Killa’s Surprise Unboxings (Update 4)

This Blog has been updated 4 times.
Yes folks!, that highly anticipated time has come and now you finally get a satisfying answer to those previously teased mind manipulating questions about this bran new series, that were asked since the 1st of April :D. That’s right, I couldn’t even wait to get this started so-much-so that I made the blog all the way in April, even though I was pretty unsure at the time exactly when this series would finally start.
Although things aren’t officially ready yet thus no unboxings are going to officially happen right now upon revelation of what this series is about, since I prefer to use my own materials rather than materials (pictures etc) from other sources, I have gotten enough intel to know that the progression of the series is indeed immanent and in fact an Official Surprise Unboxing should kick off sometime next week! :D. i actually wanted to start yesterday, at the start of September but couldn’t because of minor inconveniences but never the less, the series is here in September as I said it would!.  
That being said, I will just cut the introduction short here since I want to leave enough space for the actual unboxings, and leave you with this one last tease below xD. If you can figure this surprise out, you’re brilliant! :D.
This is just a brief update to unbox show off a couple of new fantastic SURPRISES concerning my very marvelous, super-exciting computer build. Today I will just be showing off 3 new terrific peripherals and accessories for the system which includes; A keyboard, a mouse and a controller.
First up; the keyboard a.k.a my competitive beast’s Hand Of Catastrophe :D. Now this keyboard is a very interesting selection because it’s the first of its kind that I have personally bought. Before, I was using a really old keyboard that came with the very first computer we had owned at my house, which was known as a Compaq Presario, and at the time, that computer came with Windows Millennium etc, equipped with a multi-media keyboard with special internet shortcuts and media keys which where programmed to control the system-volume of the computer, skip, fast forward and stop playback of various content, eject disc (from the disc-drive), sleep etc — which at the time was revolutionary in terms of how your keyboard interacted with the system, and enabling you to do much more with it than just type.
Over the years, although I had gotten new computers since then (mainly laptops), the keyboard from that old computer was so good that I never really had to change it to get anything new. Because it had a standard USB port, you could basically hook it up to any computer that was released after the days of Windows Millennium and up. But because of this same very broad range of application, it allowed for a situation where over time, the keyboard as durable as it is, had developed an issue of some kind, and the issue I had in particular is that since it was a corded-peripheral, the cord ended up developing “breakage” which eventually lead to a “shortage” issue, which would cause the keyboard to stop work randomly depending on how the cord was positioned since there was a “break” in the wiring and whenever the wires wouldn’t connect (due to this breakage), the keyboard just couldn’t function because of a break in “power” being supplied to the board and subsequent loss of signaling where the computer could no longer detect or “recognize” the device.
Because if that issue, I knew I definitely needed to get my self a new keyboard while I was getting everything else i needed to develop this competitive phenomenon of a PC that i’m putting together. So I went and bought a very fun new keyboard that’s a little bit more radical than your average keyboard, that fits right in with the over all exciting theme of the kind of computer i’m making, a computer this is for gaming, multitasking (and other sophisticated tasks in the area of computing), and while there were other fantastic options, I still had to keep in mind that I was working with a budget, and that this was not the most important thing to be spending money on.
So I was looking around and it didn’t take long for me to notice a sweet-spot — a keyboard that looked way better than the one I was using over the years, it was more modern, worked way better than the one I was using before, and had a price that was just right — it is the BlueFinger Backlit Keyboard (version CM200), that features a very outstanding cracked-pattern through the keyboard, that gives the illusion of a pulsing, glowing lava going through the keyboard, with keys that light up thanks to the keyboard’s mighty special LEDs that create a really luminous effect. Have a look at this awesome keyboard below from BlueFinger.
This is the Box it comes in:…

This is what the keyboard looks like in its packaging:…

This is the keyboard itself when it’s not on and doesn’t have the light effects:………

As you can observe, you can see the really cool cracked-patern on the board

NOW this is what the keyboard looks like when it’s turned on (or plugged into a computer) — There are three shades; red, blue and purple on this model:………

Currently these pictures were taken in the daytime so the lights aren’t going to look as bright as you would expect in the daytime, but the quality was still good enough to where you can get an accurate idea of how the effect looks, and you’re probably thinking what i’m thinking — this thin ROCKS! :D

