Road Runner [Blog Edition] UPDATE 18

This blog has been updated 18 times.

This is a quintessential blog that gives you the real scoop and no B.S accounts on various racing games from the first-hand perspective of an insider actively participating is some of the best racing games around!. So get ready for the ride!. This is the blog edition inspired in part by the Original version (which is an upcoming project that will debut in the near future) and the Asphalt 8: My Garage series!.


Played some Asphalt 8 recently and I made it into the Top 10 of the Old School Cup xD.

when I first entered the leaderboards, I came in at the 5th spot and I was there for a while, and then I started to drop down in the ranks as more people started to play and started beating times, so I tried again and I secured 8th position, but as time went on, I eventually slipped down to 10th position and ironically it stood there until the very end of the cup LMAO. So I managed to finish the division in the Top 10 as you can see.
It was my first time doing the cup and I could have gotten better times but my issue doesn’t seem to be skills, it seems to be technical l dysfunctions because i’m playing with an old computer that tends to lag and have memory issues, plus while my internet is great it’s not nearly as good as other competitors and these issues create problems on a technical level for some people paying the game on asphalt’s servers, because gameloft’s servers interacts funny with slower systems it seems, which ultimately were conditions preventing me from gaining those precious seconds needed to score better times. so I think if I was on much better stable hardware, I would be able to achieve better times, but yeah, taking into account how the kind of challenging races I have won and in the skillful manner I have won them in, and the fact that I made it into the top 10 on Windows in a cup with legitimate players , I don’t think i really need to prove myself xD
Also while having fun in the game recently, as I mostly do, I had so much fun in fact that I gained a collection of new cars yet again xD. You can see these cars below:
I can see the concept that they were going for with the themes in the Fall Out Boy update and how it was mainly about celebrating the chinese new year, which is something they have started doing recently — I mean the presentation was great, but once again there is no real incentive for anyone who does already have better cars in the higher tiers to get any of these cars, because they were way too expensive, and the poor match making of Asphalt 8 makes them barely useful at their max potential, so like I told people before, I knew this was going to happen, and that these cars were going to be unevenly matched up faster cars in higher tier thresholds. I know very well how Asphalt 8’s system works and I knew that sooner or later people who use these cars will see themselves miss-matched with cars that are better in higher ranks, given the way that Asphalt 8’s faulty match-making is. It is just bound to happen that way, unless they change these issues on a fundamental level. I personally think, one of basic step they can use is to reprogram some of the coding to match cars based on overall perforce regardless of rank, and use this formula to even-things-out in future updates.
That will revive interest in many of the unused cars in the game, and make multiplayer alot more fun because you’re giving  people reason now to race with with different class vehicles because it makes sense again, otherwise it makes no sense doing all this work on bad cars that would just go to waste, when you could put time and effort into making cars that are actually good. That’s why to me it’s much better to release cars that are slightly faster than the older cars, rather than releasing cars that are just bad and no fun. I just don’t see the value in making bad content when you can be making good content, I mean you might as well make proper updates while you’re at it. But the biggest problem in the game is the ranking system — it is a huge mess lmao xD. To make these so-called “king” cars and then to have them matched up with cars that are far better and aren’t even in the same league, just makes no sense…
All-in-all I have manged to earn a couple of new rides that could come in handy at some point, and I have other new rides that I will show you coming up and one of them is a really really good competitive S-Class car.
I have blue print boxes and cards galore for alot of interesting cars that I selectively chose to keep in my inventory, just in case, so they have been stacking up, so a number of them are close to the point where they can be fully assembled, so when they eventually do you’ll be seeing some, but due to how i’m playing the game and taking part in events here-and-there, and taking part in multiplayer seasons and stuff, I have been able to earn and accumulate ALOT of cool stuff throughout my time playing the game, so because of that my experience has been getting better from since since I first started, so let this be an example to all you lame cheaters/hackers in the game — you too can achieve greatness, it just takes patience but it pays off more LOL.
I have also seen a new trailer released for Asphalt 9: Legends, and it looks good. Graphically it looks good and on a mechanical level it looks like there might be some interesting things introduced that could make it more fun than 8, but i’m not really sure gameplay wise how it really is, so obviously I have wait and find out more about that. But it does look presentation wise to be a cut above asphalt 8 in terms of the technology and techniques used, but then again, that’s not really unexpected to me since you’re looking at a game that is coming out in 2018 compared to a game like Asphalt 8 which was released all the way back in 2013, so obviously you would expect the newer game to have much better quality in certain areas.
I’m sure if asphalt 8 was a 2018 release or 2019 release, given how far technology has come it would probably be of a much higher quality than the current 2013 version. So that area, while it’s good, that’s not all i’m looking for in a new release of an Asphalt title.
The biggest and most fun thing for me and any game being release with a new fresh take, is if some of the old issue with the game were fixed, like if the match-making issues are fixed, and alot of the bugs and glitches that affected the older games (gameplay wise especially). That to me is one of the most interesting things to check for in the the new Asphalt 9: Legends release, and how other areas might be done differently, but so far the Asphalt 9:Legends game looks really good, and hopefully it can be another great Asphalt game I can experience with the rest of the community along with Asphalt 8 which also is another great game :D.
Another thing that’s interesting too see, are all the familiar cars that were introduced in 8 and older, making an appearance in the style of Asphalt 9: Legends — that’s pretty awesome, but i’m still unsure whether or not it’s supposed to be a true online racing game like Asphalt 8 is or not, because it looks like it plays similar to the older Asphalt titles, but either way it looks really cool to me.
In terms of the game’s “design”, it’s being solely compared to other single games (both asphalt and other racing game franchises alike), but it looks to me like a combination of asphalt titles rather than just one influence. So i’m excited to see more :D
Alright folks, i’m back with another update to this highly entertaining and informative series, and what I will be focusing on today is just a couple of aspects of the game, and overall what Asphalt 8 is like as it stand today.
Now you may or may not know that the Asphalt series has about 2 more new Asphalt games that are out, that came out after asphalt 8, one is Asphalt Xtreme, and the other being Asphalt Street Storm which all bring unique styles of gameplay to the table, so you ca check those out. I haven’t bothered to get any of them because my computer is just not able to handle any new content on a graphical level or the installation of any new content at this time xD.
If they release an “Asphalt 9” that also brings something new to the table like those other new Asphalt games, that will be great, other wise just making an Asphalt 9 that’s just a clone of Asphalt 8, is uninteresting to say the least.
What I really want to focus on now, is the Fall Out Boy updated which I think has soft cars (lol), soft cars meaning cars that are in the slowest classes in the entire game and aren’t all that competitive. Don’t get it misunderstood, my last expressions about the game has nothing to do with the Fall Out Boy band, I have no issue with the Fall Out Boy career mode and the music and stuff, that was never the issue for me, my main concern as someone who plays the game alot, was specifically the gameplay elements.
I just found the cars in the update, not that appealing because, stat wise (remember i’m focusing on gameplay), they appeared to be very slow yet very expensive xD. There are two main cars in the Update that look like they have the potential to not be a waste of time and resources, but at this point, given the early stage of the update, they have not been able to be thoroughly and vigorously put to the test! (especially not by me personally), and I know the way Asphalt 8 works, is that sometimes the fastest cars in lower tiers are often mismatched with faster cars from higher classes.
So i’m not entirely sure how this will play out in the long run with these 2 cars (you probably have a good idea which 2 cars i’m talking about — The BMW M2 Special Edition and the Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition). I think it’s much more exciting if they, not necessarily release special editions, but release “kings” in each class in the updates. I think that’s much better, but on the other hand it’s good to see that they are focusing on truly competitive cars for the lower classes. That is not bad, but with the really high prices, these cars better be damn SUPER TERRIFIC, and be like that for a good amount of time xD. Because if not, you (the player) will just be draining your tokens and credits on slow cars that are rubbish and will not be any kind of fun at all to play around with in the game.
I have always maintained that the deeper issue is how the game matches cars and opponents. I think that needs to be fixed and tightened up to allow for cars in the game to be matched appropriately with other cars that are similar in overall performance to reinvigorate interest and appeal in alot of cars in this game again. I think cars and bikes etc, should be matched on the standard of performance rather than raw ranks, since the ranks in the game at times appear to mean nothing xD.
I think for the way the game is now, and how the system is matching cars for races, to solve the match making issue, it would be much more accurate if they match cars based on performance. It would make the game more fun and encourage more competitive gameplay, not to mention things will be more balanced. So once they match cars with each other that perform similar and close overall in races, things will be much MUCH better, and that way we wouldn’t see cars like the Ferrari FXX or the Spano GT placed in races with Vulcans and MP4-25s, which makes absolutely zero sense xD.
That aside, the update like I said before isn’t really that bad but given the bigger scheme of things, there are plenty of better decisions that could have been made in certain respects.  I’m glad that they thought up a new type of event and i’m looking forward to trying it out when it does get on windows. Another thing I must commend gameloft on is the ramp fix for the F1 cars. I have noticed that the F1 cars do not really run into incidents going onto ramps like when they did before. That issue seems to have been resolved. I have played hundreds and hundreds of races recently in the game with the MP4-25, and have not ran into the significant issues with ramps like I use too, so that’s good!, since “bugs” in the gameplay portion of the game, is a huge no-no :D.


