Dr. Electro (Doctror Electronics) [UPDATE 1]

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*This is a spin off of my Surprise Unboxings series.


Welcome to my new Doctor Electro series :D. This is a follow up to the things I have bought, where we will be looking at how well they have held up after a period of time, and maybe at times also looking at any potential issues that my arise and possible solutions to those issues.
I will say to many of you, i’m an individual of good taste, and when I go for stuff I don’t necessarily put too much trust in the high-pricing of stuff. It’s also for me, not about the brand name since alot of people have been brainwashed to look at the name and pay expensive price for the name, but as you develop into a wise individual you learn to shop smart and realize that it’s about just having a good eye for good stuff. **** the **** price-tag and the brand-names — it’s just about having a good eye for quality stuff, and that is my area, that is something I can definitely show you.
So first up, I (ala Dr. Gadget xD) will be looking at the condition of my brand new keyboard; the BlueFinger CM200 Backlit gaming keyboard.



Now at the time I was looking for a keyboard, I was forever looking and comparing options, because the list is endless — there are a ton of very good keyboards out there with all kinds of features and special attributes, and they all look like the stuff you gotta get, but I got the one that I have because I was coming from the perspective of upgrading from what i was using before and what were the limitations of what i was using before, which was an old “multimedia keyboard” that came with an old Compaq Computer I had, with windows millennium on it. Now believe it or not, 10+ years later that keyboard is still relatively good and the keys work perfect even after years of continuous use and abuse xD. But it developed a shortage in the cord that gets annoying when you’re doing things with it, so I figured it was time to move on and get something more reliable, thus the marvelous keyboard I have now.
So after having the Bluefinger keyboard for about 3 months (since late january, though i did the actual unboxing in February), and after heavy use in gaming etc, it is still working good-as-new. All the LEDs are as bright as ever, everything still functions how it should and the keyboard never fails to deliver. and all the keys are working terrific. As you can see then, even though this was about a 23+ dollar keyboard (at the time i had gotten it), when it comes to actual performance, the price was absolutely irrelevant because there is no 700/900 dollar keyboard on the market, that can do anything you expect from a keyboard that this thing hasn’t absolutely aced :D. Ironically, it’s like I have gotten something that could have costed alot more for way less — that’s how good it is. That’s the real way you look at this stuff, you obtained something that is actually of high quality but at a price that makes sense.
So after 3 months. Dr. Electro determines that the condition of my keyboard is: FLAWLESS!

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