Gaming Conference Part 3: Crazy and Fantastic Prospects

I’m a dude of killer ambitious intent, and as result I always aim to dominate and master to infinity, so you won’t just catch me making a splotch of epileptic mannerisms to please a fickle sec. I leave that to dumb short attention no charisma having, span ass dudes. I’m not that short sighted, killa is a visionary, my sight sees beyond what is conventional. and i’m clearly not just yapping just cause i’m in front of some camera or something, I’m a long term individual, endurance is critical at minimal in competition. I love to lead by example because if people don’t take action from time to time, they’ll just be seen as a static duck, an inconsequential loony ****, with frantic-antics instead of survival tactics. Their words will be going nowhere just like them, they’ll be disposable poop, where people just toon-in for amusements and then go to other people when they’re tired after 15 seconds – 15 minutes, because in the loon’s mind they are the ****, and in the people minds you are ****, but to my mind they’re just probably gastric decomposed in the head a.k.a full of bull, something has em’ gassed up and making a tool of themselves like a used part at a garage that doens’t fix ****.

But enough of such pestilence and addressing foolishness. On the topic of leading by example, see killa doesn’t rob people of their dignity, or rob people of their time or rob people of their possessions, Aktion empowers, and here in context, I intend to break some of the myths of having to upgrade non-stop like some people would have you believe. There is a massively flawed misconception around that you have to upgrade “often” and usually that is highly attributed to the marketing hype that some people fall for heavily, in addition to having misguided priorities. See with the companies, their duty is to make you believe that they have the best and that’s largely because of competition, so they try to portray that they have the leading edge in such and such technologies and try to feed the fire as often as possible to try and grab the attention of buyers and new customers and so on. So you have the issue of people actually buying into it and believing that every time a company comes out with something new (because of competition and trying to get ahead of its competitors and such influential factors), they are those who automatically (impulsively, without thinking much at all seemingly in alot of cases) think they have to go up to something new aswell and then it becomes a never ending habit.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those who just love to know they have new stuff no matter what, you know they have a new iphone or pair of 40 thousand dollar sneakers — materialistic minded chaps, so every time something new comes out, they are right there to grab it, despite if it’s just a variation of something else that already exist, that they already have, that is just made to squeeze more cash out of the unwitting, but on the other side of things, there are those who want new stuff just to show off to a cult audience and boast about their stuff being better than so and so’s stuff. I mean nothing is wrong with doing that out of sport and fun with your peers just for laughs, but otherwise, it’s a boneheaded maniacal achievement that’s at the lower end of the competency scale. But they live for this and in doing so, this creates the cesspool of degeneration that lays foundation for the myths that gives notions that you have to throw away and waste money just to keep upgrading to have the best, which often times is not actually in your “best” interest, it’s just some stupid imbecile just trying to impress an audience, (now-a-days that’s usually online) for the most part. See that’s why it’s good to be wise and not to be a dumb **** — don’t take the internet seriously, I am saying that directly to those who do. If you take the internet seriously, you don’t have much of a real life, you’re a ****ing joke, very immature and you’re most likely a clown with ****ed up priorities in reality. That’s what I just said, just remember I said it first.

The purpose of my next computer is going to be about being dynamic, like I mentioned before it’s not going to be about 4K, to me that’s just a higher resolution and you don’t really gain anything much or that desirable from going with a higher resolution, as a matter of fact, all that basically does is bog down the system, and it dramatically cuts your performance in half or even less, unless you have some really high-end equipment and that is usually way out of the price rang of some people, and there is no way i’m spending 4G going to 4K because that’s not something I have as propriety. As a consumer I see things different, i’m not an entity so what an entity usually has as a target, because of competition where they have to show off new tech all the time to present themselves as being in the lead and better than the competition, for a consumer, that shouldn’t be the goal, your approach to how things are done should be a little different, you don’t always have to get the latest — marketing because of competitive reasons will always try to present to you that they have the latest and you have to go out on a whim to get it and some people actually do and in the end, it’s just a matter of them showing off that what they have is better then what some one else has, because their real motive obviously is to just show off to people — except for me :D. I’m not coming from that side of thing when i explain to you  my initiatives.

Another thing i’m going to try, is to make the computer itself very interesting looks wise. I wouldn’t be getting another computer for a while after the acquisition of this “powerhouse”, so maybe i’ll add some visually appealing style to it as well, and i’m probably going to go with a colorful theme on my next computer and have some fun making it a great construct both inside and out because I also have great taste in style and fashion and i’m a very colorful guy. I usually like to look at color combinations and blends and I might get something that has layers of multiple vibrant and radiant qualities that also reflects my designer instincts and intuition :D. Something that’s multi-layered in multi-colors, and in this case, it would be somewhat of a camouflage kind of pattern that looks pretty killer, or even something more colorful like a blue and white blend of customary designs that kicks ass for example. A white and blue or camouflage brilliant and vibrant color scheme that stands out very effortlessly and is very hard to miss because of their natural contrasts that blends so well together could be a real thing to work with. So if I had to go with something that was two-tone, i’d definitely start with these ideas.