To top it off, they also provided a superb high-quality BlueFinger mouse-pad:……

A key think about this keyboard is how it can be operated. Previously, the other keyboard that i had, did not allow for certain inputs to be executed once you were pressing more than one key at a time, and this was very problematic when it came to certain games in particular where you couldn’t do certain things properly if two or more keys were stroked at once.
With this new keyboard, it’s actually designed without that flaw, so when i’m playing games I can now fully control input executions without the limitation where pressing more then one key at-once, could cause your navigation in games to lock-up, and inputs to not register, which means that now I can actually play games alot better without this hindrance, and the fact that the keys light-up, makes it very easy to see what key you are pressing in situations where there is not that much light in the area(s) you’re occupying.
The visibility of the keys despite the cracked-patern spreading through-out all of them, is actually very good. I have no problems making out or locating any key on the keyboard at all, and as a matter of fact, it is like you can actually see the keys alot better on this keyboard due to the added assistance of light than just the standard inked-print that you commonly see on most keyboards. So this is a huge plus, you can actually game with this keyboard in the pitch-black dark and have no issue locating anything on it.
So you have my word on that — believe me I don’t tolerate bull****, so if there were any kind of issue at all, you wouldn’t find me sugar-coating it, you would know unmistakably what I think about the issue, 100% :D. I my opinion the keyboard is excellent, both looks wise where it has an awesome unique effect and illusion that I have never seen in a keyboard before, and also excellent in terms of functionality where there is no restraints. You can definitely game hardcore with this keyboard or just use it for every use. I haven’t detected any input-lag or latency — the keyboard is very responsive. It’s another fantastic purchase that i’m extremely pleased with.
Now it’s on to the next part of my killer system; the mother****ing mouse xD. I shall dub this my beast’s Talon Of Mercilessness.
This is the box it comes in, with the name of the company as you can see on the box, aswell as other details such as other products the company makes(but that info it
located at the back of the box which I didn’t take pictures of):…

Now this is the mouse — look at this beauty!!:………………………

once you see a dragon on it, it’s the coolest ****ing thing in the place :D
The mouse just like the keyboard, has a very unique and sensational design and it changes colors. It feels great when i’m using it and it’s proof that you don’t have to pay a high price to get high quality, because it works like a charm and the big thing for me is the kind of cord they chose to put on this mouse.
The cord is very flexible and feels like it will last a very long time. Compared to most wired computer mouses, the cord on this feels like a very strong piece of string rather than a stiff brittle plastic surface that is a feeling you usually get with most standard wired computer equipment that have plastic cords. The cord on this mostly seems super durable and flexible unlike any form of corded device I have used or seen before, and for me that is a huge plus because i’m trying to find the right balance between price, style, durability and functionality and seeing products out there such as these, shows that it’s a myth that you can’t get quality products for reasonable prices.
The mouse also seems to have two extra programmable buttons, and one on the top which is used to switch between the different color modes that the mouse is capable of displaying. So it’s yet again another awesome purchase that is affordable and also fun :D. It’s the hand of my incredible system that will obviously enable it to unleash the dragon — no game or system is safe with this powerful competitive beast on the loose hahahahaha :D
Now finally for today’s last SURPRISE unboxing, I shall give you a look at the tail of this marvel, that shall allow for super saiyan mode levels of gaming once leveraged, and it is my brand new CONTROLLER!! :D
I needed a controller for a long time but I wanted one that was a cut above the one I had before (that did not last very long xD) and all the other ones I came across in the past, and I was looking and looking and I came across a collection of Xbox branded controllers made by a company known and Rock Candy, and I knew instantly that this controller was worthy to be apart of my powerful creation :D.
I looked around and this controller just stood out to me like it was calling me xD. it was like I just needed to have this controller — the way you can tell the different buttons apart with the sensational contrast of the mainly blue surface of the controller and the white Start, Back, directional, shoulder and trigger keys and the colorful xbox Y,B,X,A buttons and the fact that it does have the right amount of keys you would need to play just about any game, its flawless color scheme and the fact that the cord was designed with safety in mind with an Anti-Trip/pull mechanism where the cable can detach from the controller if it gets pulled to a certain extent, made this a must have for me.
So considering all that I had seen and what i was looking to achieve with my purchases, I just had to get this controller hands down, check it out!
PDP Rock Candy Wired Controller. This is the controller in its packaging:…

and this is just the plain controller out of its box and everything — look at this fantastic controller:………