Here is why the new Asphalt 8 update (the Fall Out Boy update), car-wise, is lackluster (to put it decent). It’s basic sense, you can just tell by the stats of the cars and what class they are going to be in, that this update is another soft update, AND the cars are expensive to upgrade xD. I mean the amount of money you have to pay for such mediocre cars that will perform badly in multiplayer, that aren’t even in the top-classes, is just very preposterous. This will essentially be one of the most expensive updates ever in the history of the game for soft cars hahahaa.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things in the update, and i am liking the new style of event introduced with the BMW M2 Special Edition — they are trying something new there, I mean, sometimes we get new cars, sometimes we get new stages, or sometimes the introduction of new events!. So that’s pretty cool. The game hasn’t been released yet for windows so i’m not sure what else is in the update that introduces new elements, but yeah, the new style of event it good.
But the amount of money you have to spend to “upgrade” these damn mediocre cars (hhhhahahahaha xD), which i’m sure they at some point or another, will be matched up with faster cars in higher classes, because Asphalt 8’s match making system is not very well balanced and has lots of issues, is nonsensical. There is hype I noticed from some people talking about this car is the class B king, and that is a king and that is a king and that is a king, but I have played this game long enough to know that, what happens is, unless you have a top car from the higher classes, and there is literally no other classes left to go or faster cars in the game, Asphalt 8’s system actually matches cars in lower classes with better cars from higher classes lmao.
So while a car might be the best in its class, the game’s match making is so inaccurate and off, that these so called class kings will be matched with cars that are faster!, unless you, I don’t know, “multiplayer tune” a car, but you shouldn’t have to multiplayer tune a car. If you have to multiplayer tune a car, it’s just proof that the car IS rubbish and that’s kind of a desperate way to make use of it. I don’t care what the car is, the unbalanced match making is an issue that affects all cars in this game, unless there are the best-of-the-best in the game and there are no more cars higher then them, like I said before.
What’s laughable is people get all excited and all hyped, they talk about how good the cars are, then funnily and contradictory at the same time, turn around and talk about how the car is only “good” at a certain rank, and how you should only “multiplayer tune” (here we go with that again xD) it to a certain rank. It’s the most incoherent gibberish you’ll ever hear because If the damn car was that good in the first place, you won’t have to worry about keeping it tuned below a certain rank, so right there and then you know just by the folly that’s suggested, that the car isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 
That’s the thing, you gotta be careful with these special editions because check the Mercedes SLK Special edition for example, people swear all over the place that the car is the “best” car in the game (they say that because it has the highest “top speed” in the game BUT to avoid competitive races, they are forced to “multiplayer tune” and keep the car at a low-rank), but the thing is, when skill comes into the equation, the Mercedes SLK Special Edition gets smoked almost every time on almost every kind of track in the game that’s not wide and long in multiplayer when it’s maxed out, despite its speed being extremely high at said ranks, and to make matters WORST, it’s an elite car, which means you only get to race a few number times with the car before you either have to cough up tokens to “recharge” it so you can race with it again, or wait about 2+ hours for the car to recharge so you can race with it again xD. So “multiplayer tune” is in essence, just keeping the car at low ranks to race rookies, because the car gets smoked in competitive races at higher ranks.
I’m sure there are going to be alot of little “kids” who will rush up and pour a ton of mom or dad’s money into this update without even thinking twice because of all of the Fall Out Boy promotion etc, but i’m not a damn kid spending my parents money LOOOOL. I am well developed enough to make sensible decisions and set an example for amateurs or people who may not know better, and I can tell you that the stats of the cars do not give me any reason to be impressed with this update. I am not a fool, I know gameloft can do much better with the updates — if you have lots of money to flush down the drain, then for you, you’re going love this update, it is practically the most EXPENSIVE one yet, but, if you care more about quality than hype and improving the overall experience of this game, then to be honest, this update is actually quite soft xD. Forget all the flashy stuff, car wise, it’s obviously like the recent series of lackluster updates, expect with a car or two that are supposed to be special editions, which many people are clearly in “aww” at, and “woooed” by. Not to mention the loads of errors and issues that came along with it, so hopefully in the future we can see cars with much better stats that are not bad in multiplayer which is the most enjoyable and popular part of asphalt 8. But with the small “children” (I will assume they are LOL), spending their mom and dad’s money on any and everything with no kind of discretion, it’s hard for some companies not to get a little lazy and uninspired by seeing that, and want to exploit that with “updates” like these, whether it’s in a small way or a big way.
So my advice to some people, is to save all of the credits and tokens that you have “farmed”, and use them on anther update that has better content, I say this because if you already have certain cars, it makes absolutely no kind of sense wasting your farmed credits and tokens, on these mediocre cars. Just save the money and the tokens for when they release cars that rival the good cars that you already have. Don’t go minding some people talking about how good of an update it is etc because, you never know, some of these people spend a ton of money on the game xD. So they don’t have to worry about certain things, they could just buy their way back up, or they get free stuff for promoting the game or something.
But what you have to do is look at your individual situation, and determine whether it makes sense to even bother with the update or not, because I did that a couple of times myself since it takes a while to build up assets and resources in this game, and because of that, I have to weigh options and think about what makes sense for me to do or not to do, so I actually didn’t bother to participate in some events because none of the cars/bikes etc, were better or that much better then cars that I already own, so it didn’t make any sense wasting tokens, engines and credits on them. Like I said in the last update, there are only about two cars coming up in the Fall Out Boy events that I am interested in and might get, but I’m not even too sure about that either, it all depends. If not, i’ll just save my credits and tokens and engines-cards for a worthwhile update…
The update for windows hasn’t been released yet, but that’s actually a good opportunity to learn more about the update before you just jump in, since it’s already out on other devices . So depending on how you look at it, it’s actually not that bad, because when you go in, you can make more informed decisions as to what is more relevant to you in the update.
Now there is also sometimes talk about Asphalt 9, but here is what I think about it; it all depends. If it isn’t bringing new stuff to the table, then it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense at all, because with Asphalt 8, all they have to do is patch the game to update it with what they want inside the game, so unless they plan to add new elements that would be meaningful to the game and significantly change or improve the experience, that cannot already be done in Asphalt 8 to make an “Asphalt 9” actually different, it just would not be a good idea to make an Asphalt 9. Asphalt 9 as a single player game that’s really good?, sure!. Asphalt 9 with a totally different multiplayer concept?, of course!. Releasing an “Asphalt 9” that’s just going to be a re-skinned copy of an Asphalt game that’s already out (Asphalt 8) = stupid move + waste of resources. At that point you might as well just save alot of time and money by making adjustments and changes to improve Asphalt 8.
Just showing-off results of a race I did recently where I won 30+ points in one race full of championship league players xD. It ended up being a 2-lap race on a tricky track, with some of the fastest cars in the game as well as opponents themselves being not that bad.

