Just Shove It (Immature Junkies)

Any competent person doesn’t need shxxty alcohol or a cigarettes or a “blunt”. That’s for immature people. Immature people are the fools that get drunk and intoxicated — it’s just the sign of a sorry and feeble minds. So beware of the feeble “pricks” who come with tricks.
There are those who try to make people believe that, “if you don’t take this, you’re this”, or “if you don’t drink this, you’re this”, lets be true to what all of this really is, a sick fxxk, who are actually crying out for help from the time you see idiots having to depend on any kind of substance.
I don’t give a shxt what that substance is, understand who the fxxk is laying down the facts, from the time you have people automatically being attached to and controlled by any substance especially some pissy alcoholic drink or beer, rum or  “smoke” etc, it’s being immature at best and at worse very deranged.
Don’t let dumb shxt people make you believe you need to be a “junkie”, or a wasted “drunkard” to do anything. Just make these people see and understand that they are just really immature hence putting alot of priority into stuff that is in reality mundane.
They truly are consuming alot of **** which is why they are so full of ****. Part of your “rehabilitation” process assign to you from me, is to take the poisonous ball of bull you idolize, and shove it back into your rectum.
I’m a religious dude :D. Automatically what’s going to come to your mind is, “Ohh ****, killa said the “R” word, lets get our rat **** out of here, we don’t want to hear that and he’s for **** sure not swallowing our garbage!”, because that’s not you people want to know, you don’t want to hear knowledge, you want to hear a crazy guy like myself throw all of your crappy nonsense out the window. you don’t want to hear about roots and origins and about a real GOD almost 99% of you clowns just live to drink or participate in some other form of excessive degeneration. 
Chugging alcohol and beer or “smoking” does not make any dumbaxx anymore grown or adult than the next dumbaxx. You people just have a very narrow and small minded sense of perception and how things really work. Just because your standards are very low it doesn’t mean it’s appealing to everyone.

The reality check is (because I specialize in reality checks) there are millions of “grown” and adult people who don’t consume alcohol or “smoke” because to them it’s just lame. So the habitual fxxk you’re perpetuating has been known to be utter sh*t for eons and centuries. It’s no secret that many of these things, out side of minor instances where they may be meaningfully applicable, are just bullshxx, so who are you immature people trying to fool?.

Nobody who doesn’t do these things gives a sh*t what you’re drinking or smoking but your deceptions about how these crappy substances make you more “adult” or “grown” just proves that maybe you’re taking these things a little too serious and perhaps need to easy off for a while or completely.

8 thoughts on “Just Shove It (Immature Junkies)

  1. lol, all this talk on cigarettes reminds me of Mahmoud Abbas: The locally unpopular President of Palestine is a heavy smoker who barely exercises.

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    1. lmao, i don’t blame him, with all the stuff he has to deal with concerning the politicians, that’s probably the least of his worries. Besides, he’s probably developed a strong immunity to this because of the fact that all you can truly expect from most politicians, is alot of “smoke” anyways xD

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  2. lmao, all this talk on cigarettes reminds me of Bill Clinton: He put a cigarette in Monica Lewinsky’s vagina and she masturbated by using it.

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    1. they were both “high” on crack bro lmao. That’s why it’s good to say “no” to drugs because as exemplified by these two, you might do harm to yourself xD. he’s battling sexual abuse claims, and she is probably regretting genital 3rd degree burns lol

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  3. I’ve never done 1st hand smoking but have fallen prey to 2nd hand smoking a couple of times.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences man πŸ™‹ πŸ‘. I too have experienced second-hand smoke but typically i tolerate it because I put myself there because I have friends and know people who smoke etc 😎.

      This blog was just exposing the stupidity of people glorifying nonsense like getting “drunk” and getting extremely intoxicated and trying to make people feel that being an addict makes you “grown” πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

      From my first-hand account taking a “toke” 🚬 πŸ’¨πŸ’¨, trust me, don’t even bother to start now 🚭, because you are definitely not missing out on much bro πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚ πŸ’― πŸ’―

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      1. As someone who has an ethnic mix of Egyptian, I’ve had 2nd-hand smoking experiences while traveling to Egypt.

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      2. I can understand that lol. I think most people, including myself, experience second-hand smoke from time to time depending on what you’re doing or where you’re going, but once someone isn’t actually blowing that stuff in you face, it’s rarely anything to worry about. Certainly not as bad as smoking where you’re inhaling tons of it and worst yet just doing it to get “high” because you think it makes you somehow more of a “grown” or capable individual than anyone else.

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