Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.9:A)

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Ninja Deflect Demonstration (For Reference)


O.K this is just a follow up to the session I did previously on the 25th of March, where I just want to disclose certain things that I didn’t get to in that last update, which is the fact that the Ninja Deflect skill was also a developed idea that is supposed to help you through the game in terms of having a way to progress without having to rely too much on grinding since the 200 ninjas and so on are going to be very very difficult to defeat when you first start, even the very first encounter i.e the very first ninja of the 200 ninjas is going to be a very challenging episode, so the idea revolving around the ninja deflect mechanic is that you would do some leveling of the character, and if you want, you could actually work on leveling-up the Ninja Deflect/parry skill and use that in conjunction with “Rare Talismans” that also grant you the power to temporarily disable the original “Art” of a specific foe, so essentially the ninjas are going to be so powerful that one of the best ways to go about defeating them is to first find individual and rare “stones” (that’s the code name for them, for now atleast) that gives you the ability to cast a chi that disables the special attacks of the ninjas for a certain amount of time, and you should also try to use the Ninja Deflect mechanics and skillset, to overcome these mighty opponents aswell.
That’s just one idea and approach to balance the situation and make the game even more fun because you can level up, craft stronger equipment and find and learn other skills throughout the game, which would be a worthwhile but much longer process, or you can actually try to find the various “skill disrupting talismans” hidden all around and throughout the game’s different areas and maps, in which case each pertains to one singe individual rival, (meaning each one you find will be unique and only able to be used on one specific rival/enemy), and try to be victorious against them by using those assets with the help of 6 different deflect and parry skills that are a unique skillset to the main character in particular :D. I liken the deflect skills to also a parry ability because they are designed to purposefully “reduce” the amount of damage taken in matches overall just like a parry in most other games actually stops you from taking severe damage, or any damage, if you time them right and counter every move with an opposing technique while still encouraging tactical and skillful gameplay since it’s not an overpowered ability to where you don’t take any damage.
Like I mentioned before, there will be tons of skills in this game, but there will also be tons of bosses and rivals, all who will be quite challenging so that’s another reason why there are indeed tons of techniques and skills that I have created for the game. It’s all to 1): Create lots of different ways to play, and 2): To make it be a game truly about “skill” at the core where you don’t necessarily have to have the character with the most brute force in command so that you can rise to the top. In this game, how you play in lots of different respects that are provided, is another way that’s going to determine how you develop in this very challenging but exciting experience so you’ll be actually using “skills” on many different elementary and discerning levels i.e: skill developed in how you play around in the game and get to know the different types of rivals and monsters, their weaknesses, being able to exploit those, and the different zones and how they can help you, and “skill” in how you manage your inventory, skills in how good you are at decision making, skills in how well you can manage your teams, skill in how efficient you are with the various quest items and potions and how you build up your character in lots of different attributes to your liking, in a manner that makes the character very effective when under your play-style, and skills in being very vigilant and picking up on things. So when I talk about “skill(s)” sometimes, it’s about alot more than just brute application of physical techniques or strategies. Now you see there are a variety of “ways”, approaches, schemes etc that you can use and leverage to bring down very powerful bosses in this game. Heck I could even throw in power-ups [that would be also found through treasure hunting] that gives you advantages over bosses in other ways like medallions (pieces of enchanted accessories) that increase your armor’s effectiveness against a certain attack or attack type if I wanted too. The possibilities are so UNLIMITED that I don’t even think blog updates would be enough to cover it all xD. But you see what i’m working with — many great opportunities for this game.
If you’re familiar with super man, then you know even superman has a weakness, somewhere between kryptonite and women xD. In this game, I would say that these “stones” that I referenced, are like the individual kryptonites of these super powerful ninjas :D. However, using them is one thing but finding them is another and each single one is only good for severely weakening one specific Ninja God only, so it’s not like after you use one, it would be usable on another boss or for much else because that is not the case. If you use one and you encounter another ninja, then you’d have to find and use a specific stone that has the power to affect that particular ninja that no other stone can affect when it comes to suppressing said ninja’s special art :D. That being said, currently I have great ideas about what would become of those stones after they are no longer useful for affecting their corresponding targets, but said ideas will be dealt with when the time is right since right now that’s just an optional dynamic, it’s not anything that’s really important but what I’m looking at more is the fact that they will add more FUN to the game, which is my personal developer’s kryptonite :D.
Side Note: I’m also going to incorporate some very colorful environments too, to compliment the lite-hearted nature of the game. This will not be a drab, monotone drenched universe. I’m not into bat habitats, so some people might be blinded when I create this euphoric luminous liveliness, if anyone was expecting this to reflect something too “gritty”, period. That’s how I see gaming, as very fresh colorful, life-style/hobby/activity/pastime or whatever you want to call it, so there is going to be tons of color in this game at every opportunity — let me be clear about that.
With that said, that’s it for now. Hope this gives a much better understanding of how you can improvise on lots of options to take down lots of opponents and have loads of fun while doing so in this extra terrific game :D.

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