourse there will be those missions and quests that at some moments may have you trying to beat the clock, but the pace you play at in general, will be up to you and that’s the whole point :D.
So now the project is at the point of no return and as a matter of fact, it has all the parameters that makes it easy for one to loss themselves in all of the craziness and I am very pleased about that :D. So see you all in the next update. Have a Fun Friday and a memorable weekend.

5 thoughts on “Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.12)

  1. First off I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to writing.
    I’ve had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out there.
    I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be wasted just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any ideas or hints? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Appreciate it. If i were to give advice to you, I would say basically it’s very similar to how you made this comment, you just have to have a point you want to express, and just say it, until you think you have said enough.

      Don’t really care about how long you take to get the ideas out there, as long as you get them out, it’s very important that you do things at your own pace, since people tend to develop things differently.

      Also depending on what you have i n kind, it will come together in stages, so what you do is, you take little notes of what comes to mind, compile them into something cohesive, then it’s your choice publicize that content when you think it’s “ready” or that you have said enough about the issue(s).


  2. wonderful points altogether, you simply gained a new reader.

    What would you recommend about your post that you simply made
    some days in the past? Any certain?

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    1. thanks alot I appreciate it :D. if you’re asking for a recommendation related to this blog, you can check this one out:

      That’s the latest for the series right now.


  3. Man, this is one incredible game I have on my hands xD. There is so many features and dynamics that i have to make a list of all of them just so i can keep track and not miss anything πŸ†’ πŸ‘πŸ‘. The other part is, that list just keeps growing and growing lmao! πŸ‘€πŸ˜Ž


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