Game Development And My Ninja Game (Ultimate Edition pt.15)

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Ok so I have been coming up with some incredible ideas for this game recently as usual, and I think it’s safe to say that I have finished the basics, and alot of the basics were related to the skills. The skills are critical to the gameplay, and I have developed a very awesome set of skills and mechanics to really get the nature of this game to come to life, and into a very fun fruition. I have said it a long time ago and that’s that skills play a very important role in this game, since I want the game to feature deep gameplay and be a game that is heavily inspired by some of the most iconic titles out there like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea and whole heap of Anime influences aswell. So I have spent weeks, and hours and days and months and a couple of years now, developing a ton of skills and concepts for this title and things have payed off tremendously, to the point where, I have created records filled with content and scenarios and all kinds of various aspects I can implement, if I so choose and when the time if right, so, i’m really at the stage now where a huge brunt of the game is actually finished even though I haven’t actually completely the game yet, where it can be actually played from start to finish. It’s “finished” since the hard parts and key challenging areas of this project have been undertaken, and have been successfully created and implemented which allows for the project as a whole to actually be completed without much of any thing standing in the way to compromise the project, so in that context and sense, the game is finished. I have thoroughly thought-out alot of key areas and there is a clear path going forward of what the game will look like and what the game will be.
Also what i did with the game was that I tried to come up with, and create, a very dynamic cycle of cohesive events. I looked at areas where I could go even further with stuff, and really make this game such a blast to experience — the whole idea was to take what you know about these kinds of turn-based and tactical RPGs and analyze what were the short-comings in some areas and rectify these situations in my title, and that is what lead to the scope of depth that this game has, just me wanting to eliminate certain issues i have seen in games like this, as well as go above and beyond your craziest imaginations. So when I said that this game was Over-The-Top, that’s exactly one of the things I meant, where, I was going to pack as much exciting things in this game as possible, so that there would be everything you have come to know and appreciate about these kinds of games, PLUS what I bring to the situation. So in this game, there will be plenty of customization aspects to a much much unprecedented and greater degree than you typically see in these games, there will be all kinds of different skills and skill types, loads of armor and weaponry, and accessories, medallions, talismans you name it, each with their set of unique properties, aswell as aspects that you can modify and improve. Some will be found while treasure hunting, some have to be crafted others have to be unlocked, some could be gotten through trade, and some from enemies, all while still  having the same basic core fundamentals at play, which is that they all have unique stats and properties, and on-top of that you can still modify and customize some of their parameters to make your own kinds of unique weapons, so in a crazy fantastic sort of twist, you can actually make even more unique versions of weapons and gear, out of already very unique weapons and gear to begin with xD.
This all comes back to one of the core incredible things about this game that I have been thinking about and have made steps to create, which is a revolutionary mechanic, and series of factors in the game that would eliminate the “junk items” syndrome, where there are only a couple of items you really want after a certain point in the game, and then all of the other items you played with before, become essentially useless. I don’t know about you, but in my game that is “pathetic” hahaha. So I am currently now working on improving that concept I have of no “junk items”, in introducing a new set of aspects where any single piece of weapon, armor or all acquired assets, can become the most kickass things ever seen, by adding more to the equation in terms of weapon effectiveness than just raw attack, defense and some of these basic parameters.
So operation “Weapon Effectiveness” will be a specialized focus on coming up with some concepts and ideas solely designed around how to make every single weapon in the game have the ability to be improved and become stronger over time, based on a unique set of values that each weapon will have as standard, so that way, even the first low-level weapon you get in the game, can be just as exciting to use as one of the more high-ranking Special Edition weapons you will come across later in the game, with all of these groups having unique capabilities of their own. Ofcourse there will be weapons (this also applies to armor, accessories etc too) that would be slight better attack/accuracy/speed wise etc, than other weapons, like for example; the special edition weapons (armor etc) that will be hard to obtain will by default, have much higher base stats than obviously a low level item you have to work on yourself to get up to higher levels of performance, but with all of the customization aspects available to you in this game, that’s not the only thing in this game that would make your character overall better in combat, and this is the whole point of coming up with this mechanic and the broader custom features in this game, there are plenty of ways you can make your characters very strong and skilled, but how exactly you go about doing that, is up to you and all-through the game, you will be discovering various things you can do in this department, and your builds will not be like someone else’s own, and I said “builds” because remember this game is now going to feature a clan system, and some of the Ninja Gods can join your clan and you can also equip them with Armors and stuff, and make them get stronger as you progress through the game, they also have their own set of special parameters as well.