I could make everything all one color but that’s not my style by default. The only time you’ll see me in one color is if it’s in my favorite color but i’m not one to dress up in one color all the time. There are some who dress in all one color, all dark, all ding, all this and all that, and every single time it’s just all one color, that’s not my thing. I’m not saying there is something wrong with that in of itself, what people choose to dress in, is their business and as I said previous, if it’s my favorite color(s), I have no problem being full suited in just that one color, but understand the context here, I’m saying as far as me goes, it’s not something I’d do all of the time or at all times. I also like to be creative and mix my own styles and stuff because i’m a colorful individual, that’s in my DNA so don’t get me one dimensional-ly ****ed up and misunderstood — i’m not stereotypical. So with my next build, i’m definitely going to be looking at going FANCY and FLASHY and STYLISH and put my stamp on it, why not!! :D

I understand that some people might think they suck at color and go with one uniformed color theme. They might say to themselves that it’s just preferred to put everything all dark and hide it in a corner and let the ****ing thing die in piece, but for me, growing up with radiance and lots of light and a knack for color, it’s kind of hard for me to accept or get accustom to things that are dull. When faced with such situation, there is usually a desire on my part to make said dull thing, interesting. So obviously i need something to reflect my personality. The color doesn’t really matter overall so-long as what you have, does what it’s designed to do, but i’ll be definitely paying attention to the color just for the fun of it. At this point i said it, and it’s done. I do what the **** I want. It is completely moot whatever the thoughts are or the range of critique and “negative” opinions that can be interjected into this case that is closed as a personal issue for me since i’m not into color wars and drama xD. I’m paying attention to detail here, and it either sticks out like a thumbs up, or be obscured into ****ing oblivion and overlooked to death with the same damn boring color schemes which are not even color schemes at all and perhaps just the sheer repetitiveness of the same damn color for being “cheap” sake, enough to give you a mental tumor of disgust. So i’ll try not to bore you and/or myself for that matter, with the same old junkyard grade kind of colors. I tend to get disinterested with pitch dark stuff — they make things look shabby and funeral prepared, and are pretty jarring instead of making things look alive. So i’ll be certainly going opposite of that, with some whites and blues and silver mixtures, brilliant tones etc etc because that’s the way I do it lol

I’m going to be looking at areas of “computing” for my next build, and for me what that means is not really just the technical specifics but more than that; the ability to have more RESOURCES at my disposal than I had in the past and now, which was/is currently the hindering factor in many of my previous operations. So it’s not just about run-of-the-mill benchmarks, charts and performance demonstrations for “tech buffs”, but what it really is about, is not only to inform the public, but to actually educate you (I could be a teacher :D) and also have plenty of resources with this next build which should be a dramatic level-up over my current fairly novice platform, that was never really intended to do half the things I try to utilize it for since it’s not really a gaming laptop, or really designed to do that or a whole lot of multitasking or very demanding tasks, though I still manage to at times. So that’s just to be clear about that, “computing” here means in the context of adequate digital assets and resources that I can actually allocate or harness for my future processes, and as I mentioned, i’ll be getting more into the technical specifics at a much later time, but i just wanted to get that main point across in a nutshell. What I want to also make clear, is that just like with mostly all my things that I have technical, i’ll be configuring this build myself so it’s not going to be pre-made or factory built. I’ll be hand-picking specific parts of this unique build and configuring every single aspect myself, after I acquire everything that I need.

In this endeavor I’m totally optimistic, and i’m not talking about no retarded catch-phrases ****, i’m optimistic period!. You know me, I don’t give a **** how it looks, because when killa thinks something is totally stupid, irrelevant and redundant, i view it as garbage and there is no chance in, I don’t care where you are, in hell or where ever (your hell will freeze the **** over if I have my way with it), that i’m wasting any time with it. So for the ones of a trolling mind, if you think I care what you think about it, you’re dead wrong, you’re dealing with someone DIFFERENT, like in the manner I choose to make my next Exponentially Frankenstein Behemoth of a Computer Machine :D. So don’t think i give a **** about your silliness, it’s not a “form-factor” in this build, mine’s probably going to be an ATX, yours is more like ADHD. So please don’t go into cardiac arrest. I mean what i say. When i say i’m optimistic i mean i’m optimistic, I don’t know what dummy is around trying to be a speech expert or practically a speech troll, but don’t expect me to be a dummy. Killa is WISE beyond his years :D. And my next build is poised beyond it years :O. I mean i’ll specially select the components for it, so that’s obvious :D. This is so that when the people are seeing what i’m doing right, on a PC made from the ground up with no compromise, right, breaking all the normal rules all the normal fools play by, right, you’ll realize; “you know something?, he’s damn right!!!” :D. Obviously! i’ll always be right in this case, because i’m just building something that’s just good enough for what i need it to do right?, and that’s all that matters, it’s not rocket science, it’s not to show off about how my GTI is better than your TTI, and how my wi-fi is better than your HDMI. I’m not a clown and I don’t need the latest just to have the latest but just know that my advice is the greatest :D. See I’m not a “insider” mouth piece of the tech giants, so i do understand the value of a budget in far more meaningful ways then your average arm chair wannabe tech marketer, so I’ll be coming to you from a perspective that you can use to your day-to-day advantage.