All-in-all it was a very good race. Of course challenging races are nothing new to me, after-all I have the MP4-25 maxed out so i’m often placed against high level players mostly all of the time, so that’s nothing new but winning 34 points is not something that happens that often xD.
It’s always a challenge with races like this with a car like this, because with this F1 car (the Mercedes Mclaren MP4-25), it’s strong acceleration is only really that effective at the start of races, where-as with the top-speed focused cars, their strong point which is a really high rate of max speed, lasts through-out the entire race, so when you’re in these kinds of races with the Mercedes Mclaren MP4-25 car, you need to instead rely on your skills in terms of cornering and maneuvering for the entire race because it does have good handling (but I mean even so, alot of the top-class top speed focused cars also have pretty decent handling as well and good nitro duration), so obviously races do get really intense especially with the Mercedes Mclaren MP4-25 against cars like the Vulcan, Arrinera Hussarya GT etc but it is a very awesome car to drive, it’s performance is spectacular.
Now i’ll show you images of the BMW that I went on to win in the recent BMW Hommage R&D event:
So yeah, I beat the event and finally won the car like I knew I would.
As for the Fallout Boy update, not bad but for me personally and the level I compete at in this game, there isn’t really a whole lot in it that i’m really interested in. An update with the kinds of cars they are releasing in the Fallout Boy update, is like capcom removing all the good things people expect street fighter like canceling into combos and supers and stuff — these kinds of updates with these slow cars is exactly like that xD
I’m only looking at getting two main cars from the update and that’s pretty much it for me, because when you get down to the nitty-gritty, the stats of the cars in the update aren’t really anything that special, so multiplayer-wise, for people that have some of the fastest cars in A-class and S-class, there is no real incentive to get any of the cars in this update, because when you take the cars to go and play in multiplayer, they are just not going to be fun cars to participate in races with when you see how inferior and obsolete they are, compared to cars already in the game that alot of people already have.
So I fail to get excited about the cars knowing that they are essentially obsolete before they are even released. You can say “well they are mid-tier and they don’t cost much”, but that is redundant since the cars themselves aren’t good for anything much, or practically aren’t good at all.
I’d rather newer good cars that make the current good cars become mid-tier cars, then the release off just very bad cars just to fill gaps in the system based on tier, because if they release better cars than the current top-cars, the current top cars become proper mid-tire alternatives that are actually good, rather than the release of cars that just aren’t good, and are outdated by the time they become available, that will just drain your tokens and credits dry. So that’s just my two cents.


So after a couple of fun years and lots of races, I have definitely been playing Asphalt 8 for a longtime, and what do I have to show for it?, the answer to that is: BOXES! — tons and tons of BOXES (over 1300 boxes to be exact) :D. See for yourself in the pictures below.………
Now anyone that’s been playing Asphalt 8 long enough, knows that Engine-Cards and Tech-Cards are the bread and butter of the game, and while I may not have that much credits and tokens, given the fact that Tech-Cards and Engine-Cards are extremely valuable, then in the context of inventory, I can consider myself pretty “wealthy” in that regard xD. I have ALOT of Tech-Cards, some can be seen in the image and some can’t (especially Mid-Tech and Advance-Tech cards), and lots and lots of Engine-Cards (you can see a few in the image but I have a ton more that are not in the picture and that are very rare too), I didn’t take pictures of them because I didn’t feel like taking too many and editing too many pictures today especially for such a short update and especially since the ones that I did take are enough to illustrate the fact that I do have a massive collection of boxes and car-part cards.
So yeah after all this time, I think i have been progressing steady and reasonably well in the game — the inventory is stacked :D.


Asphalt 8’s BMW challenge form an experienced winner. See winners are about action, that’s why it’s “winner” — you go and get it, you go and win it. You get it or get out! xD. The same thing with the BMW challenge, you’re either getting it, or you getting the heck out, because if you’re not going inn to win this thing, I don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time, you’re probably better off going damn well outside with real friends, other wise the truth is you’re just wasting your time, if you just want to clown around. If you want to see how much credits, boxes and tokens you can rack up that’s a different story, but really and truly, you’ve heard many people saying that it’s difficult, so if you go in there, that’s just what your going to get, a challenge xD.
This is an event, and yeah some progress does relay on your ability to upgrade the car but that is just part of the battle, the rest is ultimately based on SKILL — action not laziness or lousiness. So if you’re not going in to win it, you might as well go to events see if you can win the top prizes, or go into multiplayer and see how much “points” you can get in order to win the sequential small prizes, but apart from that, I don’t know man, kudos to you for having too much time on your hands I guess, since, no matter what no one tells you, you’re just not winning this BMW if you don’t plan to come prepared to win, by challenging the A.I with some skill.
For those of you who want to actually win the car, like i’m going too because again i’m not just talking nonsense to be goofy, i’m actually saying this based on winning in different scenarios with skill and the experience I have; what would help is if you look up the mastery rewards for certain cars, to spot if they give out “Free A-Class Upgrades”, then see if you can buy some of those cars (that have the A-Class upgrades as mastery rewards), to be able to use them on the BMW to atleast max out the BMW’s top speed and nitro categories.
Search for the cars that have the “A-Class upgrades” rewards preferably on the first page of the car’s mastery, other wise make sure the cars you’re going for, don’t cost that much to upgrade to the desired mastery challenge with the reward because then it would be pointless. This is also stuff you typically do ahead of time, and be careful with what cars you chose to use these free upgrades on that you obtain through car mastery, because once you use them, that’s it. If you need more then you’ll have to find another car (if there is any left) and repeat the process, that’s why it’s good to plan this stuff ahead of time, so that you can mark the cars that have what you need and have a better understanding of how things stand in the game.
For the pro-upgrades side of things, try using double credits — and just like searching for free a-class upgrades for the BMW, look up the mastery rewards of cars in the game to see if you find some cars that you can buy that give-out Free Double-Credits in some of their mastery, then take the free double credits, and do some grinding. It’s definitely going to take some grinding, but the mentality of a winner doesn’t give a crap, as long as you know it’s going to make you get the damn car LOL.
With the credits in order, see if you can grind — put in some “grind” to get enough credits to fully “pro” the car. To do this, if you have the Trion, or the MP4-25 or the Mclaren LT, you can definitely grind for a couple of hours, either at intervals, or just generally over the duration of a couple of days in the event.
I will also have you note that in Asphalt 8, and again i’m an experiences player in this game and I know alot, time is everything and you do get some good credits for completing the MclarenLT 15th mastery, BUT what I realized is if you’re racing with cars that are faster like the Trion, and the MP4-25, you actually accumulate points faster than you would with a slower car that gives slightly more credits.
If you use faster cars like the vulcan, MP4-25 etc, you will still accumulate about slightly more points in a shoter time over time, even though they give out slightly less credits in a single payout than the MclarenLT’s last mastery. So if you have a vulcan, mp4 25 etc, use those cars instead to save overall time and make the repetition of the process of “farming” for credits less boring.
Again this is for people that really want to win the car, these are real steps you can take. You don’t need my help to tell you how to waste time, nobody needs to tell you how to do that, because if you’re not trying to win the car, it doesn’t matter, i’m more about helping those who atleast try. So if you’re confident in your skills, not based off “ego” but actual experiences, then these are actual things you can do to help win the BMW.
If you’re not coming to use skill, if you’re not coming to win, then you will just lose. It’s a very difficult R&D so I don’t know what you’re expecting since skill and a winning mentality is the only thing that wins these cars that are actually worth squat, in the first place xD.


