Extreme Consequential Denial (Extras)

This is a lightly edited version of some extra fire to work with that gives more context and extra insight on the issue of homosexuality. These are originally sentiments i shared with an acquaintance over the other blog by the same name so u figured why not put such valuable substance into a blog of it’s on.
Only one? no not at all man, you’re definitely not the only one. I’m not very good at diverting and playing semantics I don’t play these kinds of games — others do that, but not me. When I speak I speak from a place of conscience. As you may know by now, this is a far bigger issue than an internet situation — the couple of vermin rubbish on this thing parading around trying to be gay “ambassadors” and “LGBT” “LGBTI”, LGBTQ” “LGBT-A” “LGBT-F” aficionados, certainly do not represent a vast majority of people who know that there is an anomaly as far as the lifestyle of “homosexuality” is concerned. It takes real men and not little bitches to take a stand and clean up this mess and correct these fallacious notions that are just based on emotions and creeps being sensitive freaks — to give people the truth.   
Yes you respect people but that doesn’t mean you agree with everything they may say or do, or that their life-styles have to be “accepted” aswell. You call a spade a spade and homosexuality is definitely a real and unusual psychosis, just as much as many other psychological issues that people are often quick to scrutinize. So then lets just call homosexuality what it is, it’s a physiological disorder that presents a challenge in a different way. It is not something to sweep under the carpet and deny and pretend isn’t an issue just because it is difficult to deal with. It IS highly unusual and should be looked at as something that needs to be handled responsibly and with some sense because it does pose issues in different ways compared to the stereotypical mental issues we all hear about, you know, the “other kinds” that people are quick to latch onto.
Homosexuality, presents issues, which is why I guess it was referred to as an abomination because of the consequences it presents. The almighty creator doesn’t just use words recklessly, there is usually meaning and reason behind alot of things that becomes of GOD.
The things that happened in the “new testament”(actually i made a mistake here it’s actually the new testament), where tales of “Sodom” is concerned, was really about the defiance of law — it was more so the act of rebellion that doomed Sodom and Gomorrah more so than it just was about anyone being homosexual — alot of people like to bring that up to show how god was “cruel” to “gay people” — they are dead wrong, but that’s a whole other story that is unnecessary to delve into, too deeply at this time, but you get the idea — there are consequences for actions, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes severe, sometimes minor.    
It also doesn’t make sense that there be men and women if a lifestyle of homosexuality and “same-sex” relations was actually part of the “nature” (for the lack of a better word) of life. There might as well just have one “sex” if that’s the case, since it makes having two distinct genders, yet alone genders that are clearly made to companion each other in multiple facets, redundant.
Some folks (especially some of us guys) might think it’s a joke when it’s said  “well I don’t care about guys living homosexual because it means more woman for me, hehehe”, frig no! it does not, not if those woman turn “homosexual” lesbians xD. Yeah now you see what i’m saying :D. So It’s not just the men with homosexual lifestyles that need “conditioning”, it’s also the women with homosexual lifestyles that need to be helped but again, even the almighty knew that this wasn’t an easy task, but also what needs to be noted  is that even he knew that it was not in mankind’s best interest to have any desire for this “lifestyle”….

2 thoughts on “Extreme Consequential Denial (Extras)

  1. Happy to have our Capcom Unity conversation referenced in this super-edition blog post.

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    1. haha thanks for the kudos buddy. There was just too many good things that came out of that conversation, and when they deleted the blog on unity, it made me remember about these bits which also got deleted, but i had a back-up copy of these comments after I had made them on file, just i case, and it turned out to be a wise move in the face of screw-ups and their idiocy…

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