Another thing I want to state is that I won’t be doing things in the same old seven days a week routine. Over here, things will be done “seasonal” and “phonologically” :D. Phonologically meaning; if it “sounds” good, i’m doing it xD. So what i’ll do is create seasons, cycles etc for certain content distribution to add a structure of manageable organization, and that’s how things will roll out, i.e. according to the time-frame that I see fit. So i’ll be doing things seasonal, where, as it naturally comes to me, it’ll be distributed seasonally not on anyone’s typical regular seven week-day calendar. I shall create in revolutionary time what some spend the average days of the week to reverberate :D. As a matter of fact, i’ll use GOD as my timely model, GOD worked 6, so I intend to take all of my 10 fingers of both hands, to do what I do in half that which would be in 3, while having the very integrity of my offerings delivered to you, all in 1 solid piece :O.
There are alot of technical opinions out there revolving around many issues concerning what kind of hardware you should have and what is the ideal brand you should go with etc. But I tend to ultimately make my own decisions on these matters since my system must be firstly ideal and cut out for what i need it to do and built to the standard of cohesiveness, just like my god given frame and my frame of mind and frame of human anatomy all made by a GOD, in GOD’s image. So going off of the creators wisdom [as an example] then it would make far more sense to have something built with the capabilities ideal for the kind of processes you would like it to handle and manage. Don’t go off of other’s “brand loyalty” criticisms and meaningless trends, that are in reality, counter productive. This next machine needs to be productive, it’s going to be a production unit after-all, so why clog it up with the implementation of needless counter productive measures?. That’s bogus, so consider all of that mess concerning 4K and ultra HD “discarded”. The aim with my next system is essentially this; whatever i produce should be brought to you with none of the shortcomings I face with my current system or past systems. I don’t have any interest in yielding to the unyielding degenerate contentious mongering of pricks and potentially putting myself in expense over misinformed rubbish. At the end of the day killa doesn’t change, my plan is like the CPU in my new up coming PC; ain’t change for **** lmao! xD.

Say what you want but i guess that’s how stubbornly crazy i remain. My mind is operating on a level that’s unthinkable and crazy sums it up perfect. At the end of it all, what want the general masses to know, is that opinions remain just opinions when you’re actually getting through, and as crazy as I am, just know I am progressive, I am going forward, moving on and moving up, I’m not begging for ****, including ****ing attention or opinions and I am perfectly fine with that as opposed to whatever alternative ****ry there is, that’s again based on opinions. And this has nothing to do with “location”, it’s not about a flag, city or state, this comes from within — every **** to do with how I just easily defy what’s useless to me as an individual, anytime, anywhere. I don’t care what it comes in the form of, 4K or not (since we are on the topic of technology), so there is no accepting; “you should get 4K because that’s where the industry is headed” from people I know that are just trying to push and promote this stuff. It’s not about where the industry is headed, I look at what is “needed” — just because the industry puts stuff out (for reasons I got into earlier up in this topic), doesn’t mean you have the be the experimental hog, that’s looking at it from the wrong lens.

From my perspective, I see what they do at times as creating “options” that gives more range in terms of what you might be able to utilize according to your situation. My priority or priorities is; quality and affordability, and so it makes no sense for me to spend more to get more on something that has no practical significance to what i’m doing at all in most cases. This is exactly the kind of situation you “wait” about. There is waiting on games, and then there is this 4K gaming controversy that truly beckons a wait-and-see period because there is barely any games that can run at 4K, and further more, you have to take into account whether even the games that do, are even games that you like or “fancy” in the first place. So, when you bring that into the equation, it would not necessarily be such a wise investment. So it’s not something I have as priority but that doesn’t mean that it might not still be there as an option because of “indirect benefits” associated with that area.
Asphalt 8 has been a great game I had the pleasure of playing and I am looking forward to bringing you some game plays of that game in the future and many many many more [racing games] because I’m also a huge fan of the Need For Speed series and other similar games aswell, so that too is on the table, and remember with my new computer, I will also be playing over the games that I already did some gameplay videos on with the idea being that i’m able to do them much better now then before. Also the disgaea series has made its way on the PC platform for the first time ever and it would be awesome to play it and share with you my experience on that end, and i’m hoping that the franchise does do well on the platform and opens up the door for much more disgaea entries also making their way onto the platform, as-well-as other great games alike, including games of it’s genre and also other kinds of games that have been previously only on console or handhelds.
Also now that I have been using RPG Maker alot, it will be really cool to also bring to you loads of things that i’m doing with my project lag-free and in much higher quality as they are meant to be seen — it should all be made possible with my future more powerful system and it is truly great that there are tons of options out there that I can use for my upcoming build. I already have an architecture on “paper” that I think is specialized to handle my future initiatives (projects and so on) that I haven’t seen any need to change, and with the release of every new technology, it just creates the situation of there being more available options to make the architecture even better. That being said, in the next conference session, I’ll give the scoop on what you can expect, technology and capability wise, in my next high-tech computer.
You can check out Part 2 here:…

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