Time for more Road Runner rendezvous brought to you by yours truly A.K.A a crazy driver that may make you petrified to ever race in any game ever again if you ever see some of the “risks” I pull xD.
Last night I completed the Pagani Huayra BC’s R&D event, on a single tank, with the car only at a rank of 1773. At first I wasn’t so sure how it was going to go because people were saying how hard it was and stuff, so I decided to take a test-run since I had reach the final boss with roughly a full 24 hours left, and figured if things didn’t work out during the test I had more than enough time left to figure out what the best approach and actually win the car later.
The aim in the test run was to see if I could infact finish the lab on a single tank at the rank I had the car at, and I DID IT. I actually managed to finish the even on my first try of the last challenge, and what’s more is that the computer was actually falling further and further behind me as I began to pull away through the race, so I think it is safe to say, I passed with flying-colors xD.……………

So as you can see in the pictures, I can assemble the car. I did hit assemble — 16 fucking hours to complete the “assemble” of a fucking car you not only spent almost 13 fucking DAYS getting, but also ALREADY OWN xD. Not to mention the fact that to “assemble now”, will cost a cool 474 Tokens, and you thought being a pro racer was easy?, ha!, welcome to Asphalt 8 LOL.


Just had to share this! — look at this:
This is the stuff legends are made of xD. That race was the first time I have seen anyone up in Champion League lose that many points in one race xD. I am talking about the player at the bottom that lost 50+ points, not the other players since you typically see people losing points in the teens and even in the 20s (which is still alot of points to lose) but it’s very rare to lose 50+ points.
I don’t even know what happened because I came first in that race — if you look up in the top left corner, you’ll see what appears to be a golden number 1 within a golden circle with a golden flag, and that indicates first position. So I came first in that race, plus if you look closely you could also see a Mclaren MP4-25 in the image, which was mines since the camera is following my car in the cut-scene after the race has ended. The competition was tight and I was racing against people that were definitely skilled, it’s not like I was racing with rookies, so I finished the race, looked at the results and was not expecting to see that xD.
This is stuff you have to see to believe, and yup, it had to be a race that i’m in for this kind of unbelievable stuff to occur LMAO. But this is an old race, this was was snapshot i took of the results of that race after winning and seeing that about a week or two ago.


YEEESSSS! made it into championship league again days ago, and I’ve been up there for a while. Right now it’s just a matter of maintaining my victory streak so that when the season ends, it ends BIG (the rewards) :D.
Once again I accomplished this with the McLaren MP4-25 F1 car and saw and did some pretty interesting things [as usual] that I could only describe as EPIC! xD. As I mentioned before, it’s much harder to make it into champion league with very limited tickets and on a single tank, with the F1 car also not being the fastest car in the game as it stands. I was racing for the most part within the leagues and league levels on just a single tank with my McLaren MP4-25 F1 and had atleast one or two opportunities to actually take part in races using an extra tank because of wining atleast one tank in an event and the other as a multiplayer prize, all-in-all i manage to do it never-the-less, with sheer skill obviously. Nobody was waiting at the finish line for me and all of this kind of stuff, nope, it was and is through pure skill that I win 99% of my races, though I think it’s awesome when players help out the new comers and beginners in particular. I’m just saying most of my racers were really hard races that I actually won skillfully.
One of these days i’ll make it a mission to get up into the elite league, but for right now, it’s not really a priority since most of the time, i’m just playing the game for fun and as you can see in the photos i’m getting rich LOL. I would have actually had way more credits and stuff than what you see in the picture if it wasn’t for the fact that I spend credits and token on stuff occasionally, but yeah, the revenue is stacking back up :D.
As far as the new update goes — having the official Porsche brand in the game is pretty awesome but in my opinion their first inclusion could have been a far more exciting affair if the cars themselves were really outstanding on a performance level, so we will see what happens. I think every time there is an “update”, the cars in the update should be better than all the cars released in the previous update, if not, it ends up feeling more like a “patch” than an actual update to get excited about.
I for one care more about how fun the content is more so than the name of the brand i’m playing with. So I wouldn’t necessarily be excited about a new car being added just because it’s from a particular brand especially knowing how Asphalt 8 works, because if I start playing with the vehicle and it feels unexciting and uninteresting, it doesn’t matter what brand it is, in my mind it’s just not going to be worth my time. Neither am i just playing the game to collect cars, every time I invest in something it’s because I think it’s going to take me further, help me reach new opportunities and get more out of the game etc, so i’m not even considering to just collect cars in the game for the sake of doing so, since I do not have the time or resources to afford this kind of “luxury” xD. It would have been far better if some of he new Porsches were outstanding machines.
So being able to have porches in Asphalt 8 is great, but at the same time it would be awesome to see far more fun and competitive porsche cars than some of the ones released thus far in the current update to start things off.


Just dropping in another fantastic update fro the road runner series — look at this!
Top spot in an event recently held in Asphalt 8 xD. I came first in the overall event and was absolutely excited a besides myself at this hahaha. It was like that for a good 30 or so minutes, before my position stated to drop — but that doesn’t matter because there is nothing like being the first!. This was absolutely crazy, I stood in the first position in this event for a good 30 minutes — literally ruled that event/board before others started to catch up minutes later
And what car did I use? — my MP4/8 of course! :D
What else car would you be able to pull off such an outstanding performance with? xD. I do not know if it was the time of day and perhaps people were just sleepy, or if people in that race with me just weren’t expecting competition, or maybe if it was me that was too early, but when I hit the track all ready to race, it’s like I won before the race even started lmao. The event was held on the Tenerife track and I do not think I was even around long enough to see when anybody made it around the first turn right at the beginning of the course  — it was almost as if there was no competition and I was just racing by myself xD. It was fun while it lasted and of course when the event ended, even though my position had dropped, I got a lot of great prizes thanks to still finishing in a very high position due to getting off to such an incredible start in the first place (pun intended :D).


Now it’s time for even more Road Runner experiences, in part 8 of the series :D. Yes folks, i am at part 8 already which makes this one of my fastest growing blogs so far only second to my “My Ninja I.P.” game development series — i’m just one update away from my 10th part in the series — this just really shows that i’m really into this hahaha.
Now I know recently I’ve showed pictures of me making it into the Champion League of Asphalt 8’s Multiplayer season, and having an episode of interesting ups and downs to deal with xD, but what you should also know is the reason why I would even bother getting into the Champion League (or any league for that matter), and the answer to that is because of the REWARDS!. That’s basically it, — it’s not just the inherent challenge because like I mentioned previously, even when you’re just racing free races, in multiplayer you race against all kinds of players at different levels of skills so it’s not really about that aspect, what it really concerns, is the League Rewards. If you are in a league when a season finishes, you will be able to claim the rewards of whatever league you have reached too at the end of a season, and the rewards as you go up into higher and higher leagues, are much greater, not to mention also there being regular prizes in the seasons that cost points. So you have the league rewards and at the same time you have the seasonal prizes that cost points that you gain from winning races (lol I’m a winner, I always try to win, I’m not one of those people who are satisfied with being “under” or at the bottom, being labeled with anything to do with “under”, that’s not me, it’s how you move UP that determines if you truly have what it takes and if you’re the real deal, or not), so if you win lots of races, it will determine how much rating-points you get (which are needed to actually move up in leagues, and also how many prize points you accumulate, which can be “spent” on the regular seasonal prizes. So that’s just a brief note on what is really behind the idea of making it to higher leagues in Asphalt 8’s seasons.
Now one more thing I will also highlight, is this car!:

Chevrolet Corvette GrandSport…

I had the Chevrolet Corvette GrandSport for a while now since the event ended, and it’s not really bad (remember I never really said it was bad, just that it rarely placed well in multiplayer so as to give you a first-hand and an accurate idea of how things really are in multiplayer with certain cars, whether or not you drive said cars, is up to you in the end), it does have decent stats but it’s up to how you tune the car (this is an elite car, you can manually configure the stats of an elite car in Asphalt 8) and also how you drive the car that would determine how it performs for you in multiplayer, but in addition to the benefit of the top-speed of this car, for me the real big deal is also that it helps give my garage more options to chose from, because at times we don’t always want to be using the same stuff all the time xD, so I have a good set of cars in my garage and this is the latest member to that collection, and it provides the opportunity for me to experience the game in other interesting ways, because competitively, I race with the MP4-25 ALOT because competitively, what I know the MP4-25 is capable of, and all the things I have done with that car, shows me first-hand that the MP4-25 is a top-performer along with the fact that I just love to dive that car xD, at the same time, I also like the fact that my garage has an overall great collection of cars, so that way I can have fun with a lot of different cars, which is cool. So, it is awesome that I have the Corvette GrandSport — I can get a car like this handled pretty well, but just like my mp4-31, I see no point driving it competitively, when I have an MP4-25 that’s maxed out and know I can do a much better job with it than all of my other cars that I know wouldn’t match the MP4-25’s performance, or, they are just not at their ideal ranks yet.


For the beginners and people who might not know this key little aspect about the Formula One cars in Asphalt 8 and their championships, one slight note about them is that they require a huge amount of engine cards to upgrade, and not just any engine cards, but very rare special types of either legendary “Custom Racing Engine” cards or rare “Racing Engine” cards, so my advice is to take advantage of the championships because after the championships for these cars have ended, it’s going to be very hard to get engines for them and it’s going to take a very long time. With the F1 cars, there is only one path for upgrading which is the “PRO” levels of upgrades, and the upgrades cost atleast 1 engine card per upgrade, so these cars are very difficult to upgrade to the max, especially after their championship events are over, so try and take advantage of the championship events because after that, it’s going to be much much harder to fully upgrade these beasts, because as fun as they are, the “maintenance” is high :D.
Another thing to note that many people probably don’t realize, is that the MP4-31 actually has the best handling in game that I know of — this is something I realized when I was playing through the car’s championship. This car can ace turns that you would kind of have to drift around if using the MP4-25. The MP4-25 has the second best handling, the Ferrari FXX has the third, and the MP4-31 has the best so far. You can actually steer this car around certain corners with its regular handling, significantly better than when you’re using the MP4-25’s regular handling to turn around the same tight-curves, but may still have to drift the MP4-25 at some point. So basically what’s happening here in basic terms, because it all goes back to the basics, is that the MP4-25 has super acceleration and the MP4-31 has the super handling xD, and again, these cars are built for competition — the top speed cars are built to run away, but these cars are competitive machines — they literally launched in the midst of very stiff competition to actually compete with any car in this game. These are Championship cars, the top dogs to challenge the top-speeds hahaa :D
But lets not lose fous on what this Road Runner session is actually about, it’s about taking full advantage of the original Championships of these championship cars and that’s something you must try to do because it gets even more challenging to upgrade these cars after the championships, because of how much engine cards you need for them, and the extreme rarity of said engine cards (unless you have a ton of tokens and can buy the special boxes for these cars that gameloft releases from time to time, which isn’t my situation and may not be yours xD) — the championship cars are some of the most engine heavy cars in the game right now.
The championship events are my favorite events because of the cars, I really like the Championship cars because like I have been saying, for me, they are very fun to drive, so I’ve made it my misson to collect as many as I can, because I like the fun of the cars in races, and I must say too that this is ironic, because from the days of me driving the Ferrari FXX, I always wished there was a successor to it because over time because of the imbalanced match making in multiplayer, it started to be placed with cars that well exceeded its overall speed, and I consider the championship cars to be the New Era FXX cars and its successor (of what the FXX was in its time, i.e a real challenger and top-performer) for the new era of cars today, with their (F1 Cars) more up-to-date specifications, so, you know, that’s very exciting to see.
Ultimately, make sure that you take advantage of the championship events for these cars while they last, because yes you get the car but you also get much needed valuable car parts for them aswell, so make sure you try to beat as many of those championship goals as you can and probably buy a few of those championship boxes if you can aswell. Also, just like most of the other events, you don’t necessarily have to fully upgrade these cars to finish their championships, depending on how you upgrade them, you would be able to successfully complete the first goal of each match, and be able to make your way to the finale to complete the championship event and win the car. So upgrade the cars in the best possible way that would help you beat time-based races — just a tip.


Some more Road Runner observations; the MP4-31 is actually a good car, one of the the only slight issues is that you can’t change the color and put fun decals on them (you can’t change the colors of the licensed F1 cars currently) but this car can give the Austin Martin Vulcan a challenge because it is on-par with the Austin Martin Vulcan except with much better handling aswell but the nitro duration suffers, so it can give people a hard time especially if they’re not accustomed with cars that don’t have that good of a nitro duration. So yes I’m confirming this car will make people fret especially; stat-hos xD.
A stat hoe is someone who appears to have skills but they don’t actually have skill, they are not crazy with skill, it’s just that they always have the best assets with the best stats, i’m not talking about a “noob” or a “newbie”, or the people who just play the game for fun and play with their friends and live stream and that kind of thing — everyone was a newbie at some point, i’m talking about in my mind what a spec-hoe is. So if you’re a stat ho, save yourself the frustration and go for your top speed car with ultra long nitro duration and leave these other cars at the command of real top performers like myself HA! :D.
So this car is actually a pretty good car if you can get it driven. I have this car but i rarely use it because the stats are too low, notice I said “too low” not that it “skids too much” or “I crash with it all the time, so it’s therefore not a good enough car”, NO! don’t get me twisted, i’m saying the rank I have mines at is currently not a decent rank where it makes sense to take it into ticket races in multiplayer instead of my MP4-25.
It does “skid” but in my opinion it’s not going to even be a factor if you can actually drive, because these cars that tend to skid, tend to expose flaws in a person’s style of driving and as a good driver, you can drive any car and drive any car with command — even if it’s not immediate, it’ll be an eventuality, so if you’re very intimidated by a car like this, then maybe you’re just a PATHETIC DRIVER and not as good as you think, or other people think you are, because it doesn’t add up that someone is that good yet when it comes to handling a machine that really puts your drivng abilities to the test, you pee yourself like a cat that sees a dog xD.
That’s what I was saying earlier, a stat-hoe may just appear to have skill because they’re a stat-ho with the fastest car and it has top speed and goes in a straight line and all you have to do is hold down the acceleration button — these guys don’t know a literal **** about driving hehehe. This is fumy because a guy like this would groan orgasmic-ly about the car not being good but you know the whole time it’s he’s the ****-up, not the car. 
If someone gets put into a machine like this and they just make a imbecilic, messy amusing flop-spectacle of the whole thing, it doesn’t mean the car is terrible, it just means that it’s above stat-hoe’s whisy-washy skill level. I’m NOT talking about someone who can drive but just doesn’t prefer the car, I AM talking about those who can’t drive cars and blame the cars but somehow think they are “pro” or are seen a pro LOL.
So the mp4-31 and the mp4-25 are not bad cars, i race with the MP4-25 all the time and make it look easy, so what the **** a stat hoe knows about driving? — top speed that’s it xD. Some people just don’t have what it takes to control anything that’s not stiff as **** and just goes in a straight line.
Obvious a stat**** just needs to forget about even maneuvering these marvelous machines because clearly these cars are far above the skill levels of the stat-ho. It is my determination that these certain folk are not actual pros and can’t manage a high performance vehicle — it’s not the vehicle they’re just not that good period, they are not crazy enough full-stop. So these cars aren’t for “stat- hoes”, they are for “skilled-pros”, and i’m telling you the MP4-25’s S-Class cousin the MP4-31, is actually a beast.
As a matter of fact since we are on the subject of the family-tree, let me make an honorable mention the; Ferrari FXX. This was the first curve-stomping-ass-kicker in Asphalt 8, this was the closest thing to an f1 car of asphalt 8. It handles like an F1 car, it’s acceleration was like an F1 car, and it sounds like an F1 car and it’s used often by true corner kings like the F1 cars. So I won’t be surprised if the F1 cars out now are partly inspired by the Ferrari FXX because of the striking similarities shared by each of these cars.
I mentioned this because there are a ton of individuals who play asphalt 8 who have only experienced anything like the F1 cars when the F1 cars were released, but the Farrari FXX was the first car in asphalt 8 I know to have that style of performance. Obviously that car was excellent back in the day when it was released — that’s something to keep in kind too, many of these “old” cars were actually very new and very good around the era of their original release — a real pro would know this, but if your “pro” don’t tell you this important history of this “historic” game, your pro is a professional stat-ho, he don’t know how to really drive, he don’t know about cars, he don’t know ****, he just pure azz in the rare-view glass — he a incompetent mothe****a behind any car, anyday xD.
If gameloft’s current match making wasn’t so imbalanced, plenty of these cars would still be picked often because 99 – 100% of the time it comes down to the driver, like what i’m back to saying about the MP4-31, it does have awesome capability and can challenge the top rank cars, but ofcourse just like the MP4-25 and in some cases the Fararri FXX, it’s comes down to the driver and if your pro doesn’t know how this car go, just remember I know he’s a stat-hoe not a real pro :D.