Another thing i’m touching on is the list of weapon types, there will be: Katanas, Fist/Gauntlets/Knuckles, Spear, Knives/Daggers, Nunchucks, Blades/Great Swords etc, and a whooping 30 different variants of each type of weapon, and as mentioned before, you can make anyone of these weapons super powerful, but here is the thing, in this game, you don’t even need weapons, crazy huh? :D, that’s exactly it, you have many options and routes you can take, there is enough factors at play that you can play the game how you would like too, without being bind to too many per-determined factors. These are all options at your disposal and the game is big enough for you to experiment with your own varieties.
So that’s it for now with this update and the super fantastic developments I wanted to share. Hope for those of you who are into this sort of thing and like reading the blog, that this was insightful and helpful.


let me give you a little something about the main character — he’s one sick azz motherfucker xD. So as I mentioned previously, he’s a ninja but he’s a ninja that’s also a god and he’s morbidly deadly just like all of the other characters in this game will be, except that he’s one very surreal entity because he’s “too powerful” and at the same time “confusingly fast”, because you’ll be seeing him right there around you, but at the same time, he’s already blown the planet to shreds and you’re basically buried alive without even realizing how bad the situation is, but you don’t quite understand because you’re seeing this god right there infont of you in combat like you can almost just grab him and bash his skull in, and in your mind you’re like “yeah i got you now”, but he’s not actually infront of you and by the time you figure out where he actually was to try and react to what he did, he has already obliterated like 8 million planets including the one you’re on, and you’re almost dead in that swift blink of time, just trying to survive the sheer catastrophic magnitude he unleashed on you with his FIRST attack that’s just, unapparent to you, about to be followed up with cataclysmic barrage after barrage of TORMENTING destruction that you’re literally eaten alive by, barrages all of which he had already unleashed long ago just after his first attack, before you can even grasp what the crap is going on xD.
So it’s like you’re seeing him but you’re really not seeing him due to the fact that there is no intelligence that exist that can truly process his agile rate of performance, OR is there? :D, hehehe cause remember there are other supernatural Ninja’s in this game aswell who are about as volatile or even times more powerful than he is in certain things!. So yeah it’s not any old combatants that can even last long enough with these catastrophic god-ninjas, but among themselves, all it takes is just one wrong move and any one of them can easily be wiped out, and this is the background of the deadly reality the main character of the franchise is facing along with his other ninja counter-parts, and the other hundreds of gods (there are 1000 to be exact) who make up the Roughest Of The Roads.
So when I’m coming up with skills for these characters, I usually am thinking about them in very big terms, not little scuffles, “thumps” and conventional fights, but in very grand scopes. These are ninjas that literally jump from planet to planet planet and zip through universes beyond the speed of light and this kind of thing. They cause ultimate forbidden, untold destruction on planets that they go to, they can actually destabilize these zones with extreme powerful mayhem and cause the galaxies to shift and rip apart — they can go to these worlds and utterly frig up their tone and change their atmospheres and bring demise and despair — they are very vicious killer ninja gods. They may try to manipulate the humans etc, so the main character is supposed to disrupt this toxic vile repugnance from being an everyday reality that potentially would get worse. He was created by the god of all gods, aka the Might Mighty Imperial Dragon (who also created some of the others) and he started to realize that some of the other gods were out of control, the imperial dragon realized this too but he also knew that for some reason many of them wouldn’t listen, so he tasked the main character (who was also coincidentally thinking the same thing) who is pretty much the only one he can depend on, to stop the circus so the speak and get to the bottom of things and bring truth to the top :D. The main character was more than ready, not because he has an ego but because he thinks he’s very brave xD, and thus the legend begins!.