Some More good news is, this actually works rigt out of the box. No hassle, no having to go online and download drivers, no second program you have to install — I just took this thing out, plugged it into my computer and it worked flawlessly, and to really emphasize how good the controller is, I actually was able to just plug it in and use it with a game that was released for PC just a few days ago — I used this with a very new title and it worked seamlessly.
It’s not a very heavy controller but it doesn’t feel like it’s flimsy, it feels like a real quality controller and it’s very responsive. Keep in mind i’m using this on an old 2011 laptop, so if I can use it on this, then those of you with much better systems should be able to get this work like a charm even more so than it did for me.
Another thing I like, is the design of the directional-pad (D-Pad) on this controller. The controller I was using before had grooves between the directional keys for its D-Pad which caused the keys to have very ridged edges, and whenever I would try to move my thumb to another directional key to shift directions in a game, my finger would at times hit into the edge of the keys, which mean that you had to lift up your thumb and place it directly over a directional key and then press down to prevent your finger from butting into the edge of those keys, which resulted in a much slower input with that kind of d-pad design, where as, with this one on this controller, it is designed with a sophisticated tilt mechanism, that allows you to just slide and tilt the D-Pad at the angle you want to maneuver, which results in much more fluid movement in gameplay and input that’s a couple of seconds faster than that of the type of D-Pad that I had been describing earlier which is good for when you’re playing games that are fast-paces where those seconds matter. So I am absolutely pleased with that kind of innovation in this controller. Sure if you want fluid movement you can use the thumb sticks, but in some games the d-pad actually feels better an i’m from the old school so I love the D-Pad, I play most games with the D-Pad, so i’m glad to see that’s how the D-Pad is on this controller.
So once again, I was bang on the money, and things are developing exceptionally and there is still alot more things to come so keep checking back occasionally
O.K today is time for yet another fantastic and crazy surprise, because you know that’s just how I do it — full of craziness, full of surprises full of enthusiasm allowing me to have a series that is full of interesting and fun :D. And today on the fun-list of surprises, we have a very rocking computer case which is none other than the; In-Win 509 E-ATX Chassis. I do want to say first, that I was definitely looking into the mining rig category for my initial surprise option. There was one of these types of cases that I was going to get that was actually for building powerful “mining-rigs” — it was that good to me that i was actually going to get it because I really liked its radical design, but there was an important issue about it and other rigs of that type that prevented me from actually following through, which was that alot of these cases aren’t really built with server motherboards in mind so I actually had to skip this option and go for alternatives instead which, long story short, brought me in the direction of this In-Win case you’re about to be SURPRISED at :D.  
Now lets get right into its unboxing!. Firstly we have the main box which will be looking alot like this:

I opened it up from the top and this is the presentation:


Inside are white protective foam placements both at the top-edges which you can see, and there are two more at the bottom on the bottom-edges of the case that the case is nestled into, with the case itself being covered in what looks to be a black/grey shroud which keeps out dust etc
Now to get the actual case out, typically people go for the “put the box up-side down so that the case touches the floor through the opening in the box and just continue to lift up the box until it’s no longer covering the case” kind of approach. But with the design of the In-Win 509 box, I had to look no further than the side of the box to get the case removed since it was two-layered, with the outer areas consisting of one solid wrap, followed by a split layer that can be pulled open like cabinet doors as you can see in the photos below.



And this is the image of when one of the split sides has been pulled open:


All you had to do was remove the case through this opening (after you also pull open the next flap the same way the one in this image was moved) without having to lift the whole box up, to turn it over so that you can get the top of the case to touch the floor and then lift-up and then ultimate lift off, the main box. With this method, you can just bring out the case by pulling it towards you.
When that’s done, and the case is completely out, you will be left with just the case and it may still be covered with the shroud like in this photo below.