I slipped down from the Champion league (after a Rating Penalty for not being active in multiplayer for a couple of days — that’s a system that was introduced since the update of Multiplayer 2.0) and decided to make it back up there again just for the heck of it, and once again using the F1 car. I just decided to go up a little bit for now since I can’t really spend that much time on multiplayer because of real life stuff, but have I said Roller Coaster before? xD, I can’t remember, I think I did, I might need to go back and check, but come on! I have done this like 10 million times already, the skill is undeniable!. I have been playing Asphalt 8 since the days where the Lykan HyperSport and the Koenigsegg One:1 were considered the kings of asphalt 8, since before Car Mastery and multiplayer seasons — I’ve been killing races for years now, the competition is real! LMAO.
Now let me just mention a few things about the match making in Asphalt 8. The match making is too broad, I don’t think you’re accurately matched against players on the principle of what ranked car you have in a match. I think the bracket is way too big and it could be alot more accurate. There are lots of cars in this game that aren’t actually bad cars, it’s just that the match making is so off at times, that it puts the cars that are actually still pretty awesome, at a great disadvantage.
If you have a vehicle at rank 1 and you race a vehicle at rank 16, it doesn’t take a smart soul to know you’re going to get mother****ing smoked xD. A legion of cars in this game are still very good against cars in their own ranks, so the problem is the matching making, if there was a better job done with the match making, you wouldn’t have the problem of certain cars being obsolete.
It’s the severe imbalance of the rank matching of Asphalt 8, that put cars at a disadvantage since the matching of cars according to ranks, is all over the place. If many of these cars were to be matched against cars of equal rank, their stats and everything would remain competitively optimal and obviously the competition would be truly based on skill rather than who has the faster car. So I think proper matching of ranks will greatly improve multiplayer and bring back relevance and life to many of the cars in this game that are still good but are placed at an artificial disadvantage because of the lopsided grouping of cars according to rank.
For example, it makes sense to have Vulcans VS Hommages Vs MP4-25s VS MP4-21s match-ups at their full ranks, but it makes zero sense to have a Ferrari FXX, a RUF or Pagani Zonda Rs in a race full of Vulcans, Fenyrs and Arash AF10s in this game, obviously these are mismatches. All in all aside from these significant issues, multiplayer is tons of fun, great community, great events and you don’t even have to take my word for it, you can check the game out for yourself.


Ok lets put the F1 car into perspective for a moment and tell you how things really are with the F1 car. It’s the most unique car in Asphalt 8 because it has the best performance all around. It can handle any track and it’s a true performer, because lets face it, what’s the point of top speed when you’re going to have to spend most of it catching up to a car for over almost half a race? xD, exactly! that’s the point, the F1 car is like the super-car of aspahlt 8 because it’s a top performer :D. There is currently no class of cars in the game that can out perform the F1 cars in most areas because even though they my be found in the standard Class A, Class S etc categories, really and truly they are in a class of their own pretty much.
Lets take the Trion Nemesis for instance, the trion use to give the BMW Hommage a really hard time on most tracks, we can all see that, and I actually have the trion and I know this as well, but my trion wasn’t maxed out but the Trion was a really fast car, and right now it’s actually out performed by the F1 cars, so if these F1 cars are out performing the trions, you know damn well it’s giving the hommage a run for its money — this is what actually happens in multiplayer, the Hommage struggles to keep up with the F1 cars when they are usually up against people that are playing really good with the F1 car. Maybe if the BMW is at a certain rank and you’re racing against an inexperienced player who has an F1 car that is at a lower rank too, maybe it would be an easy win if you’re in the BMW, but on windows, when you’re racing against highly skilled individual like myself who are using the F1 car, the BMW Hommage struggles to perform and match the MP4-25 is races. I see it all the time because you gotta remember the F1 car is faster than the trion, and if the hommage was struggling against to trion, then obviously it’s going to also have a challenge against the F1 car, which it OFTEN does, especially depending on what track you’re on.
Now despite the incredible top speed and such of cars like the 2016 Camaro and the Corvette GrandSport, i’ve been playing multiplayer for ages in asphalt 8 with the F1 car, and the truth is, the 2016 Camaro is rarely a challenge, it in fact usually comes last xD. The Corvette GrandSport and the “SLK 55 AMG Special Edition”, is the same thing — at their high ranks racing against other cars at their high ranks, the SLK 55 AMG Special Editions usually don’t place well in races at all. You got to understand that the recent cars like the Corvette GrandSport and the SLK 55 AMG Special Edition, are like Devel 16 copies xD. They perform exactly like the Devel 16 except with slightly better handling, and the Devel 16 struggles against cars like the hommage and the trion, and like I said, the trion gives the hommage a really hard time, and the f1 car is a better performer than the trion, so you do the math — the corvette GrandSport, the  SLK 55 AMG Special Edition and the 2016 Camaro suffer great loses more than half the time against the F1 cars and the vulcans in multiplayer, especially if it’s on certain tracks and especially if it’s a certain amount of laps :D.
I mentioned that the BMW Hommage and the vulcans are a bit faster that the mclaren F1 cars, but that’s only top speed wise, as far as overall performance goes, the F1 cars are actually the performance kings — they are true drivers cars. From since the release of the F1 cars, the competition has been stiff, but for a car ( the MP4-25 for example), at a rank of 1766 and a final rank of only 1825 (which puts it in the league of cars like the Fenyr and the Mosler SuperGT) to be giving those other cars, and the vulcans and hommages and devel 16’s and the GrandSports etc, A very challenging time in multiplayer, and in fact win races most of the time against these cars with much higher final ranks, actually makes the F1 car in my opinion more impressive and actually shows just what these cars were built for, because the performance is that good that even at such low rank, it’s still the most top-class performer in the game against these other beasts.
So don’t get too hyped up over some of these cars with the top speed stuff. They are good cars but it’s not like they are instant wins — just like many of the cars in this game, they do have hindering factors. I play multiplayer alot and most of these other cars are not the cars in the top 3 positions most of the time. Most of the time, it’s usually vulcans, the F1 cars, trions and the BMW hommages that are among the lead positions in races, with most of the intense battles being mostly between F1 cars and vulcans. Again i’m playing on windows 8.1, i’m not sure how it is on other platforms, but in multiplayer as far as I’m seeing, the F1 cars are usually in the top spots more often than some of the other cars, and keep in mind, I race heavy with that F1 car, so some of these wins i’m aware of and that i’m seeing actually includes myself winning races with this car aswell. So I actually know the real deal with some of these cars in multiplayer because I am there often racing and competing against all these cars mentioned, often driven by people of various skill levels.
The Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV is at times in the top spots too, but just like the ARASH AF10, they rarely place decent, however the car does have power. But remember alot of these cars wining and losing races depends on the kind of track and the number of laps — the MP4-25 usually destroys these other cars on the RIO tracks, The Sector 8 tracks, the VENICE tracks, the Tenerife tracks, the San Francisco tracks and the French Guiana tracks even in 2 lap races, and remember alot of this is from first hand account, and on a consistent basis.


