Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.9)

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Yes the time has come again for me to release more exciting details about more exciting things being done with my exciting game and last week or so, I revealed a blog, which was basically like a short notice teasing about a brand new development that had risen out of me playing around with the RPG Maker program while working with the skills and that it was indeed a new feature in the game that i decided to turn and make into an independent systemic mechanic, with it’s own style of functionality that rules a set of properties that complement or enhances other areas of gameplay. This game is all about the game play, it’s supposed to be “addictive”, and most of the stuff you do in it should be exciting and feel fun, weather you’re finding treasure, crafting, upgrading equips or leveling your character, learning new skills, unlocking playable characters etc etc, it should all feel really refreshing and fun and that’s what i’m mainly focusing on at the moment, and taking my time with everything because I don’t just want this game to feel like I just tried something in RPG Maker xD. I’m experimenting to archive a certain level of impression and quality as well.

So all of that brings me to the material I’ve released today that can be viewed in the video up above which is showing a sequence that highlights a handy technique that I said I would get more into today which I think was pretty cool from since I began making the concept practical. This game is supped to have a retro atmosphere but pack a pretty substantial modernly sophisticated punch when it comes to its responsive and state-of-the-art mechanics and the technique that I showcased here today is indeed keeping true to exactly that standard. It is a technique that would have other wise been a “counter attack”. I was in the midst of playing around with action sequences and I was trying to pin point the actual parameters in the system that controls the counter attack sequence mechanism in the game which seems to be roughly “hard-coded”, meaning; alot of it seems to be encrypted within important files of instructions that are locked and not really editable. But, you still can modify (from within the program) how the counter attack behaves to a certain degree or perhaps with plug-ins, you can completely alter how the program recognizes and carries out that function.  
So while I was at it, I came up with an idea to actually see if there was any way I could make a version of that concept that was instead alot more flexible, and that’s when the “Ninja Deflect” function was born :D. The idea is that instead of just having the regular counter attack for one of the main character’s attacks, he would instead have a very unique skill that is similar to a counter attack, but actually works to “Deflect” some of the damage of an attack, back to the source of the attack. There are similar ways to get that done with just the modifications of certain settings within RPG Maker, but the way I have actually done it which is to make it into an actual SKILL rather than just a passive state, gives alot more parameters to make the skills alot more interesting. Essentially by doing it this way, I can still have certain charterers in the game use that default counter attack, but yet still, have this deflect technique that can create interesting dynamics on the battle field. So for example, you can have some characters that counter with multiple hits and then you can have some that deflect back some damage while taking some and the deflect skills can still cause other things to trigger due to the fact that you can actually heavily modify alot of properties pertaining to this custom deflect mechanic.

So it was so much of a good potential that I had to make it a standalone feature in the game thus as you can see in the video, along with the Attack, Guard, And Magic , options you can actually select he Ninja Deflect option aswell which gives access to a mechanic that is like a counter attack but doesn’t just counter attack, you can actually make it more interesting by giving it more defined attributes. So right now I have the first standard original Ninja deflect move shown in the video, which I will have set to deflect some of the damage taken back towards the enemy, and then if I want, later on I could add more types which is why I decided to make it into a separate mechanic. I could have a version where it deflects twice the amount of damage, or I could have different ones that don’t do as much damage as the original one, but they can still deflect some of the damage and inflict behavioral hinders on the opponent, or I could have one that gets stranger each time it’s used, and then on top of all of that, I can add interesting animations to them that reflect the different types and make it more awesome that way, and by them being actual skills, I can even make them into power-up states that last for a certain amount of turns, sort of like what is shown in the video, unlike the normal counter attack that is always on.

I can have a class of characters that can guard and counter attack, where as I can have another group of characters that can’t guard or do the original counter attack, but they are able to use the Ninja Deflect mechanic and other custom mechanics because I also plan to to do more custom mechanics aswell for this game such as one that is a “stance” mechanic/option (which is also an idea I actually mentioned would have been a cool idea to help some issues with a different game I wrote about, in a past blog) for different skills that can cause “decapitation”, that can cause very frustrating and interesting situations in battle. In total I currently have roughly about 4 more custom categories of skills I want to implement, so you know i’m going to have some fun with those, and they will all add to the variety of types of characters in the game and add to the depth core that it is built on. So far, it’s only the Ninja Deflect mechanic that i have implemented and there are still things i’m learning and it’s very much in the early/ beginning stage of development, but as you can see in the video, there is alot of potential in this area and it’s alot of fun to work with.

I intend to also make the deflect skill upgrade too. If you noticed in the video, there was mention of mastering the style, and that’s because I had always envisioned for this group of skills to be a set that you can master and the more you use them and the more they become successful, is the more effective and stronger they will become. So there will be about 6 different versions of Ninja Deflect skills, and depending on which ones are liked and used more, they will actually become the stronger of the bunch and just like with alot of other aspects of the game, it is going to be up to the player to decide what skills they want to improve or not. Also with making the Deflect mechanic how it currently is, I can actually adjust the rates at which they are lets say; accurate, and make it where counter attacks are more accurate but deflect skills and far less accurate but when they hit they are still a force to be reckon with as hinted at in the video where the NPC mentioned to be careful with the Ninja Deflect skills because they are equal to the power of the 200 ninja gods themselves etc xD

So that’s it for now on this awesome new Ninja Deflect Mechanic. I will be sharing more about the progression of this mechanic in the future and more, plus look out for my next update that is this time going to be back on skills and covering other aspects that I mentioned I would cover :D.

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