You lift off the shroud to reveal the case as you can see in this image:


And then after that is done, you will have full access to the In-Win 509 Colossal full-tower case. You can see mines in the image below placed side-by-side the marvelous ASUS motherboard package that I did an unboxing of previously:


look at the epic display :D. Now this case is a very stylish craft. It’s actually bigger in person than it may seem in photos (and maybe even videos) — this case is actually massive and also features tempered glass side-panels on two of its sides that makes it look to be in a class of its own. This case is not the most radical case I have seen or could have gone with but the price was sweet for my budget and made this one too good to pass-up as a result, given that it was one of the more affordable FULL-TOWER PC-chasis of this kind around. So it was in the sweet-spot in relation to the kind of money I was willing to spend with its awesome practical features (which are extremely important for the build that i’m making) and stylish characteristics which are cool.
Now when you look at the real “front” of the case, which you can look at in the image below this paragraph, you will see another one of the tempered glass fittings which made me put “panels” and not “panel” since this makes the case actually have two tempered-glass panels on it. This is where the In-Win logo can light up and you get a good LED effect going on in there when the computer is running. Also on this same side is where you will find 4 USB ports near the top, a sleek Disc-drive bay, in-case I may want to install a DVD or BluRay player in the system, as-well as a power button, another button that i’m not sure yet what it does, a microphone port and a head-phone port, which are all very useful in this kind of dynamic powerful system that i’m making.


On the other broad-side of the case, it features really cool vitalization holes for the system that are patterned after a honey-comb style, which is really awesome aswell, because with this kind of system i’m making, it’s going to get hot and it’s important that any case i get has ways to deal with cooling and heat dissipation, and in the case with this chassis it’s cut out for the job and still gets to look awesome while doing so :D. Peep the image of what i’m talking about below:


Back on the subject of the case being a full-tower,  in my case it was money well spent because I had to absolutely keep in mind that the motherboard i’m getting, is pretty large and needed to be installed in a case that it can fit in, with no issues and I can confirm that this case did fit my motherboard 100% well with even the area with all the USB ports and other kinds of connectors fitting flawlessly :D. I usually do alot of research and learn as much as I can before getting stuff, so it’s not like i just bought this because it looked good, i was well aware that this case being an E-ATX form-factor as well as other things I’ve seen associated with it (even though I have not seen the exact motherboard that I have, being installed into this case) could definitely accommodate my board, but to show you that i know what i’m doing and that i know what i’m talking about, here are some images below of my ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS Motherboard placed inside of the motherboard-section of the case without incident:




The case is definitely a quality case with lots of space — didn’t regret buying it:


And lastly contained within the package of this case, was a zip-lock bag that contained the Manuel, a TON of screws (there is an enormous amount of various types of screws supplied with this case). “Arms” you can put inside the case to help keep your video cards or other things from “sagging” — some kind of a “cable” and some cable straps (stringy things you can use to keep cables/cords tidy inside of a unit). So along with the case, you also get an assortment of tools and a manual bundled. Take a look at the package, in the image below for yourself:


On thing I would like to add, is that i was temped to actually change the color-scheme of the case to put my own personal stamp on it. I just thought it would be cool and fun because the case is black by default, and most things technology come like that these days. So it’s kind of generic when considering other possibilities, for instance I might paint it and give it a colorful white and silver theme or blue and white theme, you know something to that effect, but that’s just a little idea i’m playing around with right now. I’m overall beyond happy with this In-Win case.
Plus remember i’ll putting all of this together myself. I’m not the useless kind that’s just good at running mouth — I assure you CRAZY killa has very capable hands :D. I’m not paying extra to someone to get this assembled — i”ll be putting it together myself.
So in my case this was a very awesome investment. My “build”just keeps getting more exciting —  the surprises just keep getting more crazier as you should expect, and I can’t wait to show you all more, because this is far from over — i’m just getting warmed up :D. Hope you all can handle more because more is coming!.
Now it is time to unbox — VOILA!! :D

Larger Image:
The above photo is the industrial seal of a package brought to you by ASUSTeK Computer Inc!. Isn’t that lovely?.
This is what comes out of that industrial box, which is the actual box of the item(s)
Larger Image:…
As you can see, it is essentially what was teased last week in the distorted photo :D.
In the photo here [read more below]:

Larger Image 1:…
Larger Image 2:…
you can see that the box is no normal box because killa is not dealing with no normal components :D. killa needs stuff that can handle his craziness, so on the very surface of this box has an extra cover layer with an extended bendable flap, containing details on the technologies that can be found on the behemoth contained with in. So you not only have layers of protection and security but you’re also greeted with very helpful information from the moment you start opening up, without even touching the hardware or manuels.
When you remove that very classy layer, detailed with colorful images and very direct specifications, you need to take a step back and prepare yourself for the Super Power you’re about to unleash, because there is no going back after this :D. After you take the cover off, you get to the actual box with the components inside, and when you open it, the inside looks and should look like, exactly this:

Larger Image:…
Here we have a picture showing the box opened and right under is the surprise, what killa has chosen, the kick ass motherboard a.k.a the ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS :D. It’s still warped in all of it’s factory garde protective covering goodness because I currently am not installing it yet, so I don’t think it makes any sense for me to just unwrap it and expose it to the elements, because I want to make sure that everything stays in tip-top condition for as long as possible until the time comes where the motherboard, and other components that i have left wrapped,  will be actually used because I still have to test these things out to make sure they aren’t faulty, but I did try to put the lens of the camera as close to the motherboard as I possibly can, to get as much detail in the photo as I could, so that you know this is all my stuff that i’m showing and that it is indeed the real deal. So have another look — this time a little more close up:

Larger Image:
If you look closely, you can make out the 2 CPU Sockets on the motherboard for the support of two Super Powerful Intel CPU Chips. Also you could see the gold-colored/plated heat sinks, and some of the durable capacitors etc. I don’t think you can really make out anything much beyond that from that photo but the motherboard does have a killer-ton of PCI/PCIe Express slots, USB ports and RAM/ECC RAM slots plus many more things. Take a look at the demonstration photo below [that I got from ASUS’ website] for reference — I will be listing full system specs in a separate blog aswell so look out for that, but take a look at this photo illustration of what the motherboard looks like:
Larger/Original Image:…
This fantastic motherboard is actually contained with-in its own protective cardboard & foam padded layer, that actually sits on-top of another layer which contains accessories, manuals and installation media. The image below shows the motherboard in its cardboard & foam compartment which has been separated from the original main box of items:

Larger Image:…
In the image(s) below, I took out the motherboard and placed it beside the main box, with an extra white layer of the main box that’s filled with utilities etc, now visible and accessible as shown in the photo(s):

Larger Image:
This last white layer of utilities is actually split into two sections, with one segment containing handy cables and connectors and an SLI bridge etc, and the other side holds mostly useful manuals, other micro-components for the motherboard, and installation media:

Larger Image:
Side with Cables, Connectors etc:

Larger Image:

Larger Image:
Side With Installation Media, other micro-components for the motherboard and a port-plate:

Larger Image 1:
Larger Image 2:
Upon inspection, I realized that all of these things listed can be manually reached by pulling up on small tabs placed on the top of each cover that corresponds to both sections, that you can use to lift them up and expose what they are covering beneath. See the tabs in photo below:

Larger Image:
It’s an absolute pleasure to see that this is what my money was invested in because make no mistakes about it, this is real god stuff :D. This isn’t “rob” or “theft” money. This isn’t sponsored either, this is god money!, this is killa’s money that I earned. This is legitimate boss kind of money we’re talking about. killa is not a petty thief, so don’t get it ****ing twisted — what does your local hoodlum know about this?, not one ****. killa is doing it official, this is all my own stuff. So like I was saying, it feels good that my money went in this direction.
After doing alot of research over the years and comparing the benefits of what this board brings, to other boards I could have used and that i’m aware of, I think the decision to built my next system’s architecture incorporated with the ASUS Z10PE-D8 WorkStation motherboard is a wise and excellently exceptional choice.
Keep in mind that this is just my unboxings at this point, and I have not yet started to give any specifics on cost-effective recommendations concerning building computers and how building computers to game on, and have some fun with games and stuff, doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. I will be getting to all of these aspects in due time throughout the course of creating my computer, but this blog in particular, wouldn’t specifically point out these key factors to you necessarily. I will make a new blog series in the future that covers this area properly.  
Of course it’s a motherboard, a damn super good one at that, which means you should look at the big picture. What this means is Asphalt 8 videos instead of just pictures now :D. What this means is that I will be able to now play games and record those games being played at the same time and at pretty high and stable frame rates, compared to before, where, I had loads of technical issues and limitations with this process. What this means is much faster production times between the release of videos. What this means is I can now really get down and play a ton of games that I couldn’t play before because I had just lacked the hardware capabilities to do so. What this means is much greater quality in creative content and huge improvements in my ability to manage such operations  — it all means BIG, FUN and EXCITING things :D.
So this is just the first critical step in what is going to develop into a very major direction and this is just the first unboxing out of many that will follow from now on. So this surprise unbox is by no means the last, it’s just the start and there will be lots more but it’s not going to be weekly or daily, it’s going to be more like every 3 – 6 months or so typically lol. That’s basically because of how operations are going at this time until further developments. But all-in-all, I have officially acquired the first component that’s going to be apart of my brand new custom computer & set-up, and I hope you enjoyed this episode and look out for more episodes in the future.

