Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.13)

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So recently i had set aside time to do some work with my ninja game, and this time around it was all about doing some work in the area of Status Effects or commonly known as “States” in the case with RPG Maker specifically, and in most RPGs πŸ’―. As you know this game was entirely inspired by my Ninja I.P which is some materials of ideas to bring to life a vision I had for a fast-paced, action-packed ninja game that I thought would be really awesome, and this game is a spin-off of that I.P, and is also partly inspired by alot of other franchises from Anime seriesβœ…, to Final Fantasy Tactics βœ…, to Pokemonβœ…, To Disgaeaβœ…, and is a Beat Em’ Up, Action Adventure, Action-RPG, Tactical Turn-Based experience, so because of that, I have been coming up with plenty of ideas and some of them have to do with the skills and so-on in the game having lingering, severe and profound impacts on characters and enemies etc, aside from massive damage dealing and what you typically expect from games where you can use weapons, specials and things of that nature, and the last time I was developing my game, I was actually working in the area of coming up with a variety of status altering states and abilities to go along with the huge amount of skills I made and their categories, and so basically, I recently picked up where I left-off which was to continue contributing to this area, with the effort this time being to really dive deep into it with some momentum and make it develop to the point where I can then move on to other fun aspects of the game, and in doing so, I have produced a huge number of marvelous results, where, I have moved on from just the 26+ status altering effects, all the way up to about an ADDITIONAL 80+ that will be added to those, which should combine to total about 106, with more new ones still being added in the future πŸ’― πŸ‘Š πŸ‘Š.
The other day I was thinking about where I should go development-wise from the first group of status effects [the said 26+) that I had made months ago, and after some evaluation, I had determined that along with the 26+ states I had already made, I needed about 90 more 😢, so as you know now, after some thinking and using some creative imagination, I have now completed 87 out of 90 of the additional special status altering effects, which is awesome because I am about 3 more of these [custom states] away from finishing up this very critical and fun aspect of the game, which means the game is much closer to coming alive as a fun enjoyable and actual playable ninja game, which is what it’s all about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽβœŠπŸ‘.
Due to these latest developments and me just coming up with ideas all the time, there have been a couple of interesting aspects that came to mind, because before it was just the different ranked weapons you have to use at certain levels and the distinctive categories they fall under for instance: accessories, Talismans, armor and weapons, but now because of how some of these newly added Custom States have to function, there are now new exciting areas being developed as a result, relating to: “Grade” of weapons and assets (whether they are Legendary, Ancient, Ultimate etc) which will apply to all weapons Armor and accessories. Also the equipment “Size” (all equipment will now have sizes), “Color” (color will now factor into the game and how certain things can be affected depending on their color, and some of the states will  be influencing these outcomes) — also a “types” of equipment aspect is being added such as: Steel-Type, Wood-Type, Rock-Type etc, and types of creatures and opponents such as if they are the Flying-type, Crawling-type etc — just to name a few. All of these elements and more, have now came about because of these very interesting Custom States that I have been working on, which as a result of immersive necessity, has added alot more depth and fun dynamics to this kickass ninja, Treasure Hinting game, that I think would make a game like this very addicting regardless of whether or not I actually “finish” it. Knowing what I know about this game, it’s going to be a blast even without me actually “completing” it, and that’s something I really like about what is going on with this project — it has substance that just makes you want to game so to speak.
You can tell I have my work cut out for me because of all of these new additions really depending on their own categories and sub-divisions/classifications πŸ”© πŸ”¨, so once again i’m going to have to spend alot of my time working on little details that really makes a game like this enjoyable because it’s alot of these little details and features πŸ” , as I have been consistently saying before πŸ“’, that add up to make a game fantastic πŸ™Œ, such as how you incorporate the music and the type of music you add 🎢 🎢, the tone and environment πŸŒ„πŸŒ†, the action and how the action is presented/executed 🚢 🚀 πŸš€, how cut-scenes are done πŸŽ₯— not wanting people to spend too much time reading long dialogs rather than having constructive narratives and interactions that actually compliment the game’s exploratory, adventurous and action-pack style 🎬 πŸ‚, and things like that. So i’m developing the game slowly but making sure that I hit all of the right notes as profoundly and strongly as I see fit, to make sure that all of these incredible key values are interestingly and intrinsically emphasized πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‘. So this update/report is just to inform you that things are going great and where things stand — when it comes to some of the states in question, there are some very complicating factors and challenging areas that require technical know-how, but there are also many that aren’t as technical, that i am focusing on at the moment that I can just work on implementing into practical working mechanics, beyond their theoretical and conceptual stages.
Many of the states I have selected to be on the official list of 90 unique status altering effects, are actually the ones i’m working on with not much problem, but there are plenty of others that haven’t made the list due to how technical/complicated they are, where many of them would require scripting and expert level programing, as opposed to the ones I picked which all comes down to just being creative and innovative. But many of those tricky, complicated states can still be very much used in the future after I spend some time doing research and figuring out a bit of scripting/coding etc, because yes, they are complicated to program, but they are phenomenal ideas that would make the game really fun and epic if they were to be implemented.
So that’s basically where i’m at with my project using RPG Maker MV and I couldn’t be happier 😎. Until the next update, happy gaming!.

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