Haha I gotta tell you with the F1 car man, it is a blast to drive and because it’s not the fastest car in the game, it’s even harder to make it up into the season leagues of multiplayer with this car than others that are abit faster, but that’s where all the skill and stuff comes into play. If you can handle this car well and you know its limits etc, it’s not going to be an easy car for opponents to pass xD.
I can’t tell you how much crashes occur when people try to follow this car through a turn and it just vanishes through the curve xD. If you push this car to the extreme (and believe me if you don’t have no faster cars like me, you’re going to be doing that alot) you can actually take this car deep into a tight curve and switch it into a drift right at the last second, and if there is a guy right behind you trying to follow this car, he’s dead as **** xD. Trust me, if you’re in a race without an F1 car, do not try too hard to match this car’s maneuvering through a tight curve, this car is lethal through corners hahaha.
I see a lot of people, hilariously right up underneath this car when i’m driving it, trying to follow this car through bends, and then ram the **** out of the scenery after you slide this car into a tight azz drift at the last second, and accelerate like a bullet hahaha.
But right now I’m going to show you some specific areas where you encounter bugs with ramps while using the F1 car because the bugs don’t necessarily occur on all ramps. They are most noticeable on specific ramps in the game, where they occur ALOT. It’s important to know during my observations while playing this game, the bugs seem to affect the MP4-25 more than other types of cars because of the model of this car. It has a pointed nose/front that seems to irregularly jam into certain structures, especially certain ramps in this game. It doesn’t seem to affect cars that have a wider uniformed frontal base, but cars that have a sharp and flat low front such as the F1 cars, cause issues with some of the ramps in Asphalt 8 especially when going at certain speeds. So here is a list of some of the known issues with certain ramps in the game that you encounter when racing with the MP4-25 and possibly other F1 cars:
The ramp by the last big jump in the standard BARCELONA track, causes issues with the F1 car going Airborne, sometimes the car does a premature barrel roll, or the car just slows down significantly because of the front end of the car ramming into the ramp, or sometimes the car will just wreck because of said issue as it would count as an extreme collision.…

In the original TOKYO track (not the reverse), the very last long ramp that you use to get over and onto the roofs of the parking zone, causes issues with the F1 car’s ability to make a smooth transition when attempting to get airborne.…

The very last ramp on the default route of the LONDON track causes the F1 car to do the same things as the one in the BARCELONA ramp I mentioned earlier.…

There is a ramp in the reverse version of the NEVADA track coming close to the end of the course (in fact it’s the very last one en-route to the long winding bend that leads up to the finish) that causes conflict with the F1 car.…

There is a ramp by the container section of the regular SAN FRANCISCO track that causes issues with the MP4-25. It’s the same issues that affect you with this car at the ramp in the BARCELONA track I mentioned earlier and all the other other ramps I mentioned so far.…

There are two parts of the normal version of the SECTOR 8 track with ramps, where the F1 car (or cars) encounter behavioral problems, especially the later one that is just before the tunnel.……

when the car reaches one of these ramps, because of its front end (no just the part you can physically see but the modeling of the car’s collision/hit box) it would jam into the ramp which would cause the car to do all kinds of acrobatics, twirls etc or would just wreck, because of the abrupt collision, slow down significantly or become “stuck”.
So these are some of the technical issue with this car and the ramps that i have experienced while driving it endlessly in multiplayer. It’s an exceptional car and it’s currently the only really fast car I have in my garage right now (so that’s to tell you, i race with this car literally all the time), but there are some bizarre issues with this car and certain ramps of certain stages, that I have noticed, that I think should bring to your attention just in case. Hopefully they will be ironed-out or fixed.


Ok so more Road Runner experiences and takeaways for Asphalt8 — after making it to Champion League again for this season in multiplayer, it does really seem like a points thing, because for me, when i’m racing in multiplayer in Asphalt 8, regardless of the situation I always just treat it like regular multiplayer, so in this case I could race against anybody and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if I’m in amateur league and  I’m racing somebody in elite league or vice-versa because that league someone is in, is more like a “progress” and an “achievement” kind of thing that at the end of the day doesn’t actually change the fact that you have skill and you’re a really good driver and what-not. So I would be racing against someone in elite league the same way I always drive against someone in pro league or challenger league — so-on and so-on. So no matter who I’m in a showdown with, it’s like the same kind of situation all the time for me racing wise, so the part of racing against different opponents whether they are really good or not, doesn’t actually affect my ability to move up into the leagues because I just race in these events in multiplayer like I’m just playing regular multiplayer and in regular multiplayer, you just race all kinds of players at many different skill levels, and I have faced new-comers and some of the best alike, and have came out on top in a ton of these scenarios, so it doesn’t really matter to me who i’m competing against.
If it was just a matter of winning to get up into these leagues, I would have done so ever since, but most of the time in this case, it just comes down to how MUCH or how many POINTS you get or lose depending on certain qualifying or disqualifying factors that their system determines, to distribute or to take away points. So you could be winning most of the time or place within the top 3 spots, but because of nuances like you wrecked/crashed once, or you got “knocked down” by another player which isn’t just seen as a typical “wreck”, and things like that, you may still win the race but lose points because of that or such technicalities where you wrecked or got knocked down, so you could be winning all day long, but that doesn’t guarantee that you would gain points because of the tricky points-scheme they developed around some of these technicalities and nuances. So it can become a situation where you’re driving top notch as ****, but because there are silly annoying bugs in asphalt 8, you may not get wrecked or knocked down by other players but you might wreck because of a bug and because you wrecked and that counts as an aspect for points deduction, you can lose points, not because you raced poorly or you came last, but because of the mare fact something caused you to crash in the game. Just because of a minor technicality like the ones I had mentioned, you could lose points often or just not gain any solely because of freak incidents.
I think they should program their system to detect when there was a crash caused by a bug in their game a.k.a a programming error, and actually give you points for that ****-up xD. I think that’s the least gameloft should do with these errors in Asphalt 8 that’s affecting the actual gameplay portion of their game. People, shouldn’t be loosing points and having tickets go to waste because of these silly little errors or recurring technical issues in Asphalt 8. I think that’s atleast a solution for the ****-ups.
That’s why I keep calling these things a ****-up, because that’s really the number one reason why I didn’t make it to Champion League much sooner and kept going up and down and up and down through the league level, it’s not the fact of racing against challenging players — I do that all the time, I **** the place up with that fun little F1 car and have fun, I don’t win all the time, nobody does, it’s multiplayer and this is what it’s all about, the competitive nature of it, so I win sometimes and I lose sometimes but all of the time I have fun, and when I get a computer that’s good enough, i’ll record races in multiplayer and show you guys how I win races and compete and have fun, and how good Asphalt 8’s multiplayer is, but the number one thing I kept encountering, were bugs and glitches in the game that caused me to not win as many points in races as I would have otherwise been awarded if it weren’t for the bugs in this game. So it’s really and truly their points-scheme and their game’s errors that actually makes it tricky to get up into the leagues, not the actual races, because i’m actually a good racer (in Asphalt 8 and many other racing games) but the set-back I experienced recently, were more to do with the technical errors of the game than anything else.
Another thing I would also mention is the lobby countdown. Sometimes the countdown to the start of races takes too long. I believe that to get races going more frequently and timely to get the racers active alot sooner, the countdown in the lobby to the start of an actual race session, should be right after there are 2 or more people in the lobby. I don’t necessarily wish to wait until the lobby is filled up for a race to start. I don’t necessarily wish to wait forever until the lobby is filled up with more than 2 – 3 people to start a race xD. That waiting stuff totally kills the fun at times when you’re endlessly having to wait and on some occasions even after all that waiting, the game just “hangs”. I just want to race, I just want to get out there and compete, I don’t want to be waiting on votes or forever for the lobby to fill up — I think after atleast 2 or 3 people are in the lobby, the counter should automatically start counting down to start races  — if you’re in you’re in, if you’re out your out. Obviously whoever missed one lobby, they will just get into the next lobby — that’s not going to be a big deal. 