Larger Image:…

14 thoughts on “Killa’s Surprise Unboxings (Update 4)

  1. Just updated this blog again to include unboxings of my latest crazy assets that i have recently purchased to go along with marvelously competitive computer that I am in the process of making.

    A couple of updates before it was about the revaluation of the fantastic ASUS Motherboard I had gotten, then I did an unbox of the the classic IN-WIN 509 computer case, and today we will be looking at 3 more fun SURPRISES that are complementary to this build, so check it out in today’s update.


  2. The build is still in progress and it is shaping up tremendously well. In this new update, I have revealed my latest crazy surprise — I finally decided upon a very classy “Suit Of Armor” to contain this very powerful competitive beast. What will it be?, get all the awesome details in the blog hahaha! :D.


  3. Just updated this blog, and in it, you will find the first and newest official surprise unboxing. I am happy to present to you my new ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard. Find out more about this surprise in the blog and remember to keep checking back because there are a TON more surprises that are going to be unboxed over impending months and years, so don’t miss any :D. It’s gong to take on average 3-6 months for me to present a new unbox but the point is that there are in fact alot more coming so just keep checking back monthly etc.


    1. You made me read all of this, and i know how to do this lol

      So now you have a functional computer with keyboard?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol I did not tell you to read it because i didn’t think you knew how. i reccomended that you read it so you can get more insight about the system that i am making and why i am making it, which is what we were discussing and you wanted to khow about the system πŸ˜‚

        No I do not have a keyboard at the moment — i had keyboards, but not now lol


        1. The system that you are building is just going to be a cannibalized version of the fancy computer you already built and other bits, or you never finished it?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. The system that i am building is not going to be a version of anything, I am making it from scratch — it’s going to be custom made and configured by me hahaha

            Yes it’s not finished as yet πŸ˜‚


            1. Baby, I realize that what you’re building will be unique. The question is, are you using parts from the computer you wrote about building before, or is this a whole new project with new parts, etc?

              Liked by 1 person

              1. No it’s not a whole new project, i’m still in the process of making that powerful computer that i wrote about in the blog that i showed you — it’s currently still unfinished but it’s coming together great hahaa


                1. Would it still be considered a powerful computer? I think my old gen 2 smart phone has more juice than computers from 2016. Those parts are now 5 years old… that’s probably not even enough computing power to install windows 10 on. Maybe Win7 if you have access to it…

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Hahaha is that a serious question?, ofcourse it will be a powerful pc — no phone or laptop will be able to compare.

                    It will have two 14-Core Xeon CPUs, 64 GBs of DDR4 system RAM, very fast SSDs, atleast 1 GPU with 10 – 16GBs of GDDR6 VRAM — it’s going to be extremely powerful 🀣🀣


                    1. It was a serious question because i don’t understand the specs anymore with any of this stuff. Haven’t had to think about it for decades. My ex, his brother, my sister’s husband (and her bf before him), my other’s sister’s ex bf (before the jackass) were all major computer guys. so I’d just be like “what’s the best one if I want the computer to do X?”

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    2. id rather tear my own tongue out, but the font is easier to read this way

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      1. however, you kept the rest of your page blue as far as i can tell and thats what i wanted you to do and was trying to explain. Im glad you did that πŸ₯°πŸ’

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