The main character unlike many of the other ninjas who have gone on a rampage, has had no contact with any of the human populated worlds, so on his mission to some of the planets to sabotage the dealings of the other gods, his undoing of their mess would be seen as sort of a strange new “force” or spirit that the people begin to “monumentalize” and “praise”, if you will, without actually knowing it is all directly the cause of his actions, in other words, they would recognize the turn around but it would sort of be shrouded in local myth and superstition for the most part.
While this is happening, because of the catastrophes already committed on other planets and some of them having been destroyed, most of their “contents” or materials, have been floating around through the universe which through years and years caused some of these materials to drop onto the land on other planets, often times being of very rare and valuable high-quality properties, thus leaving legendary treasures that you’ll see in the game, all over the lands :D. And that’s pretty much the concepts behind the main character, other characters and the universe of this game without going too much into further detail about story elements of the I.P and specifically this game LOL.


In the last update, I stated some very interesting things about the game like how it keeps growing, developing interesting characters and making them fun — all with their own personalities etc, and of course the super sensational Drunken Ninja xD. The Drunken Ninja is a top ninja along with plenty of other top ninjas in the game that I have created thus far, but he’s not the only character I had added to the game, I also developed 2 other characters who are kickass and extremely awesome as well, so technically I actually created 3 New ninjas and the other two are Gravity Ninja and Tsunami Ninja, Tsunami Ninja being the rarest type of ninja in the game since his Arts are pure water-type arts, and I do not have any real water arts ninjas in the game. I have Ice Arts but not really water so him along with Gravity Ninja and Drunken Ninja will take this game by storm, figuratively and literally speaking lmao xD.
Of course with me, it doesn’t stop there either because I have ideas for yet another 2 ninjas who are currently conceptualized, who will be added to the list in due time, so obviously I have plenty of plans for this game and things are overall; going tremendous. One of the other things on the table is having things to do in the game that are sort of like your proverbial “Fishing” or “Poker” activities lol. But this is a Ninja game with very brutal ninjas, very powerful gods (just to remind you, these ninjas I’m talking about are not any old characters, they are gods including the main character who is actually a Demi-God), so I didn’t quite think that fishing would be enough or fit well with the kind of theme I have going on with this game, so instead, I started thinking and coming up with ideas and some of the things that came to mind are more along the lines of “Hunting” for souls, Target Practice and a DoJo, these will be the “fishing” kind of things you can do “on the side” in this game, to primarily do little things like increase stats, help get components, a piece of a clue that you could use to help find things etc etc — I think that would be much more fitting for this game lol
So lets take “Hunting (for souls)” for instance, when you’re not doing main missions, or side quests etc, you might want to see if you can gather souls (they are needed to do the Soul Crusher Skill), so there will be certain places in the game where you can go and “hunt” for these souls and see if you can “capture” any, apart from having to get them from bosses that you have defeated. See what I realized about not having the souls programed to be obtained from specifics characters and only to be used on specifics characters, is that this allows the souls you get from characters to be actually used as some sort of “fuel” for the Soul Crusher mechanic xD. I didn’t quite thought of it like that before, but that is essentially what’s happening here with the souls not being character specific, it means that when you get one, it’s basically like fuel to power a super deadly move :D.
It’s kind of funny when you think about it because it’s like the main character being cocky: “I’ll rip your soul away and use it as fuel” hahaha. So that’s basically the idea of what the hunting tasks you can do in the game will be all about — that along with the “Target Practice” and “DoJo” activities are currently just rough ideas that I’m thinking about — they are nothing concrete as yet, but if there was to ever be small little activities you can do in the game to help you gain a little boost to your stats, get some reputation points, make a high score in getting something accomplished, you know little things to break up the gameplay, then the Target Practice, DoJo and Soul Hunting ideas that I mentioned here, would be providing these opportunities.
