Reading Vs Comprehension

So every now and then I like to share with you things that have crossed my mind and things that i have observed — not just “news” or what’s trending or “community” issues and this kind of stuff but also original thought and perspectives that i have reflected on, and one situation i’m bringing to you today in particular, is this whole interesting thing about reading and comprehension-ability.

I like to look at myself as a comprehensive individual FIRST, before anything else because it’s something that you can’t really read or regurgitate from things just jammed down your throat. People talk about “reading reading reading reading”, but you often question what the **** are they “reading” with comprehension-skills on the level of an infant?.

It’s one thing to read but are people really understating or are able to process what they are reading?, because in my mind, when you get past a certain stage in life, reading it not as valuable anymore as much as comprehension ability is, and the ability to handle everyday situations. Reading is good but it can also be bad in the sense that people become very gullible.

When I hear this thing about the so-called “academic”, in some cases, all I see is someone who is good at being brainwashed, someone who is good at being programed, someone who is good at just being able to take in everything someone else said — i’m not that kind of person because I already have the comprehension, i already have the thinking ability, so i do not need to just waste my time “reading” if it’s not something ****ing important.

My mind immediately shuts out nonsense that is just plain **** to me, so I have never really been good at puppetry and following or being programmed, needless to say that I do read but I don’t really like to read, and I know that might be hard from some people to “COMPREHEND”, because it’s somewhat of the norm to just claim you love to stick your face in a ****ing book and feel intelligent or like some genius.

But the difference between me and other people, is that I don’t give a flipping ****, I just see there being a very thin line between liking to read and just being very gullible — don’t believe everything you read, but at the same time, not everything you read is necessarily good for the brain :D.

See the brain is good at both thinking a learning, so it’s good to learn how to read and learn things from reading, but the other powerful side of the equation you must not forget, is being able to “think” and reason and become better at thinking and reasoning and comprehending. This is a very strong ability that goes a very very long way in real life, because, nobody can come to you with ****, nobody can tell you how to be and when to be it and you won’t become a fool. You can make your own decisions and you can figure things out without them having to be spelled out, and you can express yourself because we all know there is nothing like the freedom of expression, and you will be generally able to make fantastic decisions.

This is the power of comprehensive thinking. It’s good to read but you must also develop wisdom, if you’re not growing in that department, you’re not putting your brain to maximum use, ignorance will still be your major draw-back, you will have the propensity to be gullible, and effectively you’re more prone to fake news :D.

Touting reading is one thing but having that ability to dissect and discern not only this information you’re processing through reading but also everyday matters, is also very important. So try to make good and smart decisions in life, that’s how you exercise your thinking and then ultimately develop stronger comprehension skills, which will all companion your ability to read and what-not, and make you a very savvy individual.

6 thoughts on “Reading Vs Comprehension

  1. Delighted to read such an interesting article about the abilities of reading and comprehend something. I love how you say to comprehend to be a savvy individual. You are already there my dear friend. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!!!

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    1. Wow thank you for your wonderful input Zadi. I know generally, you may be really busy at times since you have alot of responsibilities, so to see you take the time to comment and give your feedback on my submissions and topics, and more specifically read through this “Reading Vs Comprehension” concept that I had elaborated on, and furthermore really seeing the essence of it, means more than words can fully illustrate my friend.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜„. Thank you for reading it through even though it may have been a little contentious with the language in certain instances lol

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      1. Always a pleasure to appreciate your wisdom and knowledge my dear friend.

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        1. Aww thank you Zadi, I really and truly feel that. likewise to you too my precious friend βœŒβœŒπŸ˜„

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  2. I recently wrote a detailed yet easy to comprehend article about EVO’s 2018 exclusion of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. That’s saying thing because countless videogame journalists have parroted this revelation as a”breaking news” headline to people who have lower attention-span.

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    1. hahaha, i just read, liked it and was enlightened by it bro :D

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