Extreme Consequential Denial (The Real Scoop On Homosexuality)

lets break this down for a moment. We need to understand that homosexuality is a sickness, it’s an illness that gets worse when we have very silly pricks trying to act as if it’s something that people should “accept”. Usually you hear so-and-so has “mental health” issues and how so-and-so should be institutionalized and have some kind of medicated administration for “fear” that people have of these individuals that they might go and commit mass murders and go on rampages etc, and you hear this kind of “fear” and “fear-mongering” being bestowed on particular groups of people who said folks generally believe should be in some “straight jackets”.
But when it comes to “homosexuality”, which is a very clear identity crisis ,and there has been numerous documented cases of chatter from many of these individuals that they really struggle to identify with who they really are gender-wise, now-a-days it’s being swept under the rug and alot of intelligence is being lost because of emotional impulse and people in denial wishing to further insult the intelligence of all of us non-gullible people who know better, by trying to fool us all through various means like: the media, politics and systemic organizations, that “homosexuality” is perfectly typical and there isn’t an underlying issue at play that needs to be addressed.
Often times you have these same weirdos in general preaching this dumb shit, hypocritically calling people’s “mental health” into question, but then now turning a different frequency telling people well there is nothing wrong with the manifestations of a clear identity crisis, because it’s about “love” xD. So because it’s about “love” to these stupid people, they are tying to say that you should all just “act dumb” and “pretend” there is not an issue because “homosexuality” comes down to “loving” something. But when people actually stop to think about a situation where the only thing that exist is “homosexuality” and how actually detrimental that could be in terms of replenishing the earth with the flourish and naturally born sons and daughters that are the future generations and how they are not to be born out-of-wedlock but rooted into a kind of bond that desires a family structure that has brought us ALL here to this stage in time, then you realize that it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to act and pretend as if the life style of homosexuality isn’t clearly a problem, that presents a problem in a very different way than most other kinds of issues.
So alot of you cantankerous, overzealous, overnight “LGBT” inconsolable pigs and daft “Aficionados” out there, need to sit down and see if you can digest this crash course hypothesis, speaking on communicable dispositions that have significant impact on societal state of affairs and long-term, far-reaching affects. All some of you dead-brain “wuss” do, is spew tumultuous fallacies highly not rooted in sound elementary exempt, and draw very flimsy equivocations through the narrow lens of vitriolic “all-inclusive”, very unstructured, tacky, sub-standard dysfunctional-ideals, that just makes things even more shitty.
Right now there is no “simple” fix for this issue, and they probably felt the need to cool the often blunt push-back and condemnation homosexuals faced in the past, so out of desperation, or even vengeance, what they are trying to do is “sell” you on this farce of “love” on the scientific and politic levels and how homosexuality is not endemic and indicative of some kind of emotional and genetic issue and even that some people who even slightly disagree with the lifestyle, are somehow homosexual themselves which is preposterous bullshit and they are clearly just seeking to make-up exceptions on what “should be” when there are clear signs that it “is not”.
It’s a fact that alot of people are not born having mental disabilities, same way alot of people were not born having any kind of propensity for any attraction towards the same sex — these are ALL traits that are in fact wired through the process of birth whether you were born heterosexual or homosexual, from straight parents.
It is complete bullshit to suggest that homosexuality cannot be a disorder because the homosexuals are born from straight parents, because the fact is, there are many people who unfortunately end up with disabilities who were factually born from mothers and fathers who had none of these same specific deficiencies. So people need to shut the fuck up and stop trying to brainwash people into utter stupidity with the notion that just because the off spring of two heterosexuals turn out to be gay, that it might not be a genetic issue or even an issue at all because that’s just bogus.
Saying that it is a genetic or a DNA thing doesn’t necessarily mean it is a direct result of something “not right” with the mother and the father but that there could be other complicating factors involved both chemically (imbalances, impurities etc) and otherwise (various “conditions” that become contributory factors that affects births) that could have caused the issue.
So when you really stop to use atleast one brain-cell instead of becoming too emotionally invested, thus being more sensitively compulsive than having any real understanding of this issue, you begin to see that alot of people are getting caught up on the wrong fuck. That’s why I don’t have any shame in being seen as “homophobic” — alot of bogus bitches use that term to label anything that runs counter to homosexual propaganda. No different from when people scream and throw around the word racist or racism — there is no real thought going into these things, it’s just pure diversion and distraction.
That’s also why I have no shame in being “religious” because the same way some pretentious bitch can profess to be “spiritual” and “living good” and having respect for others etc (when you know that’s just some bullshit, they’re just trolling and disguising their anti-christian, anti-religious propaganda while fucking around with some semantics), is the same damn things many have been doing RELIGIOUSLY for years, so these people, are not really making any sense and never were about anything “spiritual”, they are only “spiritual” when it comes to speaking ill of religion and they are not fooling anyone, just like individuals trying brainwash people into believing that there is not an actual questionable anomaly when it comes to “homosexuality” aren’t fooling fuck.
It is the same foolishness when they are trying to sell you now on people getting drunk and addicted to things as a, wait for it…  “DISEASE” xD. When you know it ain’t no damn disease, it’s just people not knowing how to control themselves over a particular thing — calling these “bad habits”, “diseases”, I think is an insult and slap in the face to people with real diseases and real issues that they have no control over.
People who have REAL diseases often have to live with these real serious issues their whole lives and spend their whole lives coping with these things — they are not fun, they don’t just go getting themselves into these things. Anybody can get drunk, but if all the fuck you do is “drink” and “smoke”, then obviously you’ll be dealing alot with the issues that comes along with habitual drinking and habitual smoking,  and to be honest, if they had something better to do to keep their minds going and focused, half these people won’t be getting drunk or intoxicated all the time, which also highlights another area called; priorities, but you wouldn’t know that with the fabricated pseudo “findings” and pseudo “scientific excuses” they find time to make, on the political and systemic level over these issues, again, not unlike the same narratives being pushed with “homosexuality” where many are in denial and just try to sweep this issue under the rug using every made up pseudo “philosophy” they can find.

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