There will also be a STEALTH mechanic in the game because I wanted to make situations outside of battle very enjoyable, and at the same time place some emphasis on the fact that he’s a ninja and can still do things old school and is disciplined enough to where he can switch it up when necessary, so there will be a very fun stealth system in the game that you can use to make your way around enemies without being detected within a short period of time, and this will allow you to take on certain tasks and objectives without having to battle every single enemy all the time. However the game is such that you can approach situations how you want to approach, so it’s not like you are going to be forced to use the stealth ability, but on the other hand it’s like you’re going to want to use it more so depending on the situation and because it would be loads of fun, and just like many of these other activities, your stealth ability can get stronger as you go through the game, but obviously it’s how you use these skills and abilities that will ultimately determine their effectiveness since this game is designed around being vigilant and lots of decision making, at its core.
One brief note about the Soul Crusher ability; the reason why it can be used on all enemies, is because I started thinking what  kind of enemies to use this on, and I came up with some selections, but when I thought about what the core concept of the skills trully was, I just thought it was better to use it on all the enemies because of the enormous amount of devastating skills they already had, and also intrinsically the fact that all living things are considered souls or have souls, and because it was my way of making good use of a creative idea I came up with to get around an issue I had with the “steal” mechanic. Since the mechanic lets me take an item from an enemy, I wanted something that I am taking from the enemy to have an interesting impact, rather than it just being me taking an item from an enemy because the mechanic allows for this process, and yet there was no real consequence of taking stuff from an enemy — so I just constructed an exploit of the steal mechanic that turns it into something that affects all enemies since all enemies have “souls”, and since an individual is only 1 living thing, then I just thought it would be good for ALL enemies to have one soul that is vulnerable to the soul crush technique, rather than using the original state of the steal plug-in that just originally lets you take as much items you want from an enemy, with no real consequence xD. I would have preferred that you can actually take stuff from the enemy, that the enemy is actually using and affect their performance in battles that way, just as they would be able to do the same thing to you, but the “steal” plugin doesn’t actually work like that, it basically just let you turn the enemies into a warehouse with a set of items you store in them so that you can “steal” them back during a battle but the enemy doesn’t actually use them, the items are just there because you put them there xD. So i sort of spun this situation conceptually into, well each enemy has one “soul” stored in them, and you can grab that soul and crush that soul, which will destroy the enemy as a consequence because you just crushed the enemy’s soul and that’s virtually the only thing you’ll be able to take/steal from any enemy in the game since you have the special ability to grab the souls of enemies, rather than just using the steal function as it was originally designed.
All-in-all along with a very heavy combat system, also having the pleasure of small little helpful things in other areas, similar to the fishing activities in some games, was something that came to mind and inspired me to focus on bringing these kinds of things (hunting, stealth etc) into the game.


Yeah! :D. Just a brief ninja update today and in this I will reveal what I said before about on of these things that I’m excited about but right now, something else I’ll go into detail on is the character development in this game. As you might know already, there is going to be over 300 characters with about 200 of them being characters that you can recruit, and by that I mean they will be actually characters that can “join” your “party” (in my game the party is going to be like a ninja clan), and that will be alot of POWER at your command, that’s gameplay wise, but along with this incredible alliance, I can’t stress enough that I also want the characters to have life and personality. All of these fundamental aspects will contribute to a very enjoyable experience and so it is critical that I have these aspects in the game.
As I had said before that many of what you saw in some of the recent videos about the skills and their animations, are place-holders, they are just the very early stages of development, they are the foundation of things that will be developed and grown even more into better quality representations of themselves and I also want this kind of standard to reflect in many of the crazy personas that will make this game what it is. When you look at so many of the greatest Anime and games, especially those that I had gotten a little inspiration from for this franchise, namely series like Disgaea, Pokemon, Naruto, Samurai X, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy [Tactics], even Mario & Sonic (in the case of the original side-scroller I started making before I shifted to The RPG Maker Engine) — the characters in these games all have interesting personas, traits, personalities etc. The same should be said about the near 300+ characters in this game aswell, especially the ones that will be “co-staring” in my ninja game and its I.P, I want there to be also that level of intrigue in this game as much as the level of depth there will be in the combat system, because I understand that every thing is this game is going to make the game what it is, and more importantly, close to if not exactly how I envisioned it to be.
