GamesXCinema (The meaning behind this idea)

Test Video Demonstration:

Ok. right now i’ll share with you what I really mean by the concept of Cinematography and video games :D. Cinematography and video games!, that’s what’s next on the agenda for this Mastermind — as with most things I do, they are for entertainment and for the sheer fun of it and this is going to be no different. There are a couple of cool, and I would say radical concepts i’m thinking of right now and “Gaming X(Cross) Cinema” is one of them, and while it’s not going to be the raw and pure format of cinematography, it’s going to have it’s own vibe with some elements of that resembling that craft and art (Cinematography). You can look at this peering as you would StreetFighter X Tekken with the difference in this case being that it’s the crossing of two different genres rather than two different franchises.
These types of videos created using this concept are mostly going to be short, most of them will feature tracks not unlike many of the things you have seen me done before, and just like the sync series, many of them will have contextual emphasis but it’s not going to be as intricate or sequential as the sync based presentations — they will essentially feel more like short [videogame-esque] films lol. So it’s something i’m looking into and will be trying to develop, which i am very enthusiastic about.
I don’t plan to do it with a whole lot of games, I started with StrangleHold and most likely would continue with games similar to that because it’s sort of where this whole vision of mine originated from. There might be those of you who have heard about games looking cinematic before etc, this is sort of like that, except they will be short presentations with actual gameplay footage that I choose being accentuated to cast an over-the-top and more outstanding tone of the particular in-game captures.

11 thoughts on “GamesXCinema (The meaning behind this idea)

    1. thanks for sharing bro. i actually read it just now, good stuff :D

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    1. yeah I took a look and watched it, thanks ๐Ÿ˜„. It was very interesting and you did a great job of putting that together๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ. I think you found your calling buddy hahaha

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  1. It feels good to just drop the original iframe code of the video in a post and it just works for once โœ”๐Ÿ‘. On Capcom Unity for example, in blogs, in order to get videos to show up from modern sites that use the iframe format, you have to grab the old embed code format which in alot of cases is ancient ๐Ÿ‘€

    One issue I need to get around before I can fully finish my blogs here, is posting thumbnails of pictures into wordpress blogs. I have came across some tips and ideas but in case there are other ways I was wondering do you know how to post thumbnails?


  2. To add further clarification to what this blog is about and the idea it’s describing; your concept is about taking famous personalities from TV shows, Movies etc (all types of media that can have cinematic qualities) and emulating them in video games.

    But with Games-X-Cinema, the concept is essentially about playing the games but at the same time seeing how I can draw and place emphasis on their cinematic qualities and situations/sequences, without having to apply any major editing or after effects to give them that look/feel.

    Typically if you want to make stuff look cinematic and epic, you have to go and do lots of editing, but with my concept, it would be the unique blend of music, that sets the tone and which intensifies certain real-time situations, and motion sequences though also playing the games in real time that should mildly create this effect that i’m trying to achieve by mixing certain video games with music, to create a slight sense of cinematography around very interesting and epic moments.

    Hopefully you understand this a bit more clear now lol

    P.S: Edited the blog to include a test video demonstration of the concept. It’s just a test so the quality of the video/production is not that great but it should be clear enough for you to get an idea of what this Games-X-Cinema concept is really about. You can also view the demoed content via this link:


    1. Yeah I checked it out and the other one you showed me originally too, and I like the ideas — good stuff man haha

      lol in regards to this Games-X-Cinema concept , It was like when you have something cool but can’t really describe what it is because it’s so unique so you try to use comparisons and draw references to things that people are already familiar with.

      The videos that are going to fall under this series are going be done more around a “vibe” and how things play-out in relation to certain games and media that I will be combining to create a very entertaining and cinematic presentation.

      Because of that, there are only certain games I choose to specially base this concept and new series around, and they are mainly some of my favorite third persona shooter, action games (most of which happen to be John Woo developed games) that I think are massively underrated (compared to the other popular shooters) and tons of fun :D

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  3. lol you made a comment to this blog bro?

    P.S: Your comment to this blog didn’t originally show up at first. So I got that sorted out.


  4. lmao, I thought of a similar idea (crossing over videogame programming and reality TV). TV show possibility –

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