This is a series that will be dedicated to just my observations and experiences during racing games where I tell you what really happens with certain things, and the outcome of certain things, as-is and as they happen racing wise xD. There will be another version of this series in the future which was the original inspiration of this blog version (as well as my Asphalt 8: My Garage series), and that edition is all part of a ton of future series I have planned for when I get my new computer finally ready, and you will learn more about them in the future but for right now, we’re dealing with the Road Runner Blog Edition! which is going to be running along side my Asphalt 8: My Garage series — sort of like a Asphalt 8 X(cross) Road Runner kind of affair for the time being :D. It’s essentially a no B.S kind of series where you will get the real scoop of how i’m experiencing things in these racing games and how things are on my end or as far as I can tell.
One of the things that actually happened recently is that I have finally made it into the Champion League in the multiplayer season of Asphalt 8 once again:……

it is not my first time making it into the champion league of multiplayer since I had done it a few times before but I just wanted to share that i did it again in this blog, and I did it all with the skill of an awesome crazy driver (obviously that’s me :D) and the assistance of a phenomenal machine, which is that F1 Car, and boy! was it a roller coaster ride xD. In the last couple of days it has been an epic battle for the top spot, and what was happening was that I would make it into the Top 10, a ****-up happens, then i’m back down in the 30s — I shoot back up just underneath the top 1 position, a ****-up happens because of some random bug or glitch in Asphalt 8, and I would loose 16+ points and be back down in the 30s, 40s and 50s positions.
I would win some pretty epic races against high level players mind you, and i’m talking about races against people that are just like me, in that, they are competative, usually experienced and know how to drive, and most of them even with cars that are faster than my F1 car (Vulcans, BMW Hommage etc), and I would win these races (the vast majority of time in multiplayer in general, I place within the Top 3 positions in races regardless of who i’m racing against, mainly because of skill and the fact that the F1 car is a pretty awesome car), and only win like 1 single point and go up from 30 to 29 and crap like that (the points in this game seem to be percentage based, not literal), and only had like 1 ticket left, and other times I would win some hard races and go up by 4 points and then lose one race and go down by 18 points, all the way into the 50s positions, and then I would win and gain 13 points and shoot back up to position 16 or something like that — lose 6 points and end up back down at position 34 and would win and gain 10 points and end up back at position 16 and would win again and end up back into the top 10 at position 6 or something, then a ****-up happens which causes me to lose a ton of points and I end up down at position 70 — had to work my way back up, then would arrive at being at one single point away from making it to the Champion League, but then I run out of tickets or something and because people are still racing, I slowly start to lose my position, and would I come back online to resume playing and see my position dropped to 13, then a ****-up happens and back down I go to position 32, and I had to work my way back up, and this was my intense situation for a while in multi-player until I finally got up into the champion league with my F1 Car xD. Now keep in mind, to race for rating points (points that increase your rating), it takes tickets, so it took me a lot of tickets to keep making my way back up to the top spot/position of the league every time i lose a race for one reason or another and get points deducted. All-in-all I made it up there in Champion League and it was one crazy, eventful ride of a season hahaha.
Through out my time playing Asphalt 8, I have won a ton of races and I have also lost a ton of races because of various reasons like my internet is laggy, or I just lost to other players that played better at the time or I made risky moves and techniques that didn’t always go as planned but most of the hindrances I faced during my recent stint to the Champion League, were largely due to some random “bug” that usually caused me to wreck during a race, or the convoluted way their system either chose to give points or deduct points, where, sometimes I would just gain 1 – 4 points for winning difficult races, or loss 10 – 18+ points, in some cases I wouldn’t even gain or lose points and instead just remain with the same points I had before the race) even though it was a difficult race and I managed to place within the top 3.
So yeah man it was a very interesting time in the multiplayer season of asphalt 8 for me trying to make it up into the champion league, and this time was noticeably more intense than the previous times i did it because of the aforementioned random bugs and glitches. Gameloft needs to do more to take care of the bugs in this game because the ramps and the F1 car don’t mix xD. Almost every time I go on a ramp with the F1 car, I encounter a bug that either makes the car wreck, or do some flip or spin, or makes the car flip over on its side, and then there are the general bugs that just makes you lose control of your car in Asphalt 8, you know, makes it go up into the air randomly or just wreck out of nowhere, or makes the car wreck after you land from up in the air after a jump off of a ramp etc etc — everyone knows about these general bugs, errors and flaws in this game. There are issues with “ghosting”, and syncing issues that affect the results not finalizing and therefore causing issues with players being able to get points, rewards etc that you should have gotten. So there is definitely bugs in this game that needs to be fixed, and they have been there for a while, so in my opinion, this issue should have been sorted out a long time ago. I understand if maybe there is a bug in the menu or things like that but to have bugs in the actual gameplay portion of your game is something that needs to be dealt with more immediate.
They also need to change up the points system and make it more basic because no one coming 2nd or 3rd should be losing points, and once you use a ticket and you come first, you should atleast win 3 points and up because the principle is; you are using a ticket and regardless of what opponents you raced, or what happened in the race, you still manged to place well or just downright win a race which took time and effort, and of course a ticket/tickets. You don’t chose what opponents you race against, it’s the system that does that, so that shouldn’t have too much impact on the points you earned. It should be, regardless, you raced, you won, and you placed well (1st, 2nd or 3rd), you used a ticket and therefore you “gain” points, not lose points or didn’t gain anything at all. I’m talking about the race points i.e the points you get for placing well in a race or rating points, not the reward points. Once you placed well in a race, you should atleast gain some number of decent points, so I think the points system needs to change because it’s way more convoluted than it needs to be — it should be, you win or placed well, you get a certain amount of points, and if you lose, that’s when you lose points. I should not be coming 1st and gain 0 points for placing first. I should not be 2nd or 3rd and still lose points for placing 2nd or 3rd especially if it’s based on who you race, when you have no choice over who you race with, since it’s the system/server that chooses your opponents and not yourself.
Also I think gameloft should do a  much much better job and incorporating the different race modes and race type in Asphalt 8. There are lots of great modes like the Elimination and Infected modes that hardly ever get chosen since people just feel that most of the time they aren’t going to get chosen. These modes should be upfront options selected before you enter a lobby and which ever mode you select you will automatically enter the lobby of that mode and players just vote for the number of laps, because as multiplayer stands right now, people barely get a chance to play in any of the other modes other than classic and there are alot of people who want to play more than classic mode over and over again xD.

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