So as you can see, I have a lot of factors working on here, I have the Characters, the skills, atmosphere and all these intricacies, that will make up this exciting adventure consisting of a ninja frenzy — there is a monumental amount of moving parts to this series xD. There is a ton of intricacies that are involved that I’m working on, that will give the game richness and it’s only me working on this entire game, and I just keep coming up with idea after idea after idea — I have so many ideas and concepts for skills and missions, and adventure plots and stage designs that I had to document these things, which leaves me with tons of Document files filled up with notes and pointers and stuff — it’s so bad that I have to force myself to stop coming up with anymore ideas because it is ALOT. The moment I start thinking about ideas and concepts, it just keeps going and going and going, sometimes I can’t even take a little break without having to go and write something down that I came up with — the creativity is real xD.
And sometime it’s like I have to come up with ideas with-in ideas because the original one would be too complicated for the engine and I would literally have to come up with an idea based around basic fundamentals of the program that I can create, to give the illusion of the original idea and concept that I had xD. So I’m thinking about alot of things and “brainstorming” at the same time too. I’m taking all of this data and ideas and concepts and refining them into states that I can manage because you don’t want to bite off more than you chew on a project that just keeps growing. But one of the things I really want to do is also add distinct characteristics to many of the characteristics in the game, so that’s on the agenda.
Now i’m going to tell you what I’m excited about!. I would like to announce a new member of the ninja cast, the one and only Drunken Ninja xD. Yes you heard me correct, this game has a Drunken Ninja — I did say this game was going to get more exciting and crazier and with Drunken Ninja, it just did lol. It shouldn’t take too long for you to connect the dots and to figure out part of the influence for this type of ninja, see I know many of you are familiar with Kung Fu movies and in some  of them, there is a drunken master, who fights like a drunk but with exceptional kung-fu skills at the same time and is very unpredictable, well my friends, the Drunken Ninja in this game is like a Ninja version of an original Drunken Master in kung-fu movies LMAO.
The drunken ninja is like one of the top ninjas in the game. In the game there are ninjas that I refer to as the top 8 ninjas and stuff like that, basically because I have not originally came up with a title for them, but they are part of the game design in special ways and fulfill different roles than the original 200 ninjas that you will be ale to recruit into your clan, the Top ninjas are strictly opponents because they are Rival opponents with rather unique special abilities, making them far more challenging then the first group of 200 ninjas that you will encounter throughout the game. They are going to be like the main character. The 200 ninjas that are part of the standard elemental groups, are in a way directly linked to the 30 Legendary GODs, the Top Ninjas are not necessarily linked to the an association, but will appear that way in the game, and as you play through, you will uncover more about the story surrounding all of the cast — Drunken Ninja is apart of the group of special ninjas in the game like that, and he has a unique style as you can tell by his name — YUP!, he definitely has Shaolin roots hahaa.
That is also another interesting thing, the game has alot of ninjas but some of the ninjas also have a past history of being other things before they actually became ninjas, and incorporated some of their past skills into their ninja life and Ninjutsu, so you might find some characters like Drunken Ninja who is a ninja but has a background as being previously among a group of Shaolin Masters.
This also emphasizes as well that the 300+ ninjas are just the standard ninjas for the game, but they wouldn’t be all and in fact I could always add more characters, skills etc as I see fit overtime. So yeah welcome to the funny but deadly (he’s going to be a frustrating as **** character in battle xD) Drunken Ninja to the cast of characters that I will be developing into very distinct personalities to add more excitement and life to this ninja experience. And that is all for today — see you guys in the next update :D.

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