Frenzied Frolicking (Business As Usual)

Ok right now i’m just going to put this down based on some principles I shared else where about political shenanigans and people constantly putting themselves in a position to be “played” when these “officials” can come to you and tell you the same old thing but dressed-up and worded differently each time. That is what you call, being taken for a fool, that is what you call being “manipulated”, that is what being taken advantage of really is.
It’s fucked just to “vote”, you need to stand for something aswell, you need to represent that vote and defend that vote. Don’t just hand in a piece of dirty paper and leave. As long as these politicians are in office you need to stand by that vote, don’t let them just tell you how “important” the vote is and blah blah blah, when THEY are not acting like it is actually fucking important because that’s just sending bullshit mixed signals that ain’t adding up.
They consistently tell you something and don’t follow through with it, so who exactly is being taken for a ride here?, that’s right!, it will be you if you don’t make the standards more sophisticated and make them check what the fuck they are doing, and remind them that they are supposed to be doing something. Don’t complain and bitch tears about a politician not doing something, when your azz just pushed up a vote because he/she spoke clean and you just left said “elected official” to go awol and parade up and down the fucking place, all-expense paid WITH you god damn tax-payer money, WITHOUT no damn accountability xD.
They come out to you when they want to come out, and tell you what they want to tell you at the “State Of The Union” or whatever else shit they want to opportunistically orchestrate, and you run out to pamper and pander, laugh and do absolutely nothing but just be gullible to each and every word these politicians say like perpetual yes men.
So it has to be said — they are telling you one thing but there also needs to be a representation of the truth. So if these time-wasters are supposed to be “world leaders”, hahaaaa then i’m a fucking God nigga xD. I said it a couple of years ago and I keep saying it, and will say it now; it is always just “business as usually” with most of your representatives. They come with all this big talk but behind the scenes, it is business as usual because none of you people are keeping them focused, you just submit a shitty “vote” on cheap ass paper, for someone who doesn’t do fuck, and that’s often where it stops.Am i missing something?.
This needs to stop because it’s absolute bullshit, especially when they come for promotional-purposes called “campaigns” and “stops”. What does it all mean?? — they play their hand to the Iphone motherfuckas, and the streaming motherfuckas, and the youtube motherfuckas, and that’s what it’s about motherfuckas. It’s all about the “spectacle” and getting your hopes up again.
It’s all about the “show” and the “turn-out” and funds they are raising, and the taxes they are raising, and then your blood pressure is raising. Fuck their “race”, you can’t find fuck that makes sense for your family under tremendous economical burden that THEY are also raising. So your heart now end’s up racing because, before, YOU were skinning your fucking teeth with these people when they came for a vote and when they tried to nice talk you, and as soon as they turn their back, YOU are feeling the pressure from being in the exact same spot because reality sets in and they have accomplished nothing, except for getting your hopes up high  since this is the same old shit you allow.
They are telling you everything you want to hear (and this is a process that is all too documented for plenty of years by-the-way), only for you to be brought back down to reality that the fucking system is fucked up. For over many “Babylonian Years”,  all you’re doing is “undoing” the mess that THEY have created, and that “undoing” process is being resold to you as “change”, because this is what you allow. The power is with all of you to stop all of their fuckry — don’t just vote, devote. Republican, Democrat, does it looks like I give a fuck?. Black or white, does it look like this is what the fuck it’s about?, NO!. The change that needs to be isn’t either just from the political side, you have your part to play aswell. Don’t let them tell you what the fuck is needed, because as you can tell from reading this, they will conveniently leave out some things that is needed. You know what is needed, and this is what this crazy guy is telling you. Fuck just voting, you need to hold these people accountable regardless.

12 thoughts on “Frenzied Frolicking (Business As Usual)

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    1. Hmmmm interesting. Thanks for informing me of this. I have no plans to switch to anything right now, but i appreciate the knowledge that their are other options :D


  2. Ꮤоuld Cһanging into A Freelаncе Paralegal Be A Ԍood Posѕibility For Yߋu?


    1. That’s an interesting question. I never thought of this before but i doubt i’ll be able to take advantage of this right now, since I am already apart of on going initiatives :D


  3. During my transition from 5th to 6th grade, I worked as a volunteer for John Kerry and John Edward’s Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket of 2004; it was an ideal way to ‘represent’ my disapproval of George Bush Junior even though I wasn’t old enough to vote back then.

    Contrast that to my previous circumstance as a 1st-2nd grader who was simultaneously in the early stage of middle-childhood brain development and idly exposed to the United States’ 2000 Presidential election season.

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    1. funny how I have not seen this until now xD. Just shows how inactive I have been here lately. Good to hear you political history lol

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  4. hahaha he did win some big states that some people thought that he wouldn’t win but it was a very very close election and hillary was certainly not and easy opponent. Ultimately trump won because of the electoral vote which I think no one was expecting and was actually the most unseemly turn of events compared to other odds.

    P.S: I’m haven’t been on wordpress in a while indeed man. That’s basically because I typically just backup and give updates to my blogs from capcom unity over here occasionally so i’m not really going to be that active on here because of that and ultimately real life stuff lol.

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  5. To me it’s just really stupid too that with the race being that close, and that competitive throughout the entire frigging campaign people somehow ended up “shocked” lol. They will be shocked for the next 4 years with trump as president, and maybe even 8 years if they fuck up that badly the next time because of paying attention to bullshit rather than the facts, because clearly they were wrong about the reality of the election, and the reality of their consequences is that they have to deal with the fact that trump won the election.

    I think people got way to carried away with all the bullshit that was going on in the media, and on social media, underestimated trump, and chose to ignore and deny too many realities that developed this last election and just got left looking stupid, or as they put it; shocked. Now they have to face these same realities that they didn’t respect. That’s what you get for letting the media cloud your judgement, by feeding you stupidity that you entertained far too much.

    They must have been paying attention to some really retarded ass shit not to see that the “rivalry” between Hillary and trump was very real, very contentious and down to the wire, and because of the distractions and judgmentally preconceived notions, just assumed who they thought would win.

    The fact that trump made it that far should be enough to wake everyone the fuck up, because I don’t know if he made it that far, and was continually neck-and-neck with Hillary that much (sometimes even surpassing Hillary statistically), what on earth would make anyone think there was no chance he could be president.

    That notion was fucking stupid — how can they arrive at that conclusion given all the other outcomes that people “doubted” would happen but still happened in regards to trump? xD.

    If they didn’t see it then, for sure they will be living with that reality for the next 4 years lmao. I guess i’m just more in touch with reality than most.

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    1. Donald Trump’s early victories in States like Ohio and Florida made his Presidential election victory more predictable to anyone in touch about reality.

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    2. Though President Obama didn’t expect Donald Trump to win, the President acted mature about Donald Trump’s Presidential election victory.

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  6. Happy to know you alongside me understand voting for what it is: merely one aspect of democracy.

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    1. lol right man. There is usually alot of emphasis on the “vote”, but voting in of itself doesn’t go far enough and this is what people should know by now.

      That’s just part of the process but there is a series of instances that take place and happen after the vote, that should be accounted for more thoroughly by the people if they really want to see more desired outcomes and if the intent is to get the “system” actually working more productively, because when the people they elect get in government and start playing politics, start seeing who can get the most votes, start playing the “blame game” and start playing tit-for-tat, alot of time is truly wasted, and it just makes a mockery of the process.

      They all have responsibilities whether democrat or republican in my view, and most likely each bring something to the table that is useful. So the goal should be to get them all to work on these damn issues and stop being fools,, or in the case of the public stop being fooled.

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